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Tessa, Age 9
Dallas,Texas USA

Once my puppy Pepper pounced on my cat Ozzie and then later my cat Ozzie
pounced on my puppy Pepper and then that taught both of them a lesson.
Which meant they learned never to mess with each other again.


Roxanna, Age 10
McAllen,Texas USA

My Crazy Dog!!!! (P's Based on a true story!)

One day my German Shepherd dog just had too many fleas. So occasionally
like any normal person will take their dog to the Pet store!Well my family
and I took Princess to PetSmart and the people that worked their said to
sign papers, etc........So we did and they asked, "What do you want us to do
to your great dog? "Well," said my dad, I guess give a bath I suppose!" said My
Dad.While my mom was looking at the Specials, she said, "Hun, come here
and look the chart said 'BATH, TOOTH BRUSHING, GROOMING, EAR CHECK,
of $100.99 so my mom insisted that we go with this order! The lady at the front
counter said, "Pick your dog up at 11:00 o'clock, please."

We drove my mom to work. At home, the PetsMart called. How do I know?
Caller I.D. We called PetsMart and they said furiously, "COME PICK UP YOUR DOG!!" We knew something was going on and we did not like the feeling of it!
Sorry, I forgot to tell you about the thing she hates about water. So we took her
home and I said GOOD GIRL!!

Then we called my mom and told her what happened!! Boy was she freaked.
From then on we could not take Princess to PetSmart !! Dedicated to Princess,


Amanda, Age 9
West Newton, Massachusetts USA

Why Dogs Sniff
It all started a long time ago in Dogwana. You see, it was the complete opposite
there. Dogs walked humans and humans were dog's best friend. Dogs did
everything like we do to our dogs. Walk them, feed them, play with them,
so on & so forth. You get the picture.

One day when a St. Bernard was trying to teach a St. Human to find a person
in an avalanche, he just wouldn't be able to sniff him out! This made St.Bernard
VERY angry. Since dogs can smell MUCH better than we can, the St.Bernard
thought that the human could easily sniff out someone in an avalanche. So he tried
to show him how to sniff. It didn't work. He kept trying and trying.

After 24 hours of trying he gave up. As he was walking home all the other dogs
were waiting to see what happened. When they heard the news they felt sorry
for him. Then, all of a sudden the humans came running out, greeting their friend.
As the humans were walking their pal home, they fell in a hole full of rotten
cheese! When they got out the dogs sniffed them. They smelled horrible.Then
something amazing happened.

The dogs and humans switched places.The dogs sniffed their companions. They
remembered them. So when your dog sniffs you he knows that you were once
his companion so he loves you and you love him. If your dog barks at someone
he doesn't like them. So that's why dogs sniff. The End

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Maria, Age 10
Miami, Florida USA

My dog is so smart. I trained her already. We say that she is one of the smartest
breeds. She is a Schnauzer. She knows sit, down, jump, paw, and stay and I
was the one who taught her that! Well, you rule if you have a Schnauzer.
By the way, her name is ZUCA. Love, Maria and Zuca.


Alex, Age 12
Bristol, Wisconsin USA

My mom was pretending to hit me. Our 2 year old male Rottwieler,
Belfie, saw her. At first he was thinking, well maybe I'll go stop her. So,
he came over to my mom and bit her bum. She yelled and still pretended to
hit me. By this time, Belfie was getting pretty mad. He grabbed a hold of her
shirt sleeve. My mom was telling him to let go, but he wouldn't. Then my mom
started yelling at me. "Get his toy", she said. I really couldn't get it because
I was laughing at them so much. It took me about 5 minutes to get his toy and
throw it because I was laughing so hard. He didn't notice me throw it and he
still had a hold of my mom's shirt sleeve. Well, I don't know how she got him
to stop but it's a miracle.


Roxanna, Age 10
McAllen, Texas USA

The Lonely Dog!!

Once there was this dog who had a nice family. He lived tied up in an
apartment cozy and warm. But one day the dog had to go because the apartment
was too small to have a dog.The girl who owned the dog was heartbroken
because her dog was going. She took the dog to the humane society and she
ran into a family and told then about it. As they were driving, the dog seemed
at home with the family. And with his owner and all the walks they use to take!!!

Then they arrived to their 189 inches tall house. And 586 acres of square
in the backyard! Even though this house was humungus and so nice looking, the
people would just feed him; not take him for baths or play, run, talk to him
or stuff like he used to when his owner was his owner!

Mouse started to get lonely and did not know what to do. When people tried
to feed Mouse, he would not eat and then they called the doctor to come and
check how sick or what disease Mouse had! The doctor said he's okay but give
him attention!!! So then the lady who bought Mouse sold him for $36.00 and the
doctor bought mouse and from then on it was just like old times and Mouse lived
happily ever after!

Fallon, Age 11
Litchfield Park, Arizona USA

My dog, Rilla, is a water dog. One time I was walking him by the pond,
when all of a sudden he saw a duck, and he got loose!!!! He jumped into the pond. Boy, was I scared!! He missed the duck by an inch!!! He just got the feathers!! (luckily) THE END!!!!

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Cynthia, Age 13
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C

A long time way back, I (Kate, mutt) was a stray dog. I remember it was
raining really hard and I kept whining and whining. I found a hiding place
under a car, but I was so cold. Suddenly I saw a little boy peek his head
under the car! He held me in his arms and brought me to Taipei Abandoned
Animal Rescue Foundation. The nice girl named Mina took good care of me
and looked for a home for me. After living in the shelter for a long time,
I met a volunteer named Cynthia. She came to see me everyday and walk me
and feed me. I thought she was my owner, but she never took me to her house.
I was getting bigger and bigger and one hot afternoon, Cynthia scooped me up
from my cage and I said good-bye to Mina. I knew it was time. When I arrived
at Cynthia's house, I acted like a Guardian Angel. Her family loved me and
they still do. Since then, they've been teaching me manners and watching me
grow up. I'll love my family always and forever.


Katherine, Age 9
Richmond, Texas

A Magical Dog

Once upon a time, way back when, there was a dog named Merlin, He was tough,
magical,and powerful as you can see, but all he wanted to be, was a regular dog.
So he tried, tried, and tried some more, but he had to face-it, he was different.

Once upon a time, way back when, there was a pathway. Walking down
it was Merlin. While walking down it, he found a friend, tired, cold, hungry,
beat up, so Merlin decided to carry him along. He found a place where the
poor dog could rest and get well. The dear dog said "Friend leave me here, I'll
be o.k., but remember, we are different for a reason". Merlin thought of that,
but when Merlin turned around the old dog was gone.

Alyssa, Age 12
Grand Prairie,Texas USA

Once My mom was raking the leaves. Then she saw bird feathers inside
the leaves. She asked my dog if she ate a bird. What my dog did was lick her
lips! My dog is real funny. If she jumps on you all you have
to do is snap your finger to the ground and she will get down off you.


Scott, Kristin & Kyle, Ages 10, 7 and 4
Toms River, New Jersey USA

We have a favorite spot we take our dog, Shane. He runs around chasing Scott
knocking him down and pinning him to the ground! Shane is our yellow lab.
He is 10 months old and was named after the cowboy movie "Shane". Shane
sleeps in Kristin's room at night next to her bed and tries to get up on the bed
in the middle of the night to take her hair bow! Kyle tries to ride Shane like
a horse. We all love him a lot.


Katherine, Age 9
Richmond, Texas

I'm Lone Star, my family's dog. I live in a very nice home. But when I was
young, I got in a lot of trouble. Like the time with the chicken. Well, I didn't
mean to eat it, but it smelled so, well, I guess so chickeny. See there was this
guy with all these chickens and all I did, though, was play with them. He told
my master that I ate one. Then he moved. That was it, I never got to see those
chickens again. But another time I ran away, it was good 'cause they would have
a place to put their horse (as soon as they got one).

I forgot to tell you that I'm a Golden Retriever. And now I have I guess a
sister-in-law (I think that's what you people call it) named Hayley. Hayley is a
Golden Retriever, too. Hayley is like my kid sister. She is always getting into
something. One thing she does a lot is get into a skunk's tail. PeeUuuuu.
The other thing she's always into is the swimming pool. She takes about 6 laps
a day (that's swim laps, not tongue laps). Well, I guess that's all for now.
I'll send you another report next month.

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Ashley, Age 10

My dog, Mishka, is a Maltese. If you call his name, no matter where he is
he'll come to you! Then one night my cousins came over and they stayed
there for a long time. When they finally went, my mum was wondering where
Mishka was. We called him. We called him heaps of times but he didn't come!
We were worried that he wouldn't be able to get home because it was night time.
Then my brother and I went to the front gate and there he was, just sitting
there on the other side of the gate waiting for us to open it!! We opened the gate
and he was so glad! We were too!!


Kristin, Age 10
North Carolina

Hi! My name is Oreo. I am a Shih-Tzu and Maltese mixed dog. I am a small
but loyal little dog. I bark when I see people to protect my family from
strangers. I love the outdoors and being in nature. I have a wonderful family!
I have my mommy and her daughter-that is two mommies! I have a daddy and
his son so that is two daddies! I have two cat sisters named Baby and Sasha
and one brother, a bird named C.C. that stands for Crazy Canary. I am a good
pup only that I chew on certain things like shoes and I am not supposed to.
Well gotta go, I have a lot of squirrels and cats and chipmunks and etc. to chase.


Emily, Age 9
Nashville, TN

I have a dog named Rego. One day me, my mom, my brother, my friend,
and my brother's friend were all outside, and my dog was inside. Then she
jumped up onto the door and accidentally locked us out of our home!!!!
Then my mom had to cut the screen in the door so that we could all get back
inside. True story.


Beth, age 10
Ohio USA

Once my dog, Baby, got her nose stuck in the mouse trap in the living room!


Grace, Age 7
Washington USA

I love dogs but I love my dog the best. My dog got very sick in his stomach.
My mom had to take him to the vet. He had to get a operation. We were lucky
to have a very good doctor. He saved my dog's life. I will love my dog
forever. :-)

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Jessica, Age 8
Utah USA

I have a dog named Goldie. One time when I was playing frisbee with Goldie
she caught it. I was amazed!


Cecily, Age 8
Texas USA

Once there a dog I named Kiki. She was so fabulous that I told my mom I
wanted that dog. She said "no" and I begged for her and I said "please" and
mom said "ok". Now Kiki thinks she's a human dog. I love her too much. Cecily

Sarah, Age 8
Connecticut USA, Age 11

Once I had come upon a small, but lovely young canine. I was apt to name
this fair creature Matilda Josephine, and oh, of course, Tilly, for short. This
gorgeous creature is a joy to own. Why bother with the miniature. I'll just say,
I love my small dog.

Sarah, Age 11
Connecticut USA, Age 11

Once a upon a time there lived a dog named Tilly. She ruled the town of
Winstead. She was a greedy dog she-wanted everything. One day Tilly wanted
an owner. It was a strange request, but Tilly always got her wish. So many
people wanted to be her owner. So what they did was they chose the best.
I tried out to be her owner.Tilly loved me so much she said that she wanted
me to be her owner.

I was so glad to hear this, but there was one problem.Tilly was so snobbish.
She vowed that as long that I was her owner she would be a happy, loving pet.
After a while, she became mean again. Actually you couldn't call it mean-more
like grumpy. I reminded her of the vow she made. Tilly didn't care. She ordered
me even though I owned her to get out so she could get beauty rest. While
she was sleeping, I thought about leaving but how could I leave that cute, but
mean dog. So I decided to give her a day or two. On the second day she was
still her ordinary self. I had to leave-there was nothing I could do to change her.

When she found out I left she was depressed. She had millions of posters out to
get me back. Again I had to make a decision. I returned to her and she was happy.
Again she vowed not to get grumpy.This vow she kept.Tilly was never mean to
the town of Winstead or me. We lived happily ever after. THE END


Samantha, Age 10
Connecticut USA

I have an amazing dog! It can do anything like doing a back flip to
writing a letter. One day when my dog Shally and I were at school on the
swing another kid came with his Pomeranian. The little girl said her dog
was better than my black Pug. I disagree with the girl. So we had a little
competition. Her dog really put on on a show. It was amazing but I knew that
my dog would be better.

My dog did back flips. She also caught a frisbee and for her grand finale
she wrote the best story I ever heard. The girl agreed that my dog was the best.
I said that her dog didn't do bad itself. After that we got ice cream and groomed
our dogs. That girl became my friend and her dog became Shally's best friend.
I still remember the day, time, and hour of the little competition.

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Emily, Age 9
Illinois USA

Once upon a time, there were two dogs named Sunflower and Brandy.
They went to a dog show and there was a mad dog and the dogs did win.


Katie, Age 12
Winnipeg, Canada


There once was a dog who ate nothing but pickles. He lived happily with
3 other dogs. Then one day the people ran out of pickles and kicked the
puppy out. Now the puppy was sad he had no home, he had no bed and
most of all he had no pickles. He journeyed for days and almost starved,
but then one day a guy gave him a job as a pickle tester. And he lived happily
ever after. THE END


Philip, Age 10
Connecticut USA

Last year my dog, Chaucer was hit by a car. He is a Collie.The morning he was
hit by a car he was in our backyard chasing the birds and he was healthy and fine.
We went to our friend's house and they live on a busy road and he was hit.
Collies are not too strong if it comes to an accident because they have a risk
of dying because of shock. When we bought Chaucer, he was the strongest in the
litter. Now Chaucer is back to his normal ways.

K.D., Age 11
Porter, Texas USA

My dog is a Husky. He is 10 months old. He chews everything. He never chews
on my dad's or mom's things. When I don't give him a bone, he will chew on my
things. Unfortunately, this is true story.


Jonathan, Age 12
White Plains, New York USA

I have a friend who took his new dog to the lake. The mutt went swimming,
and then came out to get dried off. My friend took out his ONLY towel and
suddenly, the mutt snatched it and swam into the middle of the lake. It dropped
it in the middle and came back. My friend had to swim out into the lake and
get it!! (The dog seemed to be laughing the whole time.)


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Natasha, Age 9
Moscow Russia

Once we went to my uncle at the north pole. When we came there, we saw
a lot of dogs. Suddenly I saw a cute grey puppy and we took him home.
Now his name is Jack and he is a 3 year old Husky.


Waverly, age 3
San Diego, California USA

(As told to Mom, by Waverly) Okay, I have a dog name Shelby. Well,
her name is Shelby Comin' Round the Mountain and we call her Shelby.
One day when I was sick and was in my bed because I was too sick to go to
preschool, Shelby came in my room and got on the bed. She's not supposed
to do that. And I put the covers over her and she hid and Daddy didn't see her.
And he gave me a popsicle and Shelby ate it. And then I felt better.

Herbie, 6 months
Indianapolis, Indiana

My name is Herbie I'm a 6 month old mini Dachshund. I'm a very happy pup
although mommy and daddy get mad at some things I do, I'm always there
when they need me the most. I will always love them unconditionally. Forever.


Lisa, Age 12
Virginia USA

My aunt's dog, Cupid, is weird. We call him Stupid Cupid for a joke.
But he is really sweet, though he really stinks, cause he has a sensitive stomach,
and he eats kidney beans and chicken for dinner! Anyway, when you turn off
the light and shine a flashlight around the room, he follows it and barks!
he should be on Stupid Pet Tricks! True!


Kerry, Age 15
North Stonington, Connecticut USA

I recently lost my Golden Retriever Maddy. She is very important to me
and my family. We spent two weeks looking for her in the woods of Oxford CT.
It's an hour away from where I live. We finally had someone pick her up on the
road. She was bruised up badly and was taken to many hospitals. She is now
on her way to recovery. I love her very much and there were many times when
I thought I would never see her again. I wish the best to my Maddy.
Love, her mom Kerry



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