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Here is this month's question:

How did your dog get its name?

Dalmatian cartoon We were trying to find a name that was easy for
the puppy to remember and we thought of our cousin's -
they were all doubles. Their names were Ming Ming,
Ying Ying, and Yen Yen, so we named her Fa Fa.

Jasmine, age 9, Oregon USA

Dalmatian cartoon Well, my dog's name is Avery, and we got her name
by the coach of the Mavericks name is Avery. A street name
by us is Avery. too.
Ashlyn, age 10, Texas USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog is a Yellow Labrador. I knew I wanted an Irish
name because my other dog's (chocolate Lab) name is Murphy
which is Irish (murphy is the family's dog). I decided on Finn
for my yellow Lab because it means light colored or blonde in Irish.

Kelsey, age 15, New York USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog, Auggie, got his name when we found out
his birthday. His birthday was August 20th, so we decided to
shorten AUGUST and make it Auggie. Now sometimes we call him
Allison, age 11, New Jersey USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog's name is Cloe. I got it from a book. The dog's name
was Cleo. And I spent that whole week trying to think of a name.
And in the book the dog's name was Cleo. But I didn't want to
name her Cleo. The name Cleo made me think of Cloe.

Alexis, age 14, Georgia USA

Dalmatian cartoonMy dog Lusii got her name because the lady I got her from
said that Lusii's mum and grandma and great grandma all had names
beginning with L. So I thought Lucy and because she's a German Shepherd,
I changed the spelling to the German way "Lusii"!!! then it turned out
that their names actually began with V! haha
Cydney, age 13, Devon, England

Dalmatian cartoon My dog got his name from my sister.
She named him Koco
. Womar, age 4, California USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog Hugo (ygo) got his name from a friend (make him rest in peace)
who died and whose middle name was Hugo.
Andrea, age 10, California USA

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Dalmatian cartoonMy dog, Lucky, who is Only 9 months got his name by my dad.
He was the one who actually came up with it. The reason why we got
that name for him is because he is lucky to have us and be taken
from his mother. That's why we named him Lucky!
He sure is Lucky!
Erika, age 15, Wisconsin USA

Dalmatian cartoonMy dog's mother had a white ring around her neck so I
always said her halo fell there and that's why she was named Angel.
Then her son has the same markings, so his name is Angelo or Jello
for short. Mimi, age 17, California USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog, Chloe, got her name by flipping a coin. It was
between Lexie or Chloe, and the coin landed on Chloe! My other dog,
Henry, got his name because my parents wanted to name him a
people name, like George of Henry, and they chose Henry, but I
wanted to name him Cow or Moo because he has black and white
spots like a cow! Emma, age 13, USA

Dalmatian cartoonMy dog, Kiwi, looks nothing like a kiwi. The name came out
of the top of my head. I named him that because my grandparents
have a country house in France and their neighbor's dog was also
named Kiwi. This is just a theory, but I think it might be right.

Nina, age 13, New York USA

Dalmatian cartoon My other dog Taco Bell got his name because he looks like
the taco bell dog.:P
Bertha, age 13, Illinois

Dalmatian cartoon My dog is a Collie-Cocker Spaniel named Jake, and I named
him that because on my favorite show, Hannah Montana, there is
this character named Jake, and he is always wanting people to
pay attention to him, just like my dog! Kimberly, age 13, Virginia USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog's name is Goldie. She got her name because she is
a golden color.
Taylor, age 7, North Carolina USA

Dalmatian cartoonI got my dog, Maggie, at the end of Grade 1 as a grading present.
Her actual name is Maggie May, but we just call her Maggie. She got her
name because my Aunt and Uncle had two dogs. One was Wiggins and
the other was Maggie. When I got my Maggie, she looked like my
Aunt and Uncle's dog. So that's how she got her name.
Meryl, age 13, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dalmatian cartoon I got my dog, Fluffy. When I first got him, she was so fluffy!
My mom named him Fluffy!
Andrea, age 16, Philippines

Dalmatian cartoon My dog came with his name when we got him and it's Marshall,
but we sometimes call him "The Boy" or "Marsh."
Emilie, age 10, Canada

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Dalmatian cartoonI hadn't got my dog when I chose his name! It was a
couple of weeks before I got him. I wrote down names I liked
and nominated the best ones. When my dad came in he said,
"What are you doing" and I replied, "I forgot the name of my
teddy so I'm choosing a new one!" Now I've got my dog and
I've called him Cobi!!!
Megan, age 9, Galway Ireland

Dalmatian cartoon My dog's name is Sixx. She got her name because she has
six toes on her hind paws!
Rachelle, age 12, California USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog Buddy got his name because he is my buddy!
Bertha, age 13, Illinois USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog's name is Roger. He got that name because I once
placed down a whole bunch of letters that made the alphabet
and he pawed out r-o-g-e-r.
Caressa, age 14, California USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog, LB, got his name because my family calls him LuvBug!
Jillian, age 7, California USA

Dalmatian cartoonMy dog, Sport, got his name because he was a very
athletic dog. I love him and I would never change his name!
Love, Jesse & Sport Jesse , age 14, Georgia USA

Dalmatian cartoon My puppy is 8 weeks old. I got him 4-3-08. He is a little boy
and a Pug. I wanted a tough name for him because he isn't going to be
very big, so my sister suggested Sir Bibba, but since he's my puppy
I thought of the name Smash because it looks like his face is smashed.
Jalise, age 13, Arizona USA

Dalmatian cartoonMy dog's name is Scruffy. We called him that because he's white
and scruffy. But when we bathe him, he goes all fluffy. But then
he goes all scruffy again, so his name suits him perfectly. I love
him so so much :) Genevieve, age 13, NSW Australia

I used to have a teddy that I loved. It was Casper, the friendly
ghost. I took it everywhere with me. When we got the dog, I went
upstairs to show my dad. I felt like looking through all my old videos.
I got to a film which was Casper, the friendly ghost. I looked at my dog
and he licked me. And that's how my dog, Casper, got his name.

Tia, age 14, Florida USA

Dalmatian cartoon My dog, Lady, got her name because it sounded good and pretty.
We also thought of naming her Angel or Penny.
Mary, age 15, Minnesota USA

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Dalmatian cartoonMy dog, Taffy, got her name from the color
she was when she was a puppy. She was a dark brown color
and the name suited her great as she was a puppy. But now
she's turned into a creamy white color!
Heather, age 17, Alberta/Canada

Dalmatian cartoonThe first time I saw Luna, I noticed on her
forehead that she had a white line traveling down from her
forehead to her nose. I knew then that the name Luna
would be perfect for her. Plus Luna means moon, and it
fits her perfectly. Viqi, age 13, New Jersey, USA

Dalmatian cartoonFreckles got his name because he has freckles
all over his stomach, and has spots on his coat that look
like freckles. Tiffany, age 12, Texas USA

I named my dog Bottons because she has this
little white patch of fur on the bottom of her chin and also
I like cartoons so I named her Bottons. Melissa-Sue, age 17 Alberta Canada

Our dog is kind of hardheaded, but he is so
cute. So we Named him Rocko, also after the TV show,
'Rocko's Modern Life'. Tayler, age 13, North Carolina USA

My dogs are Lhasa Apsos so their hair used to be REALLY wild
so we named them Kramer & Cosmo off of Seinfeld.
Lyndsey, age 11, Texas

Well, Fu Lai is a Chinese name that means "good luck comes",
and for the three dogs that my grandpa, dad, and me had were
all named Fu Lai.
So you could say that my dog's name means
"good luck comes" III. Formally, he should be called Fu Lai III.
Three generations of Pomeranian, Black Lab,
Dachshund\Chihuahua mix!
Wenny, age 12, California USA

Charley got his name from a movie called All Dogs Go To Heaven
because my favorite character is Charley the dog. Rachy, age 10, Colorado,USA

My dog is a Basset Hound, and Rosie sounded like a nice name.
I got it from Madonna's dog. Her dog is named Rosie also!
Angela, age 11, Pennsylvania USA

Our dog's name is Smokey. He got his name from an ID tag form
on the examples. We named him it because he is almost pure black. All except
for a little white patch on his chest. Jonathan, age 13, Delaware

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I named my Cocker Spaniel "Sammy" after the baseball player Sammy Sosa.
Since I love baseball and Sammy, I figured I would give my puppy the same name!
Anonymous, age 14, Florida USA

My black Labrador/Chow mix got his name from an Internet page.
I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what to call him. Since he is just
an all black dog... I wanted something unique for me and my boyfriend
picked out the name KANE... but I'm thinking of changing it to APACHE...
who knows.. lol...Love~ Kimmie and Kane Kim, age 17, Florida

Well, My dad calls everybody "Jimmy" so that's what we wanted to name
our dog, but we we're getting a girl! So I thought and thought and thought and
finally came up with "Jemmi"! And that's what we named her. Jess, age 10, Nova Scotia, Canada

Our puppy is a Pitbull/Bulldog and is really rough so we named him Taz.
Holly, age 11, Georgia USA




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