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A Time To Remember


red ribbonGinger
by Stephanie, Age 16
New York USA

My dog, Ginger, passed away March 11th. I miss her very much.
She was older than me and she was here the day I was born.
She thought she was my mother (that's what my mom told me).
She was like a nanny to me. She only listened when she wanted to,
she hated dog food and basically only ate people food. She was spoiled.

God I miss her :)
She always slept on the bed and when I was little she used to put me to sleep.
I never would go to sleep without her. A lot of times when I went to sleep she would get up
and go downstairs to my mom (my mom always knew I was sleeping when she came down,
almost as if my dog was like, job done she's asleep) and if I would wake up,
I'd go downstairs, find her, and bring her back up. Then I'd fall asleep again.

Every time I was about to get punished, yelled at, or spanked (cause I was a brat)
I'd lay down on the floor and my dog, Ginger, would jump on top of me and start barking
and growling at whoever came next to me. She wouldn't get up until I wanted to.
She always protected me. Needless to say I didn't get in trouble
too too much, but I got in trouble enough.

She liked everybody in my family I liked.
She liked my mom, my brother and me and I loved her (I still do).
She didn't care for my sister and she didn't like my father that much.
I loved Ginger with all of my heart and soul, I still do and I miss her so much,
I cry every single night over her.
She lived to be 18 years old and 11 months.
She died in March, her birthday was in April, but she didn't make it.



red ribbon*Sneaker*
by Anonymous, Age 15
Massachusetts USA

He was the best dog in the world.
Last Monday my family and I had to put my wonderful dog of 11 years to sleep.
He was a Sheltie that was always there for us no matter what.
The first few days were unbearable and I couldn't stop crying.
I missed the little things he'd do...
like the sound of his feet on the wooden floors,
or kissing him good night.
I look at his pictures now and it's a little easier each time.
I still feel him with me and I know that someday we will be together again.


red ribbonKirby
by Lisa, Age 8
Colorado USA.

My dog, Kirby (Boxer), died when I was six.
I miss him a lot. I loved him a lot.
We were best friends.

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red ribbon Shadow
by Lindsey, age 10
Georgia USA

I once had a dog named Shadow.
He was a little Shadow, he followed me everywhere.
But now he's gone.
He was only a puppy, he didn't deserve to go.
Shadow, if you can ever read this,
even though I did have a dog that ran away,
and a dog now,
no dog that I ever get can take the place of you.

Shadow was a Cocker Spaniel.


red ribbonHoudini
by Angelo, age 10
Michigan USA

Houdini, Houdini, the great.
I'll never forget him . He was a Golden Retriever and Collie.
If you could hear me, Houdini, I'd tell you I miss you.

My dog was a friendly dog. He probably would jump into someone else's car.


red ribbonGeorgie, Georgie
by Stephanie, age 11
Connecticut USA

Georgie, Georgie can't sleep without you.
I love you so much, can't believe your gone.

If only I was home I would have protected you,
the way you would protect me.

I love You, I LOVE YOU, wish you were here.
My BEST friend: I'll never forget you!!!

Georgie was the cutest dog I've ever seen!
I cry myself to sleep every night just thinking of her
even though she died a year ago.
I just wish that she'll remember me and has a great time in heaven!

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red ribbonRomeo
by Barbara, age 9
Arizona, USA

We got him when we were kids. A tiny fluffy ball of black.
I wanted to call him Feathers. But my older sister said Romeo.
He was cute & small. A toy poodle. My little sister sneaked him to school in her pocket.
We cut his hair. My mom never liked pets, but she cried when he died.


red ribbonTucker
by Brittany and Brandon,
Ages 10 and 8
Connecticut USA

Tucker was as a fun and loving yellow Lab! He loved to run and play.
He was only 2 1/2 years old when he died.
We still don't know why you had to leave us so soon,
but we love and miss you so much.
We will never forget your lovable brown eyes
and your wagging tail!
We love you.


red ribbonMy Dogs
by Kelly, Age 12
Pennsylvania USA

I got a dog when I was four. She just died.
She was eight. I miss her a lot.
I got a new dog, but she bites a lot. My mom is not happy.
I am!
I am happy we got a new dog.
I hope my mom will get happy!


red ribbonA Dog By Your Side
by Special Person
New Zealand

I don't have a dog but it is so sad. It feels like your heart is empty.
All you need is a little help from another dog that you brought from the pet store.
Tell that dog about your old dog friend. It's just a scar in in your heart.

If you don't want a scar in your heart don't get a pet.
The pets that won't give you scars are goldfish, frogs and rats.

Please remember don't buy a pet that looks cute and just to feel better.
Go to Yahoo, type in Virtual pets, and find 'adopt a pet'.
There will be a dog and cat you can look after
and don't forget your dog is by your side.

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red ribbonMy Dog
by Kristin, Age 11
Maine USA

Have you ever had a dog that died? Have you ever?
Have you ever had a dog that was really dumb? I did.
Have you ever?
My dog is dying.


red ribbonJoey
by Leah, age 10
West Virginia USA

My dog's name was Joey. He would never hurt a fly.
He died September 12, 1999.
I miss him very, very much. He was loved a lot.
We all hurt very bad and I still love you Joey. I hope you still know that.
I hope I can see you sometime again.
All of us miss you a lot.

Joey was a weiner dog. He was five years old and brown.


red ribbonBobbie
By Stefanie, Age 9
Page, Nebraska USA

My dog Bobbie was a very good dog. She came to school with me sometimes,
and got in trouble from the teachers. She even came to our Spring Program!
She was such a good friend to me. We were the same age.
She died about a month ago and I miss her very much!
I now have a new dog named Maggie, but I'll never forget my good dog, Bobbie.


red ribbon Moose
by Rebecca, Age 11
New York USA

Eyes sparkled like the sky, then I hear his mournful cry.
Fur black as dark, sometimes took him to the park.
He was as gentle as a flea, only one he liked was me.
He got cancer one day, that day I prayed and prayed.
We had to put him asleep, his eyes were dark and deep.
I missed him for days, weeks, months, years.

I will always miss him forever.

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red ribbonLucky
by Adam, Age 12

My dog, Lucky, died August 22 1999, only last night....
I cried for 3 hours.
The person who hit him called the pound, he died instantly.
My brother is real sad, and my other dog, Maggie, is his best friend.
She is sad, like my family is.

We had Lucky since he was 6 weeks old!
He was a Doberman. He died yesterday. He was only 1 1/2 years old... :o( :o( :o(

I loved him........
" I love you Lucky !! "


red ribbonGracie
by Kayla, Age 11
New York USA

Gracie was a Siberian Husky with blue eyes. When my cat had her babies,
Gracie acted like she was the mother. She always got into burdocks.

Gracie Girl
Gracie was a great dog. She really loved our hogs.
Gracie was sweet and very neat. She never needed to go to the groomer.
She was put to sleep.
She never really got to see our fridge, I will see her on the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss her very much! I will never have a dog as such.
My Gracie Girl.



red ribbonGwiny
by Laura, Age 10
Virginia USA

When I was born, my mom and dad lived out in the country part of Virginia
and they had a wolf named Gwiny. I called her LuLu. Everybody was scared of her,
but she wouldn't hurt a fly.

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red ribbonGabby
by Randi, Age 14
Maine, USA

My dog, Gabby (a Beagle), was hit by a car a few years ago.
Beagles are hunting dogs, not pets.
If you get a beagle, make sure you have plenty of room for it to run, not near a road.
It's hard losing a dog.


red ribbonGone
by Laura, Age 10
Omaha, Nebraska USA

I used to have two dogs, but now I have one.
She was the one who barked a lot,
but she is gone.


red ribbonRover
Delena, Age 11
Freeport Trinidad, West Indies

Rover was a sweet Great Dane,
And Bejour had a shaggy mane.
They both were willing,
Their jobs, they were fulfilling.

Rover was big,
And Bejour, My`pompek, would like to dig.
Rover was brown and liked to dream,
Bejour was shaggy was was cream.

I miss them both much,
There were never better dogs than such!


red ribbonBrandy
by Kaitlyn, Age 11
New Jersey USA

Brandy, if you hear me,
I love you and will always.


red ribbonRoxy
by Anjalise, Age 8
Kimball, Michigan USA

Her name was Roxy.
She was a Boxer.
She was very gentle and sweet.
She died when she was four.

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red ribbonMy Dogs
by Delena, Age 11
Trinidad, West Indies

Rover was a sweet Great Dane,
And Bejour had a shaggy mane.
They both were willing,
Their jobs, they were fulfilling.

Rover was big,
And Bejour, my`pompek, would like to dig.
Rover was brown & liked to dream,
Bejour was shaggy & was cream.

I miss them both much.
There were never better dogs than such!


red ribbonMandy
by Amy, Age 11
Enfield, Connecticut USA

I have lots of good memories of my dog Mandy.
My favorite one was when I was feeling sick and my dad
bought me a doughnut I wasn't hungry for so my dog ate it.
I was mad then but now I look back on it and laugh.

I've known Mandy my whole life.
My parents got her after they got married.
She was in my life for 10 years.
We put her to sleep because she had arthritis in her back legs.
She died when she was fifteen. I wish she was still here.

I loved Mandy. She was the best dog she could be.
I love and miss her. I hope she hears that message.


red ribbon A Special Place in My Heart
by Vanessa, Age 12
Massachusetts USA

I will never hear your deep bark again.
I will never touch your smooth, soft coat.
I will never be greeted by the wag of your tail,
I will never feel the lick of your tongue.
For you have gone past the rainbow of life,
Into the shadow of the sun.
You will always have that special little place
In my heart

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red ribbonRemo
by Erin, Age 10

Dear Remo,

I hope you have a happy life in heaven.


red ribbonLicorice
by Justine, Age 10

I recently had to put my dog Licorice to sleep.
She was 16 years old, and she was a Chihuahua. She was older than me!!
What happened was, she had a disease which made her forget everything,
and she wouldn't eat her favorite foods anymore.
Let me tell you about when she was young.

Before I was born, my older brother and sister wanted a dog.
My aunt was getting a dog at the same time, so she got us Licorice
and my aunt got Licorice's brother. Licorice was a very feisty little dog!
She got a dog biscuit every morning, and sometimes, she would get one
from everyone in the family because nobody would know if
she had a bone yet. Licorice even used to go to our cupboard
where they were.When she got old, she wouldn't eat them anymore.

When I was little, she used to sit with me all the time
and have me pet her, and she would lick me in return.
We have some pictures of these moments.
I am putting together a scrapbook of her pictures together.

Me and my mom always chased her around the house
and she would run very very fast!!

There are so many things to say about Licorice.
These are only a few. I wish I could say more,
but like I said there were way too many special things about her to list.
I can't remember them right now.
I think about Licorice all the time, and how she loved me very much.
I will never forget her, and I'll always think of her.


red ribbonLady
by Melissa, Age 11
Ohio USA

There was once a ragged old Collie named Lady.
She was a Lady indeed.
She was my best friend, too.
I will always love you Lady.

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red ribbon Bear
by Anonymous, Age 16
Northwest USA

Imagine this: a medium-sized dog, Chow and Samoyed in breed,
roundish ears & upright. Kind brown eyes, flashing aggression and anger at intruders.
Thick, tan hair, and a naturally short, never-docked tail.

Bear was my best friend, and I will always remember him as he was:
lovable, huggable companion, great guard dog, and best friend.
That friendly face and dark, kind eyes.

The love and protection.
Love your dog until and even when he is gone.
Preserve your memories.
He was 10.
I miss him. I will see him one day in heaven.


red ribbon Smokey
by Katelyn, age 9
New York USA

Smokey, you had a dippy tongue and a cute face.
I cried when you left this place.

Your dry nose would tickle me.
We would dream about a secret place that was only in a fantasy.

You were the best that's what I know.
You might have liked a red bow .

But you left to heaven
only at the age of 11.


red ribbonTheo
by Betheny, Age 14
Clay Township, Michigan, USA

On May 14, 1999, our older dog died.
For a few weeks, he got to know this wonderful puppy.
They became friends. I had seen many times where they just were best friends.
When Theo died, Bailley had to be told that her friend died.
I took her to his dead body and let her sniff his lifeless body.
Her tail stopped wagging, unnormal of her.
From this day, I have been her second friend.
She has been my best friend on earth.

Goodbye, Theo. Let memories of you live. I love you.


red ribbonTo The Best Dog
by Alicia, age 11
Alabama USA

To Sandy, the best dog I have ever had.
I had my dog for 6 years.
I really miss her.


red ribbonA Dog I Loved
by Amy, Age 12
New York USA

To a dog I loved so,
For he is remembered always.
His name is Prince,
He was my best friend.

I Still Love Him Ever Since,
This Is To My Dog Prince.

I had a dog named Prince. I loved him so. He died at the age of 13.
He was put to sleep because he had a lot of pain inside.
He loved me and I loved him. To all I love is him.
My mom has a blanket that was Prince's favorite.
It was a Mickey Mouse blanket.
I will remember him.

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red ribbon To My Dog Who Was Given Away
by Samantha, Age 13
New York USA

I had a dog named Sandy. She was given away at the age of 2.
I loved her so much that I am still crying inside.
If I had one wish I would wish she was here now with me.
I don't know if she was put down or if she is alive.

After seeing this website it made me cry deep inside to remember
my first dog, Sandy. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. One of my dogs name is Casper.
Every time I look at his face he reminds me of Sandy.
I never want to feel the pain of losing my dog again
but soon my dogs will be in a better place.

But I must never forget my lost dog or I will always feel as if something
is missing in life. I love my dogs very much and I never want the day to come
too soon that I will feel more pain, sadness,and loneliness.
I write this to my dog, Sandy and I hope this lasts forever.



red ribbonKC
by Elise, Age 10
Texas USA

I lost my dog, KC, this year only a week ago.
She got blind and sick and didn't eat anything. We had to put her to sleep.
It was hard to let her go. I had known her all my life. She was my favorite dog.
She was a Golden Retriever. She was 10 years old just like me.
My family got her about 5 weeks after I was born.

She was always good to me. When she ran around the house and when
she saw me crawling on the floor she would always slow down
like she was afraid she'd hurt me. She would let me feed her out of the hand.
She was my most best friend in the whole entire world.

I am sad she had to go, but it was better for her that way.
I wish she could have lived forever but she didn't.
She is buried in my backyard right next to my tree house.
Every time I go up in my treehouse I say a prayer.
I know she is listening to me.


red ribbonOur Dogs
by Neil, Age 8
Georgia USA

Danny and me had dogs.
Mine was a brown and sleek and short.
Danny's was black and white and furry and also short.
One day we took our dogs to a really white (the color) place.
Mona, Dad, Mom, and me took our dogs inside. We let our dogs stay.
I asked my dad when we would get them back. He said soon. We never did.
I never got the answer why. I miss them very much.


red ribbonPatches
by April, Age 11
Texas USA

I had a very sweet dog named Patches. Sadly,he passed away.
I miss him so much, it makes me cry. He lived a happy life,
and he loved me. I loved him, too. I still do.

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red ribbonMicky Mouse
by Cindy, Age 12
New Brunswick

I lost a dog name Micky Mouse.
He got sick and went up the road and got hit by a car.
When someone up the road told me I was so sad.
My whole family was sad.


red ribbonLucky
by Paige, Age 10
Nashville,Tennessee USA

Lucky, you are not gone yet,
But in my heart you will never be gone.

When I had my hardest times and wanted not to live anymore,
Your nuzzle and kiss made me want to live life to the fullest.

You are 16 years old, ready to leave me,
I cry every night, repeating "it's too soon".

You have saved my life in many ways,
I don't think you can realize what you have done for me.

I cry as I write this,
Oh, I cry so hard

You are the only one that can show your love like you do,
And I will never forget you.

I thought you could always explain love,
but as I write this, I realize you can't.

You have been by my side for all and more of my 10 years.
I've screamed, cried, prayed, begged, wished and hoped
that you didn't have to leave me soon,
But I know it's only better for you.

I imagine you leaving me in a heap of tears,
I am crying so hard I can't see the keyboard.

I can see you slowly drifting off into a peaceful land and unwakable sleep.
I know it is much better for you,
And I will always respect and understand that.

But I can't see why ten wonderful years has to be stopped in five seconds.
Why you have to leave me, I will never know why.

I constantly wish the answer will hit me in the face with a pie.
I just looked down and found a puddle of tears on my leg.

People say I am crazy,
But they just can't understand.
I don't even understand,
How you can express so much love, by just being yourself.

And even though you're not gone yet,
I am scared to go upstairs right now.

Because I can't face you lying there peacefully, with no pulse.
My arms are around you
and will never let go.

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red ribbonDogs
by Taylor, Age 7
Texas USA

I haven't had my dogs die yet, but I know how it feels,
because my mom's cat died. She got a cat when she was sixteen. It died.
I cried and cried. It had to be put to sleep. He was about 18.

When I was a baby, we had lots of dogs,one's name was Poohbear.
We had to give him away, but I got to see him this year!
I was really glad.I didn't know who he was.
I was only a baby, probably even before I was born.
We still have one dog. His name is Nikky.


red ribbonJuliette
by Ashley, Age 11
Carrollton, Texas

My dog's name was Juliette and she died at a very early age
which is 9 weeks because she was sick when she was very young.


red ribbon Goliath
by Alexandra, Age 9
California USA

When my older brother was born, they had Goliath.
He was big and black. I didn't meet him because my brother
was a baby and it was hard to have a baby and a dog.

So they had to give away one of them.
I was hoping it was my brother, but it was Goliath.
I feel bad that I didn't get to meet him,
but now I have an even better dog who's name is Barkley.

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red ribbonCocoa
Diana, age 9
Louisiana USA

I lost my dog Cocoa because he died. He came to us. He was a poodle.


red ribbonJenna
by Tiffany, Age 10
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

This is true! I once had a dog named Jenna.
We named her that after the movie Balto. She looked exactly like Jenna.

My mom and I dropped Jenna off at our friend's house and after we got back from church,
my dog was sick! My mom and I took her to the vet.
He figured out that my dog had a disease and my dog died. This was about 5 years ago.


red ribbonBear
by Brittany, Age 10
Duluth, Minnesota USA

This story is for Bear who was a mixed breed and Tasha who is a Siberian Husky.
They were and still are great dogs.

Bear was my step dad's dog. I was little when she died. I still remember her.
One Halloween I dressed up as a cowgirl and Bear was my horse.
I rode her through the neighborhood. It was fun. Sometimes my big brother dressed her up.
Then he took pictures. I still look at those pictures.
When Bear died, we had a nice funeral for her.

Now I have a new dog. Her name is Tasha.
She is really old and she can't see or hear.

Bear was a great dog - the kind that never bites. I really miss her.

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red ribbonScarlet
by Krystal, Age 12
Illinois USA

This is for my friend Cynthia and her dog Scarlet.
You are both my friends and I am so sorry you had to put Scarlet to sleep,
but it was the best thing to do so she didn't suffer anymore.
I don't want to make you feel bad Cynthia because I miss her too.


red ribbonBuffy, Buffy
by Melissa, Age 11
Illinois USA

Buffy, Buffy,
I loved her.
Buffy, Buffy,
Lost all her fur.


red ribbonFud
by Darren, Age 10
Red Deer, Alberta Canada

I once had a dog named Fud,
He always used to play in the mud.

He would jump around,
And be a nice hound.

Until one day when he died,
I cried and cried.

Have fun little guy!

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red ribbonMy Sweet Dog
by Laura, Age 10
Nebraska USA

Oh! What a sweet dog.
She is kind and loving.
She will not bark. But she sure loves you.
She is very sweet.
Poor girl. I miss her.


red ribbonGrateful
by Sarah, Age 10
Pennsylvania USA

I have not lost my dog yet,
but I just want anybody that has a dog to love them.
Dogs remember everything that happens in their lives.
Treat them right because they have a short life.
If you have lost a dog and you really loved them,
remember that they loved you more than you can imagine
and will never stop loving you.


red ribbonMy Dogs
by Anonymous

Before we got Sierra, we had a different Miniature Poodle named Puppy.
We had found him on the side of the road three years ago. Nobody wanted him,
so we kept him. He had just turned four on April 20th, 1998. Three months
later in July he died. Two days later our other German Shepherd, Sheeba,
had to be put to sleep because she could not walk. We had to carry her
outside. That was the saddest week of my life! Now we have a
Miniature Poodle, Sierra, and a German Shepherd, Alex and
we are doing much better, but still missing our dogs.

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red ribbonFalcone
by Elizabeth, Age 11
Pennsylvania USA

My dog's name was Falcone. He died at age two.
He would've loved you!

I have lost my best pal, Beauty.


red ribbonBandit
By Erika, Age 10
New Jersey USA

Oh, Bandit's a bad boy. He pees on the floor.
A few more times and he's out the front door.
You've got to believe me, he's wearing me down.
He went to the doctor and he weighs a few pounds.
Oh, Bandit's a bad boy. His eyes are so blue.
I wish he'd stop eatin' up all of my shoes.
He's really a good boy, but sometimes a pain,
I really do feel like I'm going insane!

That was a song about my old Husky dog!


red ribbonSham
by Emily, Age 10
Oregon USA

Sham was the best dog.
He used to lay down and put me on his back,
and he showed me how to walk.
I loved him. He died 5 years ago. He was 14. I loved him.
He died of arthritis. He couldn't walk! He had to be put down.
I wasn't there, I was in school. Well this poem is for you, Sham:

You were the best dog, I loved you so much.
Why did you have to leave when Dad wasn't there?
You were the best Collie anyone could have!
Mom misses you and everyone else in the family!
Remember in heaven, don't eat green stuff!
Bye bye! (1980-1994)
We all love you, Sham!




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