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Water For Your Dog

All living beings need water.
Without it, they will quickly become ill.

Your dog needs at least 2 dishes filled with fresh water everyday. One should be in the house and the other should be outside.
Dachshund ready for water!Water bowl.

The water should always be kept clean, cool and fresh. If the water gets dirty or warm during the day, your dog would be very happy to get a cool refill.

Did you know that your dog's water will freeze in the winter when it is very cold? It will also get too warm in hot, summer weather. If the water is too warm, it cannot cool your dog's body. Here are some special tips to help keep your dog safe and happy in hot and cold weather.


In the Summer:

Be sure your dog has water.
Remember to do these two things on hot days:
1. Change your dog's water often in warm weather.
The water will taste better, and it will also keep your dog's body cooler.

2. Keep your dog's water dish in the shade.

If you and your dog are swimming in the ocean, be sure to bring drinking water along, because it is not healthy for your dog to drink salty water.

In the Winter:

If you leave water outside for your dog, make sure that it does not become frozen. Your dog needs regular, cool water to drink, not ice.

If you are not able to change your dog's water, you might want to have your parent's buy a special heated dog dish. You can check these out at your favorite pet store.

 Puppy drinking.


What's the best way to keep a dog from smelling?
Hold its nose!
Funny puppy.
Thanks to Ben, age 8, from New Jersey USA for this cute riddle!


What Dogs Need
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