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Rudi, Age 14
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

I like my dog, CoCo (Shih Tzu/ West Highland White Terrier..she's totally white in colour except for some brown patches on her ears and her neck. Everyone who has seen her says she so cute..I'm really proud of her.. although sometimes she likes to bite our footwear.

Carly, Age 10

Alabama USA

My dog Roxanne (Collie/Chinook/Welsh Corgi) is the sweetest dog that ever lived. She is very smart and knows how to sit, shake, beg, lay down, and roll over. She is the best dog I have ever had and she is spoiled by me, of course. I love my dog so much I could just squeeze her. She was born July 4th, 1997 and is terrified of fireworks. She goes under any bed she can find and starts to shake. I Love Roxy !

Austin, Age 3
Missouri USA

My dog, Renoy (Golden Retriever), ate a marble.

Alicia, Age 10
Oklahoma USA

Me and my dog, Abednego (Golden Retriever), love to play with tennis balls. I bounce it and he catches it in his mouth. He also loves to run.

Anonymous, Age 11

My dog is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Suzie is 3 now. She loves to watch the birds in front of our house. Oh, I almost forgot, Springers are usually liver and white, but Suzie is black and white. I love Suzie more than anything. She is one of my best friends. Suzie especially loves my mom.The word ' Doggie Treat' is like an alarm. Don't have a springer spaniel together with a bird. The results are outrageous!!!!:)

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Ashlee, Age 11
New Jersey USA

Suzie (English Springer Spaniel) is a lovable black and white Springer. She is my best friend. She loves people and birds. We call her my puppy sister. I kiss her head a lot. She is usually outside. My advice is: once you get a Springer, you'll have a companion and lifetime friend.

Raechel, Age 8
New Jersey USA

Suzie (Springer) is three. She plays with me a lot. Without her, I would be bored a lot. Love your dogs!

Zoe, Age 9
Illinois USA

My dog, Bo (Labrador Retriever), is really cute. When we got him, his breeder called him Mighty Mouse. He is a yellow Lab.

Nicole, Age 10
Georgia USA

Thick (Samoyed), is my best dog I very had. He is so good to me. He is very sweet. And he is very soft, too. And I do not now what I would do without him.

Clare, Age 10

My dog Jeff, who is a West Highland White Terrier, is two years old. He helped very much in getting over the loss of my other dog. He's always with me and even sleeps in my bed at night! ( I have to sneak him in.) I love him very much and I will never be without a faithful companion for the rest of my life!

Matthew, Age 13
Minnesota USA

I love my sweet puppy, Aggie (English Bulldog).

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Penny is a beagle. Me and my sister love Penny. Penny's nickname is Billychonga. Penny has a bump on her nose.

Courtney, Age 7
New York USA

My dog, Teddy (Saint Bernard) is two years old and he weighs 160 pounds! He is a big dog, but he is a big mush. When he is three years old, I am allowed to ride him to school, like a pony! I love him.


Emily, Age 9

I like to play tug-o-war with Peppy (Beagle).

Lorren, Age 7
Birmingham United Kingdom

I love my dog, Jack (Cocker Spaniel), because he's a sweet little puppy and he plays loads of games with me and he nearly chews everything and he is the prettiest Cocker Spaniel I have ever seen.

Laci, Age 9
Maine USA

These two dogs are the greatest dogs in the United States.They are my best friends. Mac is five and Abby is nine months.

Olivia, Age 11
Ohio USA

I love my dog, Snickers (Miniature Schnauzer)! She is the most darling dog you will ever meet! She is very smart and knows all sorts of tricks like dance, bang, roll over, and many more. I love you Snick!

Will, Age 14
Texas USA

I love my dog, Corky (Chow Chow), very much. She is like a sister to me. I like to run and jump and play with her. She is so much fun to be around.

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Littlemsreddevil, Age 11
West Virginia USA

I love my dog, Chiquita (Chihuahua) so much. She gives me kisses and I give them right back. She's so lovable, and cuddly. She's so sweet. She'll never bite you unless you touch or hit me and she'll love you forever just like I love her.

Kelly, Age 7
California USA

Mala + Bandit are very smart. Someone said my dog was cool anyway. So my dogs age is 4+1=5 right! Okay so 3+1=4. Okay. That's their ages. That's all folks. Bye!

Brian, Age 13

I love my dog, Sarge (Golden Retriever), so much even though he does bad things. He has bad behavior. I like him for who he is, not for what he does.

Allison, Age 10
Minnesota USA

My dog, Rocky (black Labrador Retriever) knows a lot of tricks. He likes to catch frisbees. He likes to play catch. His ears are soft!

Aleesha, Age 13
British Columbia Canada

My dog, Lazer (Labrador Retriever mix), is sometimes a fruitcake, but most of the time he is sweet and adorable and well, you get the point. Well, he is the best dog that I ever had :>

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Jessica, Age 8
Oregon USA

Maggie (Pomeranian) just turned 3 years old on January 24, 2000. She is only 5 pounds, but she is strong! She runs around like a crazy thing when she wants to play. She loves cats and other small dogs. I brought her to my show and tell at school and she won for "Prettiest Coat". We all love Maggie and she loves us, too. She also likes popcorn and artichokes.

Nicole, Age 12
New York USA

I don't have a Jack Russell Terrier yet. I am getting them in May. Toby and Shae are what I will call them.When I get my dog, everyday I come home from school I would take my dog out for a walk. When I am outside I would train them to sit, beg, speak, and stay. When we come back in I would give them their food. Then I would have to do homework, but after that I will praise him/her, and tell them "I love you". I can't wait until March. I love dogs. I am happy they are in this universe!

Lillie, Age 9
New Mexico USA

My dog, Abby (Briquet Griffon Vende'en), and I like to just watch TV together, cuddle, go for short walks in our backyard, play games, and go places together. Abby is the sweetest and most considerate dog ever.

Rhiannon, Age 7
Florida USA

My dog is named Casper (Samoyed). My dad named him. He (the dog) is known for the smile on his face.

Courtney, Age 10
Saskatchewan Canada

I love my dog, Mindy (Poodle/Shih Tzu) because she's so adorable and she's a very good wacth dog. Even though she's fourteen, she still acts like a little puppy.

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Zoe, Age 9
Essex England

I love my dog, Bozworth (Welsh Springer Spaniel) he is the best in the world. Bozworth is a friendly dog great with children and chickens.

Louis, Age 12

My dog, Brandy (German Shepherd), is very cute. We got her when she was just a month old. She is now four months old and is very hyper. She will eat anything, but she loves deer meat the best.

Ashley, Age 10
Tennessee USA

I love my dog, Lady (Collie).

Kayleigh, Age 12
Liverpool England

I love my Bulldog, Zac, because he has a really cool face. It's all scrunched up. He is also really chub
by. He loves plenty of attention. Also he will only walk on the beach. Zac is five years old in July and I just want to say, "Zac I love you!".

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Timmy, Age 10
North Carolina USA

My dog is cute and lovable. I named her Minnie (Rat Terrier) because I got her after going to Disney. She is very lucky, because her brother and sister died from being too cold. That's just a little about my dog Minnie.

Nicole, Age 12
Massachusetts USA

My dog, Zorro, is the best. Me and him will never part until the end of his life. Zorro is intelligent and a great watchdog. My parents like him also. We will always be best friends. My dog, Zorro, is a black Lab. He is one year and six months.

Alexander, Age 11
California USA

My dog, Rex (Newfoundland), is a smart dog that can do many tricks, at least I wish he could. When we bought it, it was three and a half months old. It will someday become the very best!

Kitty, Age 13

This is my dog, Lucky (Border Collie). I love her so much because she is so beautiful, nice, and smart! I also love her because she loves to lick my face and whatever trick or something I tell her, she will do. I love lucky so so, so much! I can't think of a life without my Lucky.

Samira, Age 12
Tennessee USA

I love my dog, Frisky Caramel Issa so much and if any thing happened to her, I don't know what I would do. My dog is a Golden Retriever. She is almost four months old and she is the cutest puppy I have her seen! I love you, Caramel!

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Adam, Age 14
West Yorkshire England

I have one dog called Ben. He is a German Shepherd and is three years old. I have taught him lots of tricks. I enjoy taking him out for walks as it gives me some exercise too.

Brittanaa, Age 10
Maryland USA

Hi I'm Brittanaa. My dog, Kevie (Golden Retriever) is nine days old and is very sweet and cuddly.

Andy, Age 9
Ohio USA
Me and my sister really love our dogs, Max and Sadie (Golden Retrievers). We play with them all the time. Max acts like a big baby and Sadie is wild. We wouldn't trade them for the world.

Amanda, Age 11
Maryland USA

My dog, Moochie (Mixed Breed), Is so sweet! She is scared, but loves every one she see's. She is my best friend. We enjoy long walks on cool afternoons around the lake in my neighborhood, also playing fetch in my front yard. She mostly loves "pretending" to be big and bad chasing me in my backyard. When my mom goes to the bank, she takes Moochie.The bankers adore her and give her a milk bone. That is something she enjoy's the most.

Jamie, Age 10
Maryland USA

My dog, Sammi (Mixed Breed), is an outstanding puppy. He is seven months old and he is my best friend. A couple months back in October, Sammi was found by a nice lady named Terri. She was looking for a good home for the pups, when we called later that day. We all thought he was the cutest thing, even my Dad. So we took him home the next day. And now he is a great addition to our family! He enjoys long walks, playing tag and playing fetch. I know I can speak for my family when I say I'm so glad Sammi is in our family! I love you Sam!

Brooke, Age
Illinois USA

Cujo (Beagle) is my pup. He is six weeks old. We just got her about an hour ago, so I think I'm going to get off the internet and go play with him.

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Maeve, Age 9
Michigan USA

She (Sadie, Siberian Husky) is a licker!

Qwendolyn, Age 13

I've got this dog named Bingo (Welsh Pembroke Corgi). He's the sweetest darling in my and my family's eyes! I believe I have not made the wrong choice by taking him as a pet. I love you, Bingo!

Kerri, Age 11
Florida USA

Ariel (Husky/Pit Bull) was born on January 7, 2000. I don't really know her, since she lives with my grandparents, but I will get to see her when I go to my grandparents. She is really cute by the pictures I saw. I hope she likes me when I see her.

Kyle, Age 10
Mississippi USA

Nemo (Cairn Terrier) is a really great dog. We found him at the Memphis Humane Society. He looks like a Toto dog. He does tricks and likes to sleep. He barks when he wants to come inside. He stays inside with us.

Alex, Age 12
Indiana USA

Sonny is a Labrador mix. My dog and another dog had puppies together. We kept one and named it Sonny.

Laura, Age 9
I take her on walks, play fetch, and run in the yard with her. I will be showing her soon! I love her. She loves biscuits!

Kai, Age 6
Colorado USA

Zip (Blue Heeler) is my favorite.

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Anush, Age 12
Middlesex, United Kingdom

Snowy is not the sort of pet you would expect. Snowy is a free dog. Snowy lives in India. Snowy is not really a pet. But I know Snowy very well. I can only see Snowy when I go to India. I would never dream of having a proper pet that is always kept in the house and hardly ever let of the lead. I never go to pet shops because it is cruel to put animals in cages or tanks.

Anonymous, Age 13

My dog, Max (Golden Retriever), is the best dog ever. He is still young, but he is learning new tricks at puppy obedience class he is the best.

Dylan, Age 13
Massachusetts USA

Betty (Boston Terrier) is the best and cutest dog in the world.

Nikki, Age 12
Rhode Island USA

Chance is a Great Dane that I found on the side of a road after being hit by a speeding car. We brought him to the vets, where they found he had a broken rib, but he lived. We now have five year old Chance and because of him my pain of my lost dog has been erased. (Watch for Nikki's poem about Chance, coming soon, to our Poetry Page!)

Hailey, Age 8
North Carolina USA

I like to play chase with my dog, Elijah (mixed breed). He likes to play it with me, too.

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Cory, Age 10
Ohio USA

I have a Papillon and my dog's name is Petiy. I love him because he's cute and smart. On the weekend, I might teach him shake.

Steph, Age 13
Idaho USA

Katie (Rat Terrier) is the best dog in the whole wide world. No dog is better than her .Well, gotta go - see you later.

Elise, Age 11

My dog, Happy (German Shepherd/Doberman Pinscher), is the cutest dog ever in the whole world. His name is Happy because of the way he is. He's always so happy. Thanks for letting me tell you about my dog.

Brittaney, Age 11
Oklahoma USA

One thing I like to do with my dog, Midnight (Labrador Retriever), is to wrestle with her on the trampoline. Also I like to ride in the car with her, and get ice cream. One last thing I like to do with her is to take you walking (without a leash) for some freedom. My dog is so special because she can talk to you in a very special way and is loving...and every time you tell her to cheer someone up, she does it right away with much pleasure. I love my dog because she is the only thing in the world...(dog's world) that has ever stuck by my side so long....other than my Cocker Spaniel, Oreos, but I won't mention him right now...I am happy to be a dog owner!

Haley, Age 11
Texas USA

I love my dog, Annabelle (Beagle), very much, even when she runs off. She is very playful. I got her for Christmas two years ago.

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Christina, Age 10
Maryland USA

Rosey is a multi-colored, purebred Beagle I got from a breeder. Sometimes she takes mine and my brother's stuffed animals and drops them down the steps - it's hilarious! She is three years old and still has plenty of energy.

Rigel, Age 11
Alberta Canada

My dog is black and white with floppy, short ears. She reaches my waist (I am 163cm tall) and when she stands on her hind leg, she is as taller than my brother.

Kim, Age 9
Pennsylvania USA

My dogs, Bryn, Dottie and Peaches (Basset Hound, Dalmatian and a black Lab), fight a lot. But one day my dog, Dottie, lost her tooth by fighting with my other dog.

Jessica, Age 14
New Mexico USA

I got Wishbone (Red Heeler) at the dog pound for $13.00. And he has won a photo contest. He is my best friend. I saved him from death. And he is my best friend!! He will always be my best friend. I love you Wishbone...

Emily, Age 9

We love you, Buster (Loboso), for Valentine's Day!

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Melissa, Age 10
New York USA

My dog, Poo-pee Bear (Chow Chow Mix), is special because she can do this one thing- that make people stop and look at her - sled pulling. I like my dog because she is pretty and protects me. I love my dog because she loves me.

Lainey, Age 7
Michigan USA

I love my dog, Maggie (Collie), very much. I like playing tug of war with her.

Michael, Age 12

My other dog, Max, ran off about 5 months ago. My dad and I got a Norwegian Elkhound, Sneakers, yesterday. She is very protective. But she is gentle. She loves cats. She loves the snow. She eats snow. She practically lays in the snow and goes to sleep. She is my most favorite one. We are having so much fun together. I hope we will be together for the rest of our lives.

Anonymous, Age 11

I love my dog, Hannah (black Lab), very much. She is really pretty she loves to hunt and just be out door she also does many tricks.

Eleni, Age 12
Manitoba Canada

My giant Attika (Rottweiler), is our heart in my family. Attika is registered with the CKC and has already won her Canadian Championship at two years old. Attika absolutely loves visiting my grandma's Shih Tzu, Mojo. Attika definitely is one big dog with an even bigger heart.

April, Age 9
Maryland USA

I love my dog Kyra (Retriever-Lab mix), so much! My family adopted her from the animal shelter. I picked her out of all the other brothers and sisters because she was so special and she licked my hand. She is like my sister. Kyra is a year and a half and she is the smartest dog ever! She taught herself to ring the doorbell when she wanted to come inside. We never knew if it was her or really someone at the door! She learns things fast and is so cute and cuddly.

Melody, Age 11
Ontario , Canada

I think I'm very lucky because I get to keep a dog in my apartment. Most apartments don't allow pets so I consider myself very lucky to live in one that does. I'm most thankful to my Mom who let let me have a dog (even though I paid $100 out of the total cost). I named my dog Silky because it's in his breed name, the Australian SILKY Terrier. He is the cutest! I'm so glad that dogs exist in the world!

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Melissa, Age 9
Texas USA

My dog, Daisy, gray Miniature Schnauzer, is so cute. When we got her, she was the size of a beanie baby. She likes to get my socks and have me chase her around the table to get it back. She is so smart. She sits when we tell her to before we feed her, she rings the bell on the door to go outside, she gets in her crate before we leave when we tell her to get in her bed. Worst of all she eats anything...I mean who would eat a leaf...we love her a lot!

Maurica, Age 11
Ohio USA

Me and Alvin (Schnauzer/Terrier) are good friends. He likes playing in the snow. A kid kicked him in his leg and he had to get a operation. He is salt and pepper color. Alvin is very nice.

Bean, Age 12

My grandmother has a dog. Her name is Dutchess. She is half Greyhound and half Dalmatian. She is a very large dog.

Anonymous, Age 11

Hi! I love my dogs, Heidi And Alice, Schnauzer And Korean dog. They are so cute! This site is cool!

Nikki, Age 11
Ohio USA

Baloo, (Samoyed), is the best dog on earth I love him so much because he protects my family he also gets along with the cats and whole family and friends think he is a wonderful dog and if you ever got to meet him you would think he is wonderful too. But I don't think you will, but you might, you never know.

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Jessica, Age 10

Hi, my name is Jessica and my dog, Cocoa (Lab), is very nice. I wish I could send you a picture of her.

Ashlyn, Age 10
Montana USA

I have two dogs. Trixie is my Yorkshire Terrier and Scarlett is my red-colored Miniature Poodle. They are very cute dogs. They like to bark at people and race each other. They were my Christmas presents and I love them.

Kay, Age 14

Brownie is a Chow mix I've had for almost seven years. She was dumped off here at my house. Every morning my dad or one of my sisters will let her in my room and her job is to wake me up, and she is very good at it. But she's getting old and I know that she does not have many more years left in her so I'm enjoying her while I can.

Kaitlynn, Age 12
New Jersey USA

My dog, Sheeba (German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever), is the most lovable dog out of all dogs. She loves to play with my family members. Any toy she finds that is small enough to carry in her mouth, she picks it up and runs to the back door. Sometimes she'll find one of her toys and carry it in her mouth all day long. She'll even go to the bathroom with it in her mouth. She is also a very funny dog. I love my dog so, more than anything else in the world.

Kelly, Age 8

I love him (Willie, Golden Retriever). I brush him every night and play with him everyday.

Ralph, Age 9

My dog, Sissy (German Shepherd), is a fast eater. I got my dog on the last Sunday. In the dark she will bark out loud.

Grant, Age 8
Texas USA

Out of all nine puppies I like him (Champ) the best!! Most of them are black and brown, but Champ's both. He is very special to me because he's a lot different. I love my dog very much. Dogs are my favorite animal in the world.

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Janay, Age 7

My dog, Roly Poly (Poodle), rolls a lot so that's how I got my dog's name. I got my dog when I was seven years old. My dog is a girl.

Chanda, Age 11
Ohio USA

My dog, Sammy (Boston Terrier), and I have so much fun together. We play outside and play fetch. My dog is a girl and we really enjoy playing together. I got her two years ago for Christmas.

Stephanie, Age 11
Utah USA

My name is Stephanie. I have a Shetland Sheepdog and she is the best. She is 7 seven weeks and she has white paws and her back is brown and she knows a lot of tricks.

Julianne, Age 13
Sydney Australia

Everyone who has written on this page is so lucky because you actually have a dog. I don't. They don't allow dogs in apartments and you guys should be so happy that you have a companion.

Travis, Age 17

My dog, China (Pit Bull), what can I say, besides, I mean, man she just that fire.

Anonymous, Age 7

Our dogs are very sweet. They help us know if there is a robber. Their names are Sandy, Sasha, and Ginger.

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Chelsea, Age 12
Ohio USA

I love my dogs, Sadie & Spencer (Whippet and Labrador/Greyhound Mix), because they are special to me and I don't know what I'd do without them! Luv you guys! Luv, your owner, Chelsea

Parker, Age 14
North Carolina USA

My dog's name is Thor. He is a German Shepherd. He is five months old and weighs around 60 pounds. He knows how to sit and lay down when I tell him to, but we are still working on the "stay" part. =) He loves to fetch toys and bring them back to me. Thor really enjoys playing in the snow that we got this year. Well that is all for now.

Shayla, Age 9
California USA

Me and my dog, Tyler (English Cocker Spaniel), play a lot. We have a lot of fun together even though he is getting older it
doesn't make a difference.

Brittany, Age 10
Delaware USA

My dog, Venture (Pomeranian), is four years old in dog years. Also he is a good dog.

Clare, Age 12

Solo (Collie cross), my dog, is really old now and we rescued her from the Battersea Dogs Home, but our favorite thing that we do together (when she's not asleep, that is) I get my hoop and some dog biscuits and she loves jumping though my hoop.

Anonymous, Age 14

Me and my dog love to go outside and run sometimes. He likes to chase me. We have so much fun. If I didn't have him, I would not have anyone to play with but my bird to play with. He is so cute, my dog Bounder.

Brittany, Age 10
Delaware USA

My dog, Venture (Pomeranium), is a very good dog and he sleeps on the floor.

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Robert, Age 10
New York USA

I own two Boxers. They are great dogs. They love to play and run through the backyard. They are very smart dogs.
They know lots of tricks.

Joyce, Age 10
California USA

My dog,Yoshi Chen (Yorkshire Terrier), can sit when I tell him to. If he listens to me, then I will give a biscuit.

Alex, Age 10
Pennsylvania USA

My dog, Jesse (English Shepherd), is very nice to people. She sits, speaks, lays down, comes, and she gives you her paw. She is very nice and does not bite. She is all black with some brown.

Kristen, Age 10
Virginia USA

My dog, Ashley (American Cocker Spaniel), and I love going in the snow when it snows. Ashley will eat the snow and then nudge some over to me as if she was saying to me, "Eat it"! I love her and we do a lot of stuff together. Whenever you play catch with her and then you stop, she'll start to cry and you have to keep playing.

Victoria, Age 8
New York USA

My dog, Angel (German Shepherd), is the best dog in the world, she can jump through a hula hoop that has fire flames on it,she can hop on a balance beam i have to go to teach Angel more tricks come on Angel come here girl!

Jenifer, Age 11
West Virginia USA

Me and my dog, Sugar (Cocker Spaniel/Terrier) love going up on the hill playing hide and seek and look for animals. Sugar is black and white. She has a white strip down her stomach. She is special because when she gets in trouble she always tries to get out of trouble.

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Meghan, Age 12
Pennsylvania USA

My dog Muffin (Yorkshire Terrier)is the best dog in the world.She loves to play with a broken, squeaky, crab.She hopes like a bunny in the snow in the winter.She also loves to be pet And comfy warm.That's my dog Muffin Girl!

Jessica, Age 13

With Lady we go for walks and just lay down on the floor....just kind of chilling. She loves going for a walk without her leash.
With Pepper we wrestle or play. She sleeps at the foot of the bed and runs around the neighborhood playing tag with me.

Lexi, Age 12
Iowa USA

My dog is three months old. I just got her two weeks ago. She loves to play and have fun. She is spoiled by me.

Katelyn, Age 11
New York USA

My dogs name is Monty (Golden Retriever).We call him that for short but his real name is Monty-q. He is five years old and turning six in February. We all love him. He's almost like a human how he does everything. He's basically part of the family. I can't imagine spending one day without him.

Kyra, Age 14
Sydney, Australia

I received Honey (golden Labrador Retriever) as a birthday present. She's the best dog ever! She is five months old and knows heaps of tricks.

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Kat, Age 8
Act Australia

I love her (Maggie May, Chihuahua) very much.


He (Bo Bo, Boxer) was a good dog.

Jamie, Age 11
Illinois USA

Kelly is a very cute dog. I'm glad she is able to help other people around the neighborhood. She looks very sweet and gentle. Thank you for sharing the picture of Kelly by. I have a German Shepherd Rottweiler. Her name is Baby. She is two years old. She is black and tan. She is very gentle. She likes to warn other people when someone is hurt or when there is danger coming.
Where I used to live I had two Huskies, Lance and Siearra.

Ryan, Age 12

I got my Collie, Toby, for my birthday and my Chihuahua, Astro, for Christmas

Meagan, Age 7
Texas USA

Toosie (Pinscher) is a puppy. She was born on December 7, 1999. I like to play ball with her. She is special because she was the only Pinscher. I love her because she loves me.

Ashley, Age 14
North Carolina USA

My Chihuahua, Katie, is an adorable three month old puppy. My three year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix, Rosie, just loves her! They are so cute when they play together and Rosie is always very gentle with her!

Jennifer, Age 12
California USA

My dog, Rosie, (Labrador/Pit) is my heart and soul. Her name is in my e-mail address and I write about her all the time. I am always with her and I don't regret any second of it. I don't know what I'd do without her.


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