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Here is this month's question:

How does your dog keep cool?

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sun Just got my pup two weeks ago =]. When it's real hot Jem goes
into the kitchen and lies on the cold floor. Hehe.
Emily, age 15, Australia

sun I got my puppy, Mia, in the summer so I haven't seen
her in really super cold weather; but to stay warm she usually
goes under the porch. She also curls up in a little ball and doesn't
move. Mia also likes to sneak onto the couch and snuggle the pillow. :D
Mariah, age 12, New Jersey, USA

sunMy dog's name is Jack. He is a Labradoodle. Half Lab,
half Poodle. He is about 5 months old. I spray my dog with the hose
and give him water with lots of ice. He likes to lay in the shade
under the trees and tire swing.
Allison, age 10, Maryland USA

sunNewI keep both of my dogs cool by giving them water.
Sometimes I take them out of their doghouse and play with them.
Then I open my kitchen door and the backyard door and they could
go in and out of the house to get fresh air or play with my dolls!
Like right now, at 7:08 pm!
Bertha, age 10, Illinois USA

sun My dog is a Yorkshire Terrier and I train my dog
summer and winter, so she likes to be cool as often as she can.
So when we train in the summer, I will bring a bucket of ice cubes
outside and give them to her as treats. Even though it takes her
a while to eat them, I still LOVE her and by the time we get done
training there is half a bucket left of water. LOL...so she drinks all
of it when we get done and then she has to go to the bathroom
a lot LOL.
Vanna, age 13, Minnesota USA

sun I give Rosie (our Jack Russell Terrier) a rinse with the
hose, and I give her lots of water with lots of ice cubes in it.

Anonymous, age 13, California USA

sun My name is Lorena. My dog's name is Rosita.
In hot summer months such as this, Rosita will stay inside
our air-conditioned house. When she gets dirty, Rosita will get
to take a nice cool bath! But when she is outside, Rosita will do
her business in the shade and she plays under our birch trees.
All our respects, Lorena and Rosita
Lorena, age 13, California USA

sun Today, Rosie (Jack Russell Terrier) and I sat in the
shade together. After that, I gave her a cool rinse and brought her
inside our air-conditioned house. Other times, Rosie would relax
near a fan. That is what my very special dog does to keep cool.

Angelica, age 13, California USA

sunMy Cocker Spaniel, Benji, loves to lie underneath
my trampoline.
Morgan, age 10, Scotland
sunSonya, my Cocker Spaniel, loves to get sprayed with
water guns, get baths, and run around the backyard soaking wet.
Mostly she just lies under trees knowing that there's shade underneath.

Yulia, age 13, Alberta/Canada
sunMy dog, Rosie, is a Jack Russell Terrier and she mostly stays
near fans to keep cool. And sometimes, I give her a rinse!

Angela, age 14, California USA

sunHope (my dog) and I train outside all the time. So during the
summers, instead of using treats I use ice cubes.
Jessica, age 14, Maryland USA

sunMy German Shepherd, Rocko (he is still very small),
goes in a very small pool that I fill up for him. I get him in by
throwing his ball into the pool. Then he just stays in! And I also
spray him with the hose. Anvil, age 15
sunMy dog, Mia, stays cool by digging huge holes
in the garden and then lying in them. She also likes it when
we mist her with the hose. She drinks tons of water and
lies under our Generator. Anonymous, age 12, New Jersey USA
sunWe give him water and baths.
Jordan, age 13, Pennsylvania USA
sunMy dog, Hana, jumps in the pond at the park
or at home. I get my water gun out and she jumps up for
hours trying to get it and gets soaking wet.
Quinn, age 9, England

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sunMy dog Rocky pants a lot. He lays in the
shade. He drinks lots of water.
Nikki, age 8, Ohio USA
sunWe have Greyhounds and they get cooled off
with the air conditioning. Anonymous, age 13, Maine USA
sunMy dog pants. She also comes inside when she is hot.
She also drinks water. Laura, age 10, Nebraska USA
sunMy dog, Chance, goes under the house and digs
him a big hole and lies down in it because its nice and cool.
Bobbie, age 14, USA

sunMy dogs are both inside and outside dogs.I leave them
outside in the morning and evening when it is cool and bring them in when
it is hot. Anonymous, age 13, Florida USA

sunWe spray him with the hose. Morgan, age 13, Nevada USA
sunMy dog, Shadow, likes to drink lots of water and sit on air vents
and cool spots. He also lays under the porch when he's outside.
Lauren, age 12, North Carolina USA
sunMy seven month old Pit Bull/Rottweiler/Golden Retriever
pup, Kurt, chills in the house with me most of the time. He prefers
to lay on my bed in my air-conditioned room instead of staying
outside with my other dog, Dingo. Dingo is a year old Boxer/Basenji
female who stays under the house when it's hot.

Megan, age 15, Oklahoma USA
sunMy dog (puppy) cools off by digging holesin the ground!
Yarissa, age 13, South Carolina USA
sunMy dog's favorite activity is to lay on the air
conditioner at the vet's. Her other favorite activity is to lay
in the sun on warm days. When it is hot, we give her a
Popsicle to lick, she is so cute walking around with it
in her mouth.
Keisha, age 16, Oregon USA

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sunHe jumps in a pool. Laura, age 8, Arizona USA
sunMy Dog, Sarrie (a Border Collie/Black lab),
stays cool by swimming in our lake, and sleeping in
the shade. She swims with me side by side and also
chases after balls which we throw into the lake. She
jumps off the dock far out into the water to retrieve the
ball or me! Although Border Collies don't like water,
Sarrie loves water (the Lab Part). Although Sarrie does
have the herding instinct by retrieving me from the water.
Sarrie can dive and jump far off the dock. She can jump
really far into the water sometimes she splashes me on
purpose. Sarrie is and extremely smart two year old dog.
Cynthia, age 13, Ontario Canada
sunMy dog, Max, stays cool by digging up the dirt
underneath our porch and laying on it. Also he drinks lots
of nice cold water.
Sara, age 14, Michigan USA
sunMy 2 dogs are part German Shepherd and part
Husky. To keep cool they lay down on the cement floor
of my dad's workshop which is covered in grease and oil.
When summer first they swim in a water hole. By mid July
the weather is so hot that all the waterholes are dry.
Kelly, age 14, North West Territories, Canada
sunMy dog stays cool by shedding. She has been
shedding a lot this summer.
Melissa, age 13, Texas USA

When we fill up our pool, Callie, our eleven year old
Golden Retriever, jumps in or licks the water and we give
her baths and showers. We give her cold water and she
pants (like all dogs). She also lays in the shade inside and out.
Sarah, age 10, Illinois USA
sunMy dog, Nicole, stays cool by swimming in the pool
and laying in the dirt. She is only six months old. She is a
black Lab. And she is the best friend anyone could have and
I love her very much.
Brittany, age 11, Florida USA
sunMy dog, Lacey, pants and drinks water!
Tasha, age 10, Indiana USA
sunMy dog, Tonka, likes to get sprayed with our
hose and tries to catch the water drops in the air. She
also drinks lots of water. In her water we always use
ice so she can eat it. Also she stays cool by running after
our four-wheeler and will also ride on it to get wind blown
in her face. That is how my dog stays cool.
Nicole, age 12, Michigan USA
sunHe pants and drinks water. Jay, age 13, Florida USA

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