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Leah, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

My dog's name is Maisy. She's cute and fluffy! Maisy is the best dog ever.
She sure isn't boring or lazy. She loves to play all day. I know Maisy loves me!

Mariela, Age 11
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Hi. My dog, Scrappy (Yorkshire Terrier), is very lovable and beautiful.
He likes to kiss faces and always sleeps in my bed. He likes to swim in my pool.
When I put my tennis shoes on, he barks and jumps because he knows I'm taking
him for a walk. I love my dog.

Sam, Age 8

North Carolina USA

My dog, Max (Labrador mix), likes to play rough. He is black, white, and brown.
When I was little, he pushed me off my bed when I was asleep. My dog is cute.

Asia, Age 9
North Carolina USA

I have a dog. His name is Peaches (Golden Retriever). It is fuzzy.

Sarah, Age 11
Ohio USA

My dog, Maggie (Black Labrador Retriever), is the best dog in the world.
She likes sleeping in the sun, eating macaroni and cheese, taking rides in the car,
and playing with her best dog friend, Gradey. But her most favorite thing to do
is play with me. She loves playing fetch and hide-and-go-seek. I love Maggie and
Maggie loves me.

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Demri, Age 7

I love my dog. He is very nice. His name is Tucker.

Rheisa, Age 10

My dog is a Chow. He is red and 6 weeks old. My dog was found on the side
of the road. There were 4 puppies and a mom. One of my sisters found them
on the side of the road. I did not find out that there were puppies at my house
until the next morning.

Sharron, Age 13
Oregon USA

My dog molly is a PooPomm, half Pomeranian and half Poodle. She can do
tricks in which I taught her. She can stand on both of her hind legs and dance
around in a circle. She can also do the usual sit, lay, beg, etc. But my favorite
is when she sits. If you put your hand next to her paw she will lift it up to
hands. She also can give kisses. All you have to say is "Molly, kisses" and she
will kiss you. It is very sweet! I have owned Molly since I was 5. She has been
my companion ever since. I love her with all my heart and don't know what I
would do without her. I love Molly!

Taryn, Age 5

Emily (Shepherd/Labrador) is very gentle and I love her a lot. She is actually
my brother's dog. My dog died. Her name was Baggie and she was 10 years old.
She was a Shar-pei. I like to play with Emily. We run around together and jump.
I train her to sit and to shake a paw.

Danielle, Age 11
New York USA

I have two dogs. They are are really cute. They're both Poodles because
my mom is allergic to any animal that sheds. I think one of them is pregnant.
She is really fat. Her name is Hershey. The other dog is Snickers. She is really
skinny. Right now, she is pouncing against the mirror. She is just a puppy and
is just getting to know what 'no' means.

I think a dog is good. They give you lots of company. They are not just
man's friend, they are cute and adorable, not to mention pests. I think it is
good to have a dog.

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Georgia USA

My dog, Bare (Doberman Pinscher), is very lovable and likes to play. He is
really fat and eats twice a day. I really love my dog .

Nicole, Age 10
Florida USA

I love my dog, Sarah (Blue Tick), because she is so cute. She also sleeps
with me at night and keeps me company. She plays with me all the time.
Now I'm never bored. She looks so cute. She has such a cute face!

Annie, age 11
Colorado, USA

I love my dog, Pepper (Poodle mix), very much. She is very old and puts up
with a lot of things. She's 15 years old, she loves people, and especially kids.
When she hears loud noises, she looks down at the floor and turns her head
sideways. It's sad. She used to be black as night, but now she's gray and black.
She still has a lot of spunk, probably because we have kept her very healthy.

Lindsey, Age 9
Riverside USA

My dog, T.C. (Labrador), likes to play ball. He loves to lick people in
the face! He likes to take walks and run around. He loves my pet duck. He
likes kids a lot. He lays on my lap when I watch TV.

Rachel, Age 16
Kansas USA

Molly (Golden Retriever) is so lovable. She does not bark. She loves to beg
for food. She hates uncooked carrots and lettuce. She also love Christmas presents.

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Marieleen, Age 11
San Juan, Puerto Rico

HOLA. I don't know how write in English but I will try. My dog, Sonic (Collie),
likes to sleep, run, jump, and play basketball with my brother Luis and he
like ay take photo him with cloth of dad. His favorite food is the shoe of
my mom. And in Spanish, Asta luego Amigos. Marieleen and Luis


Tasha, age 9
Iowa USA

My dog, Buddy, is so cute. The day I got him, he was very frisky. He has
brown fur and fuzzy brown ears. Buddy loves to play. Oh and he is a
Collie/Lab. He had a sister, but we didn't get to see her. His first birthday
is December 20.

Bailey, age 8
South Carolina USA

My dog, Krissie Sweetheart (Chihuahua) bites a lot.

Laura, Age 10
Illinois USA

Princess (Cocker Spaniel/Pomeranian) used to be abused by her old owner,
but since we have her now she is really happy! She always sleeps on my bed.
She is really cute especially with a dot on her forehead!

Bo, Age 13
Texas USA

Hi. My name is Bo. I have a Cocker Spaniel and he is a good dog. He always
shakes my hand. When I say "Sit, Bert" or "Shake, Bert" he does it. My dog
is 1 year old. He has blonde hair, brown eyes and I love him. I like to take
walks with him and I love him because he's my dog. He knows how to do these
tricks: shake hands, sit, stop, wait, come back, and fetch.

But his friend, Killer, died on September 2, 1998. After school, when I came
home, my dad told me that he got run over. I miss him and I wish that I could
see him again.

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Callie, Age 9

I have a dog (Basset Hound) named Charlie. He is very lazy. His favorite
thing is stomach rubs. He will not let another dog come near me. He barks
all the time, but he is only a puppy.

Whittney, Age 10
Illinois USA

I like my dog, Leonardo (Shepherd), because he is friendly. He is special
because he was born on Easter. I like to walk him especially.

Amanda, Age 9
Michigan USA

My dog's name is Bo. He's the cutest dog in the world I think......

Leah & Chris, Ages 9 and 8

We like to play ball with Maisy (Standard Poodle). We jump around the house.
She jumps on us.

Nathan, age 6
Arizona USA

When people come over, Max (Collie/Sheltie) barks at them but to me he's
very nice. He's trying to protect me. He is a good dog to my family. When we
get home from school and work, Max wags his tail so hard that his whole
body shakes. He is so excited that he barks and runs all over the place.
Sometimes he forgets that I'm smaller than him, and when he's excited he
knocks me down.

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Elizabeth, Age 7
New York USA

My two sisters and I love my dog (Shepherd/Terrier). When we go to the
bus stop, Coco jumps up at us. She sleeps with us on our bed. Sometimes she
drops her bones down the steps and chases them all night! She chases squirrels
and bunnies a lot. She steals our socks when we are getting ready for school.
I love her very much.

Lindsey, Age 13
Mississippi USA

I love my dog Bandit! He is such a mess though. He gets into a lot of trouble.
I had a dog before him his name was Chip. I think he was the best dog in the
world! That doesn't mean I don't love Bandit. Did I mention he's an Airedale,
a very rare dog? He cost $1900.00 Even though he gets into a lot of trouble
I still love him. I also have a Beagle. Well he's really my brother's but I love
him, too. Well, it's time for Bandit' walk so I guess I'll be seeing you. Bye!

Andrea, Age 12
Ohio USA

Hi my dog's name is Nike and she is a Basenji, which means she is barkless.
She is black and has four white paws, white by her nose, and a white-tipped
curly tail. She is so very cute and can shake and do the wave with both paws.
Nike is also in obedience and can sit and down and stay for three minutes. She
has won Best in Show 7 times. She and I are in 4-H together and have won at
the state fair 3 times in conformation and in obedience. She loves people and
dogs and she even plays with our cat! She can play football and she does agility.
Nike is 4 years old and she's so friendly, she's learning to be a therapy dog.
She's the best and I love her a lot!

Texas USA

My dog is the sweetest puppy ever. As long as I live I will never call another
dog "puppy". He is the only puppy in my heart. Rowdy doesn't need to do tricks
to be special to me. He will always be loved in my family and especially by me.

Miranda, Age 8
Illinois USA

My dog, Sydney (Australian Shepherd), is good and loves the snow. She runs
with her nose in the snow and gets it all over her face. She sleeps with me at
night and watches me. When we play outside with her,she runs circles around
me, my brother, and sister to make sure we stay together. I love her very much.

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Ashely, Age 9
Alberta Canada

Hi, my dog's name is Teal. Teal is as sweet as sugar. When Teal was a puppy
she didn't sleep with me much. But I can't blame her because she was only a
puppy. But now that she is grownup, she sleeps just about all day long.

Jocyne, Age 10
Michigan USA

My dog, Buddy (Bichon Frise) is extremely large and hyper yet is the cutest
thing in the world. He does 3 tricks. The ballerina dance, the sits like a human,
and speaks. I said 'large' meaning he is still a puppy and weighs 20 pounds! He
gets in the garbage and I end up cleaning it all up!

Susan, Age 11
Indiana USA

My dog, Jackaroe (but we call him Jack), is almost three years old. He is a
black Lab, Akita, and Jack Russell Terrier mix. He eats snow all the time.
My dad says Jack thinks it is ice cream for dogs. Jack loves to play with his toys.
He is usually hyper but sometimes is lazy. He watches out for my sister and
me a lot. Whenever somebody hugs one of us, he barks because he thinks they're
hurting us. He barks a lot, which is annoying. But I love him anyway because he
is so sweet.

Lisa-Linn, Age 5
Netherlands, Emmen

Our puppy (Labrador Retriever) was born 3 weeks ago. Yesterday we went
to take a look. She is so beautiful. We don't know a name yet. I like Jello.
Next week we are going to look her up again.

Rachel, Age 13
Pennsylvania USA

Hi, I'm Rachel and my dog is a Miniature Poodle. His name is Lucky and we
have the best time running around the house chasing each other and I love him
so much even though he is always in trouble. He is so cute and playful. He is
4 years old and is so hyper sometimes, but that will not keep me from loving him.
Woof woof and goodbye.

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Amanda, Age 9
California USA

My dog's name is Friskey (Shepherd/Pointer), but I call him Figgy Pie. I use
words to Figgy nobody could understand, like "pezize" and "coote". He's really
lazy and he sleeps all day. He's a real scaredy cat. He doesn't like noise at all.
He's really nice and he likes attention.

Danielle, Age 10
New York, USA

My dog's name is Snickers ( Poodle). I just got her. She is five months. She's
playful, but also sleeps a lot. I think it is good to have a dog because they sure
give you something to do.

Amanda, Age 10
Texas USA

My dog, Wrigley (Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd), is so cute. He has
floppy little ears. I love him a lot. P.S. Dog lovers and owners: Take care
of your pets. We wouldn't need pounds and shelters if you put i.d tags on your
dogs and don't let them wander around the neighborhood. People will take a
dog off the street, tag or no tag.


Erica, Age 10
California USA

My dog's name is Tish (black Labrador). She loves to go on a walk. She i
very smart and obedient. Sometimes she runs away, but always comes back.
I love her!

LeeNin, Age 10
Tennessee USA

My dog is Pomeranian named Princess. She can stand on her legs.She can jump
one foot in the air. She won 5 dog shows. And I love my dog. How about you?

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Sondra, Age 9
Missouri USA

My dog, Buddy (Maltese), is playful. He is white. I love Buddy!

Anna, Age 10
Eagan, Minnesota

Hello! My name is Jax. I am a pug puppy and the first time Anna, my owner,
fed me my hind legs and bootie went up so I was in a handstand! I stay with
Anna on the couch when Anna is sick. Anna's dad has a dog named Benny and
I take (or bite) all of Benny's loose hair off of him. One time Anna's mom said,
"Jax! What are you doing?" and when I looked up at her, I had a beard of
Benny hair in my mouth! My lifetime job is to be the best darn dog Anna's
ever had!


Katy, Age 9
New York USA

Tasha is a great dog. But when there is a napkin on the table, she chews it up!
YUCK! I also have a cat. The dog and cat love each other.You would love to
meet her!


Ashley, Age 10
Pennsylvania USA

Hi, I am Ashley. I have the cutest dog (yellow Labrador). He is very sweet
and gentle and loves to give kisses to people.

Stacey, Age 10
Alabama USA

My dog is Buffy and she is big and nice and always wanting to play! She is
mixed with a German Shepherd and Rottwieler and even a wolf, but she is not
mean to me, just playful!

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Skippy, Age 10
Arizona USA

Hi, my dog's name is Jake. Sometimes he runs off and rolls in a dead racoon!
He stinks, too. He likes to eat snow in the wintertime. I guess he just gets
thirsty. Oh well, he is not a human.


Audrey, Age 9
Indiana USA

We adopted Leo from the SPCA when he was three months old. He is a black
and white Akita. He will be one year old this month. He is a very cute dog!
He likes to chase my cat, Puck. He is very funny. I love him very much!
Sometimes he snores! He started out an outside dog but now he is an inside
dog! He likes to play in the snow! He looks funny when his nose is covered
in snow!! Once I through some snow in the air and he jumped up in the air
and tried to catch it! He trys to be a good dog most of the time! Well, bye!


Ashely, Age 11
Texas USA

Well, my dog can come in black, brown, or mixed. She has pointed ears to
listen and a short, stubby tail. She has a long beard and long eye lashes.
She hates water and comes from Germany. What is she?


Lauren, Age 11
Virginia USA

My dog Toby, is adorable. He has the cutest, broad puppy face ever,
even though he is 3 years old. He is black with a white chest and 2 white paws.
When I am going to sleep, he bangs my door open and lets himself in! Then
he licks me to death! He weighs 13 pounds. He also cocks his head half
way around at anything anyone says! He loves to eat any kind of table food
even though he's not supposed to! He has short, fluffy fur and short, floppy
ears!!! He is one great dog!!!


Tomika, Age 14
Missouri USA

I don't have a dog yet, but I have been searching for names and I like Dakota
the best so far .




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