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Choose a command or trick below to teach your dog:
Teaching obedience commands and tricks is a good way to spend quality time with your dog. Make the time you spend with your dog fun and if you or your dog get tired or frustrated, stop and play a game. Always end on a happy note.

A designates QuickTime video clip included.
That means there's a movie!

New Come Video camera
Lie Down Video available
Video camera
Walk on a Leash
Better Go Now
Off Video camera
Leave It Video available
New Watch Me Video
Watch the video!
Be Gentle
Move, Please
More about
Obedience Lessons
More about
Training Basics

Chart your progress on this printable Progress Chart!

Shake Hands
Turn Around small video camera
Crawl small video camera
Speak small video camera
Play Dead small video camera
Roll Over small video camera
Take a Bow small video camera
Say Hello small video camera
Go Back small video camera
Yawn small video camera
Wave small video camera
Quiet small video camera
Which One? small video camera
Circle video camera
(to a whistle)
Head Down video camera Go to Bed video camera
Dig video camera
(or Find the Treasure)
High Five video camera Touch small video camera
Ring a Bell small video camera Cross Your Paws video camera New! Retrieve
a Tissue small video camera
New! Carry Bucket small video camera new! Carry a Lanternsmall video camera  


Here are some great books with a lot of tricks!



The Best!

Dog Training for Children with Ian Dunbar,
1997 VHS
This video is written and hosted by veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author Dr. Ian Dunbar — the world's leading authority on dog behavior and training. Dr. Dunbar is the original creator and popularizer of off-leash puppy classes, which sparked the revolution for positive, reward-based, dog-friendly dog training. I have previewed this video and recommend it as an excellent training tool for kids. Jan Wall, author How to Love Your Dog

This video is a little older, but excellent, nonetheless. Ian Dunbar has a wonderful way with the children - clear, gentle, and kind. Easy to watch and understand, kids can be completely successful with this positive method of training. Adapted from the British television program, Dogs With Dunbar. Topics include: Taking on a new puppy. Housetraining. Early leash training. Teaching Sit and Down. Developing a rapport. Focusing attention. Improving off-leash control. Training a fast recall. Training as a family. Family competitions. Improving the Sit Stay. Teaching with toys. Playing training games.


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