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red ribbonJack
by Natasha, Age 9
Moscow, Russia

I have a dog his name is Jack.
He is all white and his tail is black.

He has blue eyes and brown are his ears.
He never cries so he doesn't have tears.

I like my doggy just like he is.
Oh, I just forgot he's a Chinese Maltese.



red ribbonNisha's Poem
By Nisha, Age 12
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

I have a dog that wags her tail,
And hates to go on ships or sail.

She starts to feel miserable
when no one's at home.
And she really so miserable
that she starts to roam.

Though her name is Tricie
She is naughty little pixie.
She covers her mistakes
with innocent smiles.
These smiles that travel
a hundred miles.

I really love my doggy,
She is one of the
best members in my family.



A girl and her dog.

red ribbon Beez
by Allyson, Age 11
Illinois USA

There once was a dog
named Beez,
Who loved to eat
cheddar cheese,

His mouthfuls were big,
He acts like a pig,
And with the greatest of ease!



red ribbonDogs
by Robbie, Age 10
Massachusetts USA

Dogs are nice,
Dogs hate lice,
Dogs kill mice.
Dogs chase dice,
Dogs are nice.





red ribbonMy Dog Butch
Janice, Ag 10
California USA

I have a dog that likes to bark,
especially when were in the park.

When he eats his food,
he's in a good mood.

He looks at the sky,
and sees a plane fly by.

He likes to chase the butterflies,
and likes to see the flies go by.

This is the end of my poem, folks,
so good-bye to people that like poems.



red ribbonDogs
 by Laura, Age 8
Brentwood, NT USA

Dogs are cuddly,

Dogs are sweet.

Dogs are awesome,

And dogs don't tweet.







red ribbonSissy
by Jessica, Age 8
Westchester,Illinois, USA

I love my dog Sissy.
I treat her with care.
She does not bite or tare.

I'll keep her forever,
however she licks a lot.
Once she licked a pot.

Sissy comes in handy when
she finds the candy,
but then she'll eat them all.

I think my dog is the BEST and
should be in the famous dog hall.




red ribbonA Friend For Life
by Amanda, Age 9
West Newton, Massachusetts USA

A dog is your friend for life,
Even if he did give you a good swipe.

It was just an accident
Don't make a dent in your friendship.

Your dog will always stand up for you
That's not a lie, it's true

Your dog is your friend for life,
Please, don't ruin that.




Best Friends.


red ribbonJesse
by Rebecca, Age 7
Madison, Connecticut USA

Jesse the dog is smart.

I love him so,
it breaks my heart.

He loves to play with his tennis ball.
He runs so fast but never falls.

He loves his bone,
especially when he is home.






  red ribbonNellie
by Kristen, Age 8
New Jersey USA

A Poem to Nellie

Nell, my bell.
You are loved by me and Shell.

You are fun
and you can run!

You are sweet.
Do you want a treat?

Come on, let's play.
We'll have a great day.




 red ribbonMishka
by Ashley, Age 10

Mishka, is my dog

He once got lost in the fog!

We looked for him fast,

I found him at last,

He was in a big hollow log!



A Dog to Turn To

Every time I'm sad and blue,

All I have to do is turn to you.

Your little face
with hair all curled

You are the most precious
thing in the world!

red ribbonDogs
by Crystal, Age 12
Sunrise Florida USA

Do dogs think of us as bad or good?
Do they think we're cruel and mean?
Do they love us more than half to death?
Do they think they're not heard or seen?

Do they think they need some help in life?
Or do they want us to leave them alone?
Do some of us mistreat and hurt them bad?
when they play or want a bone?

I can see a dog lying there on the street,
and I think of what happened to it,
Of what horrible treatment it's had,
of why it's lying there in a pit.

I would have no choice but to take it in,
and change his life forever.
And if he recalled those sorrowful days,
I would remind him I'd hurt him never.

So if you see a dog and you take him in,
because you think you love him,
think that you WOULD be saving a life,
but don't make his life span more thin,
than it already was the day before,
the day he was almost gone...

Promise me that you'll love him forever,
and make his life go on.

Artwork by Leena, age 16

  red ribbonTogether
by Herbie (a Dachshund)
6 months old
Indianapolis, Indiana

I dedicate this to my wonderful family:
Daddy, Mommy, David,
Justin, and little Megs.

Together we stand,
Together we fall,

Forever I'm with you,
I'm standing tall.

Always there regardless of time,
No matter how bad your day,

I'll always be my happy self,
With a roll, a nip, and even a lick.

  red ribbonWOOF!
by Katie, Age 12
Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada

If the world had a million dogs,
it wouldn't be enough.

Maybe if we had a trillion dogs,
Hey! Now that's the stuff.

If man's best friend were cats,
where would be the dogs?

 Dalmatian Puppies


red ribbon My Faithful Companion 
by Linden, Age 11
Freeport, Maine USA

Always at my side,
She is there through thick and thin.
Her lovely tail a-wagging
And telling me she is there.
Her fur is soft and fluffy,
Her teeth they're sharp and clean.
There has never been a greater dog,
that I have seen.



A faithful friend!

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