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 People and animals need shelter from the harsh elements of weather. Wild animals go to their den or cave to escape the hot sun and cold rain. A shelter provides safety from other animals that might cause them harm.

A dog in his doghouse. A shelter is a safe area to call home. A dog without a fenced yard or enclosed patio is a dog that is not safe. Dogs that are allowed to run loose will eventually become lost, stolen or hit by a car.This is not a safe situation for your dog and it is against the law.

 puppy and doghouse
Click on thered ball to find out how to prevent
your dog from getting lost and what you should do if it does happen.

Dogs depend on YOU to protect them!

Young dog.Without shelter from heat, cold, rain, and snow, dogs get cold, wet, lonely, and tired just as you would.
Most dogs would love to cuddle up with their favorite person in a nice and cozy, house.Two canine pals.
In many families, dogs do live outside.
That's okay as long as they have shelter outside from the bad weather. A special doghouse is good; access to a garage is fine, as long as there are no dangers for the dog to find. A bed inside of the doghouse or garage would be as welcome as flowers in springtime.

 Two dogs on the bed.

 Dogs who live in the house can be taught to behave. Teaching them with kindness and patience will help you to have a happy, well-adjusted dog.

 A Moving Experience
Click on the to find out what you should do when your family has to move to a new location!

 Thinking boy

Your Job:

 Wherever a dog lives, make sure there is nothing he can get into that might be dangerous. Dogs are very curious and will get into corners to find interesting things. They will chew containers that may contain harmful chemicals. They will chew pieces of wood that can leave splinters in their mouths and feet. When we clean up an area to protect our dog, it is called puppy-proofing or dog-proofing.

Take a look at our special pages for care in Hot and Cold weather!



What should you do if it's raining cats and dogs?
Be careful not to step in a poodle!
 Funny puppy.

Thanks to Armando, age 10, from Tijuana, Mexico for this funny riddle!


What Dogs Need
Shelter and Weather Needs
Health Care
Time with You



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