All About ID Tags

Keep your dog safe by putting an identification tag on her!

Humane Societies, shelters, and veterinarians around the country encourage dog owners to get their pet an identification tag (ID tag).

Your dog needs an ID tag even if he has a license.

An Identification Tag: Front and Back



 If your dog has an ID tag, a neighbor can call you right away when they find your dog, before it goes to a shelter.

An ID tag is very easy to get. Some stores like PetsMart, Petco, and even some Wal-Mart have 'Quick Tag Kiosks' where you can make your own tags for only a few dollars. You can get one today!

 All dogs need licenses.

 Most shelters microchip dogs before they are adopted to a family. This helps them to identify a dog that has been lost. A microchip is invisible and permanent. A veterinarian can microchip your dog.

A tattoo is put on a thigh or on the inside of a dog's ear. It is usually a number that can be identified by the an organization called the National Dog Registry.

Both microchips and tattoos are good ways to identify dogs, but they cannot be seen by people who find the dog. Because microchips and tattoos do not have phone numbers, it's very important to have a regular ID tag.


About Licenses

A license will help the Department of Animal Control find you if your dog ends up at a shelter. It has a phone number to call and an identification number. A lost dog can be found much faster if that dog is wearing a license on it's collar. It is an excellent idea to put an ID tag on your dog also. Then, an neighbor can call you if they find your dog.

 A license is required in most places by the time a dog reaches the age of six months. The dog must have its rabies shot to get a license.


Always be sure your dog has his collar, license, and ID tag on before
you go out for a walk or a trip to the park.


In many cities, licenses for dogs are cheaper

if your dog has been spayed or neutered.
See Too Many Dogs for more information about spay and neuter .

A dog wearing his license!

If your dog is wearing identification right now,
Congratulations! You are a responsible dog owner!

The following kids have given their dogs an ID tag and a license, a microchip, or a tattoo! How about you?

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Kati and Roxy
Sara and Oreo
Davidson and Harp
Laknesha and Pooh-Bear
Sarah and Buddy
Candace and Austin
Candace and Austin
Whitney and Kayla
Megan and Sami

Rachel and Shelly
Kyle and Augie
Erica and Honey Bun
Brittany and Buffy
Ryan and Sandy
Meelee and Cozmo
Joshua and Dutch

Torrey and Dodger
Lizzie and Pancake
Mike with Molly and Chapin
Deliza and Butter
Lauren and Macey
Nick and Buddy
Lisa with Lacey, Tuffy, and Chester
Colleen and Bob

Alonzo and Star
Caitlyn and Champ

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James and Trixy
Brandon and Honey
Kenny and Rocky
Melinda and Scrapper
Paige and Hershey
Kris and Fred
Brian and Maceo

Rebecca and Barney
Shante and Hash
Ashley and Pudgy

Garan and Cash
Nicholas and Chiflatha
Andrea and Clowie
Chezz and Misha
Rebecca and Misty
Natasha and Zoey

Doug and Charcoal
Hanna and Erin with Molly

Nicole and Chase
Helen and Lucky

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Melanie with Blackie and Sundance
Jessica and Elsa
Hollis and Monty
Laura and Sandy
Mezz and Henry
Danielle and Sam
Kevin and Max
Elisa and Nike
Sara and Snuggles
Jerry and Foxxy

Taylor and Emma
Adrienne and Dolly
Cristy and Rayne'
Cristy and ZOe'
Cristy and Mazzy
Kimmy and Toby
Zoe and Cassie
Lauren and Shadow
Erica and Angel
Michael and Nanook

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Glenda with Pepe and Freddrick
Kristen and Sam
Janna and Duke
Kylee and Brodie
Katherine and SusiAnn
Thomas and Zeus
Bradley and Dot
Anna and Solomon
General and Janes Golden General
Kati and Daisy

Bitker and Jimmy
Verenice and Merlin
Sam and Moe
Zach and Nala
Katherine and Susi
Kelsey and Sara
Megan and Koko
Ashley and Rocky
Pradeep and Thunder
Robert and Lassie

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Zorianny and Cinnamon
Tayler and Rocko
Rey and Tara
Philip and Brandon
Ana and Shannon
Kristie and Shadow
David and Jeffery
Erin and Dutch
Tyra and Dolly
Heather and Scout

Josh with Jade and Jewel
Tasha and Lacey

Lauren and Kalley
Aiyma and Rocky
Rebekah with Judah and Grace
Alyssa and Sasha

Mary and Gemini
Matthew with Abby and Meg
Tom and Danny
Cameron and Spencer

The American Kennel Club (AKC) kindly provides the following activity for download. You may print the page and complete the activity.

The link below will open in a new window and take you to the AKC website. When you are finished, just close the window and you'll be right back at How to Love Your Dog.

New Activities for kids about dogs. Who's That Dog?


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