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Emily, age 14

I would like to let it be known quite a few facts about my wonderful canines. I own 7 of them, and though it may seem like too many, for me it is not. I own a wonderful Feist (Rat Terrier or Teddy Roosevelt Terrier), all of which is 12 inches high, 15 pounds. She was christened Coca Cola for the color of her coat. Her back is dark brown, almost black, while her head and the tops of her legs is a 'fizzy' color. Her neck is splashed with white as are her belly and legs. Her long tail has a white tip. She is already 6 years old and is starting to get a few gray hairs.

Being a terrier, she loves to hunt animals including cats and chickens-much to the dismay of my grandparents. C.C., as we call her, is agile and quick, making her an excellent ratter. She also is a great squirrel dog. Every now and then, she tries to run up the tree and actually gets halfway up. She has also been seen catching rabbits and moles which plagued our garden until she arrived. She even chases the small herd of deer that live on our farm.

Now for the other adult dog. Jodee is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Red Heeler mix. She may sound like a Heinz 57 but she is actually very pretty and unusual. Her coat is red merle. It is like a very red brown with black specks and spots. Even her eyes have a red tint to them, not like C.C.'s dark brown ones. She is 22 inches tall and around 45-50 pounds. She is a mere 3 years old compared to the veteran, C.C. Compared to C.C., the outgoing, sometimes aggressive Feist, Jodee is quiet, shy, and conservative. When I first acquired her, she was about 8 or 9 months old. She was extremely frightened but I pulled her out of some of her shyness.

When she was younger, she had a lot of her herding instinct. Quite often I would catch her chasing the horses, trying her best to make them go where she wanted them. I did not have any smaller animals that she could be trained to control easier so she has not been trained to herd. C.C. decided that she would interfere with Jodee's herding abilities and my efforts by teaching her all about being a hunting dog. She taught her how to chase chickens, how to tree squirrels, how to chase deer, and how to dig up armadillos. Now, Jodee thinks that she is an overgrown Feist.

Though she still occasionally chases the horses, it is only because her instincts still have a strong spark in them. I did have another Feist, a male named Snoopy. He was C.C.'s mate and he also contributed to Jodee's training, except he helped me train her to work agility.

Jodee had 13 beautiful puppies, C.C. four. Jodee's puppies looked like hounds in their body style but they had the blue and red merle coloring of Jodee. We have given away all of them except four. C.C. had two tan puppies, a black one, and a brindle one. We gave each of them away too except for one. That is why I own 7 dogs.

Claudius, Age 11
New York USA

I am going to write about me and my dog. My dog's name is Happy. He is a German Shepherd. My mom will get me my dog Happy. I will make sure he has big paws because I want him to be big. Happy can watch the yard when no one is home.

I must keep Happy on a leash and in the yard. You must make sure your dog gets a clean dish of water. You should take your dog to the vet for shots. Make sure you curb your dog. You may let your friends play with him or her, just don't let them pull his or her tail. Train your dog to listen to you. Show him to go to the bathroom outside. If your dog doesn't like someone, or other people, don't put him or her around them. It is a great thing to have a dog that can protect you and your family.

Brittany, Age 9
North Carolina USA

My dog's name is Gizmo. He is a mixed breed. He is one year old. The story behind how I got him is amazing I think. I had another dog and her name was Prissy. She was Gizmo mother. Prissy in her lifetime had a few litters of puppies. My mom even had to help her have puppies one time. We thought she was going to die, but she hung in there and made it. We always had to give the puppies away when they were old enough.

Prissy had her last litter of puppies in October in 1999 and as she was taking care of her puppies she kicked Gizmo out and wouldn't feed him. Dad always let her stay in his shop out back and that's where she was, but Gizmo was at our back steps. That's how we knew she kicked him out. He wasn't big enough to get there on his own. My mom found him and brought him in. He fit in the palm of her hand. That's how small he was.

He had no hair on his tail and his feet were flat. You couldn't even see if there were holes in his ears. It took us about two weeks to name him because we didn't think he was going to live. He reminded me of Gizmo on the movie Gremlins so that's what we named him. He is strong and healthy and very special to me. Oh yeah, about my other dog Prissy she died of old age. My mom and dad had her before I was born, she was 11 years old.

Gemma, Age 14
Southampton England

I have always wanted a dog. Then on the 14th of August 2000 my cousin gave us one of his puppies and I realized I actually had a dog. She will be 1 on the 17th of may 2001. Love, Gemma and Fortune Cookie

Karilyn, Age 13
North Carolina USA

I have a dog named Charlie. My older sister really wants a puppy, but Dad says the only way she can get a puppy is if I get rid of mine! Then one day we had a tornado at our house. My sister got buried under the rubble. When we got her out, she found out a dog gotten buried with her!!!! Dad said we couldn't keep her, but a week later he forgot that we were going to get rid of it. We kept it and she had 10 puppies with Charlie!!! No we have 12 dogs, and our parents don't even like dogs!

Diane, Age 16
Kansas USA

Hi! I have a dog named Lady. She is a German shepherd, and 6 years old. One time when I was 9 Lady had just had puppies. I named one Mariah. One day I came home from school to find Lady and Mariah gone. I was scared because I lived around the part of Kansas that cougars and mountain lions lived. My mom and I went to the creek we lived by. When we were going down the rocks that were laid on the ground around the creek, we saw Mariah coming up the rocks dripping wet with a scratch on her paw. I ran down to the creek and saw Lady swimming in the creek. I was so full of relief to see Lady alive. I was afraid a cougar or mountain lion had gotten her. But now the puppies are all sold and Lady is in our yard.

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Eliana, Age 17
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi all! I am from Argentina and I have a dog called Hotaru (means "fire butterfly" in Japanese). She is so so sweet and is very intelligent. She likes very much play in the park and with her teddy bears. Kisses for everybody!

Karin, Age 18
Texas USA

Well,I just want to say that I think that I have the most amazing dog. She is a Golden Retriever, and her name is Ginger. Ginger is very smart. She can do lots of tricks and she listens very well. I do not have to say anything. All I have to do is point and she does what I want her to do. She cannot have puppies. It will kill her - that's why I had to spayed her. She watches out for me and I do the same for her. Ginger is my baby girl, I would give my life for her. She would do the same for me. We understand each other. We know what each other is feeling, and we are there for each other.

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Alexa, Age 9
Indiana USA

I will always remember when my dog almost ran away. We let him walk around our backyard without a leash. Then all of a sudden he started to run to the woods. I was very scared. So I ran as fast as I could to catch up to him. I got him right before he went into the woods. My mom was very mad at him. I was out of breath. Thank goodness I'm a fast runner. That was last year (2000). Now we don't let him walk without a leash outside.

Anthony, Age 11
Texas USA

My dog's name is Tiger. He is Pit Bull and Chow. He is the best dog in the world but he is mean to other dogs but not to people. One day someone shot him in his leg three times but he's okay. Bye now.

Kristen, Age 15
Arkansas USA

I have a Rottweiler. His name is Bear. We got him when he was just a little puppy. He and I have this game that I called 'get the blanket'. How you play is you pull his blanket out of his doghouse and you shake it in front of him. Of course, he tries to get it. It's so fun to play. We've been playing this game with him ever since we got him and he's 6 years old now. His birthday is November 4. He's so cute.

Jordan "Jordie", Age 14
Colorado USA

I have two gorgeous, coal black dogs named Cole and Bear. Both Cole and Bear have found their way into our lives by chance. With Cole I was only in second grade and I was positive "Santa" was getting me a puppy for Christmas. My mom or dad hadn't been able to find a good dog and on Christmas eve it looked as if I wasn't getting a puppy. That Christmas my mom was working at a Jewelry Store in the mall for some extra Christmas money, when a lady came in saying she found a puppy in the parking lot and was wondering if anyone wanted it. My mom jumped at the chance and now we have had Cole for 6 years.

For Bear, I was set on getting a puppy again, 4 years after Cole's extravagant entrance. I went to the opening of a new aquarium, and when I returned, my dad acted like my mom was all mad at me and in the backyard. I new this was a trick, and went outside to meet our new puppy, Jasper, but later we changed his name to Bear because he looks like a big, shy Bear.

Hamad, Age 13

We got my dog Archie from the SPCA. The SPCA found Archie in a drain sleeping. We got Archie one day before they were going to get rid of him. So we practically saved him! :)

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Kaylee, Age 8
Illinois USA

Hi I got a puppy for Christmas 2000. He's the cutest little boy. After my puppy, Missy, got hit by a car when I was on vacation on the Disney cruise, I miss her so much! Back to the other story. Well I wanted a puppy so much after Missy died I just hoped that Missy wouldn't be mad at me. I wanted a Black Lab. I was begging my mom. Well, of course my mom said she would try.

When Christmas morning came no puppy . :-( But as soon as my Uncle walked in the door he had a small box and a big box. I wanted to open the big box first. And when I opened it there lay a cute adorable puppy. I named him K.C. K is for Kaylee that's me and C is for Cory my brother. And he doesn't leave my side. And the funny thing is whenever we leave he goes under the couch for the whole time because when I get home he's under there.

Now he is 10 1/2 months old. He looks just like a wolf. He's caramel tan and has black ears, a little black at the tip of his tail, and a black mouth. Missy and K.C are both Shih Tzus. One more thing - before Missy, I had a Scottie dog named Dude. I had to give him away to my next door neighbor because I had allergies. I hope you liked my true story. BYE BYE!!! :-)

Michelle, Age 14
Missouri USA

I just wanted to tell you about my dog, Elvis. He is a wiener dog and he has a harelip. That's where his nose is twisted to the side. His name is Elvis because when Elvis Presley sang, he had a harelip.

Erin, Age 11
Michigan USA

It took me 3 months to find the right dog, but I found her and her name is Star. She is a purebred Collie.

Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading about other kids' dogs?
You can write about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write about your dog. When you write, use complete sentences that are interesting and descriptive.

Give your paper a title and share it with your parents.
Show your friends or your teacher.
Put it on the refridgerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it to them.
Be proud of what you wrote.
Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!

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