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A Time To Remember


Evan, Age 9
Galion, Ohio, USA

Robbie and BoBo were my dogs all my life. They died a year ago.
I still miss them. Champ was my dog. He was very cute!
He was only 10 weeks old when he went to Doggie Heaven.
I miss Robbie and BoBo and Champ, and
I will love them forever!


Anthony Remembers Boe
Anthony, Age 13
Springdale, Arkansas USA

I had a dog named Boe. He was a Great Dane.
We had him since he was born, but we did not have him for very long.
He got very sick. We took him to the vet. They said there might not
be very much that they could do so as his short life went on,
his legs swelled up and he couldn't even get up or try to walk.

He was in pain every day. All he did is cry and whine.
You could see the pain in his eyes. It sounds weird, but sometimes
you could see a tear running down his face.

There was nothing we could do. We have already spent $300 on him,
but all we could do now is put him to sleep to take all of his pain away.
My mom cried for days. I just was mad that something like this could happen,
but the next day we got a new puppy which made everyone happier,
but I still miss Boe.


by Becca, age 6
Mt. Vernon, Kentucky USA

My Aunt Jan had a Boxer dog named Duke.
He got sick and died.
I miss him.

She wrote a web page about him.
Would it be OK if she linked to you?


Memories of Candy
Melissa, age 11
Lawrenceville, Georgia USA

I once had a spaniel, all black, a little white.
She was the cutest thing, that was in site.

Long ruffled ears and a pretty tongue.
She was the best dog ever and I will miss her always.

But in my heart,
Candy is still a part of my childhood life.



by Alexandra, age 10
Brisbane, Australia

Tyson was a Boxer dog and we used to live on a farm,
but we were moving into the city and we couldn't take him
so we sold him and he died the other day.



Ingrid Remembers
by Ingrid

Siempre me han gustado los perros pero el más inteligente que tuve
se llamó "BUMMER" el en realidad no era nuestro mi hermano lo encontro,
me acompañaba a coger el bus para ir a la escuela y me acompañaba donde
mis amigas, no le gustaba pelear y cuanddo veia otro perro se asustaba y me
pedia que lo carge era lindo y lo quise mucho, nunca supe que le paso,
quisa se fue a otra casa para cuidar a otra niña que lo necesitara más que yo.
Otro perro que me gusto mucho era "TERRY" parecia un peluche y me
gustaba mucho su nariz rosada.




by Dee, Age 13
York, Pennsylvania USA

My dog Spenser was only five years old.
We put Spenser to rest forever on June 6, 1998.
We only had him for 2 months.


by Christina, Age 11
Warrenton, Virginia USA

A couple of years ago my dad brought the family a bloodhound puppy
for Christmas. We all named him Tucker. There were times he was
annoying and destructive, but he had a part of him that was half clumsy
in a cute way and the other half was protective and lovable.

He had the best relationship with my dad.
They would fool around and Tucker would always lick his ear
lovingly. We would take Tucker to shows and he would win ribbons
and take a little obedience training.
But he died the winter of '94.

And that was when we knew how much he meant to us.


by Diane, Age 12
Idaho USA

She was there when I was born,
I was there when she died.
That was my time to mourn,
That was the time I cried.

She will always be in my heart,
Nothing can split us apart.
Love will keep us together,
Forever and ever.

I Love You Jeannie.



Charlotte, Age 8
Perth, Australia

My Aunty's dog Miffie had to be put down
because she was very old.

I loved her very much.



My Best Friend
by Faye, Age 15
Voula, Athens, Greece

Malou was my best friend.
She still is my best friend as she lives
in my dreams, in my thought, in my heart.

I promised not to cry again for her death,
but only to remember her always as she was,
the most perfect little, but so big creature.
I will never forget the times we had together,
the way she looked at me ...

I loved her, I love her, I will love her forever ...



by Rachel, Age 10
Mooresville, North Carolina,USA

I used to have a cute, black mutt named Sadie. But we left on a trip
and had some friends take care of her for 2 days.Unfortunately, when we
got back they said she wouldn't stay in the yard so they took her to the pound,
and their son got a Golden Retriever there.

I miss Sadie dearly.



by Margaret, Age 12
Marysville, Washington USA

You were always the best dog,
Even though you had to be outside,
We still love you,
I hope we will meet someday.

I hope you are having fun
up in doggie heaven,
eating all the little mousies,
I will always love you.

 My Poodle
by Hayley, Age 8
Canberra ACT Australia

.My poodle has gone.
I miss her a lot,
But she's gone.
I loved her,
I miss her,
But she's gone.


 Ashley Remembers
Ashley, Age 7
Ontario, Canada

I remember FuFu -
my favorite dog
that is now dead.
I miss him.

by Kelsey, age 9
Troy, Maine U.S.A

To my friend Makayl
Makayl Makayl,
You are my friend,
You come in from puddles
all drippy and wet.



Jemma's Poem
by Jemma, Age 10, South Africa

Oh Goggy why have you died?
You always sat by my side.

In the night you would howl,
In the day you would growl.

I was so young,
I never knew where you had gone.

My mother said you were in heaven,
At half past eleven.

I knew heaven was in the sky,
Oh, Goggy why did you die?

In memory of Goggy
I know all dogs go to heaven. :-(



Hayley's Memories
by Hayley, Age 8, Australia

It was a rainy day
when I found out my poodle had gone.
I miss him very much,
my poor, poor poodle.



Pavithra's Memories
by Pavithra, age 12
Hyderabad, India

I had a dog called Mickey who was a Pomeranian.

He died of fits. He loved to go into the park

and loved to sleep under trees.

I loved Mickey very much and I miss him.



Katherine's Poem
by Katherine, Age 12
British Columbia Canada

He was always there,

Soft and comforting,

He never bit,

And knew how to "sit",

He can't do these things now,

Goodbye Radar,

I Love You.

by Silvia, Age 13
Los Angeles,California


He was there

through tears,

through scares,

Where did he Go?

Will he still be there?


 Golden Retriever

 My Dog Sylvie
By Matthew
Grade 4, Age 9

California USA
My dog Sylvie was a Golden Retriever. She had dark brown eyes.
Her golden hair was as soft as a pillow and as gold as sunshine.
She use to howl a lot and slept soundlessly on the bed. She had floppy ears.
She played ball cheerfully with our family. When Sylvie retrieved the ball

she was as quick as a cricket and as proud as a peacock.

My dog Sylvie died the day before Mother's Day in 1995.
I was surprised that morning that she was gone.
My dad said that "She died in her sleep". We buried her
in our garden under the cottonwood trees.
I still miss Sylvie a lot because I really loved her.

Sylvie was my best friend.leash

Misty's Poem
by Misty, age 11

I once had a dog that had
always been there for me.

One day when
I came home from school,

I saw her laying
on the floor by my picture.

Bye, Princess, Bye.
I will always Love you.

My Puppy
by Chris, 7th grade

We were sitting down;
the door was open
Without knowing he went out.
When I went outside,
There he was in the

middle of the street
With no movement.
I knew that he was dead.
But he will always be in my heart.

By Aracely, age 14

Losing is a piece of your heart.
Once I had a dog named King.
King was a sweet dog.
I thought he was my brother.
He was my only friend.
He was my heart and my life.
We shared our life
and personalities together.

For A Moment
by Ana, 5 th grade

For a moment
you were in my life

and then you were not.
Why did you have to leave me?
You did no wrong.
I will miss you.
But your memory will always
be in my heart until I die
and leave this world.



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