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 Young boy enjoying his collie at the beach.

The hot sun
Days of
Summer 2014!

Are you having a fantastic summer?

School is out and you have lots of time to ride your bike, hang out with friends, and play on the computer. All that is fun, but don't forget your dog! Your sweet, patient, lovable dog has been waiting the whole school year for you get out of school and have some extra time for him. Do you know what you are going to do?

Well, here are some ideas!butterfly

But first..
 Reminder string Remember to do these two things on hot days:

Shade and water is necessary for your dog.



1. Change your dog's water often in warm weather. The water will taste better and it will also keep your dog's body cooler.

2. Provide shade so your dog will stay cooler. Trees, doghouses, umbrellas, canopies, and large dog crates can all provide the needed shade.


Tennis balls are fun for kids and dogs.
Play some fun games! Click on the tennis ball to go
to a Great Games page. Here are a a couple of summer games
sent to us by some great dog owners:

cool dog cartoon First, I get my dogs really excited like taking him for a walk or chasing him around the house. Then I make him sit next to where I stand, then get a soft toy like his blue bunny, and throw it across the backyard. Then it's a race for him or me to get it first and then slide in. I usually let him get it and then make him feel good, like pat him and say, "What a fast boy you are" and "Oh, you got it again". Even though my dog's little, I think this is a fun game for dogs of all sizes.
Sent by Lee, age 13, of Queensland, Australia

cool dog cartoon The game we play is 'Bobbing for Ice Cubes'. On hot summer days,when my dog comes in from running around and he's hot and thirsty, I add 1 or 2 ice cubes in his bowl. Then he bobs for ice cubes just like I bob for apples on Halloween! And when he takes his nose out, he shakes all the water off and makes a BIG mess!!
Avalon, age 7, of Ontario Canada


Click on the click to read about more great summertime activities for dogs.

Take your dog for more walks!

It doesn't get dark until late in the summertime, so you have more time to walk your dog. Remember to always use a leash.

In most cities, dogs must be leashed anytime they are in public. If you are out with your dog and he is not on a leash, your parents can be fined more than $200.00 in some cities!

Sign requiring leashes on dogs at dog park. 


Dog Poop Bag Dispenser at the dog Park

Be a Good Citizen!

Be sure to carry a bag to pick up your dog's mess. It's easy to do once you get used to it. Just put your hand inside the empty bag, pick up the mess using the bag like a glove. Then turn the bag back so the poop goes inside. You never have to touch it!

Many parks have bags for you to use. Just be on the lookout for them when you go to places where dogs are allowed.

It's a good citizenship thing to do, your neighbors will appreciate it, and you'll be obeying the law!  Trash can


Do you love summer fireworks?  
Is your dog afraid of loud noises?

Click on the fireworks picture for some ideas
on how to help your dog feel better
when there are firewords or loud noises in your neighborhood.
Animated Fireworks
Click here!


 Take your dog on a family outing!

You can go to the beach, the park, or a friend's house. But always make sure you protect your dog from the heat of the sun.

Cute bulldog dressed for summer,sitting on a beach chair.



Taking your dog for a long walk is a fun thing to do in the summer. If you see weeds on the ground, you may also see something that looks like this picture. What are these?

These are called foxtails and they can be dangerous to your dog. Click on the ball for more information:


It is not fun for your dog to run errands.
Sitting and waiting for you in the car is not fun and can be dangerous.

Collie inside a car, that is too hot.

Dogs in Cars?

On a warm day, it takes only 10 minutes for the temperature inside a car to reach 120 degrees! Please, please understand that dogs should NEVER be left in a car in hot weather.
P.S. It is also against the law!
Why do dogs need to go in the car with you? They are in the car all alone while you and your parents are in the store. They are by themselves, just like they'd be at home, only there, they are comfortable, cool, and surrounded by things they know and love. Think about what your dog would like best and then make the decision that's best for your dog.


Click on the click the red ball to read how kids are helping their dogs stay cool.


Go to the beach!
First, be sure to check the local laws. Many beaches do not allow dogs
at certain times of the day. Call your local Department of Animal Control.

Two Bulldogs at the beach.


 A dog that is walking on very hot sand or blacktop (asphalt) could burn the pads of his feet. Be sure to notice the ground in hot weather. Bend down and touch it. Would you want to walk on it with bare feet?
If not, then it is probably too hot for your dog as well.
Hot sun Running DogRunning Dog

 "Ooh, ooh, this is too hot! Ouch, Ouch!"


Go for a swim! Girl and golden retriever swimming.

Cool Off!

If you have a hose or live near the water, these are good ways to help your dogs stay cool. Don't let your dogs exercise too much in hot weather unless there is water nearby.

If you are salt-water swimming, be sure to bring drinking water along, because it is not healthy for your dog to drink salty water.


Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Keeping your dog's area clean is extra important in the summer.
Fleas, mosquitoes, and other nasty bugs can make your dog
unhealthy and unhappy if he is exposed to them.

Watch for these signs that your dog has fleas:
Licking or biting skin
Hair loss on his back and tail
Little black specks of dirt on his skin
If you see any of these signs, ask your parents to talk to the vet
about getting rid of the little creatures.

Black dachshund who might have fleas.
Click here!

Give your parents a hand. Help them clean the yard, the house, and your dog because all three will have fleas. Your veterinarian can tell you what to do.

Fleas can be very frustrating. Helping your parents to control them would show you are being responsible.


Here are some more fun ideas!

Check out Dogs Just Want To Have Fun
for all kinds of activities you can do with your dog.
Here are a few activities you'll find on the 'Fun' page:

Obedience, Frisbee, Dog Shows, Agility, and more.


Go out and have a great Summer!

At the beach with dogs!


 Goofy dog cartoon
The phrase "Dog Days of Summer" comes from an ancient Roman belief. It was believed that the Dog star, Sirius, gave off a lot of heat and caused higher temperatures during the months of June, July, and August.

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