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Here is this month's question:

What's the funniest thing your dog does?


Funny Dogs! When my Beagle/German Shepherd mix, Fluffy, wants a
scratch, she'll walk up to my dad if he's sitting down, sit down, and
look up at him! If he won't scratch her, Fluffy will nudge his arm,
sniff him, or even whine until he gives her her scratch!!

Katherine, age 11, Ohio USA

Funny Dogs! My Dachshund, Weenie, catches snakes and all sorts of
animals in our backyard, and he has a funny way of doing it.
First,when he finds it, he tries to bite its head, and then he
quickly jerks back up. Then when he's sure he's killed the
snake, he slings its body around his head like a rope or
something. I think it's because he knows we're watching him!!

Ash, age 13, Texas USA

Funny Dogs! His name is Toby. He's a dingo and he chases the cat
around into a bedroom. Then when he comes out, the cat is
chasing him. It's the most funniest thing ever.

Samantha, age 14, Ohio USA

Funny Dogs!I have three dogs. Their names are Sugar, Fido, and Bell.
Sugar is a Golden Retriever, Fido is a Labrador Retriever, and
Bell is a Beagle. The funny thing Sugar does is she hops up
on the fence and runs back and forth when I come out to her.
The funny thing Fido does is he jumps up in the air
(about 3 or 4 feet) and he slings mud EVERYWERE!
The funny thing Bell does is bark so much, so loud he gets
a sore throat for a couple of days. I guess he thinks he's a bell!

Cissy, age 14, Virginia USA

Funny Dogs!When my dog Lyric, a cockapoo, has an itch, she rubs
against the carpet.
Olivia, age 8, Pennsylvania USA

Funny Dogs!My Flat-Coated Retriever, Homer, sleeps on his side
with his legs stretched out! He looks a little bit like
a zombie! EVEN when his BFF, Opal, another Flat-Coated
Retriever is around, he won't snuggle with her! Opal
curls up, but NOTHING can get Homer to curl up!
Elizabeth, age 9, North Carolina USA

Funny Dogs!My Beagle's name is Frank. The funniest thing he does
is... he sleeps on his back in the roll over position! He's
ten weeks old!
Sarah, age 13, Michigan USA

Funny Dogs!Well, he's not my dog anymore but my old dog rascal
is so funny. He growls when he's happy and he chases
this old red sock that he likes and when he tries to rip it
apart, he gets a part of the sock stuck to his tooth and
he'll walk around with a sock in his tooth!
Courtney, age 13, Florida USA

Funny Dogs!My Pomeranian's name is Foxie Bear. The funniest thing
he does is when he lays down, if he wants to be proper,
he will cross his front paws and spread his back ones apart!!!

Brandie, age 14, Ohio USA

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Funny Dogs!My dog is a Collie-Cocker Spaniel named Jake.
The funniest thing he does is, when he wants someone
to go outside with him, he will get behind you and try to
push you (herd you) out the door.
Kimberly, age 13, Virginia USA

Funny Dogs! My puppy, Max, likes to lie down when he eats his food.
He likes to bark when he chews on his back feet, too, and he
digs in the bathtub when he has a bath and there is little water.

Cameron, age 6, Ontario Canada

Funny Dogs! My dog is a Pug and his name is BUBBAH. The funniest
thing he does, well ya see, he has his own doggy stairs up
the pool slide because he likes to slide down it and he knows
how to play marco polo. It is way cool.

Another thing is that he loves to eat spaghetti. It is his favorite.
The dog that he got pregnant, he actually shared his spaghetti
and he doesn't even like us taking the bowl from him when it
is all gone, but he insists that there is more in the bowl.
Jessica, age 13, USA

Funny Dogs!My dog chases shadows and it's so funny because you
can get him to do things with it, follow it, and sometimes it
can be hard to play sports because he is chasing the ball's
or racket's shadow. When we got him he was nicknamed
"Shadow". Now we know why.
Hope, age 13, Oklahoma, USA

Funny Dogs! My dog is a Labrador-cross Alsatian, she's called Mitzy,
but we all spell her name different,. Anyway, the funniest thing
she does is we used to have this safety gate and she jumped
over it and got in the room. So ma dad put a piece of wood
next to it and made it higher and when we got home she
was in the room asleep on the sofa, so ma dad put an even
higher piece of wood up which was really high. When I
was in the kitchen making a cup of tea, she hopped over it
and made it look so easy.
James, age 13, England

Funny Dogs! When I tell my 12 week old Labrador puppy, Halle,
to sit she tries to sit, shake hands and lie down at the
same time as she knows I am going to ask her to shake
and lie down after. It is so cute. she learned to shake hands,
sit, and lie down in one day.
Emma, age 13, Western Australia

Funny Dogs! My dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named
Princess, is so funny. I taught her about every trick
in your site. But when I tell her to dig, she barks.
And when I tell her to Speak, she digs! I taught her
them the right way, I don't know how she got them
mixed up!
Rachel, age 14, California USA

Funny Dogs! My yellow Labrador Retriever, Oliver or Ollie,
has a very funny personality. Like he'll sneeze a lot
or chase his tail. His favorite toy is an old stuffed Barney,
but whenever we get home from somewhere we'll find
him sleeping on his back with his legs up in the air and
he'll have a smile on even when he's sleeping.
It's so cute - he is the best dog EVER.

Kiersten, age 10, New Jersey,USA

The funniest thing my puppy does is I taught
him how to stay (well kind of). Instead of staying
he'll jump up, try to bite my hand in a nice way to play.
Me and my family get so frustrated but it makes us laugh!
And then his sister joins in! (she knows how to stay,
she's just a copy cat!)
Christina, age 13, Arizona USA

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Funny Dogs! When me and my dog, Malfoy, run around the
dining table at home, he's too fast and so I decide to
kick off my slippers. When he passes by the thrown
slippers, he runs back for one of them and when I tell
him to give it to me, he passes by me and lies down
on the carpet. Then, with his paws, he tries to destroy it.
Ashley, age 12, Philippines

Funny Dogs! Well my dog, Max, when I play fetch with him
he goes and gets the ball and when he is running back
he drops the ball or toy and keeps running!

Emily, age 10, USA

Funny Dogs! She sleeps inside some nights and one night
she jumped onto the couch and sat on the remote.
This is at midnight and the TV was blaring downstairs.
It woke everyone up! Sadly, she had to get put down
not long ago because she got hit by a car
Issy, age 10, Victoria Australia
(note: So sorry, Issy.)

Funny Dogs! Whenever I ask my dog, Bosley, to lie down,
he always rolls over instead! And when I ask him
to roll over he does another command called 'crawl'.
Even though he gets a little confused at times, I still
love him and am grateful that I have him. : )
Mary, age 13, Ohio USA

Funny Dogs! My dog, Oscar, can get on to our table but he
can't get down, and a few days ago I heard a really
loud crying noise coming from the dining room.
Oscar was sitting on the edge of the table crying his
heart out, so I lifted him up and put him on my lap
and me and my mum gave Oscar loads of cuddles
and kisses!!! But the good thing is now he can get
down from the table, but he's still very naughty!

Abigail, age 10, Plymouth UK

Funny Dogs! The funniest thing our dog, Suzi, does is chase
her tail around in a circle. It makes us laugh.

SistersY, age 14, Illinois USA

Funny Dogs!The funniest thing my brother's, mine, and my
other brother's dog does is when he wants us to
give him a belly scratch, he rolls over.

Jessica, age 14, Oklahoma USA

Funny Dogs!The funniest thing my dog does is when she wants
to play she gets on the floor, rolls on her back, and then
looks like an alligator with her face!

Sabrina, age 10, New Jersey USA

Funny Dogs! One time me and my dog, Sophie, were playing
in the snow and she knocked me down!!

ebecca, age 11, USA

Funny Dogs! My dog, Lexi stuck her nose into her bone!
Heather, age 13, Michigan USA

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Funny Dogs!My Jindo
Jin can hear my footsteps (my dog lives outside), so when
I'm walking towards the front door, she walks where she
hears my footsteps, and bumps into a wall!
Leila, age 9, California USA

Funny Dogs!I get off the bus and my dog goes bananas.
He'll run as fast as his long legs will go. He'll stop at
the curve in your driveway. I'll run to him and he'll start
to growl at a nice way.
Michelle, age 15, Indiana USA

Funny Dogs! Our dog lives outside and when she wants us to come
outside and play or pet her, she jumps up and rings the
doorbell and then sits there waiting for us to open the door!

Laura, age 14, Istanbul, Turkey

Funny Dogs!My dog, a Silky Terrier X Pomeranian, if you jump at him
or make him angry, he will run around the house or yard as fast
as he can. He does this with his ears back and tail down. It
makes me laugh!
Shanna, age 10, South Australia

Funny Dogs! He bites shoes and humps his bed@!!
Kimberly, age 14, New York USA

Funny Dogs!My dog is a Maltese and her name is Linda. The funniest
thing Linda does is at four o'clock she gets her toy poodle and
brings it to the carpet and starts to hump it! The thing that I
say is funny is that she makes these weird noises when she
humps it. Sometimes when I go to take her for a bath, she
drags her toy with her and dumps it in the tub with her and
she takes a bath. But she won't get out until the toy poodle
takes a bath as well. She has a brother. His name is Toby
and while Linda humps the toy poodle, Toby humps her.
I think that is funny, don't you?
Danielle, age 15, Florida USA

Funny Dogs!When my Jack Russell Terrier, Angel, was a pup she
would bite my mom's boyfriend's beard and tug on it.
She also barks at my mother, sister, and I when we go
to school and work in the morning because she doesn't
want us to leave! I also have three cats and Angel loves
to play with them. She'll bite their tails and she just loves
to rip the fur out of our youngest cat, Dolly. I'm guessing
she's at the bottom of the pecking order.

April, age 13, Montana USA

Funny Dogs!He bites shoes and humps his bed@!!
Kimberly, age 14, New York USA

Funny Dogs!My Yorkshire Terrier, Penny, is the best! She loves to
bark, eat, and run about! Kimberley, age 13, Scotland UK

Funny Dogs!My shepherd mix, Azel, will jump up and set her paws
on my waist. It's like she's saying "You're mine!"

Emi, age 14, North Carolina USA

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Funny Dogs!Nina, my mini Labradoodle puppy ran inside, grabbed
a sock and raced down the hallway. Then she saw my cat,
Gemma, dropped the sock and chased her instead! Then we
took her outside and she put her paws in her water bowl
and started to dig. Oh well she's only a puppy! :)
Monika, age 12, Sydney , Australia

Funny Dogs!My dog spins around and jumps up and down
after we give her a bath.
Mellie, age 13, Illinois USA

Funny Dogs!The funniest thing my German Shepherd Cookie does
is what she does when I toss her a treat sometimes. It lands
on her back, and she goes looking all over the floor for it!
It falls off after a few minutes, and when she finds it,
she looks like she's saying, "Huh? I already looked it."
Isn't that silly?
Tiffany, age 13, Georgia USA

Funny Dogs!My dog jumps in the tub with me when I am taking a bath
or shower and jumps on me and he gets all wet and I slip in the
tub and then he barks at you and eats the bubbles when you
take a bath! That's all for that! Hey he is sooo adorable when
he is asleep!
Karisa, age 16, New York USA

Funny Dogs!My dog first runs around the pool at least three times.
Then he jumps in and does laps pushing off the side with his
back legs. He will do this at least 6 or 7 times a day or until we
have to put him back into his yard.
Jackie, California USA

Funny Dogs!My dog grabs her bone and runs really fast around the room for hours,
growling. Allie, age 12, Connecticut USA

Funny Dogs!We call our Golden Retriever the 'Juggler'! He loves tennis balls and
won't let go of it unless we show him another one. Then he drops it and takes
the new one. Then I pick up that ball and he drops the one in his mouth. Then I
do it again and again. He never gets tired. It's so funny because he can
juggle all day! Josh, age 14, California USA

Funny Dogs!The funniest thing my dog does is surf on the boogie board in the pool,
then jump off! Lauren, age 12, Washington USA

Funny Dogs!My dog is really funny when he sleeps. He lays against the wall and
rolls up on his back with his legs sticking up in the air. The wall stops him
from rolling all the way over so he just stays there all night on his back with
his feet sticking up in the air! Andrea, age 9, Arizona USA

We have two dogs, a Cairn Terrier (Callie) and a Beagle (Dudley).
They are great fun. One funny thing about Dudley is when he is on his
and Callie's little couch, if he drops his toy he can't be bothered picking
it up - he just looks at you and goes AROOOOO until you pick it up for him,
cheeky thing. And he also likes to chew on bones that Callie has already
started chewing, but then Callie wants it back so she sticks his head in
Dudley's mouth (she does that a lot when he yawns) and gets it back.
Dudley can smell tissues in your pocket, sleeve, hand....he loves them!
Better go bye! Amy, Age 13, NSW Australia

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My dog runs around, bumps into a wall on purpose, runs around,
bumps into another wall. But the funny thing is that he can do it for hours.
Jason, age 9, Guam

When my dog Freida, a black Labrador mix, was alive she would make
weird space noises whenever someone would rub her belly.
Katie, age 13, Texas USA

She used to make these weird faces when I cried to make me laugh.
It was hilarious! Melissa, age 10, New Hampshire USA

My dog Kasey, a Black Lab, will pick up my sister's cat by the
neck and drag him around, and the funny thing is that the cat doesn't seem
to mind. They are good buddies. Kristen, North Carolina USA

He likes to dance on his back legs for a treat and then yodels
for more or to go outside. Amber, age 8, Mississippi USA

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Me chasing my dog and her chasing after me! Then she hides
and I look for her. Sometimes, to make it really fun I go outside and ring the
doorbell and she runs out of her hiding place! Kristen, age 9, New Jersey USA

My dog: In her sleep she runs and cries and thinks. She is getting
something and it's so cute, but really funny. When I wake her up, she gets
scared and she does not know where she is. But then she knows where
she is, after. Courtney, age 10, Connecticut

Whenever we give our dog, Kirby, a biscuit she loves to tease
the dog next door with it. She'll carry the treat over to where they can see it,
then she'll give them a few minutes to sniff it. Then, last of all, she'll eat
it up very,very slowly, right in front of her! The dog next door always gets
very upset when Kirby does that! Ning, age 12, Colorado USA

My dog runs round and round in circles until she gets too tired
to run one more step. Sian, age 11, Wales

The funniest thing my dog does is surf on a boogie board in the pool!
Lauren, age 12, Perth , Western Australia

My Husky, Ace, is the weirdest dog on earth. First of all, he eats
flowers. Second, he picks tulips and dandelions and other kinds of flowers and
drops them at my feet. Third, the funniest of all... I go out and give him water
(he's just a puppy). My mom walks out the door a few minutes after and
says, "Janet! Give Ace water!" I tell her I did already. She says "No you didn't".
I fill it up again and he puts his 2 front paws in the dish, and splashes it out.
That's why he is always wet and thirsty with no water. He does that every time.
Janet, age 10, New York USA

My dog, Gizmo, puts one of his toys in his mouth and he bats
around two balls. It's really funny to watch!! Nikki, age 13, New York USA

My dog, Linus only has one front paw and if you hold a treat up
over his head, he will stick his paw in the air and dance around in a circle until
you give him the treat. Melissa, age 13, Ohio

My Pointer, King, sometimes turns the TV on with the remote
by biting on the on/off button. Ann, age 8, Arkansas USA

When she is wet, she does these flips. She will go in rooms
and get on the bed and throw stuff off the bed.

Hannah, age 10, South Carolina USA

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When my father finishes his drink, he puts the can on the floor;
then my dog gets a hold of it and sometimes drinks it.
Jemma, age 10, Johannesburg,Gauteng, South Africa

My dog Fuzz after he gets a bath, he goes on a rampage for hours
at a time. Megan, age 10, Ohio USA

My Dog Buster goes crazy when he gets out of the bath. He is cute!
Eric, age 9, Alaska

My dog tries to jump in the duck pond when we go to the park
and catch ducks. And sometimes when we come home, he's on the kitchen table.
And once he got in my mom's purse and ate her lipstick, mints, and checkbook.
Tiffany, age 18, California

She stands in the barrel and digs her head off.
Tim, age 8, Australia

My dog, Vixen, poses for pictures every time someone aims the
camera at her!! Kristina, age 13, California USA

After they take baths, they put their head on the ground and
start running around with their head on the ground.
Camille, age 8, California

The funniest thing my dog does is he sleeps on his back
with his feet sticking up in the air. Celeste, age 5, California USA

The funniest thing my dog does is, when you put your feet up
on a stool she'll start playing and attacking your feet at the same time!!!
Brittani, age 11, Illinois USA

My dog, Precious, will sit by you when you eat supper.
After a while, she'll lay her head on your leg. She'll whimper and look pitiful
until you feed her something. It's really cute! Ashley, age 11, Illinois USA

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My dog, Meg, likes to try to chew her leash like it's an enemy when
you put it on. Then she looks at the nearest ball and waits for you to throw it
just so that she can bury it! Jacqueline, age 13, Montana USA

Cocoa always jumps in the bathtub to lick up all the water
left over after our showers and baths. She also loves running up our
deck steps. She goes up and down them all day long! Christel, Iowa USA

My brothers dog "Rita" will take your arm and start chewing on it.
And when we let my dog, Lassie, in from outside, she will run in the house
and just go crazy! Melissa, age 11, Georgia USA

My dog plays fetch for hours without stopping. If you throw it for her
one time you'll never get a break. Philip, age 13, Pennsylvania USA

We have two gerbils. My dog, Smokey, wants to eat them real bad.
We have to keep a gate by the steps so that he doesn't go up. When we bring
them downstairs to set on the counter so the dog sitter can feed them, Smokey
is in his cage and just starts whining at them. He also tries to bite them
through the glass when we set their cage on the floor. We even took a movie
of it one time. Laurel, age 11, Illinois USA

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Check it out!Here's one more activity for you!

Make a poster or a booklet that tells all about the funny things your dog does. Draw great pictures. Share it with your friends and family.

Funny dogs!Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!


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