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Kelly with patient.
Here is Kelly with a man who is in the hospital. Sometimes Kelly wears a hat just to make the patients smile.  
Therapy Dogs seem to understand what a person is feeling. This woman has Alzheimer's Disease. She loves Trouper.

Trouper with Alzheimer patient

Trouper with Man
A Therapy Dog can
make a person feel better
just by looking at them.
This man looks forward to
Trouper's visits every week.
Sometimes being a
Therapy Dog means
spending time with kids
to teach them about
responsible dog care
or to help them feel better
when they're sad.
Cody looks like
he is in heaven!

Cody with kids.
Therapy dog
To be a Therapy Dog your dog must have an excellent temperament.
If you want your dog to be a therapy dog, it is a good idea to give your dog
lots of experience with different people and places.
Read our Socialization page!

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You can also read about Cody's Therapy Dog Visits.



Say Goodbye (Wild at Heart 5), by Laurie Halse Anderson, Pleasant Company Publications; (March 2001)

Seeing Jane's dog, Yum-Yum, help cheer up children in a cancer ward makes Zoe think about having her puppy, Sneakers, trained to do therapy, too, especially when Yum-Yum becomes very ill. Grades 4-6


Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story, by Stephanie Calmenson , American Library Assn. 1994
Rosie, a beguiling Tibetan terrier, charms readers in this appealing photo-documentary. She also clearly charms the many sad and lonely people she visits in hospitals and nursing homes. Calmenson, who is both author and owner, describes the characteristics of a good visiting dog, the stages of training, and the preparations for visiting. Color photographs accompany the enthusiastic account. (Ages 4-8)


A Dog's Gotta Do What a Dog's Gotta Do: Dogs at Work, by Marilyn Singer, October 2000

A fascinating look at the work that dogs do, from herding sheep to rescuing lost and injured people. Every dog is born with the ability to do a particular job. Centuries ago, people recognized these natural talents and began using dogs to help them with a variety of chores. Whether hunting and pulling sleds or performing before royalty, these beloved animals have been important workers as well as faithful friends. Best-selling author Marilyn Singer gives young readers an exciting introduction to the many kinds of work that dogs do. This is the ultimate dog book -- a thrilling combination of natural history and the true tales of canine heroes who were just doing their jobs. Ages 9-12



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