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Red ribbonDoc  
Loving and caring,
My best friend,
I can trust him,

He is pure Boxer. The color of his fur is brindle. He usually is a hyper dog. He likes to play soccer and basketball.





  Red ribbonGedge 
by Jack, Age 9
Michigan USA

My dog's name is Gedge,
and he is really funny.
His hair is really bushy,
It looks like a bunny!
He has lots of fleas,
but that's okay,
We always get cleaned,
for a doctor we will pay!








  Red ribbonWagsey 
By Jajama, Age 10

I have a dog called Wagsey,
Her boyfriend's name is Jasny,
And she is very kind to me!
And she is lovely!

Red ribbonBill  
by Sheckie, Age 7
Ontario Canada

I have a dog named Bill,
He gives me a thrill,
when I ride on his back,
I hope he doesn't hack.

I love my poor Bill,
Even the rabbits he usually kills,
but he means well I think,
'cause he washes it down with a drink,
We call him D'oignons,
and also Moon Shoes Grenae,
but he doesn't really mind,
He takes it in his own way!

My dog Bill (D'oignons) is really cool cause he plays with me a lot. I love him!!







Red ribbon Dogs 
by Caitlyn, Age 8
New York USA

Dogs can be yellow,
Dogs can be black,
Dogs can be any color
if that is a fact.

Dogs can be small,
Dogs can be big,
Dogs can be any size,
if that is what you think,

Dogs can catch a frisbee,
Dogs can catch a ball,
Dogs can catch anything,
unless it is small.
Dogs can eat bones,
Dogs can drink water,
Dogs can eat drink anything,
unless it is fresh.


Red ribbonMy Dog  
by Keri, Age 10
Mississippi USA

My dog is very funny,
He likes to eat honey,
When he's through he runs around,
And goes to sleep safe and sound.





Red ribbon Our Dog 
by Emily, Age 9
Ontario Canada

I'm getting a dog
Hopefully not from the bog.
When we get the dog,
We will not get it from on a log.
I hope our dog will not be a hog.
I know our dog will not come
from the bog or on a log.








Red ribbonMy Dog  
by Andrea, Age 11
British Columbia, Canada

My dog keeps me warm
when I am cold.
My dog protects me ,
He is brave and bold.

My dog know when I am scared.
But no matter what,
he is always prepared.
My dog treats me
with kindness and love.
That's why my dog's
all of the above!







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