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Quiz # 1
Can you answer all ten questions correctly?
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1. Name one reason why a dog may not make a good pet:

A dog is a companion.

A dog can cost a lot of money.

Some dogs sleep too much.

Dogs like baths.

2. Which ones can be harmful to dogs?

rubber toys and tennis balls

wooden sticks and steak bones

dog biscuits and wooden sticks

a large rubber ball and stuffed animals

3. Name something your new puppy will need:

food treats

an identification tag (ID)

a boomerang

another puppy

4. Obedience training is important because:

Your dog will look really cool!

Obedience training will teach your dog good manners.

Your friends will think you are smart.

You can show off your dog to other people.

5. Dog supplies are important. What should you have when your new pup arrives?

a large doghouse

a dog sweater

a choke chain

puppy food

6. A leash is good for:

tying your dog to a fence

playing jumprope

walking your dog

all of the above

7. Owning a dog for its whole lifetime (12 years or more) might cost:





8. A visit to the Veterinary office could cost:



all of these answers: a, b, and d


9. A person who is 'generous' with a dog:

keeps the dog in the house all day

feeds the dog

gives the dog a bath

gives up TV time to spend with the dog

10. The book, Shiloh, by Reynolds Naylor, is about:

an abused Beagle

a German Shepherd dog named Shiloh that lives with a policeman

a Collie named Shiloh and a little boy

a Beagle who can talk.

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