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Jessica, Age 15

I have the best dog in the world, and that ain't a lie. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. We found him when we were visiting my grandma. It was strange, we walked outside to go for a walk and there he was in the middle of the street. We picked him up and brought him inside. Max is now two years old. He's the best Pit Bull mix in the world.

Isabel, Age 13
London, England

I got a puppy last Christmas, and we named her Tori. Tori's a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, and she is 1 year and a month old. We have loads of fun together. She can do neat tricks with a Frisbee. She's been a good friend, and will be for many years to come.

Laura, Age 13
United Kingdom

My dog is called Harry and a while ago we had a glass door. We put Harry outside but harry didn't want to go outside. He didn't realize the door was shut and he ran right through the glass into the kitchen. Now we have wooden doors.

Danielle, Age 8
Pennsylvania USA

Woof woof! Hi my owners name is Danielle. When I got neutered the vet said to wear boxer shorts so I would not tear my stitches out. I got to wear Danielle's Barbie shorts. It was so embarrassing. Every dog on the street probably laughed at me. Cloe my neighborhood girlfriend and I tied our owners up with our leashes - they got furious. We got punished and went in our cages.

Lacey, Age 13
Louisiana USA

I love dogs very much, and I have owned many dogs in my 13 years of living. I live in a fairly large house and my family owns 25 acres of land. I live near my church where people who can't keep their dog for some reason or another dump them in hopes that a child will adopt them. About three years ago,a white, male lab appeared at our door. My father and I immediately fell in love with him. He was a well-behaved and loving dog. We named him Buddy.

We had three other dogs at the time, White Sox, Anne, and Jan. One day they came home muddy and they had an extremely bad odor. Buddy was badly cut across the right front leg. I worried about them. We had guessed that they had either gotten hold of a bear or bore-hog. The next day White Sox, Anne, and Jan came home in the same condition. Buddy did not return. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed that God would protect him. I asked God to either have Buddy at the front door the next morning when I got up for school wagging his tail, or have him there when I got off the bus. The next morning I awoke anxious to see if Buddy had returned. Unfortunately, he hadn't. I was very disappointed, but continued with the daily routine of school.

As the day went by, I forgot about my request. When I got off the bus that evening at 3:30, sure enough, Buddy was sitting at the front door wagging his tail. I was so thankful. God had protected Buddy and had returned him to me like I asked.

About a week or two later, my father was watching my brother and I get on the bus. He saw our four dogs running across the field. Behind them were a pack of coyotes. They tragically brought down my beloved Buddy. My father was crushed because he loved the dog very much. I have missed Buddy very much. I do not hold this against God for any reason because it wasn't His fault. I am thankful that God has given me the privilege of loving a dog like Buddy and the lesson that God can and will answer prayers. Since then coyotes have gotten Jan also. The hatred I have against coyotes has overwhelmed me. I haven't liked them since.

Michelle, Age 12
Indiana USA

I have a Lhasa Apso, Kitaro. One cold day, my mom started a fire in the fireplace. She didn't know that you had to open the chiminey to warm up before you started the fire. If you don't, the smoke goes up to the top and then comes back down to fill your house up with smoke. That happened. All three of our smoke detectors went off. It scared Kitaro half to death. He went running out the front door. When we got him into the house and dried off, he was still shaking. That night, all night, he would not come downstairs for nothing.

Kaylin, Age 9
Ohio USA

The Water Bowl That Scared The Dog
One day we got a new water bowl for my dog Sadie. One day my mom saw Sadie trying to drink water from a mud puddle, and wondered why. We found out she was scared of the gurgling sound that the water makes when you take a drink out of it.

Kelsey, Age 10
Texas USA

I have a dog named Charlie. When we first got him, he ran away because he was so scared. He ran towards a busy street. We were all running barefoot in the rain after him. My mom's friend was driving her car. My mom's friend went one way and we went the other. My mom, my sister, and I walked back to the house sadly, thinking that he was lost. But my mom's friend pulled up and there in the car was Charlie! I am so happy he's alive!

Jordan, Age 7
Missouri USA

My dog's name is Sophie. She is a Sheltie dog. I got her at a person's house. She is 1 year old. I LOVE MY DOG. ÊMY dog's eyes are brown. She moans when she lays down. She is a cute dog. She looks like Lassie. My dog's favorite trick is she jumps up and puts her paws up and lets them hang down. She has a black nose. She likes to go sledding on her own sled. You would like to have this dog that I have. She loves me.

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Sean, Age 13

My dog just seems to love carrots, and one day we were peeling them and he jumped up onto the table and started eating. He is very spoiled.

Tori, Age 13
Texas USA

Hi I have a Greyhound named Chancee. She sleeps in my room almost every night (except when she's crying). The most funny thing about her is when she is outside to long she jumps on the door and is as tall as my mom and me!! (strange huh!?!)

Lacy, Age 13
Oklahoma USA

I have a half Shar Pei and half Pit Bull. She's only 3 years old. She has black, white, and brown fur and she lives out of town! Now my mom has a Pit Bull and a Chihuahua.

Miranda, Age 14
Ohio USA

Hi my name is Miranda. I have a dog named Clowe. She is a Lhasa Apso. She is so great. She can do lots of tricks. One day I came home, she jumped on me so I knew she was happy. Also I new she wanted to take a walk.

Jessie, age 11
New Jersey USA

I got Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I named her after a cereal. You guessed it!) just a few months ago. I play and teach her tricks. She already knows how to sit, come, jump, fetch, lie down, and shake hands. She is 4 months old and is a Golden Retriever. We have so much fun together!:) This is weird because when I come home from school and I have a bad day, CTC licks my face with comfort to cheer me up. When I come home from school and have a good day she seems to know it and jumps happily on me. I guess dogs know how to sense things even when you're not there.

Lauren, age 14
North Carolina USA

I have 2 dogs- a Border Collie mix that we rescued the day he was supposed to be put to sleep! His name is Cinder. He is about 9 months old and the sweetest dog ever! And my other dog is Annie, my 6 year old Black Lab! As we speak she is laying at my feet! She sleeps with me every night! We do flyball and agility and she is also a therapy dog! I love both of my dogs very much!

Emily , age 13

Hi, I have a Labrador Retriever who is the light of my life! I bought her from a well-known breeder in 1996 as a 6 week old puppy and she was adorable! She is now 4 years old and I am currently training her for obedience and agility! She is the greatest dog and is my best friend until the end!

Vondrea, age 14
Tennessee USA

I have two dogs whom I love very much. One of my dogs is a Doberman, his name is Onyx! He is all black which I heard is very rare! He is very sweet and he likes to jump up on people even though he is very big. He is also a very good watch dog. My other dog is a Rottweiler named Rocsand. She is also a very good dog and she loves to play. She is a good watch dog. Both of them are very nice if they get to know you!

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Emily, age 10

My dog, Nikki, was shut inside one day and we had to go to the garage, but when we were a little bit up the road we saw a large black thing streaking out in front of a car. I jumped out of the car and called Nikki and she ran full pelt up the road and jumped on me so I fell over. She had managed to climb out of the window. I wasn't angry with her I was relieved that she wasn't hurt.

Drew, age 8
West Virginia USA

I had went to my Aunt Samantha's house to visit during spring break. And at the neighbor's house were a yard full of pups. Anyway my heart became broken when I saw this little boy do all kinds of mean things to a puppy. I became angry and took the pup from him. I told my Aunt Samantha what just had happened and we put the puppy in her car and went to her house. I didn't want to steal the pup it was just abused and didn't need to be there. I didn't know what to do I knew my mom wouldn't let me have another dog. I cried thinking she wont let me have it. I gave her a name......Muffy.......anyway I went home and sure enough mom understood my story and she even felt sorry for Muffy. So that's how I got my pet dog Muffy.

Melissa, age 11
Ontario, Canada

Ever since we got our cat, Simba, he and my dog Mart have been the best of friends. Together they do all kinds of things. Their favourite activity is to play fight. When one of them wants to play, he nudges the other and then they start playing. They chase each other around the house till they realize they're the center of attention. It is really funny to watch. Then they stop. They both love to have attention.

Jessica, age 18
Texas USA

Hi, I'm Jessica I have a dark drown Boxer named Pink Toes. He is named Pink Toes cause he is my first dog with pink toes. An way the cool thing is I taught him how to climb a tree in my front yard. He can climb up about 20 feet, then he wants help getting down. He is very sweet!

Lindsey, age 9
California USA

The Day I Got My Dog,D.J. I went to eat one night at our favorite restaurant. My Mom saw a ad in the paper for a yellow lab. She said "We can take a stop there before we go home." And we followed our plans. And my dad's friend went too! And D.J. came and she gave me a smooch on my face. I fell in love with her. My mom yanked out her checkbook and gave it to her seller. We went home happily. We had got her almost a year! And her birthday is December 5th!!

Jasmine, age 15
Ontario, Canada

I really, really want to adopt a dog from the shelter, but since my mom will only consider it after Christmas, I read everything about dogs I can get my hands on. I volunteered at a pet shop last summer, and I hope to be a "Dog Walker" at our shelter next summer. I just want to point out that all you people with dogs are very lucky. I hear so many people my age say their dogs are stupid, and I hate it. They haven't taught them anything! It's like its not "cool" to love your dog. If anyone is considering getting a dog , please check your animal shelters before buying a purebred, There are fabulous dogs being killed every day, because people forget that mixed breeds and adopted dogs are beautiful companions. They don't need to have a pedigree to love you.

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Lindsey, age 9
Arkansas USA

We have had my dog Angel for 5 months. She had puppies and one was an oddball. It was black and white. The other ones were black and brown. All of them were so cute we had so much fun together!

Erica, age 13
Pennsylvania USA

Hi my name is Erica and I don't have a dog and I would love one to call my own because I had a dog named Country and he died of cancer and I miss him dearly and I loved to get another dog to call my own again.

Sarah, Age 14
Michigan USA

Once I fell in a water rushing river with a very bad current. I was going to drown. Then my golden Collie, Friskey, came running and saved me and we didn't train him to do any thing like that. We were all stunned. So my mom and I took him to a doctor and they said he was psychic. And now he's a life saver.


Lindsay, Age 13
Florida USA

I have a Lab and she is so fun. Her name is Casey and I love her. We go swimming in my pool and play into nighttime she is a year old and could never be better.

Holly, Age 11

One day I was down cause we just lost our soccer game. So I had a friend over and we just got home from soccer. I said I am going to check the messages. So I checked the messages. There was a message from a girl from an animal shelter. We were looking at a dog there - a Dachshund. This lady said that this dog was ours! So we went and picked her up. When I saw her, it broke my heart. She was so skinny down to the bone, when I saw her I cried. She was so skinny. She has a buddy and whenever she goes to see her Missy, my other dog just snapped at her. Gidgit wants to play with Missy. So I hope Gidget grows fatter and Missy likes her in the future. Love, Holly

Becca, Age 11
Ohio USA

Last year, when we got my dog Gipsy, she slept with me every night. Whenever my mom or dad passed my door, she would bark at them as if they were strangers! She was trying to protect me from them! It was so funny watching her bark at them.

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Shaunna, Age 14
Ontario Canada

Hi, I'm Shaunna! I have a Springer Spaniel. Her name is Isabelle. About 3 years ago I had moved. There were no kids on my block so I was really bored but about 1 year ago my parents came home one day and I had always wanted a dog. My dad put some birth papers on the table, but he would not let me look at them I was sort of suspicious. Then my mom walked in with her. It took me about 1 day to find a name for the dog that saved me from being bored. ,So THANKS ISSABELLE!

Jasmine, Age 13
Utah USA

Hi my name is Jasmine. I have a Beagle named Babe. Babe is 5 years old (in human years). She is so adorable. I got her 14 days before my birthday. And guess what - the day after Ii got her it was her birthday. Cool or what. She loves walks, food (but what dog doesn't), people, and animals. I think my dog is the best dog in the world.

Stacia, Age 12
British Columbia, Canada

My 1 year old dog, Raskle (Jack Russell Terrier ), is very good with the new baby. He doesn't bark or growl when the baby tugs on his little tail or yanks on his "Taco Bell Dog" ears. My mom has a double stroller, and Raskle walks beside it. But sometimes he jumps right in! And when I took the baby and Raskle for a walk to the park, Raskle did something real funny. I had put the baby in the baby swings and was pushing him. Well Raskle kept jumping up, trying to jump onto the baby. So I looked at Raskle and said, "Raskle, do you want to go in the swing?" And of course Raskle looked at me with pleading, big, brown, puppy dog eyes, so I put Raskle in the baby swing. And you know what? Raskle was smiling and barking happily as I pushed him back and forth.

Ellen, Age 14
Massachusetts USA

I have a dog named Blackie. Sometimes I tell people how I. I got it because he was black. Blackie is a Golden Retriever.

Jessica, Age 15
Illinois USA

Hi, I am Jessica. I have a Chihuahua. His name is Sisgo. He is brown. I also have another puppy. He is a black Lab. His name is Taz. Both of my dogs are sweet as pumpkin pies. That all.

Nicole, Age 17
Arkansas USA

I have a dog. He is a very cute, sweet, loving dog. She goes to the vet all the time. She almost died once when he was having babies. She is the most handsome dog anyone could ever see.

AJ, Age 14
Pennsylvania USA

One time when my dog, Jackie, was just a puppy, I was sick with pneumonia. As I was sleeping on a bean bag I started coughing. My dad patted me on the back to "help" me. Me dog got up and stood over me. She didn't like that my dad was hitting me, to her my dad was hitting me. Jackie, a Bernese Mountain dog, that is now six years old and pregnant, never was much of a watch dog. Mandy, our dog before Jackie, would bark if anything came as near as a centimeter on our property. That's why we were surprised that Jackie protected me.

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Ashley, Age 12
Arkansas USA

My sister and I were outside when we heard a cat meowing. We finally found were the meows were coming from. A small gray kitten was in one of our trees. She was scared at first but then we let her know she could trust us and she let us take care of her. She is my kitten Precious. She's about 8 weeks old now.

Lee, Age 13
Arkansas USA

My dog is named Sheba, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I found her in a motel parking lot with her leash on. I felt very bad for her because I could tell she hadn't eaten in days. She had a tag on with a name and number and I called it right away! But the owner said "I don't want that stupid dog!" Right then and there I knew I had to keep the her for she was already trained and it was a water dog. I talked to my parents and they said yes! I love my dog for she's lovable and she likes the water. I throw her out in it with just a stick. Sheba is the smartest and prettiest dog I know.

Lee, Age 13
Arkansas USA

My Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Sheba, is a funny dog! One time we visited the ocean in Newport beach and I through a ball in the water. She swam after it as any water dog would do, but she lost it. Just then Sheba caught her eye on a flock of birds resting in the ocean. She doggie paddled her way to them but the closer she got to them, the farther they swam away. As you might have guessed, she swam so far that she was the size of a pinhead! Though she came back alive for thank goodness. My dog, Sheba, also eats veggies and fruits and likes paper towel bits more than dog food at times! Sheba barks at me when I ride my scooter and she picks up anything she sees laying in a body of water! In ways she is a funny dog.

Laura, Age 14
Virginia USA

Hey all you dog lovers out there! I have a yellow lab named "Gus". I love him so much! Here's a little story about him. Everyday I get home from school at 2:30. At about 2:20 Gus gets really excited because he knows I'm coming. (I don't know how but he always does) He starts to look out the window for me and if I stay after school or go to a friend's house and don't come home, he starts to pace around the house and cry. After about 10 minutes of waiting, he goes upstairs and gets my favorite stuffed animal. Gus lies down and puts it between his front paws and rests his head on it. My Mom always tells me that he goes through this ritual everyday. I love hearing about it because it shows how much he loves me. :) Gus sleeps on my bed every night, follows me everywhere he can, and is my best friend in the whole world.

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Rachel, Age 14

Hi I am Rachel... I have a Doberman called Rocky. He is so cute. When my family members talk to him, he will just tilt his head. He is only one human year old, and now I am soon going to have two Chihuahuas! Then I'll have three dogs. Now won't that be so great?

Veronica And Cindy, Ages 9
California USA

I have a dog named Buster. One day he came to our school and he ate our pizza and jumped on a few kids and our teacher. He also jumped on a kid named Cesar and knocked him in the trash can. Then we sent him home. The next day my friends came to my house and Buster got his head stuck under the fence. The same day he tried to get out from under the fence, but he couldn't. He never does that anymore.

Courtney, Age 13
Illinois USA

I have a dog named Gilligan and he is 1 year old. He loves doing trick with treats. But the problem is he won't do tricks without treats. Someday I hope it works.

Yesenia and Cindy, Ages 10
California USA

I have a dog named Fluffy. She is a girl. Once she didn't want to play or eat. I let her sleep in my bed one night, and when I woke up she wasn't there I was crying because I missed her, but at night that same day I heard her crying in the basement. All my family ran down to the basement and saw that Fluffy had three adorable puppies. The end.

Elyse, Age 13
California USA

I got my dog from the humane society near my house about seven years ago. He was abused as a puppy, and very afraid of people. He was one year old when we saved him. I had a chance to get a really sweet, friendly dog that already knew tricks, but when I saw Max so afraid, and needing help I knew I would rather have him. And now he is the smartest dog ever. He can sit, lay, jump, dance, put a treat on his nose and he throws it up and eats it, bow, fetch, shake left /right, high 5 and high 10, crawl, and come.

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Amelia, Age 13
Massachusetts USA

I really want a dog although we already have three cats and two rabbits. I do not know how he/she will react. Of all of these stories I think that a dog will be a great addition!!

Stephanie, Age 13
Florida USA

Once a dog named Miya ran away from home, she heard they where saying. "I don't like our dog". But she came back. "BARK!" They opened the door! WoW! But they said "We want our dog back!" It came out. WE LOVE you Miya! Don't go! A true story.

Naomi, Age 14
Washington USA

Hi my name is Naomi and my dog, Wishbone, is my miracle baby. When I was eleven years old, my mom's dog, Bonnie, was pregnant. We had brought her along for a ride and decided to have dinner out. When we had done eating, my mom went out to the car to check on Bonnie. When me and my dad got out to the car, my mom screamed, "Bonnie's having puppies!" But something was wrong. My dog, Wishbone, had been born breech. His head was stuck and he wasn't breathing. When my mom finally got him out, he looked lifeless. My mom stroked him and all of a sudden he started breathing! Now he's alive and doing well. At three years old he's still my little miracle baby.

Kt, Age 16
Illinois USA

I have two Brittany Spaniels. They are the cutest dogs ever. The oldest is nine. Her name is Molly and the youngest is three and his name is Casey. Even though Molly is so much older than Casey they play every single day. I would never trade my dogs for any other dog or pet in the world cause they make me laugh when I'm down. I LOVE YOU MOLLY AND CASEY!!! :O)

Elyse, Age 13
California USA

I got my dog from the humane society near my house about seven years ago. He was abused as a puppy, and very afraid of people. He was one year old when we saved him. I had a chance to get a really sweet, friendly dog that already knew tricks, but when I saw Max so afraid, and needing help I knew I would rather have him. And now he is the smartest dog ever. He can sit, lay, jump, dance, put a treat on his nose and he throws it up and eats it, bow, fetch, shake left /right, high 5 and high 10, crawl, and come.

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Melody, Age 11
Tennessee USA

I love my Shania so much! She is hilarious! This is a story about her name. One day, we were watching a Shania Twain concert on CMT. In the middle of one of Twain's hit songs, Shania put her paws on the TV and watched her sing the whole song! It was Shania watching Shania!

Regina, Age 16
Texas USA

I think all dogs are cool. You kids out there say my dog is better than yours. But all of our dogs are cool, so don't say your dog is better than mine because all of our dogs are cool. Just a little word from Regina!

Dahlia, Age 16

My dog is called Sammy. I love her to bits. She sleeps on my bed at night and goes everywhere with me. Sammy loves me, too. We share a lot of good times together. I think everyone should have a dog. They're not kidding when they say "A dog is man's best friend"

Sara, Age 13

My Collie Tessa
Tessa is a black and white Border Collie and she can do some tricks. She can jump over me, and paw, sit, and lie down. She also, for some reason, has a drink every time we use the kitchen tap, and if we say 'ouch' she goes for the washing machine! She is obsessed with balls and Frisbees, and calls two of her toys 'Abi'. But she also barks at people she doesn't know if they knock at the door, and doesn't like having her picture taken or her fur brushed, or having a bath!

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Brittany, Age 14
Arkansas USA

Everybody loves their dog in their own way. Everybody says "my dog is the best" or "my dog is perfect" but actually, EVERY dog is the best. It's okay to say your dog is better, though, because you're just showing that you love him/her very much!

Moonwolf, Age 9
North Carolina USA

Christmas Pup
Hi, this story is for kids who wish they had a dog. Well my story begins on a early Christmas morning. I woke up and took a BIG stretch and got out of bed in my PJ's. I walked out of the bed into the living room. There sat Mom in the rocking chair. She told me "look behind the tree" so I did and there was my pup! I said, "What should we name him?" We came up with all kinds of different names until Elijah the name popped up. We all liked that name so we kept it that way. Well, this tells you that wishes can come true. THE END

Brittany, Age 14
Arkansas USA

My dog's name is Toga. Toga is my baby. But she is not quite as small as a real baby, she is big! Toga likes to lick my feet after soccer practice. She'll sleep in my room when there are storms and she eats spiders so they can't attack me (I hate spiders). To thank her for these things, I brush her fur, brush her teeth, take her to the beach. I even give her cheese, apples and peanut butter. Toga is my baby. I love her more than anything!

Laura, Age 17
Arkansas USA

Lily, my Border Collie/Beagle, is the strangest dog. When I tell her to speak, she begs and when I tell her to beg she speaks. She's always getting into trouble, but what pup isn't?

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Krystal, Age 13
Maryland USA

My dog, Komet, is very special. I got her on Christmas morning in 1998. She is a purebred Cocker Spaniel, but she was the runt of the litter. When my mom went there to look for a dog she saw Komet and she loved her. Komet walked right up to my mom and licked her hand. I am so glad to have Komet.:) )

Rachel, Age 15
Delaware USA

Cops and Robbers One day me and Zack were playing cops and robbers, and Zack was the k-9 cop. He chased down my friend and pulled him to the ground and would not let him get up, till I had captured him. I love you Zack!!!

Tara, Age 14
London, England

This is a story from my dog Holly's view of life! I'm a Border Collie and I would rather be out going crazy like I do in the park! I am all white with smudgy ears (apparently!) One day I was sleeping, as always, when Mummy and Daddy said, "Come on, Holly, we're going to Devon. I didn't have a clue what they meant, but it was a long car journey and when we got to this 'Devon' my life was about to change. I sniffed around and suddenly I saw Tuppance, my new boyfriend!

Amanda, Age 13
British Columbia, Canada

I have the best dog anyone can ask for! His full name is Sunny Santa Paws! We just call him Sunny. He is a Poodle Terrier cross! I love him to bits. Although my dog will be five in August, and is getting older, I just have to say that he is the most rambunctious, hyper, and lovable creature ever! He can do numerous tricks including, jumping over items twice his height, shaking, waving, begging, rolling over, and much more! My future plan is to have two dogs just like him that will have collars with rhinestones on it! Sunny also has a girlfriend by the name of Rosey. Whenever we go on vacation, my mom's friends watch him as well as Rosey. Sunny sleeps at the foot of my bed every night! There can never be another dog like Sunny!

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Ashlie, Age 13
Massachusetts USA

This is not like the other stories. It is about when I got Mason. Well, we were searching on the web after our old dog got put to sleep. That's when we saw Mason's advertisement on the web. A couple weeks later we went down to get him. Now he is doing fine.


Bree, Age 13
California USA

I have a two year old Yorkie (Madison) and a black and white bunny (Oreo). My dogs loves to play with my bunny---A little too much now my dog hops like my bunny!

Nick, Age 13
Devon England

I have a cute Golden Retriever puppy named Shadow. She is only two months old and she can already shake hands and catch Frisbees and do most of the basic dog tricks. She is so cute and when I feel bad she looks at me with her cute eyes and I just can't resist playing with her. Sometimes she goes to sleep on my lap and she lets me quietly pet her. I love her and I wouldn't trade her for any dog in the world.

Robin, Age 7
Ontario Canada

My dog's name is Duke. He is so cute. He licks me a lot. He is a Brittany Spaniel. He sleeps in a crate in my room. His birthday is very close to my birthday. Our birthdays are in June.

Haley, age 10
California, USA

The day I got my dog, Cookie, it was a blast! :) When mom and brother went to the house they were selling the dogs at, Cookie was the first one they saw. Cookie ran up to them and started jumping all over them. :) When my dad and I heard the good news we couldn't wait to see the dog (Cookie)! When we went to the breeder's house again Cookie was the last one. Well my dad made up his mind and said yes!!! :) And one of my mom's best friends got Star, Cookie's sister! When we got home that night, Cookie was running into doors beds, book cases, etc. Well that's my story. Hoped you liked it! :)


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