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A Time to Remember


blue ribbonJust Remember
by Corrine, age 14

I know how much you miss him,
I know how much you've cried,
And every time you think of him,
You wonder why he died.

He is up in heaven now,
Watching over you,
And he sits by your bed at night,
Wondering what to do.

So in the morning he eats breakfast,
In the afternoon he goes to school,
In the evening he eats dinner,
And at night he goes to bed, following the rule.

He does all those things to stay with you,
And tries to let you know that he is there,
So every time you start to cry,
He can do more than just stare.

He will jump into your lap,
And try to comfort you,
So that you will start to smile,
Just remember, he loves you too.

So next time you go to his grave,
Remember, he's not there,
He is sitting by your feet,
Looking at you with his loving stare.

Dedicated to all pets that pass away
and you just need a little comfort.


blue ribbonTyler
by Cara, Age 14
Washington USA

I remember when I grew up, there was a nice man living next door. After Nick, his old dog died, he got a new puppy months later, when I was about 2. His name was Tyler and he was a yellow Labrador. I played with him all the time, and called him "Old Boy," and I would ride on his back, take him on walks with my mom & brother, etc. He loved me and I loved him even though he was not my dog.

Greg, his owner, was never home often so we would keep Tyler in our house and let him sleep on my bed. This all happened until I was 9, when we moved away. I told Tyler over and over I would miss him, and keep all the pictures I had of him. I didn't know how to leave, he was the best thing in my life.

After we moved, we would call Greg's house and ask how Tyler was doing over the years. Once, we even saw Tyler, he was in the back seat of Greg's girlfriend's car and when I saw him I started to cry and run towards the car. I told him how much I'd missed him and have him hugs and kisses, but he was sick. One of his eyes had a tumor in it, and he had arthritis in his legs. It made me sad because he couldn't move or even wag his tail.

After that, we didn't call Greg that often, but we did call him about 2 months ago and asked how Tyler was doing. His voice kind of cracked up and he said that one day they had to put him down because he was so sick. I couldn't believe it, I practically cried and screamed and hoped it wasn't true, but it was. He was gone. Old Boy, I love you, and I'll miss you forever.


by Alycia, age 9
Wisconsin USA

My dog's name was Honey. She died December 1st, 2001. Honey was 16 in dog years and 112 in human years. She was a Toy Apricot Poodle. Honey never had puppies because Toy Apricot Poodles are so rare.


blue ribbon Sam
by Nicole, Age 13
B.C. Canada

Oh, Sam how I knew you so well. When I was young my family and I went to visit relatives in Newfoundland. During that time we wanted a dog, my dad wanted a Irish wolfhound but we ended up getting a Bouviers Des Flanders. They are these great humongus, fluffy dogs. I was 2 years old then.

Once when my dad was coming back from Newfoundland and had brought Sam back with him, he had to rent one of those airport cages. My dad knew it wouldn't hold Sam but it was policy.

Throughout the whole plane ride all of the passengers were getting really freaked out because of strange noises coming from below. Of course you could think of what my dad was thinking. During the end of the plane ride they had called my dad down to check up on the noises.

The crew slowly opened the door and was scared to go inside because of all the noises they thought Sam was a big evil dog. When they finally opened the doors, out popped Sam with a wide smirk on his face. When the crew went in to see what had happened they saw a cage ripped to pieces.

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blue ribbonSpunky
by Katie, Age 10
Wisconsin USA

About 2 years ago I got the cutest puppy I had ever seen. I loved Spunky so much. I tried and played with Spunky every day. Two days ago on March 15 2002, my parents decided it was time to get rid of spunky. They never even took the time to get to know her. How did they know if Spunky was a bad dog?! I miss Spunky with all of my heart. I know I will never get her back, but sometimes I just hope I will. Spunky taught me 2 important things: never give up, and always be yourself no matter what. I think I am starting to recover from getting rid my best friend, but Spunky's spirit will always be with me in the good and bad times.


blue ribbon Jazmen
by Kimberly, Age 14

In 1998 me and my sister were planning a birthday party for her dog the night before her birthday. The next morning my sister woke up and she woke me up and told me this dream she had. Her dream was that she woke up and found her dog (Jazmen) died, and she was all upset.

Well when we went outside, we were yelling, "Jazmen, Jazmen". But we couldn't find her. So we was walking to the end of the road. It was about 6:30-7:00am. That's where we fond her dead. She was on the side of the road. We both burst out crying. My sister had Jazmen since she was just a puppy. She died on her 5th birthday.

When we was calmed down enough we carried her up the driveway. We put her next to the palmetto bushes. I put a sticker on her and pressed it. My sister asked me what am I doing? I said "Maybe she needs this because she is 5 now". Then I pressed it. I said, "I guess it won't work". We started to laugh a little. It cheered her up a little. Then I said "She is 5 now maybe she needs 5 batteries now." I was just joking, trying to cheer her up and it did a little.

Like last time. Jazmen was my sisters best friend and best dog in the whole wide world. Now I have a dog that means the world to me and if I lost her I don't know what I would do. I will never get another dog that's what I know I would do. But when Jazmen died I was only 10 and my sister was 14 years old.


blue ribbonBear-Bear
by Matt, Age 14

When I was 3 years old I got my first dog. He was a Bichon Frise named Bear-Bear. But on November 1, 2001 he got very sick. He finally had enough and my mom had to take him in to get put to sleep on January 7,2002. A week later the doctor had told us that he had been poisoned and that is how he got sick. From this day forward I wonder if I could have done anything to prevent him from suffering for 3 months or maybe he'd have been alive for more than 11 years. Bear-Bear November 3,1991 - January 7,2002

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blue ribbon Sam + Bella
by Charne, Age 13

My two dogs died because they had a tumor problem. I miss them both dearly they are still a part of me and my heart. I will never forget them ever.


blue ribbonSparkles
Allison, Age 14
Illinois USA

A long time ago I was playing with my dog when he went blank he was not playing with the rope. I told my mother and we took him to the vet right away. They said 'we will have him stay here overnight' . Well overnight he died and I buried him in my backyard. I was 11 when this happened. Sparkles was dead. I have pics and I look at them every night.


blue ribbonThunder
Jannah, Age 10
Washington USA

My dog, Thunder, is the cutest and best dog in the universe to me. The day after Christmas he wouldn't get up to beg for food  like he usually does. So later she brought him to the vet. When she came home, I was heart broken. She gave Thunder to the vet to do what was best for him.

The day after that the vet called and aid that he was in too much pain in the morning. So they put him to sleep. Even though I didn't say good-bye to him personally, I feel a little better when I do. But my dad said that good-byes weren't for funerals they are for prayers. I know he's not suffering anymore.

But I just can't help missing him.
vet. When,1995-- December 27, 2001
 We miss you very much and can't wait to see you in heaven. Your family: Jannah, Melanie and mommy and daddy.

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blue ribbonBubba
Brittany, Age 14
Virginia USA

Bubba I had this dog, he was so tiny and so vibrant, like he glowed. We just brought him home and he was a puppy, no more then 3 months old. Well one day we woke up and he was dead. :( We buried him under the steps to the deck and that was the last of Bubba. I didn't even get to say good-bye. I miss him so much.


blue ribbon My Dog
Elissa, Age 13
Texas USA

We had to put my dog down just before Christmas this year. It was really sad because she was 13 years old and I have had her all of my life. I guess that the reason we all get so attached to our dogs is that when you come home and have had a bad day they just sit there and wag their tails. And somehow it makes everything seem OK. And if you did something terrible, they don't mind they still love you. It's unconditional love and its comforting to know that no matter what you do they are still loyal. My dog was the sweetest dog! And everyone knew her as just that. People used to always come over and say hi to her and almost everyone knew her. We miss her very much and will always keep her in our hearts. It hurts. It hurts to lose a friend and a family member, but life goes on.


blue ribbonMy Friend
Sydnee, Age 14
Michigan USA

I knew I didn't go outside everyday to see the dog, my actions soon in the days, paid. I went outside once in a while but it wasn't enough. I loved her. She was taken away never again to get those sloppy kisses again. She left before I even knew it, and now the thought chews through my heart. I feel so sad and so bad about my dog gone away forever. But I still see her in my dreams dashing away without much please. Farewell my friend see you again.

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blue ribbonMille
Jarryd, Age 13
N.S.W Australia

My dog Mille was only three
When she kept coming to my knee.
She was dying Very painfully,
But how could we know.

It happened over just one night,
And Then I realized she would not last the fight.
The next day she could hardly move.
That made me sad for I new the truth.

She would die and that was that,
She would never be coming back.
When she died I could not move,
I could not speak to you or you.

Then I tried to feel my knee,
It was no good she was gone forever.
I stood there in shock,
Then looked at the clock.
She was gone and that was it.
It was like a pit of fat,
Pulling me down further and further.

I could not stop, I would not stop,
But then I realized that life must go on.
My pet Millie was just like a song,
Now she will be waiting up in clouds,
Running across skis and having fun.

One thing is for sure she was the best pet I ever had.
And she will be waiting Until I come to join her side.
Dedicated to my pet Millie 1998-2001


blue ribbonMy Dogs
Eden and Aaron, Ages 11 and 8
Ohio USA

I have lost 4 dogs in the last year, 2 of them puppies. Jack -1993-2001 (nicknames-Jackie Jackie boy) Jack was a mutt, a golden retriever mix. He was 8 years old when he died, the same as Aaron. We miss him a lot. He was the family dog. He was in love with Dixie who is listed below. We miss you and love you Jack.

After Jack died we got Freckles and she just had 8 puppies, 2 of them died and are listed below. Jack was a a light brown color.

Dixie, May-1993-2001. Dixie was a good dog. She was 3 when she died. We loved her. She was pretty. She was mom's dog, then it was Aaron's. She loved walks. We all loved her a lot. She was a yellowish brown color.

Alex-November 3,2001-December 2001. Alex was Eden's dog, Freckle's pup. He was 1 month old when he died. He was one of the smallest puppies. He was black and white.

Stormey Blackout November 3,2001-December 11 2001. Stormey was another one of Freckles puppies. He was Alex's brother. He was Eden's puppy. Eden was going to keep another puppy until he came up and kissed her. He was black with a white neck and a white dot on his nose.

Now Eden's keeping Coca another puppy, dark brown with black ears and face. Stormey lived a few days more than Alex. We miss him. We miss Dixie, Jackie and Stormey and Alex. We love you all.


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blue ribbonDolly
Paola, Age 14

Once I had a dog called Dolly and I played with her all day. Once I let you out at night and the next morning you were ill. We took you to the vet and he said somebody had poisoned you. You died a day later. I will always remember you even if 2 years have passed since you died.


blue ribbonJory
Katie, Age 18

My dog's name was Jory and he died when he was 13 from cancer. I know I will miss him and love forever. He was my best friend.


blue ribbonMurphy
Melodie, Age 13
New Jersey USA

Murphy was an Irish Setter Dog. Before I was born my parents got him from a local shelter. He was the runt of the litter and had worms. Because he had worms, his behind wasn't formed all the way. So he couldn't run. From when I was born up to nine years old he was my best friend. I would read him "Dr. Suess" bedtime story. I was playing in the yard with my friends one day and realized that Murphy wasn't there. I was too busy playing, though, that I didn't think much of it. At dinner I mentioned that he wasn't in the yard. I found out Murphy was put to sleep. Murphy was eighteen when he was put down.


blue ribbonLencho
Alba, Age 12
California USA

My grandpa's dog was always there. His name was Lencho. I knew him my whole life. He was older than me, though every time I would go to San Diego with my grandparent I would see him although I did feel sorry for the pain that his age made him suffer 11/9/01 was when he was put to sleep .I miss him so much it is very weird I get these feelings about him he really wasn't my dog but I felt he did.one way I deal with it is to enjoy every second with my dog Tanny . Because we never know when one of our closest friends will be tomorrow. In loving memory Lencho 11/9/01 I, we miss you.


blue ribbonZeus
Elizabeth, Age 18
Tennessee USA

Zeus , I had you since birth. You were a little angel given to me from God for me to keep safe and love. I tried the best I could but I failed. I'm so sorry about what happened to you and I hope that you forgive me and I wish I was there to say good-bye and tell you how much you mean to me. Not a day will go by that I don't think of you. And I just want you to know that no matter how many other animals I get, none of them will come close to the friendship and love you gave me. I love you, miss you and can't wait to see your sweet face again. My little boy -July 4,2000 - Feb. 2 2002 Love always, Momma

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Reno, Age 17
Illinois USA

My dog, Lady ... Akita. I love her a lot !! Was very nice, never hurt no one!!!!! She always nice to anyone but .. Now!! She gone to dog heaven. I ask god why you take my Akita for... I love her feed her wash her . Get her shots. I miss you Lady.


by Mark, Age 16
Ontario Canada

My dog Cher was a Boxer. I remember her playing catch with me she was one of the best at catching. She has been with me for most of my life. She died today just ten minutes before I woke up. I wish I had a chance to say good-bye. She probably didn't want me to see her die. She was ten and a few weeks back was losing a lot of weight. We took her to the vet and they said she had lung cancer and is only breathing through one lung.

Cher would never say something was wrong with her. She was my protector against anything. When I'd come home, she'd always be there. Now she won't be. I'm very sad. At least yesterday I got to play catch with her one more time.

Good-bye, Cher. You will always be remembered by me in my heart, my mind, and my soul. Rest in Peace Cher-bear

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by Mandie, Age 13
New Jersey USA

When dogs die, they are still with you.They remember you. It's time to let go...you know she died, but you can't do anything about it. It's very sad.


by Lindsey, Age 14
Texas USA

Marty was half German Shepherd and half Rottweiler. Well, I don't remember life without him. I had him from before I could remember. He lived to be thirteen and then we had to put him down. I use to play with him all the time and he was always there for me when I was down. I remember when I was a little girl he would lay next to me and protect me at night.

I never thought that that day would come, but it did. It was around October 3rd, 2001 and I still cry about it to this day. He was the sweetest dog to anyone. He would never hurt a person - only try to catch flies. We taught him a lot of tricks and he was so smart. Well, all I know is that I will not ever forget him. He is a part of me and most of my friends and all of my family. I love you, Marty.

by Bridget, Age 13
Utah USA

I loved my dog, Abby. I got her when I was just a few months old to protect my family from any danger. She was never called to do what we got her for, but she would have done it if anyone was in danger of anyone or anything.

She was put to sleep because she got a problem that many Golden Retrievers do get, hip dysplasia. It causes the dog great pain to walk or even stand. She had trouble getting up and walking, just as we expected. Finally, the day came that she was in so much pain that we had to put her down.

Abby always was and always will be the best dog ever to me and I love her very much. To you, Abby, you were the best. I love you. I will see you someday in heaven when my day comes, too. I will think of you tons this holiday season. Abby- April 15th 1990-June 16th 2001

by Stephanie, Age 14

My dog, Chewy went missing while I was abroad. They say that Chewy was looking for me. My dog is still missing. My family suspects someone has taken him. I wish to the core that Chewy will be returned one day. I loved him and he loved me and only me back. I sill do and I have faith that he will be returned home.

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by Kristan, Age 13
Texas USA

When I was about 8 years old my grandpa got me a mutt. I still remember going with him to get her. She was so frisky and precious that I decided to name her Lady. She was my best friend in the whole wide world. We would play fetch and cops. Those were her favorite games.

One day I went outside to play with her. She went in to our neighbor's yard which was actually across the fence. So I called and called for her when she finally came back I was so ashamed that she hadn't came back the first time I called for her that I yelled at her. That night I went outside to apologize to her but I couldn't find her. I haven't seen her since that afternoon when I yelled at her.

I don't know if she is dead or not but somehow I wish I could tell her that I love her and that she is still my best friend, and that even though I have a chocolate Lab nobody or nothing will ever take that special place she holds in my heart. The End PS I love you Lady. Kristan

by Rebekah, Age 18
West Sussex, United Kingdom

Five months ago I told you about my puppy Zeus who drowned. Well, you won't believe this but the mother, Amber, died on Thursday 15th November 2001. I came home from college and my dad told me.

Everyday when I came home, she was jumping up at me. She was a big German Shepherd and she was so beautiful and loving. She always wanted a hug and attention. After Zeus died she was so obedient. When I sat on the floor she would come over to me and lie down, resting her head on my lap. She used to lay on my bed sometimes, and she always woke me up with a kiss (or lick) every morning. Zak, the male dog, is devastated. He is pining dramatically and and he won't eat. I cant stand to see him like this. It was bad enough when Zeus died, but at least then he still had Amber.

I still cant believe it. It seems like Mum and Dad are going to pick her up at any time. I broke down and started crying last night while in bed. I tried to imagine Amber dead. I don't know why, I think it was because that is the only way to prove to myself that she really is gone. It just seems like a dream and it seems like any moment I am going to wake up with a wet face and Amber looking down at me.

My biggest fear is to lose anything I love. I hope I never have to lose Zak - or at least for quite a few years. I don't know how I would cope if I lost another person or animal I love. Why do my dogs die so young? Some people keep their dogs till they are 12. Mine last till they are 3 months or 2 years. My deepest sympathies to anyone who has to go through the loss of a pet. It is hard, and it does hurt but just remember - you are not alone.

by Lindsey, Age 12
Louisiana USA

KC so loving and playful.
KC so cute and cuddly.
KC with those big blue eyes.
KC I miss you so much.

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by Andrea, Age 13
Florida USA

I had a Rottweiler dog ever since I was three. When I moved here to Florida we weren't going to bring her but I whined. Two years ago my dog was very sick. Two days later I was called to go to an agency for modeling stuff. When I left I spoke to my dog. ( I know it sounds dumb but I told her everything.) So I told her that I loved her and that she would be okay. When I came back I went looking for my dog, but she was nowhere to be found. I saw my dad come out of his bedroom and in his eyes it looked like if he had red goggles from all his sadness.

My family and Sarah were very close. So I ran to my bedroom and slammed the door. About three minutes later my dad came in and told me why we had to put her to sleep. I wanted to become a veterinarian because I knew that cancer in her blood hurt a lot.

I just want to say that its hard to move on and two years after her death was when my family was ready to get another puppy but still at night I hear myself rocking to sleep. It's hard to move on but you'll do fine with a couple of friends or family members helping you all the way. I still want to say that I love Sarah and miss her very much and I would do anything to get her back but I know it's impossible so to pay her back I more than ever want to become a veterinarian and help animals live longer lives with their owners and I started working about a month ago doing community service at a dog park.


by Alarice, Age 15
Manitoba Canada

Your tail drooped, your ears so soft,
I felt alone and completely lost.
I knew you were sick and what must be done.
You were in pain.

It wasn't fun to watch you limp upon the floor.
You weren't strong enough to jump on my bed anymore.
Your cries ran through the house at night.
I knew this disease you couldn't fight.
To put up with this pain,
I could not bear to watch your eyes
as you would stare
out onto the sky and into mine,
I knew you just wanted to die.

I brought you to the vet one day
onto the table is where you lay.
I said I love you and you looked at me,
"Don't worry, you know right where I'll be."
"In the clouds up where I'll run,
and across the moon,and into the sun."

A tear rolled down my reddish cheek.
I looked at the vet, but could not speak.
She put the needle, to your side,
At that moment, I knew you died.
I felt an spear stab through my heart,
You left me saddened, torn apart.

At 15 short people years old,
His life is gone, but memories are told.
For canine friends are dear to me,
but they're lives are not as long, you see.

So cherish them, as they do you,
and you will see their loyalty shine through.
For no matter how many times
they pee on the floor,
I will never turn my back on them,
or show them the door.

Dedicated to Mr. Hobbs "Hubble" who got put to sleep after 15 long-yet-short people years because of arthritis and partial blindness. We love you Hubble!

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by Danielle, Age 16
Missouri USA

My dog's name was Shyloh, and he was a yellow Lab puppy with yellow eyes. He loved to play and run around. When he was almost 7 months old he started limping, we found out he had Canine Hip Dysplasia which effected his hip joint to his back legs. He was in a lot of pain his whole life and we never knew it.

We put him to sleep on November 13, 2001. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I cried so much that it made my stomach and head hurt. I just wanted him back. And I still do, but he was in so much pain that I couldn't bear to see him like that. The last thing I did with Shyloh Larkin was play with him the morning before he went to the vet. I'm glad he is not in pain anymore.

Shyloh, blondie, I love you, and it hurt so much to put you to sleep. I will always remember you, you were my first pet, and I will always keep your memories close to my heart. I love you.

Born April 25, 2001. Died November 13, 2001
By Danielle


by Louise, Age 10

My Gran and Papa once had a dog called Pepper. She was a Dalmatian and was very loving. You could do anything to her and she just looked at you with her big brown eyes. She died 18 months ago of old age and I miss her dearly. We sometimes see other Dalmatians but they are just not like Pepper. I miss you very much.

My Puppy
by Anonymous, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

He was my puppy - big, yellow in fur. He died on July 3rd.



Amanda, Age 10
Tennessee USA

Sid got hit in front of our house. When I found out I cried my eyes out. I will never forget the day I found out. I was 3 years old. Sid was a Cocker Spaniel.

by Jodi, Age 13
New York USA

I had a dog once. She was 16 when my grandma was holding her at 2:00 PM on 2/16/1992 when she died. I came home at 3:00 and she had died. I am sad she died, but she is still in my heart and I am glad her suffering is over. She was a great Beagle. I just wish I could have known her longer. I still miss you, Muffin. You where a great dog. You are missed even after all most 10 years. You were a big part in my play time. Love, Jodi

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Renee, Age 14
Pennsylvania USA

I once had a dog named Yogi who loved me and I loved him. My dad got him the day I was born. He protected me always and never let me down. He licked my tears away when my dad left and mom went through surgery. Ii must admit that I never did always treat me the best, but still the love grew and grew.

On December 9 1998 we found a cancer in him and then on October 9 we laid him down after months of hard pain. He's in a better place. But still it's so hard. I looked around on sites like this and found a poem that helped called Rainbow Bridge. Thank you whoever wrote it, for now I know that someday I will meet that chocolate Lab who never hurt a flea again and that I am not gone from him forever. I love you now and forever, Yogi, and just be patient. We will meet again.

Emily, Age 13
Ohio USA

I had a dog named DeeDee. She was the greatest dog on earth. She knew everything there was to teach her. DeeDee was a baby to me. She was like a child. I cry every night still and it has been 3 ors! God I know you're up there, please tell my dog I love her!


Kimberly, Age 13
Oklahoma USA

I miss you Suzi and I always will. The way you stood at the window sill waiting for me to come home. You had a heart attack and we took you to the vet. He said you only had 1 week to live. You didn't even live that long. I miss how we played fetch, tug-o-war, play dead. I cry myself to sleep sometimes. But we'll meet again and play all our fun games. But for now, farewell. I love you.

Love, Kimberly P.S. Sissy misses you too.

Tina, Age 17
United Kingdom

This memory is dedicated to my very best companion, Lucky. Lucky was a 14 year old Alsation, who was rescued from the NCDL. He also suffered from epilepsy, which didn't give him much hope as the vets said he only had weeks to live. I was so deeply heart brocken I decided to get a second opinion from another vet. They then told me that they would do everything in their power to make his life as comfortable as posible.

Then on October 19th, at the age of 14 he died of a mixture of old age and his epilepsy taking control of him even worse than it was before. i always loved Lucky, even when he miss behaved. Even though i have now got three other dogs i will never forget Lucky, as he will always live on in my heart.

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by Hannah, Age 10
New Mexico USA

This memory is dedicated to my dog, Willy. Willy died on October 1, 2001. Willy died from sickness. When Willy started acting sick, we took him to the vet. The vet did some tests on him and said that he had a chance. So we put him on medication for a week. He didn't eat throughout that whole week, so we knew he was going. The vet did one more test and said that the best thing to do would be to put him down. So we did.

I am very sad that he had to die at the vet's office instead of in his home with his family around him, but there was nothing we could do. I have Willy's collar in my backpack or sometimes in my pocket every single day. I hold the collar in my hand almost every second of the day, and sometimes I cry. But I am crying for me, not for him, because he was in a lot of pain. And now he's not. *I love and miss you, Willy!*

Love, Hannah
PS Lola misses you too, and she says, "Come back and play with me!"

by Jane, Age 16

I'll love her forever, always I will.
Her name was Wanita, and I called her my star.

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Ben and Brin
by Jason, age 15
United Kingdom

My two dogs both had to be put to sleep. Ben and Brin, I love them both very much and will never forget them. They where both Labradors. I shall never forget get you two and I love you both with all my heart. Love, Jason.

by Bernice, age 13
Ontario Canada

I hope that I could see Trouper before I wrote this. I'm sure that he was a wonderful dog and if he was here today I'd say, "I hope someday I'll see you in heaven."

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by Courtney, Age 14
Arkansas USA

Bullet....You were my best friend...you were so smart...so funny. You were always the mastermind behind a break out. I love you so much, Bullet. I send this in memory of you. I hope you see this Bullet. I love you so much. Rest in Peace my friend...Rest in peace...
*kisses from your loving master*

Unnamed Sweetheart
by Amanda, Age 14

Arizona USA

I had a little puppy once, a puppy once unnamed.
I bought her from a pet shop unknown and unfamed.
The puppy was the sweetest one,
out of a litter of five.
The puppy wasn't the neatest one,
But she was beautiful and live.

I took her home that very day,
Against my mother's will,
The next day came and the puppy came out truly ill,
My mom took her back to the shop,
Unbeknownst to me.

The vet there said she had Parvo,
and it would cost a fee.
When asked the fee, the vet replied,
The puppy can't survive the night,
Unless the she has a lot of fight.

The puppy survived a week,
but the disease truly reeked.
The news came to me that she died,
and all I wanted to do was hide.

I cried all day.
For my first and only puppy died,
Without a single loving word or goodbye.
Even though I only had you for a day,
My once unnamed sweetheart,
now so lovingly called Ray,
(for the light you had in your eyes).
I miss you and love you and one day hope
to see you on Rainbow Bridge..

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by Laurie, Age 13

Alberta Canada

I had a dog named Forest. He was a Cocker Spaniel cross. I got him as a Christmas present. He liked to play and was very lovable, but then one night he ran away and we looked for him all through the night, but we couldn't find him. Then after school the next day we still didn't find him so I called the SPCA. They said that he had gotten run over by a car and there was nothing they could do for him, so they had to put him to sleep. I cried for weeks maybe even months. Even still I cry at night because I miss him so. Forest, goodbye.

by Courtney, Age 14
Arkansas USA

Shinia...I loved you so much even though I had you only a week. When you got sick, I was scared for you. When the vet called and said you'd died my heart broke. I wanted to say goodbye, Shinia. I wanted to bury you where I could always visit you, but they took you away. I love you and I miss you. Rest in peace Shinia.
*kisses from your loving master*


In Loving Memory of
My Beloved Molly

by Mandy, Age 14
Arizona USA

I loved you, my only friend, until my mom took you away where I'll never see you again. There's an empty place in my heart, which I'm afraid will never be filled by anybody but you. Always love me, never forget me. I will find you, someday! I'll find my baby Basset Hound, I will. You were the best friend I never had . Keep a place in your heart opened for me!!

My Dog
by Chris, Age 14
Florida USA

I had a dog - he ran away.
Don't be sad, I always say.

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by Clayton, age 14
Texas USA

I got you when you were only 3 weeks old. We played and had so much fun. I miss you much, I still love you. I will never forget the memories. See you soon enough. I LOVE YOU !

by Rebekah, age 18
United Kingdom

I was there when Zeus was born, and 12 weeks later he drowned.

It was my dad who found him. I just broke down, there and then. I cried all day Wednesday. I had to go in to college as I was doing a dress rehearsal for my performance. I still get really upset. It has been a week since Zeus died and it really hurts. I loved him to pieces. He was my dog. He was the most obedient and loving dog in the world. He was so small and young. I know dogs don't live for as long as humans do, but surely 3 months is a bit of a short life. It was so unexpected and I miss him so much.

I have been getting angry and irritable toward people and I don't understand why. I don't usually get so angry. I just miss my dog. Three months was not long enough, not for such a wonderful dog as what he was. When you see a dog being born, and you know from that moment you will keep him, you have an instant bond that is bigger than if you go out and buy a puppy. But now he is dead and I am left with an empty spot in my heart, a spot that will never be filled. Mum said in time we might get another dog, but I don't want another dog, I want Zeus.


by Nikki, age 15

Roxana, "friends forever" , we promised till the end. We did everything together and you were my best friend. When I was sad, you always comfort me even though you didn't understand. It almost seemed like you were human. When I was scared you seemed to make everything better but somewhere along the line we slowly grew apart.

I am here and you are up there, it tore a hole in my heart. Things were changing. It was like having a sun without it's moon, salt without pepper. Now we are miles apart. It felt like we were never even friends. As we would grow older, I knew things would change.

But they don't always have to end. Even though it is different now I will always think of you as my best friend in the whole wide world, no matter where you are and what I'm doing. We will meet again, my friend,,, and I promise you that. Love you always, Roxy

by Riley, age 10

Tennessee USA

Missy was great dog. We had some great times together. I lost her before even before she turned one. She died. Losing her was like losing a best friend. I'll always remember her. Even though I have a new dog I think of her everyday.


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by Rachel, age 10
Ontario, Canada

Peanut was my only dog, no dog will ever be the same. He ran away 2 months ago. I cry every time I think about him. I never knew I wouldn't see him again. I didn't get to say bye. I'm crying right now. I remember we used to dash though the snow together . I never thought he would go. Then I found the school bus had hit him . I love you peanut - bye.

by Anonymous, age 14
California USA

I remember when Cassie cried the first night we brought her home. She was upstairs in my room and I went downstairs to say goodnight to my Mom. I guess I took too long because she started to cry.


by Shannon, age 13

California USA

My dogs name was Paradise. She was my best friend for life. I lost her to cancer and arthritis in 1999. We used to do everything together like go for walks and run in the field. We did so much together. I don't know how it ended so soon. The very last thing I said to her the day we put her to sleep was "Good-bye Paradise I love you and hope to see you in heaven someday, my sweet angel!!!" Good-bye Paradise =*(

by Lauren, age 16
Georgia USA

My first puppy ever, my dear, sweet Javert. (Ja-VEER, named after the inspector in Les Miserables...) I loved you so much, and I will miss you forever. My beautiful, loving little puppy, only five weeks old. Though we were only together for barely three days, you made an impression on my life, and in my heart, forever.

Though I have gotten another pup, you will never be replaced. I still cry for you at night, Javert...people say I am old enough to handle death, but I was lucky, and nobody close to me ever really died...and then came you. You came into my life, my sweet Javert, and you made me happy. I did all I could to make you happy, Javert. And that third night I had you, my sweet Javert, I remember you prancing about on the bed before we went to sleep. Then I put you in your crate to sleep, and I watched you sleep so peacefully.

You woke me up, dreaming, my little love, barking in your sleep. And in the morning, I awoke close to tears, knowing in my heart, deep down inside, something was wrong. I went over and watched you...I could swear I saw you breathing. I wanted to see you breathe...I love you so much, Javert. When I realized you were gone, all I could do was cry. Aimee tried to comfort me, but I felt all was lost. All I could do for the next few days was cry. And I still cry for you. I love you forever, sweet Javert. I love you forever.

In loving memory... Javert April 21-May 30, 2001 May you rest in peace...


My Dog
by Em, age 13

My dog ran away. He was 2 years old. We had fun times. One time I went to school and he came on the school bus. My mom had to get him off.

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by Kara, Age 13
Oregon USA

I had a dog once. He was a loyal, playful companion of me and my family. His name was Max. My stepdad found him at a dog babysitter at his work. Someone dropped him off and never picked him back up so we took him into our house (this was before I was born).

I remember him when I was really little, he was so playful and active. We would always take him on our summer camping trips. He was always so good he would stay close and never stray off. Then one summer Max was about 12 years old we took him camping with us. He went across the river to check the other side out and sniff a round. He just stayed there and kept in eye contact with us. When we were ready to go we called him over to the other side. We called and called. Then my stepdad had to get him. We took him to the vet to check him out and that's when we found out he was becoming deaf. We were extra nice to him but things just went downhill from there.

A few years later we found out he was going blind. It was very sad. Then one summer we got a new little puppy because we knew Max wasn't going to be with us much longer. It put a little life back into Max but not much. That same summer my mom went to Arizona to visit my grandpa and that's when things got really bad. Every day I would sit next to him and try to get him to take his medication but he wouldn't. My mom told me they were putting him to sleep.

I started to cry. I knew they had to, but I didn't want them to. As the car drove away to the vet, I started to cry even harder. Then I took my new puppy for a walk. I did not know where I was going, but I just started walking. I just walked to a field near my house and thought.

I started to feel weak, then I stated to tremble. I walked to a church close to where I was. There they had a big huge cross in in the middle of a forestry area where no one could see me. Once I got there I dropped to my knees and just cried. I just remembered the times I had with Max. That day, year 2000 I lost my best friend at age 18. I believe that dogs are angels in a dog's body. They stay on earth long because they have to get back to heaven. They always say the good die young.


by Julie, Age 13
Florida USA

I once had puppy named Pooh, who suffered a great deal. He went from home to home and he finally came to mine. He was with us for a month. He started to get sick and could not walk or eat. It turned out he had cervical spine instability and could only be resolved with an expensive surgery. We gave him away to a lady willing to give him the surgery. The night before we took him to the lady's house, I held him in my arms and I burst out crying. I did not stop for a while for Pooh had been my first dog that I loved so much.

The next day we gave him away thinking he would live, even though he could not live with us. I hugged Pooh and kissed him, not knowing it would be the last time I would see him. I know he is in heaven and every night I pray that I could see him again at least in my dreams. I can imagine him in the hands of Jesus wagging his tail and every night I shed a tear for my beloved dog Pooh!!

I love you, from Julie, Gina, Nora, Carlos

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by Becky, Age 9
Virginia USA

My dog, Sunshine, was 11 years old when she died. The vet did not know how she died. When I was little, my cat did not like me at all. Sunshine protected me from her. She was my best friend for 9 years. She made them all special. Although she was chubby and not as athletic as my new dog Brownie, I still loved her. Every day when I let her in after school, I was the first one she kissed. She was very smart and obedient. When she came in, she knew exactly which room she had to go in. Until one day, I had to go outside and carry her into her room. She knocked over many things to make her own cozy place. I think she wanted to be comfortable when she died. When I go down the steps, I always think about her. Oh, no one could ever estimate in numbers how much I miss her. :(


by Monica, Age 14
Ontario Canada

I had a dog named Wendel. He was a Hungarian dog called a Viszla. He was a wonderful dog. I loved him with all my heart. My parents got him a year before I was born so to me he wasn't only a best friend, but also a family member. He would only eat if I told him to and he always slept on my bed until he got too old to jump up on to it when he was 10. That made me really sad.

He didn't look his age when he died. When I took him for walks and people asked me how old he was, I told them 13 and they were very shocked. He died on a Tuesday. The Saturday before we took him to the vet they told me that he was fine, but told my mom that they thought there was something wrong. The next day he wasn't any better so my parents took him to the vet. They said that he probably had a stroke and the best thing for him would be to put him down.

I cried non - stop for the next couple of days and often cried after that at anything like watching hockey and hearing the name Wendel Clark ( that's who he was named after). And now even after 8 months I am still sad, although I don't cry as much ( I was crying as I typed this).

Now the subject of getting a new dog has been brought up. In a way I really want a new one but it feels wrong to try to replace him. I think that having a dog is a excellent life experience and to all those people who have lost their dogs, I know how you feel. I don't like saying good-bye so Wendel I hope to see you in heaven. I love you very much and I will never forget the dog that changed my life in so many ways even when I get a new puppy.

by Beth, Age 15
Texas, USA

My family tried to adopt a dog from a rescue once. Her name was Gracie. She was a German Shepherd/Greyhound mix. Gracie was so beautiful and sweet, but she had a lot of behavior problems. She tried to bite my brother a couple times and didn't like our other dog, so we had to give her up. It made me feel really guilty when we gave her back, because that was her second time to be abandoned. I miss her a lot, and wish that we would have given her a second chance.


Something You Can Do to Feel Better

Did you enjoy reading the memorials on this page? Writing something about your dog might help you feel a little better about losing your dog. It won't bring your precious pet back, but it can help to express your feelings. If you like, get some paper, sit down, and write something you remember about your dog.

Write your memorial and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to read your memories.
Put your memorial in a frame and put it on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read your memorial to them.
Draw a picture of your dog and display it with your writing.

It's healthy for you to share your feelings about your dog.
Pretty soon you will start to feel better.



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