Here's a dog now.TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR DOGS!Here's another dog!


Story dog!Kara, Age 13
Ohio USA

Hi Ya'll! My name is Kara. I have 3 dogs- Buzz, a Rottweiler and Doberman mix, Shyla a Beagle and Jack Russell mix, and Cowboy, a full-blooded registered Australian Cattle Dog( Blue Heeler). I love my dogs they are like my best friends. Buzz is 6 years old, Shyla is 2 years old, and Cowboy is around 6 months old.

I just found Cowboy this summer after we moved to our house in the country. He was born with a deformity. My parents didn't want him. Then they found the owner and they came and took him away and a hour later they brought him back and said we could have him. Ever since then we have been best buds. Cowboy likes to chase everything He chases my goat, my other dogs Buzz and Shyla, and once he was chasing my horses, but now they chase him. I am going to train Cowboy to herd livestock. He is a Doll. I love all of my dogs. Thanks for reading about my dogs.

Story dog!Jessie, age 16
Indiana USA

Waz up! I'm fine. I have a Golden Retriever and she is about 9 years old. Her name is Jasmine. She lives with my Aunt and Uncle right now in Fishers.


Story dog!Meghan, Age 13
Saskatchewan Canada

My dog's name is Mojo. He is fun to play with and take care of. He is a black Lab and he is 12 months old. He shoves his head into the snow in winter and it comes out all covered in snow. He barks a lot but he is the best dog in the world.

Story dog!Magen, Age 14
California USA

Kingsly is an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix. He is my best friend and has a loud bark. He is also VERY intelligent. He knows: dead dog, shake, sit, down, up, come in both English and Spanish, and is learning wave and all the basic commands in Spanish!

Story dog!Amanda, Age 13
Virginia USA

I have two dogs. Cody is a Golden Retriever and he is 9 years old. He is the best dog, he is always trying to get attention from people and he loves to be pet and played with. I know Cody's life is coming to an end and I don't want to lose him. He is one of my very first dogs. There will never be a dog that could replace him. Cody loves to play in the snow, he likes going sleigh riding with me. He loves to ride in the car no matter where we are going. Whenever we have to take him to the vet he always knows what is coming and he cooperates very well.

My other dog's name is Sadie. She is a Great Dane. Sadie is one year old and she is the biggest scaredy cat you could ever meet. Sadie's nickname is "monster dog" because she is just so big. Monster dog is very affectionate towards the ones she loves like me. She sleeps in my bed with me every night and in the mornings while I am waiting for the bus to come she stands by my side at the front door, and when I come home she is just hysterical. Monster dog loves to play and loves to go on walks. I try to take her on walks whenever I can. Sadie loves the snow but I think she will like it a lot more now that she is older and more hyper. No dog could replace Sadie. I just love her to much. Well I gotta B U C O N E Love ya and the animals!!

Story dog!Marianna, Age 14
Illinois USA

I have an adorable Shetland Sheepdog. His name is Toby. I will never want a different dog than Toby.

Story dog!Sophie, Age 7
Ontario, Canada

My dog's name is Seamus. He is a Border Collie. We got him at the Humane Society. He used to be naughty, so we took him to dog school. He has passed grade one. If he passes grade two and three, we can do agility. He sleeps on my bed every night. He loves me and I love him! He is the best dog in the world.

Story dog!Brian, Age 11
California USA

My dog, Shannon's favorite chew toy are people's fingers. She is very smart. She likes getting her belly rubbed. She is a black and tan Dachshund. We don't feed her table scraps, so she is very healthy. She loves being kissed, but don't kiss her on the lips because she eats cat poop.

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Story dog!Sarah, Age 12

My dog's name is Vina. She was born on the 12 December 1995. She is a Rottweiler Bullmastiff X. She mimics what I say, hates water, loves salad, and has fur that is black and tan.

Story dog!Brittany, Age 12
Michigan USA

I have only one dog, but she seems like five. My dog is very hyper, her favorite toy is one that I thought would never be. It not worth 2.00$ Its not worth 5.00$ to her. To her it seems priceless. She's had it forever. This toy is an empty pop bottle. Its loud but she is my dog and I got used to it. My dogs name is Jazzola. She is only 2 years old. I love her more than my own best friends. To me Jazz is like someone to calm me down at night or listen to my problems. She can not fix them, but she can make me happy. She is my companion. The one that I love, the one that I can trust, the one that I can believe in when I am sad. She's like my hero that came into my lonely world. Although she big and more on the stuck-up side she is like my baby. I will always be her mom!

Story dog!Shianne, Age 14
New Mexico USA

My dog is a Blue Heeler and is almost 4 months. He is silver, blue, brown, black, and white. He loves playing Frisbee and playing with squeaky toys. He does not really like other dogs except for our other three. Our other dogs are a Pomeranian (almost 5 months) and Chihuahua and Sheltie mixes (6 years). My dog's name is Chief, the Pomeranian is Jackpot, and the other two are Doozie and Domino and I love them all very much.

Story dog!Clowie, Age 13
Illinois USA

My dog is 13 years old, just like me, and he is very important to me and my whole family. We used to play all the time, but he has grown old and weak now, and has stopped doing the stuff we used to do. But we still play about once a day, normally I chase him around. I am scared to lose him because I won't know what to do without a dog. But these stories are supposed to be happy, and it is because I still have my beloved dog I'm just scared to lose him that's all. You know, you should always look on the finer side of life because even when you are down there will always be your loyal friend beside you.

Story dog!Ashley, Age 14

He is a German Shepherd and his name is Bear. He barks a lot, but he's fun!

Story dog!Lauren, Age 15
Texas USA

My dog is about a year old. She is very smart too! She is a Border Collie. She makes me laugh a lot. She is very colorful. She is tan, white, and black. She knows how to sit, speak, down, and jump. I taught her that myself, thank-you very much! She is very alert, very gentle, very cute, and friendly. Peace out my people! And I forgot to tell you her name and it is ....... GINGER.

Story dog!Elizabeth, Age 10
Texas USA

My dog, Barney, is twelve years old. My dad and my mom have had him since before I was born. He's a Golden Retriever. What's so special about him is that he does LOTS of tricks, he's lovable, he doesn't bite, he protects me, and when you tell him to go to his dog room, he goes!! Golden Retrievers are fun to play with when your bored. On Christmas we put up his stocking, he usually gets treats and bones. Also we write a list to Santa for stuff that Barney needs, like a blanket, treats, food. I love to take care of him. Barney is kind of like my big brother because I've had him ALL my life, and he's a healthy dog.

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Story dog!Missy, Age 14
Texas USA

I have a dog and his name is Spots. He's a wonderful dog but he likes eating my grandma's plants and my mom gets very mad but he's a good, playful dog. Well if y'all want to know what kind of dog he is, he is Border Collie mixed with Labrador! Well y'all take care of those dogs please because I care about them!

Story dog!Jordan, Age 9
Iowa USA

My dog's name is Ginger. I love her so much. She loves to cuddle up by the heat when it's cold out. She is the best dog in the world! She is a Rat Terrier. Her birthday is Oct.18,1999. She likes to play, sleep in our beds and lay on our laps. Her face is all brown with a white stripe down the middle. She has a black spot on her back and her tail looks like she stuck it in black paint. One of her favorite things to do is take our toys, underwear, and anything that she can reach. She thinks it is a game when we chase her to get our stuff back, she runs around the house so we can't get her. Even though she is bad, I still think she is the cutest dog and the best dog in the world.

Story dog!Felicia, Age 13
Kentucky USA

My dog is a Border Collie and his name is Lassie. He is three or four years old and is very special to me. I got him one year for Christmas.

Story dog!Ashley, Age 13
Calfornia USA

My dog is the greatest dog in the world. My dog is a Rottwelier. He is one of my best friends. He is going to be 3 on December 12. He is the funniest, fattest, and has a lot of energy. If you're looking for a great compainon, you should get a Rott.

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Story dog!Cali, Age 11
Georgia USA

I have two dogs. Their names are Ginger and Corki. Ginger is an eight year old Golden Retriever. She is tame and cuddly. She knows how to lay down, sit, and shake. Corki is a two or three year old mutt. We got her from the pound, so we don't know exactly what she's a mix of. She knows how to sit and shake. She yaps a lot, but we all love her anyway.My two dogs are the cutest little things! Corki is little and Ginger is medium-sized. I love them both the same though.

Story dog!Jessica, Age 14
outh Carolina USA

y dog is AWESOME! Her name is Abby Partygirl, but we call her Abby. Abby is a golden Sheltie. My dad gave us Abby around Christmas. She has gotten 1st place in a dog show on T.V! After she won she got very exited and ran through a fence and a little piece of her ear came off :( but now she is a show dog and we love her so much! We have trained Abby to do many more things thanks to your site! IT RULES!!!!

Story dog!Joe, Age 13
California USA

My dog sadie is a very well-behaved dog and can sit and stay. She has been in obedience training and I love her very much.

Story dog!Emily, Age 13
Mississippi USA

I have four dogs. They are all pretty smart. Tho oldest of them is Coca Cola (C.C. for short). She was born July 19,1995. She is a Rat Terrier. Rat Terriers are commonly called Feists. We named her C.C. because she is brindle colored. Her back is the color of coke and her head and legs are a fizz color! She likes to tree squirrels. We have taken her hunting before and we caught 3 squirrels. She also knows to sit, stay, come, lie down, play dead, shake, and walk on her hind legs for about 5 feet. Every time you say "go get 'em" or "sick 'em' she will run out to the woods and start hunting the squirrels. When she finds one she tries to climb the tree and barks. I really should have named her Houdini because I can't keep her in any pen. Once, we locked her crate for the night with a real lock and the next day the lock was undone and the gate was open! She will climb out of a tall pen also.

Snoopy is the second oldest. He is also a Rat terrier. I named him Snoopy after the Peanuts cartoon character, Snoopy. He sort of looks like him and behaves like him. He was born July 10, 1996. He is black and white with tan eyebrows. He also trees squirrels but has not been hunting yet. The only time he barks is when strangers come up. Then he yap yaps and nips at their heels! It's really funny to watch! He knows all the things C.C. knows and also does agility. I built my own agility course and trained him. I haven't been able to enter him in a contest though. He is more cuddly than C.C. He and C.C. will sit on the porch swing together and make it swing back and forth.

The third oldest is Jo Dee. She is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Red Heeler mix. She is red merle which is red with black marble coloring. She also has red colored eyes which is weird. She was born November 28, 1999 in Oklahoma. A friend gave her to me as a gift. Though it's unusual, she trees squirrels too! I am working on teaching her how to herd our 23 horses! She knows sit , stay, come, give me five, give me ten, stand on your hind legs, jump up, look behind you, and catches food when you throw it to her. She is a really cool dog.

The fourth youngest is Mickey. He is still a puppy. He is a Rat terrier. C.C. is his mom and Snoopy is his dad. He is a chocolate and white. It's kind of a tan but with a little brown to it. His eyes are blue in the middle with gold around the edges. They are really neat looking! He was born April 12, 2000. He has already learned sit, stay, come, down, roll over, and stand up. He is getting the hang of treeing squirrels!

All of my dogs get along and love me. I love them and would hate to lose one! No stranger would get near me. They are very protective of me. I love them so much!!!

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Story dog!Megan, Age 13
Wisconsin USA

I have 2 corgis named Puddin and Dee. I love them so much. Corgis are very smart and easy to train. I would recomend them to anyone!!!!

Story dog!Jordan, Age 9
Florida USA

I have a new puppy! He thinks my older dog is his mom! Maybe it is because they are the same breed. He is a cute pug, three months old. He is so small he can't get up or down the stairs. He gives me tons of kisses and I love him a lot.

Story dog!Sammi, Age 14
Utah USA

I have two dogs. Their names are Comet and Misty. Comet is only seven months old and Misty is thirteen. Comet is a purebred lab and Misty is a Lab/Brittney spaniel mix. Words can't describe how much I love them. :.)

Story dog!Kelly, Age 13
California USA

I have two dogs, Oscar and Smoky. Oscar is a full-blooded Dachsund, and Smoky is a Dachsund, Chihuahua, Pomeranian mix. Oscar is 2 and Smoky is 20 weeks. They are the best of friends together since the first day I put them together when I got Smoky. They are my best friends too. Oscar treats Smoky like his son. If you barely tap Smoky and it looks like a hit, Oscar gets mad. They are very great but sometimes Smoky forgets to do his bussiness outside .I read all of the other articles and your guy's dogs sund great just like mine. Well see ya, got to go play with Oscar and Smoky and I am looking forwrad to reading your guy's articles bye.

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Story dog!Ling Ee, Age 13
Johor, Malaysia

My sister and I have a dog each. They are named Ariel (as in the Little Mermaid) and Tinkle respectively. They know a bunch of tricks. They are Labrador Retriviers and I love them a ton! Ariel and Tinkle rule!!!!!

Story dog!Brittany, Age 13
Missouri USA

My dog is name is Tasha she's a Cairn Terrier. She is a very small dog. he is a brown dog.

Story dog!Kellie, Age 14
Oregon USA

I have one dog. Her name is Missy and she is a Dalmatian (brown spots). I love her so much!. She is 4 going on 5 next month and I love her so much! I have had her every year of her life and every year I love her even more than the first.

Story dog!Spike, Age 11
South Yorkshire

I have two dogs, CT and Brock. They are really gentle and great companions. I love my dogs. They are irreplaceb.le CT is 12 and Brock is 7. If everyone loved dogs as much as I do, dogs would be treated just as well as humans.

Story dog!Anonymous, Age 13
Ontario Canada

I have one dog, his name is Pal. My family got him from a shelter. He has German Shepherd/hound and Beagal mixed in him. He is tall with floppy ears and a long tail.

Story dog!Christie, Age 13
New Jersey USA

My dog's name is Pongo. He's really sweet! He loves to play fetch with his special fetch stick. He also helps me find money! Pongo is a REALLY good dog. He likes to play with Ginger and Allie when we go out to the park and if they're not there, he'll always play with the other Dalmatians and Labrador Retrievers. He NEVER wrecks the house when I'm away and is good friends with Dr. Laura (the vet). I love him so much, he's the BEST!

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Story dog!Kim, Age 17
Utah USA

I have three dogs, their names are: Lady, 5 years old, Tolby, 11 months old and Phreckles, 4 months old. I got Lady when I was 12 from Idaho. She is a Kelpie mix and is a awesome cow herder. Tolby is a black Pomeranian and is going to be a stud in a month when he's a year old. Phreckles (freckles) is a Australian Shepherd. She is starting to be a very good herder, but she's still just a pup!! I love all three of my kids!!

Story dog!Patti, Age 6 months
North Carolina USA

My Momie shares her dog with me. I am still too young (almost 7 months) to care for him. His name is Merlyn (Rottweiler) and we are growing up together. Thank You Momie for helping me share. Well, I got to go take a nap. ByeBye!

Story dog!Britt, Age 13
Ohio USA (YourDog)

I have a Golden Retriever named Jake and a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) named Tinker (short for Tinkerbell). Jake is my dog, and Tinker is the family dog. I got Tinker when I was almost 6, so I have basically grown up having a dog. I got Jake in May of 2000, and he is 3 years old. Tinker is 8, but we got her when she was 1. Her birthday is the day after mine! Jake is excellent at obedience. I love my dogs!

Story dog!Jennifer, Age 13
Indiana USA

I have three dogs. Their names are Pongo, Duchess, and Lindsey. They are the best dogs in the whole wide world. I love them with all of my heart. Dutchess is a German Shepherd and Lindsey is too. Pongo is a Beagle. They are so cute and friendly. They love kids so much. They are my best friends in the world. I hope they live for a long time. I walk them a lot. Duchess is the oldest and Lindsey is the youngest. Duchess is 16, Pongo is 7, and Lindsey is 4. (In people years that is.) I love them so much. They are the best dogs in the world.

Story dog!Anonymous, Age 15
Ohio USA

My dogs are named Copper and Roxs. One is a Pit Bull mix with Chow and German Shepherd. Roxs is a German Shepherd and Rottweiler. They are still puppies and I love them. They are not trained yet. They only know how to sit and sleep all day. They always wrestle. I still like them though.

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Story dog!Linda, Age 16

My jewel and best friend in life is my Tibetan Mastiff girl, Tess. She brightens up my life when I'm feeling sad and the house is never empty when I come home from school! I would like to thank Tess for being the best friend anyone can ever have! :-)

Story dog!Kaitlin, Age 6
Alberta Canada

My dog's name is Toby. One day Toby licked me in the face because he loved me. He was a special dog that day. He's my favourite little Poodle. He jumps up at me when I come home because he's excited to see me. Last night I had to scratch his belly and ears for one half hour because he liked it so much. I love my dog. The end.

Story dog!Jacery, Age 14
New York USA

I have 2 dogs, Sassy, a Sheltie, and Bear, a German Shepherd. They are the coolest. Sassy is a show dog. She knows 23 tricks. Bear's not in show yet because he's only 5 months old, but he knows 7 tricks. They are my babies. I love them

Story dog!Ashley, Age 13
California USA

My dog is great. He is a Shetland sheepdog and I like to play with him.

Story dog!Martin, Age 16
Wiltshire, England

My dog is the best dog in the world. I think he is one cool dude. His is a little puppy Jack Russell. He always jumps on my legs. I have a cool cat and the dog is frightened of him. Don't you just love pets!

Story dog!Judy, Age 13
Florida USA

I have an adorable 8 month old Chihuahua. I got her when she was 6 months old which was on September 10, 2000.She is so smart. The tricks that she knows are sit, stay, sit-up, walk on her two feet, shake your hand, wave, and she is learning how to roll over.She is very sweet and she loves people and she gets along with any kind of animal. She always plays with my quaker parrot. They are very funny to watch. I love my puppy and I am going to start training her in the show ring.

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Story dog!Megan, Age 14
Ohio USA

Hi, I am Megan and my dog's names are Otis and Shera (shee-ra). Otis is a black Lab and Shera is a Golden Retriever mix. They are the best dogs.

Story dog!Sugar, Age 13
Maryland USA

My dog's name is Cuddles. He is really crazy. He runs around the room and grows. Then he chases his tail then he's done.

Story dog!Becca, Age 14
Essex, England

I have one dog and his name is Marble. I love him so much as he is the softest, nuttiest thing in the world! He is always full of energy and loves his tugger. He also has a mad 5 minutes almost every day, during this he runs round and round the garden till he wears himself out!

Story dog!Sarah, Age 13
Michigan USA

Five years ago, my family, my uncle and his friend went to the zoo on 'Find Your Best Friend' day. The Humane Society had brought lots of abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals to the zoo for people to adopt. We looked for a long time at all the dogs, but none of them seemed right. When we were just about to leave, we saw an employee walking with a dog on a leash. The first time I saw the dog I said, "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen!" He was an Australian Shepherd, and he's lots of different colors. He has a black face with yellow eyebrows, brown legs, black and white spots, and a huge black spot on his back. Buddy is his name. We decided to adopt him. Now he is 6 years old. He has seizures all the time, and he's on medication to help him. The medication makes him really hungry, so he tries to get into cupboards and stuff ALL the time. He's eaten all the garbage and dog food a few times. Now we have baby locks on our cabinets and special garbage can lids for all our garbage cans. I hope that Buddy will be around for a long time, even though he is pretty weird. :)

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Story dog!Jesse, Age 7
Ontario Canada

My dog's name is Pepper and she is a Flat Coat Retriever. ╩She is 2 1/2 years old. ╩She is a great dog because I think she is funny. ╩Whenever I play with her she likes it. ╩I am trying to teach her to roll over and play dead.

Story dog!Whitney, Age 10
California USA

My dog's names are Heidi and Jorden and both of them are just starting to watch me! And they are good at it!

Story dog!Megan, Age 13
Maryland USA

My dog's name is Rex. He is an adorable Australian Shepherd. He is 2, but almost 3. He's really scruffy, and has dreadlocks on his ears. He's not a purebred, but I like him just the way he is.

Story dog!Megan, Age 11
Texas USA

My dog is a brown Lab she was born in January and will be eight years old.

Story dog!Arthi, Age 13
Maryland USA

My dog, Roxy, is the best dog in the world. She is a Dobie/Rottie mix. She knows sit, stay, down, paw, other paw, heel, and jump up. She sleeps with me and follows me everywhere.

Story dog!Hakar, Age 17

I have got a poodle. He is 8 years old, yet he is still jumping around like when he was a puppy. I have now made him his own homepage with a lot of pictures of him. I would be very happy if I could share these pictures with other dog-lovers.

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Story dog!Anonymous, Age 13
Georgia USA

My dog's name is Freckles. She is a mixed breed. We think she is some type of hound because she likes to sniff out the squirrels and the family of deer that live in out back yard. She likes Christmas Tree Farms (that's where we got her) and chasing chickens when no one looks, she cuddles with the cat. She is a well-behaved medium sized dog. She is a tri-color with a white underbelly and black on her back, a white face with black eyes and ears. She has freckles along her nose, neck, and underbelly.

Story dog!Stephanie, Age 13
Florida USA

My dog, Rosie, is the best and also the smartest dog in the world! She learned how to come when he was just 2 weeks old! Now he knows all tricks like sit, lay, go, stay, bow lots and lots!, speak, say please, beg, give a high five, play dead, roll over, and fetch. But that is not it! When anyone in my family says "go" or "car" or Take out the dog Stephanie ", I'll think I will go and...", she knows that if he is standing at the front door then he will get taken out!! He hates it when I hug her, but she forgives me quickly. If she ever made me angry (which is hardly ever) I would forgive her quickly. I know that Rosie is the Greatest dog that I will ever have! She is the best! I have the best one year old dog in the world , if you know that!

Story dog!April, Age 14
Maine USA

I love my dog because she loves me more than anything else in the world. She does almost everything I want without being told, but I train her anyway. Everybody has to comment on how beautiful she is. She is tri-colored with long hair. She follows me everywhere I go and sleeps on my bed every night. Whenever people she doesn't know really, really well come she barks her head off and follows them around but won't let them touch her. She was born December 28, 1999. I got her February 27, 2000 from a couple that wanted really bad to get rid of their puppies. They took three over stuffed in a carrier and she came out first so I chose her. She was also the prettiest, being perfectly symmetrical. She really loves my cat, Tammy, who was born Easter, 1997. They play games with each other like chase and lick. Penny is definitely MY dog.

Story dog!TyR, Age 12
Michigan USA

My family has a Great Dane puppy named Dazzle.  She is only 6 months old but already 70 pounds.  She is going to get probably as big as 120 pounds.  Her favorite person is my dad, but she gets really excited when me and my brother come home from school.  My mom and I are going to take her to training class starting soon.  Hopefully she will learn not to jump up on us when we come home!  She is going to knock us over one of these times if she gets bigger.  We went all the way to Alberta Canada, 3000 miles round trip to get her from a friend.  She is Merle which is gray with black spots and some white too.  I am going to write a paper about her at school.  We are really happy to have our new family member.

Story dog!Jennifer, Age 14
California USA

Hi. My dog is 4 months old and he is so c.o. He learned a lot since he got here. He is a Miniature Poodle and he learned how to sit, lay, speak, fetch, and a lot more things!

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Story dog!Meijing, Age 12
Connecticut USA
My dog, Maxi, is a Sheltie and he is really sweet and cute. Maxi is just a puppy, a little over 3 months old and loves to play. He already knows how to sit and lie down. He attracts many animal lovers when we take him outside. He's light brown and his neck is white. He gets really excited every time he sees me. I love my dog and I hope he lives a long, happy life with me!

Story dog!Sally, Age 15
Penang, Malaysia

My dog is called Bob. It's a 2 year old Mini Pinscher. Bob loves to jump and running about so much. He loves Super Coat, too. I love Bob very, very much. I spends my free-time playing with him.

Story dog!Heather, Age 14
Illinois USA

I have a 3 year old Bichon Frise. His name is Teddy, and his full name is.. Sir Theadore E. Bear (Ted E. Bear) He know all sorts of tricks! Although I'm not planning to entering him in anything, I train him as a show dog and agility, as seen on TV dog shows and agility. He's lots of fun!

Story dog!Melody, Age 11
Tennessee USA

My two year old Blue Heeler (Shania) is the best! She has only 3 legs because in March she got hit by a motorcycle. It tore the nerves in her left shoulder, so they had to amputate. It hasn't slowed her down a bit! I was really scared when she was hit because we thought she was going to die or that we would have to put her to sleep. This one vet scared us really bad because she thought that Shania's diaphragm was torn! Thanks Dr. Paula for saving my Shiney Hiney! (That's Shania's nickname!)

Story dog!Megan, Age 13
Maryland USA

My dog's name is Rex. He is an adorable Australian Shepherd. He is 2, but almost 3. He's really scruffy, and has dreadlocks on his ears. He's not a purebred, but I like him just the way he is.

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Story dog!Liz, Age 14
Ohio USA

My dog, Trixie, is almost two years old. When we got him, she was uncontrollable and untrainable. We had almost given up hope on her, when we found something she was wonderful at. She was a natural herder. We got two sheep and chickens, and she herds them into the fence when they get out. She rounds them up into the barn at the command "Get 'em". I have now taught her to feed them. I guess her training wasn't working because it wasn't fun for her. Well now she knows fifteen tricks, from "get 'em" to "Bring me the shears"!

Lou Ann, Age 18

C.B. is short for Charlie Brown because my dog is golden brown. He is more of a "reflective" kind of dog rather than an active one. I can compare him to Winnie the Pooh not because my pup is of little brain, but because he reflects so much that I can see how gentle he is and that he has such a positive disposition. I love C.B.!

Natalie, Age 8
Pennsylvania USA

I have an Australian Shepherd. He is nine months old. I got him when my uncle could not keep him anymore. He is a good dog. He can do some tricks. He can sit, he can lie down, he can fetch ball, and he can fetch other stuff, too. I can tell he likes me because he always jumps up on me and gives me kisses!

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Ben, Age 5
Pennsylvania USA

Our dog is very cute and slobbery and she is very crazy whenever the UPS man comes.

Nicole, Age 14
Iowa USA

I love my dog because she is loving and sweet. My dog is cool. My dog is kind of weird though because she likes drinking the water and jumping in the pond, but she doesn't like taking a bath. Blackie my dog is pretty old, but I don't know how old. She has white on her chest. She will jump up and get her food, but I bet every dog can do that. She won't do any tricks. I try to teach her to play fetch, but she won't do it and I gave her treats. Even though she can't do any of that, she still can listen and I still love my sweet dog, Blackie.

Rachel, Age 8
California USA

My dogs are very special. I love my dogs more than anything in the world. Once my Pit Bull saved my life when we were hiking, he pulled me out of a waterhole. He jumped in after me and I held onto his tail (gently) as he helped me out. My dog Bucky was my Grandma's dog. She passed away last month and I have now adopted him. He is wonderful! My Grandma got him from our neighbor when he was only five days old because his Mother would not feed him so we are the only family he has ever known. He is also a miracle because he had par when he was a baby and my Grandma spent day and night taking care of him with our vet's help. I think my dogs are a gift from God and that is why I love them and treasure them so much!!

Candace, Age 13
Georgia USA

I have a Cocker Spaniel. He is a male goldish and is brown.

Krystal, Age 13
British Columbia Canada

My dog, Missy, is three years old. She's a chubby, sweet dog. In two weeks there's a dog Olympics and she's entering it and every day I take her out at 7:30 sharp. Then we go to the park and go around obstacles and we go up and down hills. After, my friend comes and sees me. She helps me train for the dog Olympics and that's my dog's story. She is my best friend.

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Dana, Age 16
Ontario, Canada

I have the most wonderful black and white smooth-coated Jack on the face of the planet. She adores children except in the following instances: 1) when someone bikes by. 2) when a child is swinging in a swing. 3) when someone is swimming. In each instance she 'freaks-out'. She begins running about and barking, and doesn't seem to be very happy in the least. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Kitty, Age 13

Lucky my female black and blue merle border collie knows over fifty tricks, which includes basketball, baseball, soccer, football, and doing math problems!

Anonymous, Age 13
Nevada USA

My dog, Valley, is very calm and sweet. She is a Cocker Spaniel. She is obsessed with food and knows exactly where we hide her treats and chews. Sometimes she licks the cabinet door for hours. She can be very cluttered with her toys because she leaves them everywhere. When I pick them all up and put them in her crate and shut the door without locking it, she will open the door with her claws She is very well-behaved but she is terrified of bigger dogs unless she has known them as a puppy. Now we have put a deposit on a four week old Golden Retriever. We have already named her Casey and she will come and live with us in three weeks. She is extremely cute and is not shy to show her sweet little personalities. They both love getting there tummies rubbed.

Josh, Age 12
Louisiana and Pennsylvania USA

I live in Louisiana with my dad and sisters, but we spend each summer with my mom and stepdad in Pennsylvania. They have four Collies (the big ones) and I love them all! My favorite thing to do with Rascal (dad) is wrestle. He turns his head when you call him the "Great Googly-Moogly". He loves to play tug with his rope toy and will fetch it for hours. Weebles (son) is a snuggler. He is the biggest, but he doesn't know it. Daisy Mae (daughter) talks all the time even when we are trying to watch TV. She loves to bring in sticks and mom doesn't like that.

Pippie (mom) is the most spoiled of all. She gets to go into parts of the house that are off limits to the rest of them. She gets mad if any of the others disturb her while she is laying down with my stepdad (she thinks he belongs only to her). She loves pizza and anything else with tomato sauce. She puts on quite a dramatic act if you don't share your pizza with her. She often steals things off the counter and has taught Weebles to do the same.

Weebles and Daisy are only eight months old. There were eight puppies all together, but my mom said the other six all got really good homes. Mom says we need a bigger house. It gets very crowded in the summer with four big dogs and four big kids...I am the youngest. My stepdad says that we all cost too much, but he spoils us anyway. I love my summers with my mom and stepdad and the four mischievous collies from the "Long-nose pack".


Kristina, Age 13
California USA

My dog's name is Nova. I now that she is the best dog in the world to me. She also dose not let a single person go near me if I do not know them or if she dose not know them. She went after a few dogs because they went after me. She also comes to bed with me at night. She might be one of the most stubborn dogs because she is so hyper. But other than that she is the best dog in the world.

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Cody, Age 9
Tennessee USA

I have a year old dog that is part German Shepherd and part blue tick heeler. She's a great dog. Her name is Tammy.


Rachel, Age 15
Delaware USA

My dog is a Norwegian Elkhound. His name is Petie. He is getting old. He loves to play and be petted. I love him so much. :) He played with Lucy, and they were the perfect couple until she died. Petie, I love you. I am so proud of you, my little baby. Zack, after Lucy died, my mom got us a Beagle. His name is Zack. He is a very smart dog, there is no question about that. He knows how to track and play cops and robbers. He is very young and he still is alive. I love you Zack! my other little baby.

Courtney, Age 6
Pennsylvania USA

My puppy, Pumpkin, loves to play with me. She also loves to give me kisses. She is so tiny that she always wins when we play hide and seek. I love my puppy. She is the best.

Elizabeth, Age 9
Oregon USA

I was surfing the web to find dog care info and I came to this site. I love it! I come to it every day now. I want only the best for Redeeva. She is the sweetest little girl and I wouldn't give her up for anything!

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Jaasmine, Age 9
Nebraska USA

I got Prince when I was three. He is a white and tan Papillon. He was very sick when we first got him. He had to stay at the vet's for about a week. Now Prince is doing fine. Prince likes to smile and cuddle a lot. I love him.

Kristen, Age 14
Delaware USA

Chris, sweeter then any puppy, Chris though we are apart and live in different places, I will always love you. You are my best friend forever. I love you Chris! I'll love you and I dream of you every night.


Avery, Age 9
Texas USA

I love Wuzzy because he makes such funny noises in the morning. When he was a tiny puppy, I held him and sang him a lullaby and he fell asleep. I like to take walks with Wuzzy because I like to give him exercise. I think Wuzzy is really special because he was the runt of the litter and he stood out a lot, because he was left out at night so he wasn't warm, and because he was the only blonde dog in the litter. Wuzzy has two friends named Taz and Riley - they're both Dachshunds. Wuzzy is 14 years old in dog years. When he's excited he wiggles his whole bottom instead of just his tail. He looks like he's smiling and is so excited he drools on the carpet!

Sara, Age 13
Nebraska USA

Hello. Hello. I have two dogs and one cat. My first dog is very old, he's small and he sleeps a lot. His name is Tobby. My other dog is Buddy. He is 3 years old. So he's the youngest. Buddy is a mix and so is Tobby. Buddy is a Golden Retriever and a Blue Heeler. He is mostly Blue Heeler. And Blue Heeler need a lot of attention. Blue Heeler are Australian cattle dogs, meaning they herd cattle.

But there are things about them, like they have high energy. They love to run. They shed so you have to groom them a lot. And sometimes they will get out of control. They love to chew. And most important is make sure they don't hurt children. Since they herd they have a tendency to bite the ankles. And if there are children in the area and are running they might go after them and bite their ankles. And they only have three problems that I have to worry about - and that's a lot of stuff to keep your eye on. Oh, they are hard to train. They like to do tricks and play family activities. Well that's about it! Thanks for reading!

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Liz, Age 15

Hello out there! My dog, Ezri is seven months old and the best thing I ever did was to make sure she is trained properly! Obedience school is heaps of fun (she's in beginners which is the second level). We have "competitions" and at the end of beginners there is a competitions with ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. She's a great dog and our favorite game is "tug-tug" with a rope. She's very smart and loves company! One day I hope she will be a therapy dog, she also will learn agility or flyball. Love ya Ezri!


Georgina, Age 16

I would just like to say that I love my dog, Mollie (Pomeranian).


Elena, Age 13
Ontario, Canada

Hi all! I have the best two year old dog in the world (in my opinion). Fwaggles Solitary Man ADC AGC or (Solo) as we call him, is one good dog! The ADC and AGC are letters added after his name, to show that he has completed levels of agility. He was born February 11 of 1998 and started agility right after he finished his first set of puppy classes and that was when he was 6 months old. Solo, and me are a great team. We have been on the show" Pet Squad" doing agility we have been in various demos, and I have even written an article in the April 2000 " Dogs in Canada" magazine. It's under the Toy Manchester Terrier article.

Solo is a Toy Manchester Terrier. Were also on a flyball team, but I'm not sure if I should go on with flyball cause its kind of boring. Solo also has quite a show record. His brother went to Westminster and won out of all the other Toy Mans in North America. Sadly, Solo isn't a show dog because one of his testicles didn't go down but he is one GREAT athlete. The only dog sport he isn't very good at is obedience (not just because his owner doesn't like it...). Anyway, this article is dedicated to you, Solo.

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Megan, Age 13
Ohio USA
I love my dog because he is a Beagle and his ears are really droopy and when I throw him up in the air his ears look like Dumbo.


Brittany, Age 14
Arkansas USA

My dog, Toga, just turned five a few months ago. She is the sweetest puppy in the world. We always get compliments on how "well behaved" and "how pretty" she is. My dog is afraid of loud sounds, but will make sure we're safe, too. She loves to go on walks at the beach. And Toga loves my feet, she will lick them after I sit down, she will just run up to my feet and slobber all over them! She also likes cheese, apples and salmon! I love my Toga-girl!

Paulette, Age 10
New Jersey USA

My dog Diamond is part Lab/Pit Bull mixed. Diamond is a girl. She is 28 years old in dog years, 4 years old in people years. She knows 7 tricks - sit, shake hands, kiss, roll over, jump, play dead. Diamond got hit by a car once, and ran into a car once and she's still living. Diamond has several cousins, they are Cory and Onyx who are brother and sister Labs, Caesar who is part Boxer, Morgan who is a Schnauzer/Poodle mix or a Schnoodle, and Duchess who is big. Diamond's birthday is September 28th. We have a meatball party for her every year. We made her a birthday scarf and my friends all signed it. Diamond has to be on a leash because she likes to run and run and run, that's how she got in so much trouble with cars before.

Whitney, Age 10
California USA

Do you know how old my dog is? Well she is 11 years old! And she looks so young!

Paige, Age 13
Ontario, Canada
My dog, Jazz, is the best and also the smartest dog in the world! He learned how to come when he was just nine weeks old! Now he knows many tricks like sit, lie down, stay, speak, say please, beg, give a high five, play dead, roll over, and fetch. But that is not it! When anyone in my family says "go" or "car" or "I'll think I will go and..." he knows that if he is standing at the front door then he will get a ride in the car! He hates it when I bathe him, but he forgives me quickly. If he ever made me angry (which is hardly ever) I would forgive him quickly. I know that Jazz is the best dog that I will ever have! He is the best!

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