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How do you bathe your dog?

Two kids bathing an Airedale terrier

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sun New! He loves baths in the garden but it takes a lot of work
for the tub. First he squirms. Second, he plays dead. Third, he
attempts to whine until my mum comes and dashes out and it
takes four to five hours all together to give him a bath.
Parth, age 15, London England

sunNew! I have a little Parson's Russell named Rosalee Sunshine.
I just call her Rose. It turns out, Rose absolutely abhors baths!
On summer days such as these, I take her to the grass, and turn
on the hose. I set it to "Soaker", and soak her! I soap her, then rinse.
After thoroughly drying her, I let her into the house - she is SO glad
to get outta that water stream! She runs like a little dart, despite
turning 11 in November. I love Rosalee Sunshine, the little bright
spot in my life, the active bath-hating dog!
Angel, age 15, California USA

sunNew! I have two dogs, a Tibetan Terrier, Brownie, and
a Terrier Mix, Maggie. They're both really long-hair
dogs, so it takes about twenty to thirty minutes to bathe them each.

Separately, I bathe them in the bathtub. First, I make sure
their coat is nice and wet (it's difficult for Brownie because she has a
double coat) and then I lather them up with shampoo and rinse.
Then I use Mane and Tail conditioner, then rinse again

I let them out, they shake, and I dry them off, and then they
run around like crazy. ^_^
Miranda, age 15, Texas USA

sunMy Yorkie name is Kiana and she HATES taking a bath.
So we take a warm towel and scrub her. Then we take a tub
and we bathe her.We then brush her beautiful hair. And a dress
and bow. :) :)
Alex, age 14, New Jersey USA

sunI fill the bathtub with warm water for my Boston Terrier, Gus.
I take a little bit of dog shampoo and swish it around in the water
so it's like a bubble bath! I brush Gus first, then pick him up and
put him in the bath. I put cotton balls in his ears so no water gets
in there. I wet him with water real well, and then take some dog
shampoo and massage it into his skin and coat and rinse it out really
well. When it's all done he shakes and gets water EVERYWHERE!
Since his muzzle is so small, he snorts and grunts when he shakes
and he sounds really funny. Gus has a good sense of humor!!

Amara, age 14, Maine USA

goofy dog My dog, Hunter, hates bathes so much he won't even
come into the bathroom! First, I soak him (in the bathtub) with
warm water, then I scrub a water/shampoo mixture into his fur,
then I rinse out all the soap. After I dry him off, I brush until he's
almost dry.
Charlotte, age 11, Colorado USA

goofy dog I bathe my Cocker Spaniel, Mocha, by:
1) I put her in the tub and turn on our shower head that comes out of the wall.
2) I get her all soapy with doggie shampoo.
3) I wash her face with a washcloth and make sure she doesn't get it in her ears or eyes.
4) Then I get her ear cleaner and gently wash her ears out.
5) Then I get a towel and dry her off.
6) After that I blow dry her off (if she has not had a haircut yet).
7) Then I brush her.
8) After that whole process, she runs to my room and rubs herself
all over my bed to dry the rest of the way off.
Aly, age 13, Florida USA

goofy dog We have two dogs: a year old Dachshund/Pinscher mix, Copper,
and a 7 month old mix of a Jack Russell Terrier and Peecapoo, Tidus.

Whenever they need a bath (which is about once every two weeks),
I run the tub water, get a clean towel, plug the blow dryer in, put some
shorts and a T-shirt on, tie my hair up, and get the shampoo. I fill the
tub up and go to get one. Normally I get Copper first.

I bring him in the bathroom and close the door behind me. I stick him in the
tub and normally he only puts a paw on the side. I sit on the side of the tub
with my feet in so he can use my knees when I need to get his belly. When he
was smaller he used to jump out, but now he knows better and cooperates
with me (I always be sure to say 'Good boy' when he does this to show him I
appreciate it.) I start by pouring water on him with a cup, then lather the shampoo
into his fur, getting his back, tail, paws, belly and neck. I use a damp washcloth
to clean his face. Then, I'll either use the cup or the showerhead to rinse him off.
I drain the water and step out on the towel on the floor, tell him he can jump out,
and put a towel in front of me, let him shake, and dry him off. He's got short hair
so I rarely need the hair dryer. Sometimes I'll spray him with doggy cologne.
Then comes the hard part.

For a smaller dog, Tidus is more trouble. I repeat the steps (refilling the tub with
clean water.) I put him in and have to constantly keep a hand on him to keep him
from jumping out. He whines and moans and doesn't like me getting his paws.
I have to lather extra well because he has long hair (though it's smooth and not poofy).
I rinse off and pick him up to put him on the towel, let him shake, and immediately grab
him with a new dry towel to keep him from soaking the bathroom. I dry him off
as best I can and hand him over to mom or my sister to blow dry him.
We brush him a bit then let him loose.

By the end of bath time, it looks like I'm a wet dog myself. I enjoy it though.
I know afterwards, both of them enjoy the clean feeling. Hikari, age 15, Louisiana USA

goofy dog Well, my Bullmastiff, Riley, is a very big dog.
She can be difficult. But the way I bathe her is sometimes,
I put her in the bathtub, but other times we have a play bath
outside. Riley loves them! She acts like she's scared at first,
but then she starts to have fun. When we're taking the
inside bath, it's so warm and calming. She starts to get
relaxed after a while. But when we go outside and take
a bath, we both play around and have lots of fun.

Reeree, age 11, California USA

goofy dog I bathe her in the tub with a long shower head, or outside
with the hose. Then she shakes, I towel her off, brush her, give her
a treat, and she runs around like crazy!
Lindsay, age 13, Florida USA

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goofy dog I have two Boxers and since we don't have a tub, we put
them in the shower one at a time. Wendy doesn't mind them, I know
she would rather be outside playing in the hose, but it's okay.
Tigger loves the water, but it's the same with him as it is with Wendy.
Possibly because he is her grandson!
Rhiannon, age 16, Illinois USA

goofy dog My Italian Greyhound, Lily, HATES baths!!! I bathe her in the tub.
1. I get her wet with warm water
(she is usually shaking and putting her tail between her legs now).
2. I shampoo her with doggie shampoo to get her all sudsy and good smelling.
3. I rinse her.
4 I dry her with a towel.
We have to keep her inside for awhile afterwards or else she rolls in
something nasty.
Mackenzie, age 11, Louisiana USA

goofy dog I bathe my dog, Jake, by putting him in the bathtub
and he scratches the side of the bath, but can't get out
because he is a seven week old Yorkshire Terrier!
Emma, age 9, England

goofy dog I give my dog, Nelson, a bath in the tub. I've tried it with
the hose, but he can't stand cold water! It's hard to give him a bath
because he will never sit down while he's in the tub. First, I pour
lots of water all over him, then I put some special shampoo on.
I scrub him real good and rinse him off.

As soon as he's done, he always shakes a lot, so I
tell him to stay until I'm out of the room. Once he's shaken,
I dry him off with a towel that we don't use. But even
after that, he goes crazy! He runs around the house
rubbing himself on everything! Its really funny!

Grace, age 12, Colorado USA

goofy dog Well, my dog Rosie is small enough to bathe in the sink,
since she is a Jack Russell Terrier. We don't though, because she
would jump out! No, she takes a bath in the bathtub, then she runs
around like a drunk puppy, even though she is eleven!

Angela, age 13, California USA

goofy dog When my dog was still a puppy, I gave her a bath in
the bathtub. But now she is too big to fit in it...she HATED it anyway.
Now I have to give her a bath outside with the hose. This is how I do it:
1. I tie her up with a leash.
2. I wet her down with the hose.
3. I scrub her all around with a facecloth and special organic soap.
She turns from black to white because of all the soap suds.
4. I rinse her off really, really well.
My dog LOVES baths with the hose but she does not like them in the tub.

Mariah, age 13, New Jersey, USA

goofy dog I bathe my dog by first getting the hose, then turning it on
after get the shampoo. Then I put it on although my dog runs inside
the house so we have to go inside get him, bring him outside
and scrub him. Finally I wash the soap off and dry him. His name
is Lucky and he is a very sweet dog.
Katherine, age 10, New Jersey USA

goofy dogWe take our dogs out to the middle of the backyard
and my dad gets the hose and the shampoo. Our puppy
tries to run away, but my dad gets her. Our old dog just
stands still and looks sad. When they are done they
shake and we run!
Jessica, age 10

My dog hates them! Her name is Sparkle and she
thinks baths are the worst thing in the world!

Funky, age 9, England

My dog's name is Maggie. She doesn't like going
into the tub to take a bath. I take a dog bone, show it
to her, and walk into the bathroom with the bone in my
hand and she follows. I place the bone into the tub. She
jumps in, eats the bone, and by the time she's done, I
have closed the door so she won't leave and the water
will be running and she will be ready to take a bath!
Kelly, age 13, Wisconsin USA

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My dog hates baths! So I tie her to the fence with
her leash, put on my raincoat, and take off my shoes.
She's scared of the hose, so I have to carry buckets of
warm water and somehow manage to pour the water on
her. Then I shampoo her and rinse her off, again, with
warm buckets of water. I usually wind up as wet as her!
Lauren, age 12, Wisconsin USA

We usually take him to the groomer. This week we
took him and they forgot to shave around his mouth.
He looks weird, cute, and silly. When our old housekeeper
was here, she used to take him into the laundry room sink,
and clean him with special shampoo. Alyssa, age 8, Florida USA

To bathe my dog, I put him in a tub.
Anonymous, age 7, West Virginia USA

When me and my mom give my Sheltie "Tod"
a bath in the bathtub, I stand up in the bathtub with him so I can scrub
him easier. I hold him up when my mom has to rinse under his stomach.
Sometimes we blow dry him after his bath. Sarah, age 10

I have an 8 year old Golden Retriever and I love to bathe him!
(He hates it!)I sometimes bathe him with the hose, but usually I put him in my
parents huge tub and scrub him clean! He loves it when I use warm water!
Alana, age 13, California USA

Giving my dog a bath takes a lot of strength. Every time I put her
in the bathtub she jumps out. It takes a lot of time to give her a bath!
Michelle, age 13, Alabama USA

We give our dog a bath by using the hose. He hates water a lot
though. We also have a pool for him but he won't go in. I wish he would
like water. Otto, age 10, New York USA

Well to all you people out there, haha. I have a Bichon Frise.
He's not that big, that's why I said haha. Anyway since he's small I can bathe
him in the sink which works fine. I use warm water which he's used to so he
doesn't squirm and all that stuff. I use a special brush to rub all of his special
shampoo in his coat. I don't just do that once but I do it twice. Then I take my
dog named Zippy or Boy out of the sink and put him on this table which he shakes
out most of the water, but not on me, Ha. Then I use a towel to rub him and
massage him. Finally I take him and blow dry him with two hair dryers to dry
him fast then I brush him. That works out pretty good, but then last I spray him
with dog deodorant which makes him smell ohhhhlala. Oh yeah, the reason why
is cause I give him baths every three weeks so he's got to love it or else he's
going to have to live with it. Dee, age 13, Michigan USA

I have a Chihuahua named Brandy, who hates taking a bath.
We give her a bath in the bathtub. But the thing I hate the most is that when she
is getting her bath, she cries real loud and I will feel bad and get in the tub
with her. I know that's disgusting, but who cares? I love her and I will do anything
to make her feel good. Because she's my baby. Anonymous, age 15, New York USA

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I give my dog a bath by tying him to the porch and I wet him
down with the hose. Shaquala, age 11

I always ask my mom and sister to help me out. My mom always
holds Sadie down so then we can give her a bath. Other times I get a rag and
dip it in the water and scrub her. I like that way much better.
Kati, age 11, California USA

I put my dog in the bathtub and then I close the door so she can't
get out. If she gets out, I wash her with the hose. Shaquala, age 11

We put our dog, Sandy, in the bathtub. Scott, age 11, West Virginia USA

I pull my dog, Chief, by his collar into the bathtub and he hates it
and pulls back and I win. I use dog soap that makes his coat shine, smell good,
and makes him fluffy. He loves his bath. After he is done, he then runs around
the house and gets everyone and everything wet. I got to him. He's our pal.
Luis, age 7

My dog, Maggie, is a black Labrador and she HATES taking baths!
We have a tub just for her that stays outside. We fill it with water from the hose
and we try to put her into it, but she doesn't stay in for very long! We hold her
there by the collar, and she squirms and tries to get away, but we have a tight
hold and get a little dog shampoo in her hair, and rinse her off. When we're done,
she has fun fighting the towel. We dry her off with it. Even though Maggie gets us
all wet, too, we still have lots of fun giving her a bath! Sarah, age 11, Ohio USA

I bathe my little Dachshund by putting him on a leash and hosing
him down. He doesn't much like to get wet so he shakes and gets me wet. Then I
scrub him real good to get all the dirt off of him because he is an outdoor dog.
When I am finished, I rinse him and he lays in the sun to get dried off.
Shaniqua, age 8, Mississippi USA

I'm the one who gives my dog a bath. I put him in the bathtub
when he gets washed. Kiri, age 11, Massachusetts USA

Me and my mom give our dog a bath in the bathtub. She always
squirms in the bathtub so we get really wet! When she gets out of the bathtub,
we dry her off in a towel but before she gets dry, she runs around the house
and shakes all the water from her back and gets most of the house wet!
Briana, age 10, California USA

I give my dog a bath in the backyard with the hose. I tie her
up to the fence and then I get her a little bit wet and scrub her down with
baby shampoo. I wash her off and then we go on a walk to dry her off.
When she was a puppy, I would give her a bath in our bathtub, but she isn't
allowed in the house. She never really was but my mom let us give her a bath
in the bathtub that one time. She loves the scrubbing part the best!
Kellie, age 12, Oregon USA

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I bathe my dog by putting him on a long leash and watering him
down with the water hose. Then I take a rag with my soap and wash him down
very kindly. She doesn't like the water so it is a great chore.
Gregory, age 9, Texas USA

We have two black Labs named Max and Maddie. We bathe them
in my mom and dad's garden tub with a very special animal soap. The soap is
called Corvis. It's a livestock soap that we use on our pygmy goats and it is safe
for all pets. When we use it on our Labs, it makes them look like velvet.
You can get this soap at feed and tack shops. Max does not like his bath,
but Maddie likes to drink water out of the shower handle.
Candis, age 10, Washington USA

This is how we give our Sheltie named Penny Brite a bath.
First we carry her to the bathtub and then my dad washes her. She tries to
get out, but my dad's in the way and she can't jump over the bathtub anyway.
After the bath is done, she acts really funny! She walks around and shakes,
and walks around and shakes and keeps doing that. It's really funny!
Ashley, age 12, North Dakota USA

We wash my dog out in the backyard with the hose. While we are washing
him, he turns around in circles the whole time and drives our mom crazy!
Tonya, age 8, Vermont USA

When my dog knows it's time for a bath, he runs and hides. I get a treat
so he will follow me to the bathtub. My dad helps put him in the bathtub. He acts
pretty scared, but then he is ok when we start to wash him. First we wash his
body and then his face, but we are careful not to get soap in his eyes. My dog is
so funny because as soon as he gets soap all over him, he shakes and it gets
all over! Simon, age 12, North Dakota USA

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