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If your dog needs socialization, there are two ways to get it. One way is to go out and find people and other animals in your city that your dog can meet. The other way is to invite them to your house. Dogs are the easiest animals to invite to your home, so as soon as I found out that Rocky does well with other dogs, I invited my friend and her new Golden Retriever, Shelby. Shelby was just rescued a week ago from a shelter. He is eighteen months old, only five months older than Rocky. Shelby is the perfect pal for Rocky because they are close in age. That usually means they will have the same energy level and can play in a similar way. Older dogs may not play as much, so those dogs do better on a walk with Rocky. But today, Shelby came over to play with Rocky!

When a dog bows like Rocky is doing in this video, he is inviting the other dog to play. Shelby is making Rocky work hard on his invitation. He knows that Rocky wants to play because of the big bow.

Playing tug-o-war is a fun game for dogs to play. It's the same behavior that wolves do in the wild when they are arguing over a meaty bone. This behavior is instinctive in dogs and that's why they like to play it.

Rocky and Shelby ran and ran and chased each other all over the yard for a long time. It was good exercise for both of them. It was also good because dogs need to get along with other dogs. Otherwise your dog will never have any friends. Just like you want to be a good citizen, dogs need to be get along in the world, too.

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