CodyCody's Therapy Dog Journal

Cody has started working at a hospital as a Therapy Dog.
His job is to visit patients and help them feel better.

On these pages, you can read about Cody's visits.
Keep in mind that Cody has had a lot of training
to become a Therapy Dog and that his owner is always

holding on to his leash during these visits.

Therapy visit #1

Cody went into a room where there was a man named Jack. At first,
Jack didn't seem very interested in Cody. After a few minutes, it was apparent
that Jack was blind. Cody's front feet were on the bed so that Jack could
reach him. Jack put his fingers around Cody's nose and exclaimed,
"Oh, he's a Collie!" Touching Cody's long, narrow nose
gave Jack the clue
he needed to see in his mind what Cody really looked like .


Therapy visit #2

Cody was walking down the hall. Linda, a woman sitting in a wheelchair,
saw Cody and started crying. No, she wasn't afraid; Linda was so happy
to see Cody because she loves animals! She had been away from her home
in Japan for a long time and missed her own animals very much.
She hugged and kissed Cody for a very long time. Cody enjoyed the attention
very much.


Therapy visit #3

Cody visited in a lounge where all of the patients visit and watch TV.
A man named George was in a wheelchair. He couldn't move his hands
very well so Cody raised his paw to shake hands with George. Then Cody
did some tricks to make George laugh. Cody did these tricks:
play dead (we call it 'Take a Nap'), crawl, turn around, and take a bow.
George enjoyed Cody's show!


Therapy visit #4

Today Cody went into a room where Fred was waiting for him. Fred had seen
Cody a couple of times before and this week he had a surprise for Cody!
Fred had Apple Fritters (a delicious pastry from the bakery). Cody loved
eating them. It was a "Thank you" to Cody for visiting him. Usually, Cody
does not get those kinds of treats because too many would not be healthy.
But on this special occassion, we allowed it. While Cody ate his treats,
Fred petted him and felt much better!


Therapy visit #5

Cody has always loved kids best! Today as Cody walked down the hall of the hospital,
he was greeted by a Mom and Dad who were going to visit their daughter.
They asked if Cody could come visit Maria.

Maria was in her room, sitting in a wheelchair looking very sad. She was only
15 years old. Cody must have thought she was lonely because he went up to her
and laid his head on her lap. Maria smiled.

After petting Cody for a while and talking to him, Maria asked if she could
take Cody for a walk. Maria took Cody's leash and along with her parents,
wheeled herself to the end of the hall where there was a beautiful outdoor patio.
Cody spent a nice long time outside, next to Maria and her family, while they talked about all kinds of things. What a great time Cody had today!

Therapy visit #6

Jeannie is a woman who missed her own dog very much. When Cody entered
her room, Jeannie immediately wanted Cody up in the bed with her!
Since Cody is bathed before every visit, it was okay for him to do that.

Cody first put his front feet on the edge of the bed. Then he is lifted very gently
onto the edge of the bed so that he does not lean on Jeannie at all. Cody snuggled
right up against Jeannie, put his head down and went to sleep. Jeannie was
so happy to have a big, furry dog next to her! She spent the next 20 minutes gently
stroking Cody's soft fur. That made her feel lots better!


Therapy visit #7

When Cody arrived at the hospital today, he was very excited. He seems to know
when it is his day to go to work. The first place that Cody visited was a room
with six people in it! There were more people than usual, but Cody didn't seem to
mind. The patients were sitting around a table just visiting with each other.
There was Grace, Bill, George, Agnes, Jeanine, and Tom. Cody went to each person
and said hello. Bill gave Cody a treat. Grace used a brush to gently smooth
the hair on Cody's back. Agnes put her arms around Cody's neck for a big hug.
Jeanine shook hands with Cody. Tom kissed Cody on the top of his head. George
asked if Cody could come back next week. Of course Cody will come back next week. He had a great time!


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Say Goodbye (Wild at Heart 5), by Laurie Halse Anderson, Pleasant Company Publications; (March 2001)

Seeing Jane's dog, Yum-Yum, help cheer up children in a cancer ward makes Zoe think about having her puppy, Sneakers, trained to do therapy, too, especially when Yum-Yum becomes very ill. Grades 4-6


Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story, by Stephanie Calmenson , American Library Assn. 1994
Rosie, a beguiling Tibetan terrier, charms readers in this appealing photo-documentary. She also clearly charms the many sad and lonely people she visits in hospitals and nursing homes. Calmenson, who is both author and owner, describes the characteristics of a good visiting dog, the stages of training, and the preparations for visiting. Color photographs accompany the enthusiastic account. (Ages 4-8)


A Dog's Gotta Do What a Dog's Gotta Do: Dogs at Work, by Marilyn Singer, October 2000

A fascinating look at the work that dogs do, from herding sheep to rescuing lost and injured people. Every dog is born with the ability to do a particular job. Centuries ago, people recognized these natural talents and began using dogs to help them with a variety of chores. Whether hunting and pulling sleds or performing before royalty, these beloved animals have been important workers as well as faithful friends. Best-selling author Marilyn Singer gives young readers an exciting introduction to the many kinds of work that dogs do. This is the ultimate dog book -- a thrilling combination of natural history and the true tales of canine heroes who were just doing their jobs. Ages 9-12




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