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 Red ribbon


 All of the poems below were written by kids who have sent in their work. Have fun reading!
 Red ribbon

Red ribbonPog
by Shaycie, Age 9
California, USA

I once had a dog,
And his name was Pog.
He jumped on a log,
And everyday he jogged.






Red ribbonHolly
by Lisa, Age 14
California USA




Red ribbonAnother Chance
by Nikki, Age 12
Rhode Island USA

When I came home from school,
And found my dog died,
A river is what I must have cried.
I had lost my best friend,
Who was there till her end,
And I thought I could never go on.

But it was that day I was taking a walk,
It had been days since I wanted to talk.
That I saw a dog by the side of the street.
That was whimpering and crying,
And couldn't stand on it's feet.

So I took that dog home,
And we went to the vet's,
Fortunately the doc
had no other pets

The vet checked him out,
Said he got hit
By a speeding car,
That broke him a rib.





 But he might make it,
He just may heal,
So relief was all
I could feel.
And so he did make it,
Now he's OK,
And my parents promised
to never give him away.

Because we both gave each other
something to love,
I gave him another chance.
He gave me a friend
and so our bond will never end.


 Red ribbonA Friend
by Dan, Age 9
Texas USA

A dog is a friend,
never to end.
A dog is a thing
never to sin.

A dog is a friend,
that gets you up high,
Whatever you do,
he won't tell a lie.

My dog is a lifesaver.





A boy and his dog.


 Red ribbonPuppy
by Chelsea , Age 8
Georgia USA

Where are you!



 Hiding in his house!


Red ribbon Silky
by Melody, Age 11
Ontario Canada.

I have a dog named Silky,
He acts kind of silly,
He chases its tail,
And howl and wail,
He likes poems and tales.




Cute maltese dog.


Red ribbonPuppies!
by Katie, Age 12
Texas USA

Puppies, puppies everywhere,
Some have really long, long hair.
Some are fat,
Some are not,
Some are as black as night.

Some are mean,
Some are sweet,
Some are big,
And some are small.

But the one they're buying
is the best of all!









 Red ribbonMy Dog
by Kristen, Age 11
Connecticut USA

I have a dog,
He is really cool,
He loves to play fetch,
and also drool.




Cute puppy


Red ribbonLily 
by Bernadette, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

Lily is a cutie pie,
and she's such a lucky pup.
She likes to run away,
but she does not stay,
because she's such a lucky pup!

Lily is the best doggie in the whole world! She is a purebred beagle that is very nice and likes good people. She likes to sniff everything and play with my sister and me all the time. My sister and I love her so much!




Beagle pup


  Red ribbonPals
by Rigel, Age 11
Alberta Canada

My dog loves to play,
In the bright sunny day.
She is always happy,
when I am there.
Together we make
perfect pals.







 Red ribbonDogs
by Brittani, Age 9
North Carolina USA

Dogs are big,
Dogs are small,
Sugar is sweet,
and so are you!




Cute dog



Red ribbonSpots
by Karisa, Age 12

My Dog Must Remember
Turkey On Thanksgiving ,
Pudding On Christmas ,
Eggs On Easter ,
Chicken On Sunday ,
Fish On Friday ,
Leftovers, Monday.

But Ah, My
He's Such A Dunce.
He's Went And Ate
Them All At Once.





 Running Dog

Red ribbonDogs 
by Jess, Age 12
Darwin N.T. Australia


And as quiet as a mouse.







Shaggy Dog


  Red ribbonI'm Thanking You
by Leanne, Jan, Jas, Ages 11
London, England

What a dog costs,
what a dog needs,
whatever causes his special needs,
and I'm thanking you
for looking after your dog!

What a dog wants,
how to stop fleas,
whatever makes them fall asleep,
and I'm thanking you
for looking after your dog!

What a dog eats
he messes up sheets,
how to stop him eating meats,
and I'm thanking you
for looking after your dog.







 Red ribbonBob
by Emma And Tashneem, Ages 10
Tooting London

I have a dog
And his name is Bob,
He is funny as a bunny,
He lives in my house,
And he eats from his dish,
And he is ticklish.

My dog's name is Stephi. She is a mixed breed
and she is brown. She is small and she chews up tennis balls.




Cute Dog


Red ribbon Lovable Dogs 
by Tamanna and Ragini, Ages 10 and 11
Merton, London

Dogs are sweet and fluffy,
They aren't as tough as Buffy.
They play sweet games,
And they have cute names.

Dogs have names, such as
Bob, Spot, and James.
They don't play Jazz,
Or use words like has.
They are just plain...
And some have no name.







 Cartoon Dog


 Red ribbonFree
by Anush, Age 12
Harrow, United Kingdom

Animals can be fun,
And they love to have a run.
But would it be better
if they were free,
That's right according to me.
So don't go and get,
An animal as a pet.

Animals are not ours to keep,
And it is not our decision
to put them to sleep.
Animals are killed mercilessly
So please let them be...
free, free, free.






Dog having fun!


 Red ribbonDogs
by Caitlyn, Age 8
New York USA

Dogs can be yellow,
dogs can be black,
dogs can be any color
and that is a fact.

Dogs can be small,
dogs can be big,
dogs can be any size
that's what you think.

Dogs can catch frisbees,
dogs can catch a ball,
dogs can catch anything
unless it is small.




Dogs can eat bones,
dogs can drink water,
dogs can eat tacos,
if they're south of the border.



Red ribbonA Dog's Life
by Gwen

A dog's life is,
lying on the grass,
being warmed by the sun,
dreaming of kibbles
and toys and fun.

Waiting for someone
to come rub their belly,
and licking off the kids' faces,
which are covered
in peanut-butter and jelly.

Wasting the day just having fun,
chasing sticks under the sun.
Or a tennis ball,
to chase and chew,
Maybe you should try one too!
They're really chewy
and fun to chase,
and leave a smile on your face.



 Then maybe you'd be more carefree,
if you came and played with me.
But a dog's life
isn't all fun and games,
it's also naps and food.
and getting your belly rubbed,
and your ears scratched,
and your head filled
with wonderful thoughts
of what you might do tomorrow.

Like stealing socks,
and chewing shoes,
and hiding things,
for my master to look for.
But hey, what can I say,
it's a dog's life,
and I love it!
It's a dog's life.


Red ribbonDogs are Big
by Ju and Aid, ages 10
London England

Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
Dogs are Big
But some dogs are bigger! 






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