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It's Halloween! What scares your dog?

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog was terrified of my dad when he brought her
home and he spent the most time with her! She's also scared
of other dogs.
Paige, age 16, New York USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween Hi, My dog is afraid of mean people, fireworks, and people
in costumes.
Anonymous, age 15, Florida

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog is a rough Collie puppy so he is quite big. He loves
to play with big dogs like St. Bernards, Labs, and so on but
he is scared of little dogs like the Lhaso Apso accross the road.
I don't know why, but I think it's because he thinks that
they are too small to play with.
Rachel, age 14, Perth, Scotland

orange pumpkin on HalloweenMy dog is afraid of fire works! Every time he hears one
he goes in his kennel. He has a scared look on his face.
Its soooooooo sad.
Chloe, age 14, California,USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog, Dottie, is four years old and she is afraid of men
because she was abused before she came wandering up to
our house bloody and broken. She also doesn't like other dogs.
She is bullied by our neighbor's dog, Princess, so when Dottie
can bully a dog, she does. So we keep her on a head collar
when she goes on walks!
Emily, age 13, Tennessee USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog's name is Zoe. She is eight and she was afraid
of the dark (this is true). As soon as the lights go out she
tries to hide. All you have to do is reassure them and
pet them to let them know it's OK.
Becca, age 14, Georgia USA

orange pumpkin on HalloweenMy dog is afraid of other dogs because one day I took
my dog for a walk and we went past two bigger dogs and he
slipped out of of the collar. Tyler, age 14, Ohio USA

orange pumpkin on HalloweenI have three dogs. My dog, Kisses, is a yellow lab mix.
She is afraid of fireworks, my bass clarinet, and my trampoline.
My sheltie, Pebbles, is afraid of fast movements. And my sister's
beagle/basset hound/chocolate lab mix is afraid of my brother
and things that move quickly toward him. Jammie, age 15, Michigan USA

orange pumpkin on HalloweenI have two dogs. The oldest one is Pepperz. She goes crazy
when I turn on the hose. She barks and runs everywhere! Once
my sister left the hose on all night! So Pepperz was afraid to go
outside and peed in MY room! My other dog, Simba, is afraid of my
little sister (the one that left the hose on all night.) Simba runs
away from my little sister all the time!
Autumn, age 9, New Jersey USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog, Lucky, is afraid of the hose.
Tham, age 13, Victoria AUS

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog's name is Molly. She is 12 months old. She's afraid
of bigger dogs than her. When strangers try to break into my
house, she growls and barks. Fisher, age 13, Vista USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween Cookie, my German Shepherd, is afraid of thunder.
Gray Dawntreader, my Sheltie mix, isn't afraid of anything,
but doesn't like being laughed at. Tiffany, age 14, Georgia USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween I have two dogs. Buddy is afraid of blankets.
Blue is afraid of fire crackers. I love my dogs.
Nikki, age 16, New Mexico USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My puppies, Romeo and White Beard, are afraid of any and all
fireworks and my dad. I got Romeo at a humane society in
North Dakota and is too smart for his own good. We have
replaced sixteen windows in two weeks. White Beard,
I have had him since he was born. When someone breaks
into our house, they are too friendly, so I don't know what
to do about it. Steve, age 18, North Dakota USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween When I walk outside and don't let him know, and I walk up
on him, he will start barking.
Katelyn, age 14, Georgia USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog is a Beagle. She is scared of the hose.
aylor, age 13, Florida USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My puppy is Lucky, but he not really scared of anything.
But the thing that he is scared of is big balls coming at him.
But once he has seen that ball more than once, he will get
over his fear! He a strong puppy ! I Luv Him !
Erika, age 15 , Wisconsin USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog is afraid of the TV because of the sounds it makes.
She can't tell where the noise is coming from, so she just barks.

Rachel, age 14, Oregon USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog, Sugar, is afraid of gun shots, other dogs,
my cousin, and my brother. If I am petting her and she hears
or sees any of those things, she will either jump up in my arms
or growl and bark. I'm trying to break her habits, though.
Cissy, Virginia USA

orange pumpkin on Halloween My dog is afraid of balloons and my clarinet.
April, age 10, Minnesota USA

pumpkinMy dog is afraid of large plastic trash bags. My sister and I
had to "kill" one once before our puppy, Mocha, would go past it or even
get near it. Eva, age 10, Georgia USA

pumpkinMy dog's name is Lacy, and she is a Cocker Spaniel. She is afraid of
loud noises and people she does not know. She also is afraid of other dogs.
Kelly, age 10, Wisconsin USA

pumpkinMy dog, Maxie, is afraid of plastic grocery bags, men, heights, and he is
also afraid of being in his cage. Mimie, California USA

pumpkinMy dog is Grizzly and he doesn't really get scared.
But my other dogs, Wishbone and Coco, are scared of bugs sometimes!
Charity: My dog is Rocks and he is scared of our boat. But my other dog,
J.R., is scared of nothing either!
Charity & Krystle, ages 14, Texas USA

pumpkinMy dog's afraid of my other dog who sometimes attacks
Anonymous, age 7, Texas USA

pumpkinMy dog is afraid of the vacuum and dogs that are bigger
than he is, plus things that make loud sounds like the piano.

Anonymous, age 12, Florida USA

pumpkinMy dog is almost afraid of everything. She is afraid of
my grandma's Basset Hound. It is horrible.
Amber, age 11, Missouri USA

pumpkinWe have a plastic witch for Halloween and when it is on
he go ballistic! But one way to get him to be good is to pick
up the witch and set it down and he'll treat you like a queen
for 45 seconds!
Anonymous, age 11, New Jersey USA

pumpkinMy dog, Angel, is afraid of any change in the house or
anything new.
Anonymous, age 11, New Jersey USA

pumpkinEverything!! She's afraid of anything that's bigger
than her, including people she doesn't know!!! Her main
thing is olives though.....
Anonymous, age 13, Missouri USA

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Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the answers to the question? You can answer the question about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write your answer.

Write your answer to the question and share it with your parents.
Ask your friends or your teacher to answer the question.
Put your answer on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it your answer to them.
Draw a picture that shows the answer to the question.

Here's one more activity for you!
Make a flyer about Halloween safety and give it to everyone you know who has a dog. Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!


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