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Quiz #2
Can you answer all ten questions correctly?
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1. What do all dogs need?

baths, peanut butter, and love

food, water, and a doghouse

food, water, shelter, grooming, medical care, and love

a bed, a dog bone, and a shower

2. Which of the following is a law in many cities?

Your dog must wear a leash.

Don't hit your dog.

Pick up your dog's poop when he is out for a walk.

answers a, b, and c

3. Being 'humane' means:

friendly, adventurous, and smart

smart, thin, and active

being human

kind, gentle, and generous

4.Which of the following can help you housetrain your puppy?

a book

a dog crate

a leash

a toilet

5. Don't bother a dog who is sleeping. Why not?

He will have bad dreams.

You might scare him.

He might bite you.

answers b and c

6. Stray dogs are:

homeless dogs

famous dogs

big dogs

hungry dogs

7. Where do dogs practice agility?

at a skating rink

at the movies

on an obstacle course

in a swimming pool

8. Why are there many homeless dogs?

Too many pups are being born.

There are not enough homes.

Some people don't want their dogs anymore.

all of the above

9. Being a responsible dog owner means:

giving your dog everything he needs during his lifetime

doing your homework

making your bed with your dog on it

watching TV with your dog

10. A gentle person:

takes walks

is a gentleman

teaches a dog with encouraging words and hugs

is very friendly to everyone who has a dog


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