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Dog Breed!

The dog breeds below are spelled wrong. All of the words were sent in to 'How to Love Your Dog' by kids who visit our site. We are not making fun of the spelling, but we thought it would be fun to figure out which dog breed the word represents. Read the word and try to guess the breed. Then click on answer to find out if you are right.

Note: We need Shih Tzu photos!


1. Rock whaller
2. Alobs obso
3. Yorkshatary
4. Domation
5. Snozer
6. Shiz Tuz
7. Begal
8. Ceuaua
9. Cooker
10. Labdoor Retrever
11. Yimeroner
12. Dotson
13. Ruttriler
14. Chi-thu
15. Bition freeza
16. Dovermen
17. Cocaspyual
18. Grmit Shaper
19. Basid hound
20. Dokshod
21. Pudder
22. Beijing Fiece
23. West hillian Teriorr
24. Goldnretheevr
25. Springer Spanish

How did you do? Do you know how to spell all of the words above? Learning to spell is not too hard if you practice. If there is a word you want to learn, find out how to spell it, and then practice printing or writing it at least ten times. You'd be surprised how fast you will learn it!

Want to know more about some of the dog breeds above? Click to read about some great dogs.


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