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Brody's Rescue Page


 Photo of Golden Retriever

Who's Brody?

Brody is a great dog. He was adopted from a Golden Retriever Club rescue group. He is so happy to be in a permanent home, that he wants to help other dogs find homes, too.



 photo of mixed breed

This is Mattie. He was adopted from the Humane Society. He now has a great family to live with and another dog to keep him company.

 photo of purebred collie

This is Deke. His owner gave him up because she was getting a divorce. He was found at Animal Control. He is now very happy to live with a young girl and her other dog.


There are many places to find dogs that need homes. Here are a few:

1. Department of Animal Control
At the Department of Animal Control, you'll find homeless dogs. You will find mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs here. This place is sometimes called the Animal Shelter. There is usually a fee (cost for the dog) that helps pay for the medical care received while the dog was at the shelter. The dogs are usually spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes.

Girl and her pup.


2. Humane Society

 Cute Dog
The Humane Society is another place that cares for dogs who are homeless.
The Humane Society has a veterinarian who checks on the dogs to make sure they are healthy. Usually the dogs will be spayed or neutered before they are adopted. There is usually a fee (cost for the dog) that helps pay for the medical care received while the dog was at the Humane Society. There are mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs here and adults as well as puppies.


3. Breed Rescue

Breed rescue groups are people who care for one kind of purebred dog. People who like Golden Retrievers, for example, will care for homeless Goldens until a home is found. The dogs will usually be spayed or neutered before they are adopted. Almost all breeds have their own rescue group.

People at the rescue will find good homes for the needy dogs. There is usually a fee (cost for the dog) that helps pay for the medical care received while the dog was at the rescue.


Here is what one of our visitors wrote about her rescue dog:

Every day I always wanted a dog. I would look in the paper but I never found what I wanted. Then my mom's friend said she had a Shih-Tzu turned in, my dream dog for 4 years! I was so excited.

On Saturday we went to PetSmart and there was a small , skinny dog weighing 11 pounds. I learned that her previous owners had been breeding her since she was 6 months old and would breed her every 6 months! Lucy is now a healthy 20 pound Shih -tzu.

Lucy is 3 years is old, that's how old she was when we rescued her. She loves belly rubs. She'll just roll over and accept you to rub her belly and when you stop she'll pat you with her paws. Her favorite foods are practically anything. She'll eat pasta and anything you give her!

Written by Alea, USA


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