My Dog Glory
by Ashley, Age 11
California USA

My dog Glory is oh, so nice
She has sugar and a little spice.
Whenever I see her
it brightens my day,
The clouds in the sky go away

She would never hurt anyone
She would never bite,
She is my love
My one delight.

If anything happened to her I would cry,
I probably would die.
I love her so much
And she loves me,

If you saw us together
you would drop to your knees.

That is the poem that cheers me up,
It helps me when things are tough.
She is the one I kiss good night
We would never get in a fight

I love my dog more than anything in the entire world! She rocks!

by Chelsea, age 12

Puppy on the table,
Puppy on the floor,
Puppy knocking over things,
And scratching on the door.

Puppy has dug up the lawn,
Puppy wakes up at dawn,
Puppy eating rocks,
And chewing up my socks.
Puppy ate my sisters slippers,
And ate the fins off her toy flipper.

Puppy played in my sisters room,
Sister said puppy's at his doom.
Puppies, joyful puppies... happy
He ate a carton of saltwater taffy.
Puppy's heart is big and strong
He'll be my best friend all year long.

The Black Lab
by Heather, age 13
Mississippi USA

The black Lab runs gracefully,
Down the yard, looking for me.
This black lab is a special friend,
He is there for me until the end.
But the thing that matters the most to me,
This black Lab is my little Sammy.

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My Dog
by Danielle, age 14

My puppy dog's colour is gold,
He does not like the smell of mold.
He chases his tail and begins to wail,
and then gets very cold.

by Tayla, age 15
Alaska USA

I have a wonderful friend,
Who's eyes are bright as the sun,
With the earth, he does blend.
He is my only one,
His face as black as coal,
But soul as white as an angel,
His hair as soft as his soul in this house,
He is the archangel,
He's my big wolfboy.
Though his name is Ash,
He plays with every cat like it was his toy,
And everything he sees, he tries to smash,
He's just a little puppy who loves to dash.
His kisses are a bit sloppy,
But I still love my Ash

His Tail
by Anonymous, age 13
Connecticut USA

He mat be sloppy, he may be queer,
But best of all he has no fear.
He looks so cute, with his wagging tail.
But if you step on it HE WILL WAIL!

by Lisa, age 13
Blackpool, England



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by Amanda, age 14
North Carolina USA

Floppy ears,
Sad little puppy eyes,
A little puppy with no fears,
A little Beagle with lots of tries.
He is my best friend,
That is until the end.

by Meredith, age 8
Missouri USA

My dog is sweet and very neat,
She's not afraid of stormy weather,
And waits for it to stop
With her little paws together.

My dog is talented,
And she knows how to jump,
The only problem is

Kassy comes down with a THUMP.
My dog is small, she loves to bark,
Dad thinks she sounds like Noah's ark!

Bertha & Hazel
by Meredith, age 8


Rays of Sun

Two Dogs in One


Lazy and Loyal

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My Dog Bear
by Megan, age 8
Pennsylvania USA

My dog's name is Bear,
He comes from the fair,
With a basket full of air.
He sleeps on hair.
He plays truth or dare.
He sits on a chair.
His owner's name is Sair.
That's the end of my little share.

by Ellie, age 9
Indiana USA


by Allie, age 10
Oklahoma USA

My loving puppy, Monroe,
is a snowball falling from the sky.
Monroe, a living puffball
running across the field.

As I listen to my canine pup
I hear a kettle ready on the stove.
When I feel Monroe
I love the wetness of his tongue.

Monroe, like a comforter blanket at night,
Monroe, like a pillow after a 20 mile run,
The smell of him is a bath in the sink,
Monroe, outside on a warm summer day,
Monroe, like fresh snow straight from the ground,

My puppy can be tasted even from far away,
Monroe, fresh brown sugar straight from the store,
Monroe, my life long dream come true!

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The Bark
Kirsten, Age 11
Massachusetts USA

The Golden runs down the path
Spraying the brown dirt, while the Black
Trots to see what's in the water.

The brown and black is already there
And they all find out no one is there.
They hear the echo from faraway.
You hear the rhythm
of the little one's song.
And one by one the song is gone.

by Gail, Age 8
Colorado USA

I had a dog named Zach. Zach was cool and he loved to act. He was fun to play with and he was one of the best dogs around. He was very funny and acted like a clown.

by Catherine, Age 13
Pennsylvania USA


I Love My Dog
by Jean, Age 14

My dog is called Tina and she is so sweet,
She gives me big kisses whenever we meet,
I love her a lot, she is my best friend,
And I hope our love will never end.

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My Dog!
by Lacy, Age 13
Oklahoma USA

My dog is so very furry and big!
My dog is so nice and clean!
My dog is asleep when I may not be!
But the best thing of all is my doggy loves me!
And I love my doggy as much as she loves me!

by Lindsey, Age 14
Indiana USA

Buddy how I've loved you
since the day we brought you home.
You were homeless and cold
and needed a home,
So we took you in our hearts,
believe me that was not hard.
You're funny, cute, and everything nice.
I hope you know I love you,
I wish you could hear,
Because the first thing I'd tell you would be
"I love you, I Love you, BUDDY"!!

Dogs Are Friends
by Emily, Age 8
Massachusetts USA

Dogs are friends to you,
They help you when you're blue.
Roof, roof, roof dogs will rule,
Roof, roof, roof cats will drool!

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by Alban, Age 15
Ontario Canada

All dogs are friendly,
Stays home with people,
And eats intelligent,
Scary as a bear.

One to Call My Own
by Kaitlyn, Age 13

I would love to have a puppy
to cuddle when I'm sad.

To snuggle up at my feet
when I feel angry and mad.

I would take care of him
and he would take care of me.
I would train him well
and he'd be catastrophe free.

My puppy and me would be
a once in a lifetime pair.
If he chewed up the carpet
I would not even care.

And when he grows up
he'll be the talk of the town.
"Four legged wonder,
black, white and brown!"

My sweetie would get old
but still be a pup at heart.
We would age together
and nothing could tear us apart.

Until that day when he'd fly to the sky.
I'd sit there dully trying not to cry.
I'd stop and think of the wonderful times together.
Going through rough times and stormy weather.
I would think reassuring thoughts as I gaze up at the moon.
"My beloved friend I will be with you soon."

I Love My Dog
by Peggy, Age 15
Illinois USA

My dog is sweet, she loves to eat.
When I pet her fur, she knows I love her!!

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Sadie is a Ladie
by Kaylin, Age 9
Ohio USA

Sadie is a lady
She will not wobble or gobble
She's a dog
She is like a queen bee
and so you see,
Well, she's like better than any old bee.
She's my Sadie lady.

by Stephanie, Age 13

Savanna, you're so sweet,
That I'll miss you when you go.
You're now seven years old and almost blind,
I can't stop crying when I think about,
How you were born almost blind.
And my mom took you in,
So, Savanna please don't leave me.

Puppy Love
by Ashleigh, Age 13
Maryland USA

Puppy love is good and true!
Your puppy will take care of you.
But when it dies, you will cry.
But hold the memories,
Puppy love is close to you!

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by Sammi, Age 14
Utah USA


by Sammi, Age 14
Utah USA


Patches Explained
by Scott, Age 14
Florida USA

She loves to run.
She loves to jump in my lap.
She likes to jump on my dad,
When he's taking a nap.

She likes to jump on my little dog, Sandy.
She loves to chew pig ears, many,
She loves her red bed dog, dearly.
I love her, my dog,
She loves me, her human.

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by Samantha, Age 10
New York USA

Ranger is about 7 years old,
He is very sweet as I well know.
He is not old, but he might die,
Just like my other dog who had a tumor in her eye.
He might have a brain tumor and I hope not,
If that is true, I will want him to know,
He is always in my heart.

Playful Puppies
by Tessa, Age 14
North Australia

Playful puppies having fun.
On top of each other one by one.
Pouncing upon butterflies.
When finally they caught one, after many tries!

Chasing after you up and down.
Then once inside, they leave footprints all brown.
They chew on your sandals,
Then worse- your new shoes.
But they're still the most playful,
When you've got nothing to lose!

Little Jack Horner
by Kelsey, Age 10
Texas USA

I have a dog named Charlie,
But we call him Jack Horner.
He sits in the corner,
And eats his food.
I love my little puppy named Charlie,
He is definitely not mean and rude!

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Why I Love Pongo
by Christie, Age 13
New Jersey USA

Pongo's my dog, he always obeys,
And comes outside on bright sunny days.
He goes to fetch that rickety log,
Yep, that's my Pongo, my virtual dog.

by Sarah
Florida USA

I love my dog's name, it's Blue,
Since my dog is not a girl,
My sister calls him LuLu.
I have a dog, he is not fat,
But he always fights with my cat.

The reason we call my dog blue,
Here I will give you a big clue-
My dog's skin color is blue.
He also chewed on my mom's blue shoe.

I love my dog, his name is Blue,
One day he jumped on me,
and I said, ''Shoo, shoo!''

My Dog Penny
by Lauren, Age 13
Florida USA

Not naughty,
Yucky paws,
And that's my dog, Penny.

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by Taryn, Age 10
Minnesota USA

My dog Twister has a blister on his left front paw.
My dog Twister hates that blister that he's got.
He tries and tries to get it off,
But that blister keeps hanging on.

Then one day I noticed something was wrong,
I thought and thought, then I remembered.
It was the blister that had come off.
My dog Twister no longer has a blister that hangs on.

by Kelsey, Age 10
Texas USA

Charlie used to be scared a lot
Now he feels happy because friendship he's sought.
He's a tricolor Terrier, he cost 65 dollars,
Dogs are happiness walking around in collars!

Buddy (German Shepherd)
by Billie, Age 10

My dog, Buddy, is very funny
And loves to fill his tummy.
He is very tall, he's not small at all.
He likes to play with squeaky toys,
But I think they make too much noise.
I love You Buddy!

by Chloe, Age 10
Ohio USA

CoCoa the wonderful dog,
I love the way he runs through the backyard,
and barks when someone is at the door.
He sleeps so nice and quiet,
It's so peaceful,
Oh, it is true,
CoCoa is wonderful!

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My Invisy-Pup
by Anonymous, Age 10
London, England

I have a dog.
But you see this adorable dog is just for me!

Because his breed is invisy!
He is invisible and keeps by my side,
Everyday and every night.
He is a great idea if you don't have a real dog,
But Invisy is just as good,
He doesn't mess on the carpet and does not do much wrong,
He is always my friend
And never will his life end,
As he will always come along!

What a Dog Needs
by Jessie, Age 11
New Jersey USA

What's inside a dog that makes a dog?
Let's see...a loyal friend,
No, not a frog!
A happy friendship, promises to keep.
Patience and training and lots of sleep.
But most of all, of the above,
What your dog needs is your love.

My Puppy, Cloey
by Judy, Age 13
Florida USA

My little Chihuahua pup, Cloey,
Likes to lick her little toesies,
When she wants to play ball.
She will dance a jig in the cool hall.
Once we finally start to play ball,
She will frantically chase it till she drops.
This is about my pup, Cloey. :.)

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by Sugar, Age 13
Maryland USA

C razy
U nderstanding
D um
D um
L icks
E veryone
S illy

Nikki in two ways!
by Emily, Age 10

I have a dog called Nikki,
With food she is very picky.
One day for a treat,
She nicked all my sweets,
Now you know why we call her Nikki!

by Britney, Age 13
Arizona USA

My dog Buddy,
Is very cuddly,
He makes you feel very bubbly,
When he is out and about,
He says hi to everyone.
I love my dog Buddy!

by Melinda, Age 13
NSW Australia

My gorgeous puppy, Molly,
Is a Border Collie.
Molly loves to hit the ball,
And run up and down the hall.
She chases birds up in the sky,
Ha ha Molly, they're too high!
I love my doggy, Molly,
Who is a Border Collie.

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Abbey, the Abnormal Dog
by Megan, Age 13
Maryland USA

Abbey, the dog, is the weirdest little pup,
She drinks water off a plate,
and eats food out of a cup.
She'll obey my commands and always sit,
but instead of sleeping on her bed,
She'll sleep under it!
Of all the silly things she does,
I'll always love her simply because
She's Abbey the abnormal dog!

My Best Friend
by Jasmine, Age 13
Utah USA

I love my dog, she is the best.
She is way better than the rest.
I hope she stays alive forever,
But if she doesn't,
I'll never forget, never.

by April, Jessica, and Melissa, Ages 13
Virginia USA

I have a dog named Stony,
My sister likes to ride her like a pony,
She is very nice,
She also likes to catch mice,
That is about my dog Stony,
Now everyone calls her Stony the pony!

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by Amanda, Age 13
British Columbia, Canada

My dog, Sunny, is very dear and dandy,
He often sneaks a piece of candy.
He likes to climb upon my lap,
Sunny is a cheery sorta chap

by Haley, Ages 10
California USA

Cute, Obedient, Odd
Kooky, Incredible, Energetic = Cookie! (my dog)

by Stephanie, Age 10
Mississippi USA

Dogs are like a friend to you,
especially when you're feeling blue.
They always love to play,
even on a stormy day.
They can be your most loyal friend
even until the world comes to and end.
Dogs are wonderful!

With All My Heart
by Siobhan, Age 8
Georgia USA

My dog has fun and likes to run,
She licks my face with good grace.
Some dogs are big, some dogs are small,
But mine is very, very tall!
I love my dog with all my heart,
And we will never be apart!

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by Laura, Age 10
California USA

I have a dog named Spooky,
He is smart as a cookie.
I take him for a walk,
and he chews on my sock.
He is so sweet, I cant wait for you to meet
my lazy dog Spooky.

by Kayleigh, Age 12
Liverpool England

Zac, Zac is Fat.
Zac is great.
Zac eats all his dinner from his plate.
Love you Zac

Dogs and Cats
by Kerry, Age 10
Iowa USA

Dogs and cats,
have a lot of facts.
Long and skinny and some even whinny
Dogs you should take to picnics,
cats you should leave behind, where they will lay reclined.

by Samantha, Age 10
Texas USA

My dog Maddie is kind of small,
She loves to play Frisbee or ball,
She is a lot like sheep dogs,
But doesn't like to jump over logs.
Sometimes she chases cats,
One time she even killed a rat!

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A New Puppy
by Jessica, Age 12
Michigan USA

I really want a new puppy,
no not a guppy!
I want it to be a Beagle , no not an eagle!
Her name would be Zoe. Or maybe even Cloe!
Only one little prob, I'm trying not to sob!
My mom doesn't want one,
I try to tell her it would be fun!

We already have a lab, she is actually quite fab!
But all she does is lay around, she never makes a sound!
She is too big to cuddle, I'm sorry to burst your bubble!
A beagle would be cool, oh, who am I trying to fool?
All I can do is dream,
and gaze into that warm sunny beam.
Maybe, one day, I will be able to play.

by Amber, Age 11
Pennsylvania USA

How sweet dogs are
if you get a dog when it was a puppy,
you can train it to be funny.

Some dogs are small, some are big,
Some are funny, some are playful,
Some are mean, some are as nice as can be.
Some may be long-haired,
Some can be short-haired,
But no matter what you say,
All dogs are cute.

Dogs Are Scary
by Sarah, Age 10
Toronto, Canada

Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary, Dogs are scary,
Dogs are scary,
And some are really, really, REALLY scary.
P.S. When it comes to dogs, I am a scaredy cat.

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Some Dogs
by Shayla, Age 11
Oklahoma USA

Some dogs are sweet, Some dogs are mean,
Some dogs are lazy, Some dogs are playful,
Some dogs are little, Some dogs are big,
but they're all one of a kind.

My Friend
by Dafney, Age 12
Minnesota USA

My dog
A friend, a love that will never end.
A puppy so cute, so playful,l but not all ways astute.
My best friend lives with me everyday,
From early morning to mid afternoon,
To late night when there is an end to a fight.
My friend, my toy,
My one friend that fills my heart with joy!

My Dog, Nessy
by Cate, Age 13
South Australia

My dog, Nessy is very cute,
She would like to go in a ute
She plays all day and never goes away
I love her so much,
She has a healing touch!


Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the poetry?
You can write a poem about your dog, too. Get some paper, sit down, and write a poem.

Give your poem a title and then share it with your parents.
Show your friends or your teacher.
Put it on the refridgerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it to them.
Be proud of what you wrote.
Draw a picture illustrating your poem.
Congratulate yourself for spending some time thinking about your dog!



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