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red ribbonDOGS
by Lilac Pony, Age 9
Phoenix, Arizona

Dogs are fun.
They sit in the street
like there's nothing to eat.

They go by their name
not by their fame.
And when they don't listen
hey, don't like to glisten.

Know that my poem
has gone to an end,
I'd like to say goodbye,
my friend.








red ribbonBlue!
by Krystin, Age 8
Florida USA

Grasses are here,
Bones are so few,
Please help me now,
Because my dog is blue.





red ribbonDogs, Dogs, Dogs 
by Katie, Age 13
Tacoma, Washington USA

Dogs are God's creatures.
Dogs are not only man's best friend,
But they are woman's best friend, too.
When you are sad,
They will cheer you up
When you are lonely.
They are company for you.
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs






red ribbonHolly
by Mindy, Age 11
Hagerstown, Maryland USA

Holly is a sweet dog,

She really knows her name.

She always is a good dog,

She is never one to blame.






red ribbonSparky
by Lisamarie, Age 13
New York USA

My dog's name is Sparky.
He is a pup
He eats from a dish
and drinks out of a cup

He is only seven months,
He's everywhere.
Here, there, in my room,
Or in the kitchen hiding
behind the broom.

He has a black spot,
if you want, call it a dot.
He has a stubby, short tail.
He goes outside to get the mail.

No matter if he bites,
I'll still love him.






red ribbonMy Dog
by Samantha, Age 11
Livonia, Michigan

Cute, Sweet,
Spunky, Perfect, Unique,
Nothing better!
Seven years old

He's the cutest dog you've ever seen!
He's a Dalmatian!




red ribbonGunner 
by Amanda, Age 10
Durham, Maine USA

Gunner is cute and sweet,
Sometimes he is really neat.

Coffee tables and lights he chews,
Sometimes he will tell you he loves you.

He takes my dad's chair to sleep
And he's asleep and won't make a peep.

He gets into the Christmas tree,
And I fly over and sting like a bee.
Merry Christmas, Gunner, from me!

Gunner wishes you a Merry Christmas.

red ribbonDogs Are Very Special To Me!
by Samantha, Age 10
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Dogs are very special to me.
They're different colors like you and me.
They're big and small and fat and thin,
Again I say
"Like you and me!"

Dogs are very special to me you see.
They are who they are,
And who they should be!

So when you see a dog,
Just say to yourself,

"Dogs are very special, just like me!"








red ribbonDogs
by Audrey, Age 6
Nashville, Tennessee USA

My dog is yellow.
My dog is a happy fellow.
Green and yellow,
A happy fellow




 Cute dog.


red ribbonMissy
by Kellie, Age 12
Hillsboro, Oregon USA

I love my dog Missy,
Who has spots from head to toe.

When I am gone,
She feels kinda low
In the backyard
Where she runs and plays,
She would run for days and days

In the white snow
Where there are buckets of ice,
She'd probably say,
"May I have a slice?"

But when the day is done
And all is asleep,
There will be one happy pup...
My little Missy.




red ribbonMy Sheltie

by Erika, age 9

Nothing better!




He is the cutest dog
you've ever seen!
He's a sheltie.

red ribbonHoney
Allie-Cat, Age 13
N.S.B. Fl.

I have a puppy,
Her name is Honey...
She has a reddish coat,
And she loves her new big boat...

When we go out to sea,
She is right there next to me...
And when we go to sleep at night,
She cuddles up nice and tight...

And so that is my new puppy
that we got,
(Just between you and me:
She was the only one






red ribbonCoco

Jocelyn, Age 11
Ontario Canada

Coco is my dog,
He sometimes acts like a hog.

His birthdays in November,
That I'll always remember.

Coco is lots of fun,
And boy he can run.

When he is happy,
I'm happy, too.

Coco you know,
I'll always love you.






 red ribbonTucker
By Alexa, Age 8
Lubbock, Texas USA

Tucker has big brown eyes,
His love for me is never a surprise.
When I go to my babysitter's house,
I tell him to be quiet as a mouse.

But he does not because he's so crazy
One thing I love is
That he's never ever lazy.

Cuddly and sweet.
He sits when I give him a treat.
He is learning to talk.
He says "ow-ow-wow".
My friend Amy taught him how.
My sister Victoria said
That Tucker is shiny,
And my brother Beaux was surprised
When he bit him on the hiney.

My poem is ending,
I really had fun,
But I want to go outside
And play in the sun

The end.
(Tucker is my babysitter's dog.)



red ribbon Nicole
Chelsea, Age 11
Austin, Texas USA

Nicole is a Sheltie,
The best Sheltie in the world.

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