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What's your New Year's resolution?
Shih Tsu or Lhasa with silver New Year  hat.

What's a New Year's Resolution?

A resolution is a decision to do something. It's like a promise you make to yourself. Many people make New Year's resolutions to start the year off right. Have you ever made a resolution? Now is a good time to decide to do something for your dog. What's yours? more about resolutions


My dog, Skittles, is a Yorkshire Terrier. He loves to take
walks, play fetch, and run after my brother and I. I think he is the
cutest dog in the galaxy!
Stephanie, age 10, New Jersey USA

Well, that is hard to say. My dog is a pretty fun dog and
will do anything we want it to do! I would have to say he loves
to go for walks. Every time we say "walk" he jumps and he is
ready to go!
Liz, age 14, Arizona USA

My dog is a Cocker Spaniel (wheat color). She loves
to just play around outside. She likes some of the obstacle courses
(jumps, hoops, tunnels, etc.). My sister's dog is a greyhound.
She's lazy. She'll walk around the driveway :-).
Jessica, age 14, Kentucky USA

My sable and white, seven month Sheltie loves to go to
dog parks and loves to go to the beach.
Kirsten, age 13, Massachusetts USA

My dog, Rocky, is an Italian Greyhound and he loves to
spend the whole day outside and play fetch.
Gary, age 15, New York USA

My Dog, Shannon, likes to sit under the mulberry tree.
Sometimes, when she is in the mood, she goes swimming.

Ana, Age 13, New York USA

My dog is a beagle named Chester and he loves to go to the
dog beach and playing with my friends dog.
Adam, age 13, Western Australia

I take my dog outside and go swimming in my backyard.
Sometimes my (person) friend, Misty and I take our dogs on
explorations while we bike.
Anastasia, age 14, USA

They are keep away and swimming in the creek in our
backyard. Samson loves walks and Bailley loves to lay around.

Beth, age 15, Michigan USA

My dog, Paws, is a Shetland Sheepdog/Australian
Cattle Dog mix. On really hot days, Paws likes to go swimming
in her wading pool that we bought her for the summer. Other
days when she doesn't want to swim, she goes downstairs to
the basement (her room) and sleeps in the cool central
air conditioning.
Ciara, age 14, Michigan USA

My dog loves to swim, play tug-o-war, tag: when we
throw the ball and chase her, chew on pigs ears, and make
messes in the house. P.S. She is only thirteen wks. I love dogs
and plan to be a vet when I get older. Thanks for his opportunity
to write to you!
Lauren, age 13, California USA


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My dog's name is Caramel. She loves to play fetch
and take walks in the summer.
Caitlin, age 12, Texas USA

Well my Australian Shepherd is not even a year old, so this
is his first summer. So far he has enjoyed biking with me and
swimming in the river.
Hannah, age 12, Washington, USA

My dog's name is Greta. She is zero. But she is crazy.
She loves to take walks in the summer, play fetch, and play with
a dog next door.
Elizabeth, age 9, Iowa USA

Well, I go mountain bike riding a lot in the summer and
my dog sometimes goes with me and after that we go swimming.

Zvi, age 13, Texas USA

My dog's favorite summer fun is swimming.
Brianna, age 7, South Carolina USA

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My dog's name is Snickers. He likes to swim in our pool
and go on walks when it isn't too hot! Also he loves learning new tricks!
His favorite one is when you say climb and start clapping he runs
around the pool!
Hillary, age 12, Arizona USA

My dog's name is Lucky. She loves to sit in the rain during
the summer. The reason why we think is because she is a Terrier
mix with another dog and she has a lot of hair through the summer.

Alycia, age 10, Georgia USA

My dog is a Golden Retriever and her name is Honey.
Her favorite summer activity is playing outside with me. I love her.
She is the best dog I have ever had in my life and I think I will never
have another dog like her in my life.
Anonymous, age 13, Arkansas USA

My dog, Seal, is a mix between Lhasa Apso and Pekingese
and his favorite summer activity is jumping on other dogs in the
neighborhood.When he's done with that he plays fetch, chases the
vacuum, then gets a drink of kool-aid!
Briana, age 14, Florida USA

My dog, Spunky, and I like playing hide and seek. Him and I
are the only ones that play so we play different from your idea.
First, I get a handful of his food. Then, I throw a piece and while
he goes and gets it I run and hide. Sometimes he runs around the
house two or three times, but other times he finds me right away!
After he finds me, I give him another piece of the food that I have
in my hand. Then we play until we get tired. Him and I have lots
of fun playing this type of hide and seek and we hope you do to!
Try it out!
Nikki, age 14, Tennessee USA

My dog's favorite summer activity is to play hide and seek.
My dog also likes to go outside and sleep in the sun.

Ashley, age 13, Arkansas USA

My dog is a Shetland Sheepdog, long for Sheltie. Her name is
Sable and she loves water so much! She runs in and out of the sprinklers
with me and my sisters and we all spend some time together splashing
in the waves at the beach!
Inah, age 13, Virginia USA

My dog's favorite summer activity is when we go to camp up
in Pittsburgh and run around in the woods and play in our special
tree fort, hidden so only Makita (my dog) and I can see it.
Jillian, age 18 USA

I have a Golden Retriever, and she likes to jump in creeks or
lakes, and get wet, but she doesn't like to be sprayed with the hose.
I also have a Lab mix, and she likes playing ball, and going on walks.

Melanie, age 13, North Carolina USA

My Beagle/Border Collie, named Jack loves to spend all day
outside. He likes to play catch- especially with the football.
Lindsey, age 13, Maryland USA

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My dog is a Golden Retriever. He is Max. His first summer is
coming, but he really likes to swim.
Anonymous, age 10, Washington USA

My dog Greta, loves the water since every time she sees it,
she tries to get to it even when I am in the shower! She likes to go
for walks also. She hates cameras, (stuff like that) loud things like
sirens or people being mean to her. You can tell because she will put
her ears down.
Sarah, age 14, Ohio USA

My dog likes to swim in our lake and chase bugs in the lawn!
Dominique, age 16

My dog, Samantha, likes to go for walks, play with her toys,
and hates water. But she is so cute and funny.
David, age 13, Arizona USA

I have a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever named Misty.
In the summer she likes to swim in the lake behind my house and
play fetch.
Rebecca, age 13, North Carolina USA

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My dog, Twister, loves to swim, play fetch, play with the
other two dogs (Bitsy and Gizzmo). The other thing is learning
new tricks and games especially earning treats!

Anonymous, age 10, Minnesota USA

Really it's my Granny's dog but I have a special relationship
with her. Well, in the summer she and my brother go to the north mole,
which is this really high ledge over the dock, and they jump off it together!
Then the problem comes when they have to find a place to get out
of the water. I think she's an adorable poochy!
Hayley, age 13

My dog loves to chase Frisbees around our house. Then after
she does that she goes for a swim in our pool. She likes the sliming
better than the Frisbee I think because it takes us forever to get her out.
Emilie, age 14, Vermont USA

My new puppy, Lacey, likes to lay in the shade outside or lay
on our tile floor inside. When it is not too hot outside, she likes to
play in the grass with my other dogs.
Charlotte, age 13, Texas USA

Unlike most people's dogs who like playing ball or swimming,
my dog likes sunbathing.
Bobby, age 14, North Carolina USA


My dog's favorite summer activity is to lie down in the creek
and get wet very, very wet. When he is done, he shakes water everywhere!
Moonwolf, age 8, Arizona USA

Bandit's favorite summer activity is going on summer trips
with us.
Lilly, age 7, Utah USA

My dog enjoys a variety of activities. Currently, she's learning
how to swim. However, since this is her first summer, I'm really not
sure what her favorite activity is, but she does love the beach!

Heather, age 15, Rhode Island USA

Our dog likes to chase tennis balls in the park.
Georgie, age 10, Wellington, New Zealand

In the summer, we get our dog, Josie, a summer shave.
April, age 15, Texas USA


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My dogs and I always play soccer and tag. When they get hot,
I play tag with my palomino gelding.
Ashley, age 14

My dog, Jemma, pants, takes lots of drinks, eats ice cubes,
and lays in the shade. Usually she will come inside as soon as the air
starts to warm up. She lays in my room with a fan. We also have a pond
right behind our house, and we love to swim a lot. It cools her down.
Randi, age 14, Maine USA

We love to go to a ball field near our house. Me and my
brother take a tennis ball and we take both of our dogs and play
ball with them. It's really fun.
Sandra, age 11, Montana USA

My dog loves to go to dog beach. Anonymous, age 14

We go to lots of dog shows in the summertime. My dog
is an Airedale Terrier and she is almost a champion! We take
a tent and a dog pen and lots of water and she (Sassy) has a really
good time. She's my travelin' dog!
Roseanna, age 16, New Hampshire USA


Question Marks

Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the answers to the question? You can answer the question about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write your answer.

Write your answer to the question and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to answer the question.
Put your answer on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it your answer to them.
Draw a picture that shows the answer to the question.

Here's one more activity for you!

Make a poster showing showing what your dog's favorite summer activity is. Share it with your friends and family.

Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!


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