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A Time To Remember

red ribbonVegie
by Fernando, Age 9

I did not have a dog then, but my sister did,
she was in seventh or eighth grade.
Her dog's name was Vegie.
He was very fun to play with.
We always put his head under my arm so I could hold him around his neck.
Then, one day when I went outside with my dad, Vegie had passed away.
Then after we found out he had died, my dad helped me bury him...
I will never forget you, Vegie!


red ribbonCinnoman
by Sara, Age 16

Massachusetts USA

My dog's name was Cinnoman.
She was the most beautiful Golden Retriever I'd ever seen.
She was a rather big wimp though, because when it thundered
she'd run to my room and jump on my bed, and I'd hug her.
She'd run after squirrels and cats, but if the cat hissed at her,
she'd whine and run away.

She was my best friend, she was always there for me.
Two weeks ago, my family went on vacation and put her in the kennel.
She died there. She was only nine years old.
We think she died of a broken heart.
She probably thought we had abandoned her.
I feel like it's my fault, I should have stayed home with her while my parents went on vacation.
We found out about her death the day we got home.
I miss her so much. I'll never have another dog like her.


red ribbonLucy
by Rachel, Age 15

Delaware USA

This is a song I wrote myself about named Lucy.
She came innocently on a Friday night.
She was so pretty, it was love at the very first sight.
I knew then that we were best friends for ever.
Lucy I love you, we are best of friends.

She played with my old dog Petie, it seemed that he was young again.
They played through the night, it was such a beautiful sight.
Then one day the real owners came and took her away from me,
my very best friend, Lucy I love you.

Then every day I called to see how you were,
I couldn't you out of my mind.
Then one day I decided to call and they said, you had died away.
I was so devastated, my heart shattered into pieces.

I loved a sister, yes I did, you're the best female dog I'll ever have.
Lucy I'll see you someday, I miss you so bad.
Now and forever, we are best of friends, Lucy I love you.
We are best of friends.

A Poem:
Little brown Husky lost in the night
running through the cold filled with fright
wonder where it's owner could ever be...
Lucy, I love you don't you see?
Lucy, my baby, we came so far,
my poor little Lucy got hit by a car.
To: The best female dog.


red ribbonCozmo
by Bob, Age 13
Illinois USA

I had a dog named Cozmo. He was so energetic and full of love.
He always wanted to play and always slept on my bed with me.
One day when I was packing up my drums to go to a band practice,
he ran out into the street and got hit by a car.
At first I laughed because I thought the car had broken down,
but then my dad said, "Where is Cozzie?".
I ran out into the street to see my baby.
We went to every vet.
Then we found the emergency one. It seemed to take hours before we got there.
But by the time we opened the doors to get him out he was gone.
I hope my deceased Uncle found him and is playing with him.
RIP Cozmo Topper!


red ribbonPete
by Heather, Age 10
California USA

I had a dog named Pete, but he died...
We never know why he died...
They didn't get along...
Rudy got mad if I kissed him...
Rudy is protective over me...
He got mad because some boy was talking to me.


red ribbonLacey
Heather, Age 13
Missouri USA

This isn't about my dog, but about my friend's dog, Lacey.
I didn't know Samantha's (the dog owner of the dog that died) dog, Lacey, very well,
but I do know she was a very special dog to Samantha.
They already had a dog named Jocey,
but she was a lot younger than Lacey and a lot more energetic!
Well, Lacey was really old and barely could walk
because her legs were in very bad condition.
Samantha told me that her mom took Lacey to the vet
to see if they could do anything to make him feel better,
but there wasn't so her mom told the vet to put Lacey to sleep.
Samantha didn't get to say goodbye to her.
She has a picture of Lacey on her window sill
and she has an angel right by the picture.
I hope Samantha will fell better soon.


red ribbonFlockey
by Tiffany, Age 14

Texas TX USA

Flockey, we all cried the day you left. We all loved you.
We tried our best to take care of you and love you despite the facts
that you were blind, deaf, toothless, had a humped back, and had a hard time getting around.
I still love you. I miss your snoring during naps.
You were the best tea cup Poodle in the world!
I love you!
You died at the old age of eighteen, but it was your time to go.
Tell Sheba I said hi!
See you in Heaven! Love always, Tiffany


red ribbonSarah, My Best Friend
By Sarah, Age 16

Connecticut USA

My dog, Sandy and I have grown up all our lives together
but she was sixteen and that's old for a English Springer Spaniel.
She was my sister and best friend,
but we had to have her put to sleep on May 30th, 2000.

But I will never forget that day I came home from school and I got ready for work.
Sandy was following me all over the house like she always did.
She looked at me with her lovable brown eyes and her floppy ears perking up
as if she can still hear me but she was deaf.
But I always knew that we understood each other with no words.
We can read each other's minds.
I know what she was thinking and she knew what I was thinking.
After I got dressed I hugged her and said I love you
and carried on with getting ready to walk to work.
I left the house feeling whole but as I walked down the street my mom said
"Aren't you going say goodbye?" My friend and I both yelled "Bye".

I thought she was talking about saying goodbye to her, my mom, but she meant Sandy.
I finally realized what she said when I came home from work.
Sandy had a vet check/appointment a 4:30 pm and it was now about 6:00 pm.
My heart was not whole anymore. It felt as if someone was ripping it little by little.
As the seconds, then minutes, that turned into hours I sat in my window
waiting for my aunt's van to pull into the driveway and Sandy run out of the door
when she opens it and I'd have my best friend again.

Only that didn't happen. I cried all night long
and the next day my mom made me go to school and work.
I did nothing in school, but sit at my desk.
I didn't do my schoolwork for the rest of the week and I was slacking off at work.
All I could think about was Sandy, my Sandy.
But still to this very day I feel sad and ashamed that I didn't say a good goodbye
and I pray just about every night and say I'm sorry and I love her.
I stay up all night till about two or three in the morning.
I watch TV and wait for her to sit on my lap but she will not come.
RIP Sandy, I will always love you.
Your best friend, Sarah


red ribbonRoscoe and Max
by Renee, Age 13

Washington USA

I had a dog named Roscoe. When he was only four years old he died.
I wasn't very emotional because I was only seven when he died.
Once I got older, I felt really guilty about not feeling very sad about his death.
Anyway, I missed him very much, but I didn't think I could survive without a dog,
so everyday after school I would look at the newspaper ads for a dog.

Finally there was a dog that sounded like he would fit our lifestyle.
He was a Lab/German Shepherd/Husky mix.
He was not the most wonderful dog in the world, but to me he was terrific.
He was actually a pretty bad dog.
He chewed on everything, he barked at night, he didn't know any tricks.
I still loved him.
One day Max started coughing. It was so horrible.
If bears could cough, that's what it would sound like.
I stayed up half the night comforting him and hand feeding him.
Max died at age two. Age two! Why?
Why did God have to take him away?
He was a troublemaker but he was my dog!
I miss him so much and even though it has been over four years,
I still cry when I think about him.
I love you Max!


red ribbonCeCe
by Jenny, Age 11

California USA

I once had an American Eskimo named CeCe. He was my second dog.
He and my first dog got along real well,
but then he started barking and the neighbors complained and we had to give him away.
I miss him. He was wild, but nice.
Every time I came home he would jump me and we would play.
He and my other dog (JJ, a Pom) fight.
I used to get worried, but there was nothing to worry about.
When we first got him he had these floppy ears, now they're pointy.
I miss him! I love you CeCe!!!
Cece, I will always love you! Until we are together again I will cry!


red ribbonMy Dog
by Alexa, Age 9

Indiana USA

My dog died Monday July, 10 2000.
She was born six months after me so we really grew up together.
I was balling tears down my eyes like a waterfall when my dad told me.
I felt so terrible.
But my great grandpa loved dogs and he died when I was little
I was like two or three.
So I thought he would probably take care of my dog.
Should I get a new dog? Thanks.
I just wanted to know what should I do?!


red ribbonSunshine
by Anna, Age 14

Perth, Western Australia

I got a dog named Sunshine for my twelfth birthday.
She was a Silky Terrier/Shih Tzu. She was so cute.
We got her from the pound and she shook hands with us.
She loved to go for walks and bark at the next door dog.

Sunshine was the best and the cutest with an extraordinary personality and a name to suit!


red ribbonRocky
by Bridgette, Age 13
Maryland USA

All my life I've wanted a dog
and then finally my mom surprised me with Rocky.
He was German Shepherd and Lab mixed.
He was the best dog in the whole world.
After a while we noticed there was something wrong with him we took him to the vet.
We found out that he had epilepsy, a disease that made him have seizures.
The disease started to get worse and he couldn't remember anything.
After his first birthday we had to put him to sleep.
I miss him a lot and I hope you all will have your dogs the rest of your life.


red ribbonGrendal
by Leah, Age 11
Tennessee USA

I had a dog once, but she died. She was a Rottweiler.
And loved her like a sister!
She my have been a dog, but she taught me something...
she taught me that everyone should love each other!
Meaning you should love all the people around you.
And I do except for the people that hurt others.
And If you have a dog that has passed away I am sorry,
but they are always with you, as my dog is, and she loves me and I love her.

She died October 28, 1999. Her name was Grendal.
Grendal was a happy dog and I loved her.
Grendal won't want me to be sad because that would just hurt her.
But if you have to cry, don't hold it in, let it out.
Grendal could be playing with your lost dog and they are happy, I know it.
If your dog is lost, pray - that is how you talk to them.
Grendal is a dog that wouldn't let me down
and she is my angel and I am happy for that! =) Smile!


red ribbonDaisy
by Susan, Age 11
Michigan USA

My dog, Daisy, was only eight when she died.
She had a terrible case of bronchitis, and a bad heart.
It was around 10:30. My mom and I were sitting on the couch, watching Happy Gilmore.
Then, all of a sudden, Daisy just lied down and took a long nap.
I hope she is happy where she is now. She was my absolute best friend.
July 22, 1999, is the date she died, and every year on that same day
I am going to have something like a memorial party,
only there won't be happy people singing and dancing.
I am going to watch Happy Gilmore first, then I will play the song, Invincible by Five.
Every time I hear that song, it reminds me of my poor mutt, Daisy.


red ribbonTessa
by Beth, Age 14

Michigan USA

I once had a lovable little Boston Terrier Puppy. Her name was Tessa.
When I was sad, she was always there to cheer me up.
After school everyday Tessa and my other dog, Looey,
were always there waiting there for me.
Tessa had big pop eyes, pointed ears, and a pouty lip.
When she wanted to make me laugh,
she would smile at me with her crooked bottom teeth.
One night while I was doing my homework Tessa got hit by a speeding car.
We all were so sad. My little sister and I cried and cried.
We both wish with all our hearts that we could be with Tessa again.
Someday when we all go to heaven, I tell my little sister we will all be reunited again.
Even though we miss her she didn't suffer when she died.
People please when you drive down dirt roads don't speed up.
In loving memory of my special little dog Tessa.
Love, Beth
Someday we will be reunited again.


red ribbonNick
by Cherity, Age 14

Illinois USA

Nick wasn't a wonder dog, but he was one of my best friends.
Nick, if you can see this I want you to know that I love you and I miss you.
I'll see you again one day Nicky, but until I do know that I love you!


red ribbonCody
by Sandra, Age 13
Colorado USA

Once there was a dog and his name was Cody,
and this dog had the best life that any dog would have.
He ran free at night and he was the best dog to protect any of us kids.
He would sleep for awhile and if he heard a noise he always be there.
If we cried, he would be by our side and he didn't live my side for a while,
but this one special dog's life would end.
For one tragic night there was a dog fight and Cody was killed
and then I was left without my best friend
and now I am lost in the world without him.


red ribbonJulieta
Esteban, Age 15
Santiago, Galiza Spain

I had a dog named Julieta.
My mother and I adopted she more than a year ago.
She was a three-year-old Labrador Retriever when we met.
She was the best dog in the world.
She was intelligent, obedient, pretty as a Lab can be, and she loved people.
She died some days ago, while I was visiting my parents.
I knew this the day after, when I returned to my home.
I want to say that there won't be in the world a dog like Julieta.
She gave love to my mother and I, the moment we more need it.



red ribbonJack Pot
by Miranda, Age 13
Michigan USA

My dog, Jack Pot, was a four month old Cocker Spaniel when he got put to sleep.
He got Parvo and since he was so young,
there wasn't much that we could do to help him.

Even if we did what the vet said to do he wasn't promised to live.
Jack Pot, I miss you and I always will!
I feel guilty and I'm sorry for telling you that I
wish you would die because you chewed up my things. :-)
I'm so sorry and love you so so so so much and I always will forever and ever.
I hope you are better off where you are now.


red ribbonCody
by Danielle, age 15
California USA

I had a dog name Cody. He was a Lab mix with German Shepherd.
I got him on my graduation day.
We had him for seven months and he used to get out
and go to our next door neighbor's yard all the time to play with her Lab.
It was cute.
One day I was getting ready for school and he got out.
And the next door neighbor called the pound and the pound took him away.
I will always love you Cody!
I will always love you and
no other dog will replace or be in my heart as much as I love you.


red ribbonBrutus
by Alicia, age 13
North Carolina,USA

Brutus was a rare white Boxer.
He was the first dog I ever had, but he was mine.
I remember playing with him in the house, and when it was time to go to sleep,
he want to be cuddled and in the bed with me and my sister.
When we moved, he became an outside dog.
Well our little dog got big and he started to jump fences.

He wandered around the neighborhood at night, but come back in the morning
before I went to school. He had a taste for cat food and loved playing in trash cans.
He was my best friend.
I will always love you. No other dog can take your place, Baby.
From all of us Mom, Dad, Tonya, Erica and her dogs,
and last but not least, me.
We will always love you.



red ribbonMy Mitzy
By Madison, Age 8

My Mitzy, a dog I will always remember,
My Mitzy, a Schipperke and Sheeba Inu mix,

My Mitzy, a pound puppy that ran away,
We searched and searched for you,
Hoping to not be late for school when we finally found you,
But not the way we wanted you to be.
My Mitzy, a dog I will always remember and love.




red ribbonJasper, Old Pal
by Ashleigh, Age 10

I had a puppy called Jasper who died because he was extremely sick.
I cried for what I think it was three or four hours when my mom told me the bad news.
I even cried when I read the other poor kids sad stories.
Jasper, old pal, I wish you didn't die, because I cry.
I want you just to know that I love you and your mom, Shari.
Shari is still alive, though. She and Jasper are my best mates.(sob sob).


red ribbon Sara and Lucia
Mandy, Age 14
Louisiana USA

I once had two Dachshunds, Sara and Lucia. They were the best thing in my life,
but one day a man came and robbed our house and burnt it.
He took my two puppies and I cried for a week.
I really miss my Dachshunds.
I know have another one but she will never take their place.
I use to be able to say, "Lucia let's go get a bath", and she would hide.
I really miss them. Sara And Lucia, I really miss you and hope to see you at Rainbow Bridge.
So we can go to heaven together.

They were the best and they still are,

Even though he took them,
They are not far,
They are still in my heart.

In memory of Sara and Lucia (Luci),
I love ya'll.


red ribbonBuffy
by Tara, Age 13
West Virginia USA

I just lost my dog. It hurt very much! Her name was Buffy.
She was a mix between a Retriever and Lab
and she was black with a white spot on her neck.
My best friend will always be in my heart filled with love!
We will miss Buffy and we will always remember the love she gave us!

Now we have a Siberian Husky and her name is Nikkie.
She's not Buffy, but it is ok to share your love with another friend.
Good luck to you all and I will always remember my Buffy!

red ribbonBelle
by Becca, Age 16
Pennsylvania USA

I had a dog named Belle. She was the cutest little thing you ever saw.
When I'd walk her around town, people would stop and pet her.
Everyone loved her.
I had her for ten years, since I was 6, we even had the same birthday.
I loved her so much. Just a little while ago she got sick.
She was in a lot of pain. and we had to put her to sleep.
I cried all the way to the SPCA and all the way back.
Belle, if you can see this, I just wanted to let you know that I miss you very much
and I love you and no other dog will ever take your place in my heart, ever!
I know you are at peace now. I will always love my little baby.
February 11,1990-May 21, 2000
We miss you! :(

You were my best friend, we did everything together.
I remember how soft your fur felt against my skin.
I remember your big, bright eyes, your cute and tiny face.
Sometimes I can hear you or feel your presence, so I know you're always with me.


red ribbonRazz
by Morgan, Age 14


I had a dog called Razz. She was so cute, but we had to sell her.
She was a guard dog, but she didn't like storms
so whenever there was a storm she ended up getting out.
I will never forget her. Whenever I think about her, I always cry.
I will always remember her.
My dog was a rare dog called a Bitza, a mix between five other dogs.

She was the odd one out of her litter, so she was put into a pound at four months
and she lived until four years old, which is not very old for dogs.

Oh Razz, Oh Razz,
Why did I have to be such a spaz?
Why did you have to leave?
I got really peeved...


red ribbonTramp
by Holly, Age 15
West Virginia, USA

I wanted an Old English Sheepdog for years,
I finally got one when and I was about eight.
I was so excited, we would take walks in the woods everyday
and I would spend almost all of my time with him.
To me he was the best thing in this world.
After about a year and a half my dad's birthday came around
and my mom got him a little white terrier, which is really small.
The next day a family came to our house and took the dog away.
I wasn't even ten at that time,
but I still five years later wish I could have that dog back so badly.
I cry almost every night and look at his photo.
He will always hold a special place in my heart.

Tramp was his name, he was an Old English sheep dog, fairly big, never barked.
It had to be one of the friendliest dogs in the state.


red ribbonCallie
by Emmie, Age 14


I once had a dog named Callie.
She was the best dog and I had plans for her to be my best friend,
a friend that no one could take away from me.
But then one day, it happened. Callie got loose
and she ran across the street and jumped on a lady.
My dad took Callie to the pound .

If you have lost a pet, you know how I feel. For so long (or up until now),
I didn't want another dog because no dog could take Callie's place in my life.
My dad found a German Shepherd that is one year old,
and we are getting it tomorrow! I can't wait.
Even though he will never be Callie, I will love him just the same.


 red ribbon Sandy
by Josephine, Age 12

Perak, Malaysia


A little black puppy,
not a purebred,
but a mix.

A little black puppy,
plays hide and seek,
and peeps at me.

A little black puppy,
relieves me of my troubles,
comforts me when I'm sad.

A little black puppy,
playful when it likes,
and can be serious too.






A little black puppy,
given away
on 16th March 1999.

A little black puppy,
is and was always in my heart,
and I cried for it every night.

A little black puppy,
will never be forgotten,
especially by me.


red ribbonFlopper
by Hollis, Age 10

Ontario Canada

My dog, Flopper, was a really nice dog. She was born five years before me.
She was a mixed breed, that meant she was not really any kind of breed,
and that she had different colours on her fur.
My mom said that when Flopper was still young,
she went out to the woods near our old house,
with her brother Barnry, and got lost for two days.
When she was still lost there was a big thunderstorm,
and Flopper was scared of thunder ever since. I will miss her very much,
when I leave this world and go to heaven she will be the first person I want to see.

We have a secret you and I that no one else should know, for who,
but I can see you lie, each night in fireglow,
and who but I can reach my hand before we go to bed,
and feel the living warmth of you, and touch your silken head?
And only I walk woodland paths, and see ahead of me, your small form racing with the wind,
so young again, and free. And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass.
And when I call, no one but I can see the bending grass.
Dedicated to my girl Flopper.


red ribbonJakie
by Jacquie, Age 11

Illinois USA
I had a dog who was a Pug. His name was Jakie. He was all mine.
He was the best Christmas gift of all. I loved him so much.
I cried and screamed so much [when he died] I didn't go to school the next day,
but the day after that my friends helped me over it.
I still miss him.
I luv Jakie.


red ribbonAriel
by Kelsey

Hi my name is Kelsey. My family use to have a dog. We moved to a bigger house.
Our dog was not safe at our new house, so we sold her.
Her name was Ariel. My sisters and I were crying.
I was hoping she was following us. I really wish she was here.


red ribbonLaddy
by Kim, Age 9
New Hampshire USA

Laddy was a very good dog, but he died.
Sometimes I think that he is still alive in my mind.
He loved to swim at our camp. I did not get to say good-bye.
He was fourteen years old. I loved him so much. One day in art class I stared to cry.
I also lost a cat. Laddy was very special to me. I wish that he did not die.
He was very pretty. I loved him so much.
He was very friendly around children and everybody.
He used to hide in the tub when it thundered. Also he didn't like fireworks.


red ribbonSam and Sable
by Kyle, Age 9
California USA

Sam and Sable were the best dogs ever.
I hope they read this, because I love them
even though they are gone.


red ribbonDina
by Anna, Age 7
Oregon USA

My dog, Dina, was so bad that she was sold.
The first time my dog licked me I was filled with glee.
But when she left me I was not filled with glee.


red ribbonPuppy
Schae, Age 11
Mississippi USA

My sweet Puppy, you ran away. No one has brought you back all day.
I`m sorry I didn't get you a collar, every time I say your name I will holler!
My friends thinks its silly to love a dog that much, but it's not with Puppy`s sweet touch.
Puppy, everyday I look outside, I don`t see you running or playing with pride.
Maybe it's because you're not here or maybe you just have fear.
Whatever it is, please come back. I can`t live without you on my lap.
You were a picture and a friend worth ten thousand words.
I hope that I see you again,because you are truly a best friend!) (cry)



red ribbonMy Basset Hound
by Jonathan Age 8
California USA

My dog was sweet. But he died a year ago.
I am very sad.
It makes me sad to talk about him.
I am too sad.


red ribbonBowtie
by Kelsey, Age 12
Arkansas USA

I had a cat one time, but he died two years ago :(
He was one of those that wander. I tried to stop him, but it did not work.
One day I was outside and Bowtie (my cat) was on the porch and was not the same.
The next day he had died. Please don't let your cat wander around,
because this might happen to your cat.
I miss that cat very much.


red ribbonSammy
by Hannah, Age Age 9 Virginia USA

Sammy was always there for me.When I needed a friend, she was there.
My other dog was her sister.They did not want to be apart.
One night,when we did not let Sammy in (we always let the dogs in),
we woke up the next morning and Sammy was gone!
We think she ran away, but now she's gone and there's no one to be there for me.
I miss you Sammy!


red ribbon Lucky
by Adam, Age 12
Massachusetts USA

My dog Lucky was a puppy when he died.
Lucky, Lucky, why'd you die?
When I found out from my mom, I just couldn't help but cry.
I lost you by a car,
Now I can't see you, 'cause you are so, so far.
I will also love you, and I know you will too,
My dog is now dead, the street is all red,
That night was so bad, and I had to cry.
Lucky, I love you !


red ribbonEmily
Gia, Age 9
Ohio USA

I had a little pup named Emily. She was a black, brown and white German Shepherd.
My little puppy stayed with us for three and a half years,

but we had to give her away.
I know I was a baby, but I remember driving to the farm that night.

My little Emily...


red ribbonDusty
by Amy, Age 18
Pennsylvania USA

Dusty you were my heart
Dusty you were my soul
Dusty you were my life

When you left me I cried
We had been through so many hard years together
So suddenly you died.
Perfect one day
Dead the next.

Dusty you were family.
We loved you so much.
I wish I could look in your deep brown eyes once again.
You got diabetes, but we helped you
My father found you in your box peaceful, yet dead.
Dusty I love you!


red ribbonDemetri
by Kala, Age 9
Georgia USA

Demetri was a nice puppy. My dog was very brave and always curious.
When a dog came over my house he defended me. :..(
You were always on my side.
I miss you Demetri, till we meet again.


red ribbonEmma, My Pride and Joy
by Katie, Age 11
Liverpool,United Kingdom

On my eighth birthday I got a dog.
We went to the breeders house. I almost chose another dog!
I am glad I chose you Emma Doo! I remember those days, wonderful days!
That dreamy summer of 1996, my favorite year of all.
I remember I used to sing "Catch the Emma NOW" when you found some sticks.
But why that day, why? On November 18th 1999 I lost you.
Why, oh why, did you have to say goodbye?
I've already lost a dog called Zoe when I was only four.
I know you're not gone even though I can't see you.
I know your spirit follows me wherever I may go.
But now I am happy because you're buried safe and warm in our garden
with my special letter I wrote the day I got you buried safe and warm.
I will always keep your toys, your collar, and your piglet toy!
Emma was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, black and tan, a small-sized dog, very cute, too.

Emma one thing's for sure - you will always remain inside my head and my heart.
And may we both be reunited in Heaven
Emma, like I always said "All Dogs go to Heaven!"
Love, your best Pal Katie!

Say hello to Bubbles, Lyida's hamster for Lyida!
Bye Emma! Till we reunite!
P.S.The digging yard at the back of our garden under, eh hem, our bush
will always remain The Emma Digging Yard!
Just because I have a new dog, Amy, the digging yard is NOT hers!
Bye pal! Love, Katie


red ribbonSokes
Elizabeth, Age 7

I love you, Sokes. I miss you. I hugged you.


red ribbonArchie
Tonya, Age 13
Indiana USA

When he wanted to go outside, he scratched on the door.
And he would always leave marks on there and my mom would get so mad.
When he got wet, he smelled like stinky feet. I used to hate it when he got a bath.
He liked to take a bath with bubbles, because he would eat them. He was very funny.
When he saw me get off from the bus stop, he would always start barking,
jumping up and down and wagging his little tail, and when I finally got over there,
he would try to smother me in licks!
The color of his eyes are a light green, but when you take a picture they are red.
And that is my favorite color!
When he would bark, he sounded very rough, but he was a big, big baby.
He was a white, full-blooded Boxer. My dog, he was the greatest.


red ribbonMaka
by Kanoe, Age 12
Hawaii USA

Maka was only one and a half when she died. In dog years she was only ten years old.
She was still a kid. Maka was my best friend and was like my sister.
Maka died on April Fool's day so if I told anyone they would think
that it would be a joke but it wasn't. It was real.
Maka left the world but not my heart.
Maka was the best puppy in the world to me.


red ribbonFar Away
by Leslie, Age 13
California USA

I lost my dogs not in the way that you think.
I lost them because I had to come to Los Angeles, but I use to live in Mexico.
My dogs could not come with me so they had to stay with my grandma,
so I am here and they are far from me.


red ribbonJessie
by Marie, Age 12
Pennsylvania USA

Once I had a dog her name was Jessie. I miss her a lot. She died April 2 1996.
Jessie had beautiful diamond blue eyes and she was a Siberian Husky.
She was only one year old. Her fur coat was reddish brown, gray,white and a little black.
She was the best-looking dog I have ever had!
My dog Jessy was messy but she is the most lovable dog I have ever had.
She loved to play fetch and run loose and we could always cuddle.
She is and was the best dog ever. I will never forget her.


red ribbonGoodbye
by Alec, Age 11


My grandma had a dog that was as sweet as Sugar. That's why we named her Sugar.
My grandma got her from the town animal shelter.
I think she was a dog of the street and was going to have puppies.
When my grandma got her, she had already had her puppies.
All of those puppies and Sugar got given away.
My grandma said Sugar was sick when she was given away
so she could be dead now.
I never got to say goodbye to most of the pups and Sugar.
If you guys see this, goodbye :(

All of those dogs got given away except one that my bro and I kept.
His name is Odie. All the dogs where mixes of terriers and other breeds of dogs.
I also want to say goodbye to our old German Shepherd, Davidson
who was given to the pound a long time ago.
I hope he found a good family and lived a good life. Goodbye to you all. :(


red ribbonZola
by Gillian, Age 11

Northern Ireland

I once had a dog named Zola, but when I was about five years old
she got a disease and had to be put to sleep by our vet.
When I got home from school that day Zola was not there,
so I just knew then that she was gone forever.


red ribbonMy Puppy
by Katie, Age 14

Minnesota USA

When I was little, you used to always play with me,
you used to run circles around me and never knock me over.

My first word was "puppy", and that's what you were.
I have so many happy memories of you and I, and I just want to say
that I'm so sorry that I didn't come with that day,
and I have to believe that you know that I love you.
I miss you so much, and I never really got to say goodbye,
so, this is how I'm doing it -
farewell, my puppy, and until we meet again, my sweet...


red ribbonMy Pup
by Lauren, Age 12

One day my mum and dad went to their friend's place
and they came back with a two month Golden Retriever.
She had a hole in her heart.
She was a lovely pup, but one month ago she died in her sleep.
She was only fifteen months. We were all sad last week.
We got a German Shepherd pup, five weeks old.


red ribbonBlue
by Kimberly, Age 11
New York USA

When Blue got hit by a car, I thought I would never feel the same again.
I would cry a lot.
My dad said it was time to let go so we buried her in my back yard.
Blue was a gray and white Husky.
She had one blue eye and one brown. I would play with her a lot.
I will always remember you, Blue. I hope I will see you someday.


red ribbonSophina
by Tiffany, age 12
Virginia USA

My little baby girl, almost a human, it seemed.
You were better than any other breed.
Your sweet pushed-in face and your once buldging eyes,
for you there is no compromise.
Your collar will never get thrown away,
I'll keep it with me until my dying day.
I know it seems silly to love a dog so much,
but you were my best friend, you brought me luck.
I'd recognize that bark anywhere,
I can sometimes smell you, it's like you're still here.
But, I know you're gone, that's how life is,
but I'll await the day I see you again.
Much love to you Sophina, Tiffany.


red ribbonPuppy
by Schae, Age 11

Mississippi USA

I had a dog. Her name was Puppy.
She was the best dog you could ever had.
She ran away before her fourth birthday.
She never came back, and we looked, but couldn't`t find her anywhere.
We played ball and rolled in the grass and other fun stuff.
I really hate people who take your dog and think that you wouldn't care,
but you do care, you really do. I miss Puppy so much,
and the dogs I have now are nothing like her.
They jump on you when you want to go outside and they are bad.
Puppy was good and she listened. I cry every time I think of her.
And one day I wish she would come back. I really loved Puppy,
she was the best dog in the whole wide world.
This is for you my friend...
Sleep, sleep rest in peace till we meet again.
Always and forever yours, Schae
I love you so so so much Puppy!)



red ribbonMy Dog
By Jadie, Age 11
Richmond Texas USA

When I was younger, I had a dog that my parents found
and she would chew up my toys.
So my mom gave her to a man and it was sad for me.
So I hope a lot of you take care of your dog before you lose them.
My dog now is sick...tears.

She was a brown Lab huge and a dog I won't forget.


red ribbonJiggers
by Kristin, Age 17

Michigan USA

My dog, Jiggers (Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel), was very special to me.
He died about a month ago but I still talk to him and know he's there by my side.
I would of laid my life down for him. He was a very smart dog.
He listened really well too. I wouldn't have traded my dog for anything.
He's very unique and special
and one of these days I will be reunited with him in heaven.


red ribbonGab
by Ericka, Age 14
Indiana USA

I had a yellow Lab named Gab. I loved Gab.
We let him run around the yard every once in a while.
One night Gab was running loose and a car hit him!
We jumped in the van, loaded Gab, and took him to the vets.
They didn't think he would make it. We stayed a little while.
There was nothing we could do!
On Jan. 8, 2000 at 9:05 I lost my baby.
I will miss him, but I hope the angels up in heaven are playing with him
and who knows,

maybe I'll see him again someday!





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