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Quiz # 3

Can you answer all ten questions correctly?
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1. A person who makes a 'commitment' to his dog is:

making a promise to care for his dog

buying a doghouse

taking his dog to the park

getting his dog's dinner ready

2. A dog who has his tail between his legs is:





3. "My dog is spayed" means:

My dog got water in her face.

My dog likes to play ball.

My dog can't have puppies.

My dog was expensive.

4. You shouldn't bother a dog who is eating because:

he might want to share his food

he might bite you

he might stop eating

he might get sick

5. Dogs who were originally bred to hunt birds are called:

sporting dogs

herding dogs


toy dogs

6. In hot weather, dogs need:

cool, fresh water


a long walk

answers a and b

7. In many cities, it's against the law for:

dogs to ride loose in the back of a pickup truck

dogs to bark a lot

dogs to walk without a leash

all of the above

8. Dogs are related to:





9. Old dogs need:


extra love and attention

more sleep

all of the above

10. Dogs that live outside:

need lots of attention

need obedience training

both answers a and b

never get lonely



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