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Time With Your Dog

Just as you like to be hugged and told that you are loved, it makes a dog feel good, too. Sitting with your pal and petting him will help him to feel closer to you. Spending time with your dog will make him jump for joy!

Boy with dog.

Dogs need to have fun, the same as you like to have fun. Playing games will be fun for both of you. Be careful with tug-o-war games as some dogs become too aggressive and will nip at your hands.

Here are some games that kids told us about.
Why don't you try them!

This game is really fun for your dog. It teaches him/her how to
look for treats. You can play this with just you and your dog or some of your other friends and their dogs. First, you sit in a circle with your friends. Then you give one person the treat. Then you tell your dog "Find the treat". The dog should sniff around and find the person with the treat and lick and wrestle them till the treat is theirs. Clare, age 13, Auckland New Zealand


The game we play is 'Bobbing for Ice Cubes'. On hot summer days, when my dog comes in from running around and he's hot and thirsty, I add 1 or 2 ice cubes in his bowl. Then he bobs for ice cubes just like I bob for apples on Halloween! And when he takes his nose out, he shakes all the water off and makes a BIG mess! Avalon, age 7, Ontario Canada


Even dogs can play soccer!
Artwork by Leena, age 16


Hide and Seek
Here is a fun game to try: Hide and seek is a game that some dogs like to play. Begin by sitting with your dog while a friend goes to hide somewhere in the house. When your friend is hidden away, both you and your dog start looking. While you are searching, use the phrases "Go find Chris. Where did he go? Can you find Chris?"

When you find Chris, make a huge fuss. You'll soon find your dog barking and jumping up and down with excitement whenever you find your lost friend. You'll need to do this procedure a few times with your dog. Before long, he will be able to search for you on his own.


  If you want to know about more games and activities you can do with your dog, check out the page called
'Dogs Just Want
To Have Fun'

 Your dog may have some suggestions as well.


Lonely Dog Outside in the Yard
Dogs get lonely when they spend too much time alone. Just think how you feel when you are alone and have nothing to do.  

If your dog spends too much time alone he may begin to have behavior problems. He may bark too much, dig, or jump the fence and run away.

Puppy left outside.

Bring your dog into the house and spend some time playing with him and petting him.

If you do, your dog will be a better pet, a better friend, and have better manners.



Groom your dog.
It will help him feel better, too.
Get a good brush and comb and spend some time making your dog beautiful. Click here for grooming tips.


Going for a walk with your dog is a great way to get some exercise and hang out together, too.

Invite a friend along. After sitting most of the day in school, the cool autumn air will feel great to all of you.

Walking together is for sharing quiet time.


Let your dog spend time with you.
Your dog will be very happy just to spend time with you while you practice your piano or read a book for school. Dogs really enjoy dog stories! Let them share your activities in the evenings.
Read to your dog. She will enjoy the sound of your voice.


 Why are terriers such poor dancers?
They have two left feet.
 Funny puppy.

Thanks to Elizabeth, age 9, from Washington USA for this riddle!


Here are some books that will give you
lots of ideas for things to do with your dog:

Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (Play With Your Pet) by Maxine A. Rock, 1998
Here's a book that gives ideas and step-by-step instructions for dozens of fun and safe games and activities to do with your dog: from playing basketball, Frisbee, and hide and seek, to jumping through hoops, taking photographs, creating unusual dog houses, and throwing dog theme parties. Written for kids ages 9-12

Fun Stuff to Do

Fun Stuff to Do with Your Best Friend: The Interactive Dog Book, by Nancy Furstinger, August 1, 2000
From an Amazon.com reader: My family and I thoroughly enjoyed Fun Stuff by Nancy Furstinger. It's easy and fun to read and has a lot of great activities for kids and their dogs (or is it "dogs and their kids"?). We haven't tried all of the activities, of course, and we only tried one of the recipes so far, but it's a book we continue to use and refer back to. We're still working our way through the web sites, which gave us even more information! The "K-911" first-aid kit was a great idea and we now have one safely under our sink. A great book! Highly recommended! Ages 4-8

A Dog's Best Friend

A Dog's Best Friend An Activity Book for Kids and Their Dogs, by Lisa Rosenthal, Chicago Review Press 1999
This book is for kids ages 9-12 who want to learn how to have fun with their dog and do it with gentleness and respect. It's clear, well-written, and well-organized.


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