***Comments from our Visitors***

(Parents, Teachers, Trainers, Advocates, and Kids)


*First of all, thank you. I am tutoring a child who had given up on learning.
I kept trying to get books on subjects which interested him. He would browse
through, and decide he hated what he had selected. Having him read material
he disliked, made our progress slow. I knew he liked dogs, and got every dog book
I could find - but he disliked them all. You site was a godsend. I printed out
everything, and he devoured it all. This child, who all year in class had never
turned in more than one or two sentences, wrote a three paragraph story
to send to your site!
Marsha, 4th Grade Teacher, New York City

*I am so grateful to learn of your page. I found it in the NEA Today. I too am a
teacher. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!! I am now using it to help me design my necessary
lesson plans. I had some ideas, but your site has helped me be more creative.
It has helped me cover all my subjects. A HUGE THANKS TO YOU!
Middle School Special Education Teacher in Ohio

*I have just discovered your web site. I am extremely grateful to you for this fine site.
I am a middle school media specialist. In my school, we have a blind teacher's assistant
who brings her guide dog to school each day. Some of our students have had a difficult
time adjusting to the dog's presence. Many of these students are afraid of dogs. I plan to
take some of my students to your site in hopes of easing some of their fears. Your have
certainly done a fine job. Your collies are truly special and are to be
patted on the head for a fine service to humanity.

*I read about your site in NEA Today magazine. I too am an elementary school teacher. I
have taught Kindergarten in Michigan for almost 29 years.Thank you for
creating a wonderful web site. I'm going to review and recommend it at
our next tech meeting in January. Sally

*I love How to Love Your Dog!! I am a middle school/high school Special Ed teacher and I
going to use your site with my students. I am making what I call "structured search pages"
for our English class. One of the themes I had was dogs. I found your page and I think it
wonderful, just what I was looking for. Mary

*I am a 2nd grade teacher in Lexington, KY and also a member of the Bluegrass Animal
Welfare League. Being a teacher, and a dog lover, I was thrilled to read about your
educational site. I am very excited about using your site as a teaching tool. Thank you
for all you do to help teach children about animal care (pets). Marsha

*I am a fourth grade teacher at an elementary school in Maryland. I came across
your piece in the NEA magazine. It could not have come at a more perfect time. I will now
use your web site as an interactive portion of their ILA program. I will also have them
write to you and hopefully submit a story. Thank you for developing an incredible web site!
I cannot wait to use it with my students. It will be very motivational and exciting! Erica

I want you to know that I have printed out all of the pages of your site.
I am putting them into a binder, which will go into our class library. Since so many
of my kids read below grade level, it is hard for me to find things that are on their level,
but are not too babyish for them to be seen reading. Your site fits the bill perfectly.
I'm positive I will be asked to run off extra copies for other kids. My student insisted
on a complete set to take home for the rest of the summer.
4th Grade Teacher, New York

I love this site. I am going to use this information to share with my students!!
Our school also sponsors a guide dog puppy each year that comes to school every day
under the care of one of our teachers. So, our students are very interested in pets.
Brittney, 6th grade teacher in Texas.

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*Our Day Care teacher is doing a theme on animals and asked me to see what I could find
on the net for the kids. Thus I ran across your site. The more I read & printed out, the
more impressed I became.You have done a fantastic job of putting this together!
What a gift to all of us! Mary, day care assistant and parent

*I thought this was a real informative page. My 3 kids enjoyed it. We need more people
who think about the young kids out there who own dogs and who need really good advice
on the care it takes to have a well-adjusted pet. Tammy in Virginia

*I just wanted to say that your site on training your dogs has really helped. We just got
twelve week old black labradors and needed help on everything, QUICK! I found your site
very helpful and your housebreaking tips worked great. Thanks for the great service you are
offering to dog lovers everywhere. Jeff

*This is the best website I have seen in a long time. I love the pictures and the text
is just right for kids to understand. I have visited many times and there is always
something new! Thanks for all the work you have done! Beth in California

*I was thrilled with your site, it is a great site! I've told my sister who has children to look
at it too and we will bookmark so we can go through the whole thing! Thank YOU for
sharing it with us.We have 3 golden retrievers and a cat. They each have a story to tell!
Pam Scottsdale, Arizona

*This is a wonderful web site! I'm planning on printing out some of the pages and use it
with my Girl Scout troop when we work on our Animal Appreciation try-it patch. Keep
up the good work! Michelle East Haven CT

*This is a very informative website and my family just loves it, especially my children.
Russel in California

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Trainers, Advocates, etc.

*Greetings from the Federation for the Welfare of Street Dogs in Bulgaria. We are a group
of foreigners living and working in Bulgaria who all love dogs and want to do something
about the tens of thousand street dogs in the cities, towns and villages. We loved your web site
and are writing to ask whether we can use some of the material in it. We are planning to
print a booklet on how to care for your dog to distribute, free of charge, to all Bulgarian
school children. Our aim is to educate the next generation so that they do not dump unwanted
puppies and do get their dogs neutered. They may even convince their parents! Clare

*When I saw your page I knew I wanted to send our visitors there. Great job! We've been
encouraging dog owners to bring their kids to SuperPuppy Class since day one, and never
regretted it. Some of our best students have been kids! Peter, SuperPuppy (TM) Press:
"Helping You Raise and Train the Best Dog You'll Ever Have!" ==http://www.superpuppy.com ==

*I am trying to get in touch with Janet Wall to ask her permission to use some of
her pages related to when your pet dies for our Open House display in April. Our Pet
Loss Support Hotline will have a display case and I would like to show some of her
pages especially the one with the stars and suggestions of what a child could do when
their pet dies. Thank you. I love the website. Everyone, adult and child, should visit it
before they consider getting a new pet. Toni 3/02/98 Cornell's Vet College Pet Loss Support Hotline

*What a cool site! I'm a Certified Professional Trainer of basic obedience, problem behavior,
and tracking. I've also worked at our local Animal Control for 3 years! The trick is to educate kids
so as they grow up, they'll be responsible pet owners. I have this site marked in my favorites!
Diane, January 2000

*I'm part of the humane education department at a local animal shelter. We just discovered
your website and love it. There are so many wonderful things for kids (and grownups)
to learn. I'm sure that we'll be referring to this a lot! Thanks! Lisa 8/10/98
Denver, Colorado

*I just "ran across" your How to Love Your Dog website and had to let you
know that I am "wowed" by it. I wish that I had found it at least two
months ago.The site aroused so many emotions in me. I salute you for the time,
effort and love of children and dogs that you put into it. Carole Kyle, Dog Trainer, January 2000

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*I really love your website! I learned so much on training and raising my dog.
When I first got my dog Erin she was a little puppy. I went to your website to
get tips on what to do when you have a puppy. I found so much information!
Then I just got an issue of American girl magazine and there was a list of things
to do to make your dog happy. One was to have a birthday party for your dog
and your website was there to plan a party for the dog! I went to it and I planned
a party for my dog and it was great. I just wanted to say to keep up the good work
on your website, it's great ( my dog thinks so, too). Amanda

*This is sooo awesome. I've been here hundreds of times and I know I'll be here another
hundreds more times. It makes me love Bruno more and more each day.
Nana Jakarta, Indonesia

*Your site is very interesting and beautiful. This is the great resources for the dog!!
Thanks a lot for dogs information... {^_^} I love it! Bangkok, Thailand

*Hi, I'm a grade ten student in Ontario, Canada I was looking for a good way to explain
to kids how to own a dog. When I found your site, I jumped for joy. The best part
was that it was easy to read and wasn't trying to sell anything. My sisters and I learned
a lot. The pictures were excellent and the music kept everyone around me interested.
I never would have dreamed half of the great information your site gave in one page.
Once again, I would like to say how much I loved your site. I learned so much. Thanks.
Ontario Canada, January 2000

*This is a really neat site, I learned a lot about how to treat my dogs and what
they can do. Emilie Stratford, Canada

*Hey! I looked here because I have a dog (Bubbie, 10 mo.) and he doesn't do
any tricks because he is hard-headed. It took me forever to potty train him.
And now with the help of people who have written already, I might be able to
teach him some tricks! Thanks!! Karen Vidor, Texas

*I had to do a project at school about dogs. Your web site helped me out a lot.
I'll be visiting again soon. Thanks for putting up this web site. Aimee
Georgia, USA

*I love this web site. I just got a Corgi for my birthday and he is so precious.
He already knows how to sit, lay down, and roll over. I love him so much and this page
helped me to teach him news things and to love him more. Olivia, age 12, Illinois

*My parents let me get a dog as long as I could prove that I was responsible enough.
Since my neighbors have dogs, I walked them, fed them, washed them, and everything
and now I haven't got my dog yet but I'm preparing for one. And I owe everything to
YOU, after all I wouldn't be able to get a dog if I hadn't found out about you.
Thanks Again, Just Jazzed Denver, Colorado

*Hi! I really appreciate your site. Last summer I lost my Dalmatian, Yo-yo.
We put him down because he was aggressive to other dogs, but not to me.
I only discovered your site recently, but the things you have helped pull me
through losing him and getting a new puppy I thought I would hate because
Yo-yo was one of my best friends. But because of your site and my
answered prayers, Sammy and I are the best of friends. A faithful visitor, Heather

*I'd just like to say thank you for making this website. It's very informative and
will help me a lot when I pick up Jane Millie (the pup I'm getting).
Katherine Richmond, B.C, Canada

*This is the BEST dog page EVER!!! It has been so helpful for me and my doggy Billy!
Thank you! :o Sarah Australia

*This is my FAVORITE site! I LOVE the training deals, riddles, and all the dogs!!
Jordan Cleburne, Texas

*By just looking at all the stuff I knew I was ready for a dog so now I want to thank you
so here I go... Thanks a lot for helping me get ready for my dog. My puppy's name is
Captain. Sarah Nashua New Hampshire

*I "love" your website. I told my parents and friends about it and they agree! I'm very
much against animal cruelty. I love animals more than anything. Your website has been
a great help to me and many other people around the world! Thank you so much -
Diane Boise, Id U.S.A.

*Your page has helped me train my dog to do some pretty cool things. These will
impress my friends over the summer. THANKS JANET FOR EVERYTHING!!
Chris Lake Charles, Louisiana USA

*I think this site is great. Even better than the dogz,catz,and oddballz website. It gives
helpful hints and tips that I'm going to use. I'd like to say thanks a million!
Leigh Wampum, Pennsylvania USA

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