Here's a dog now.TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR DOGS!Here's another dog!

Story dog!Shannon, Age 8,
Washington USA

I have a Golden Retriever named Buzz. He is an ex-show dog that was too submissive to be successful.  We adopted him when he was 15 months old.  At that time I was six years old. Buzz used to live with 10 other dogs, now he lives with just  me. Buzz's fur is a beautiful chestnut color. He likes to go for walks to the park. I made a toy box for all his chew toys. I love my dog Buzz.

Story dog!Scott, Age 14
Florida USA

Woof! Woof! Woof! That's my dog Patches! Woof! My best friend. She has been my best friend since May 16, 2000, when my family and I got her from the Alachua County Animal Shelter. Then she was three months old. She weighs a whopping 45 pounds. That's massive for a 11 month old hound and shepherd mix! Her coat is a stunning coal black color-splotched, but mainly snow white. A bit of cinnamon brown mingling through her fur. That's how she earns her name, Patches.

Her perky ears stand up but then the top folds forward like wilting rose petals. Her jet black nose is chilly and damp like the dew of an early Saturday morning in May. Her lengthy tail is half snow white while the other portion decides to contrast it, making itself black as soot. Her lanky tree branch legs are snow white in hue. When she runs, she looks like a swirling cloud of gray hornets. Her fur is as soft as velvet. So soft I often use her as a pillow. I am proud to have such a beautiful dog. It makes me think, how could such wonderful animals have such a tedious name, dog. Patches deserves to be called extraordinary.

Story dog!Nikki, Age 13
Rhode Island USA

I have 2 dogs at my house. One is a Labrador Retriever. Her name is Rose. She is a female and loves to lick your face. She also loves to play a lot. I sit on the couch and just chill with her and she loves me a lot. She has blonde and white short fur. My second dog is a Lab and Rottweiler mix mix. He is a male and I just got him. His name is Creed. He is a fun pup to play with because he rolls on the floor and he fetches sticks and we go to a corn field. He and rose sleep on my bed almost every night. My dogs are very valuable because I love them very much! :}

Story dog!Savannah, Age 15
Wisconsin USA

My dog's name is Sadie. She is a YorkyPoo. She is so smart, she can roll over, play dead, heel, high five(or four), and the basic stuff. She is a very quick learner too. She loves ice cubes. I got her from Iowa and my walls are covered with her pictures. She's the sweetest. We only adopt dogs from shelters, so those dogs get a chance, too.

Story dog!Tara, Age 14

I have told you about Holly, my 3 year old Border collie, before. She is now 4 years old. I also have a 10 year old Terrier/Dachshund called Tuppance. Tuppance is sweet silly and smelly! We had him taken to the vets for his breath but it was still bad! The thing I love about him the most is he is so funny! Tuppance is so fat that when he is lying down if you slightly give him a push he ends up rolling over.

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Story dog!Kaitlynn, Age 13
New Jersey USA

Well I have 2 dogs. Yes! Two very loving dogs. I have a shepherd mix, which looks like a German Shepherd, but it's medium size, so there is something to make her a little smaller than usual. Her name is Sheeba. Then I have a Dachshund. She is black with brown feet, brown bottom, and a brown spot under her chin. Her name is Lyla. We're going to let her have 1 litter of puppies. Then were going to keep 1 of her puppies, then get her spayed. Both Sheeba and Lyla love each other a lot and play every single day. Except Lyla thinks she is the boss in the house when she knows that Sheeba is. She also annoys a Sheeba a lot, and she messes up my room, but I still love her very much. I love them both equally.

Story dog!Felicia, Age 13

My dogs, Patches, a Beagle and Rocky, my Rottweiler are so playful! They are both 2 years old and their favourite game is Fetch, tug of war and so much more!!!!!!!

Story dog!Jessica, Age 16
The Netherlands

Hi, I live in the Netherlands and I have 2 Border Collies. They are sisters from the same litter. They are 1, 5 years old and they are tricolour (black/white/tan). Their names are Laika and Kelly. Laika is really my dog, she follows me everywhere I go, and Kelly is of my brother and Mom. Laika is a very beautiful dog who loves to work. She's a workaholic! I train agility, flyball, obedience and I join a demonstration team with her. With obedience she already won a cup. She became second. She already had become 4th two times! With flyball she has become 6th and with agility 4th. So in my eyes she already is a champion. She will win a lot more cups in the future. I'm sure about that! I love her with hole my heart!!

Kelly is at home a very sweet dog, but out of the house she tries to herd everything! Bikers, joggers everything! That's very irritating! She can't be off leash if there are joggers around. She doesn't train agility and flyball, because she tries to herd the trainers and tries to bite them! She does train obedience and we're working hard on solving the problem. It's progressing, but very, very slow. But at home it's the sweetest dog, I know!

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Story dog!Kristin, Age 17
New York USA

There are 4 dogs in my house, but just 1 of them is mine. I got her when she was just 7 weeks old, and is now 4 years (almost 5, on July 17). She is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, and her name is Pepper. She is the only one that sleeps on my bed, and takes up the whole thing, LOL. The only bad thing about her, is that she runs when ever she can. I got a fenced-in yard, but loves to get through the gate. She is a very hyper/playful dog, but still thinks she is just a pup. Well, then there is Brandee, a 3 year old purebred German Shepherd, and is very smart and funny. Then there is Lacey, she is (I think) a Husky/Akita mix. She is also 3 years, but she is a bit shy with new people. Last of all, there is Rachet. She is just a mutt, all black, about 8 or 9 years.

Story dog!Irena, Age 16
Ohio USA

My dog's name is Jasmine. She is almost 3 years old and I have had her since she was born [her mom and dad was ours]. She is a mutt, mixed with Toy Pomeranian/ Toy Poodle/Malinois. She's gorgeous and extremely smart. She has a black face that looks like she's wearing eyeliner :), brown body, white fluffy tail that fans out over her back. Her fur is very soft and silky.. She never bites and usually never chews on anything other than what is given to her. She knows how to sit and lay by using only your fingers [One finger pointing to the ground means sit, two means lay]. She always comes when we call her name. When we want her to sit with us we tap the seat. In the mornings when the alarm clock goes off she licks my sister's and my face.

There are some people and things she is generally afraid of such as my dad, the heater (it makes and extremely loud boom when it's about to start, it scares her every time and she runs over to me or my sister or under the desk) and the basement. She has never once been in the basement, she sits and the top of the stairs and waits, which I'm glad of cause that would be too dangerous. But I don't blame her cause I hate going in the basement myself.

In our house we have a few sliding doors and she opens them with her snout. If she needs food she'll pace back and forth from her food to us, whimper slightly and stare at us till she sees she has our attention then when we stand up she circles and keeps doing it until we follow her ... she does something similar when she has to potty. I find it hilarious when she barks at something outside and I record it and play it.

She follows us almost everywhere around the house especially if were moving. We used to try to trick her and act like we were going to go down the stairs but we'd turn around and run into a different room [Like our lounge room or the cat room], rooms that she's not allowed to be in or that we prefer her not to be in. Now it doesn't work and sometimes we'll start waking down the steps and she'll turn around and run back up until she sees we keep going, so she is almost always behind us. When she was a puppy she used suck on our noses with her breath smelling like puppy milk lol [Like a baby, not nasty smelling]. She is so cute!

Story dog!Amanda, Age 14
North Carolina USA

My dog is a 8 weeks and 2 days old. He is a Beagle. He is beautiful.

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Story dog!Bailey , Age 13
Idaho USA

My dog is big and white he is a Golden Retriever, Great Pyrenees mix. His name is Bernard. He is about 4 years old. He loves everyone and he is very lovable. I have taught Bernard to do these lay down, play catch, speak, roll over, shake, beg, and jump on my trampoline. Well that's all I have to say.

Story dog!Ive, Age 14
Connecticut USA

Samantha is my lovely black German Shepherd/wolf she loves to chase rabbits and play in the swimming pool. She's only 7 years old. I love you, Samy!

Story dog!Brittany, Age 13
Ontario, Canada

Hi! My dog is a girl, her breed is a Shih Tzu She weighs about 10 pounds (lol!)Her name is Fluffy. I love Fluffy because she is smart, loving,and caring. Also she let's you pull her tail, she loves to play, and lick people! My mom says she looks like a panda. She is brown, black, and white, with a white starburst at the top of her forehead. Fluffy is going to be 3 in October! She loves to play with my cousin's dog, Fuzzy!

Story dog!Sacha, Age 12
New York USA

Our dog's name is GiGI. She is a female Yorkshire/Cocker. We found her at the local S.P.C.A. on October 13, 2000. She was 10 months old at the time. An older couple raised her, but they just couldn't take care of her anymore. We just fell in love with her on the spot. She was well taken care of, shots were up to date, as well as being housetrained, and spade. My sister Sable, who is 8, and I play with her all the time. We thank our parents every day for bringing her into our lives. She is so lovable and so smart. I wonder if the older couple realize what they gave away? I hope not, because there is no way we could give her back now. She turned 1 year old December 29,2001. Thank-you for letting us share our story about GiGi. Sacha and Sable

Story dog!Sydney, Age 14
Texas USA

I have a German Shepherd. Her name is Geri Lee. I got that name after watching the movie K-9. I watched the movie and realized that I really wanted a dog. So I got her for my birthday, which was a week later. Gosh, it doesn't seem that long ago I could actually hold her, but now that she is 2 years old, I can hardly lift half of her! I got her when she was 3 months old so I've had her for a long time. She is the best dog. She protects me. She loves to go for walks and play Frisbee.

It was two summers ago, we were in the process of moving from Louisiana to Texas, so we kept Geri Lee at my grandparents house. They live way out in the country, so we felt that she would be safe. But one day, my grandma was pulling out of her long drive way and didn't see Geri Lee. My grandma accidentally ran over her. Luckily, Geri Lee survived with only 39 stitches on both of her knees. I feel like she is my princess! Now that I have a very special dog, I want to be a vet!

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Story dog!Amber, Age 14
Utah USA

I got a dog in June 2001 after I came home from girls camp. He is a mutt. He has Toy Poodle and Scottish Terrier and some other dog. He is so cute especially when he gets haircuts. He loves to play in the snow and he is a fast learner. He loves to have his belly rubbed and he thinks he lives in a pack. I love him so much because I lost a dog once and I missed her so much so my new dog Curious George brings back the good memories of my last dog that ran away and never came back.

Story dog!Suzie, Age 18
Missouri USA

Buck is a 3 year old Rott. He's the best dog you will ever find. He's a great family dog. He protects us from the "scary" mailman. He loves to be rubbed on his butt, and loves it when he's given people food. He has a great personality, and he's a great dog. He's very unusual for a Rott cause he's not what everyone calls "the most dangerous dog". He's an angel and we are thankful God gave him to us. He loves to get on the couch with you, and he'll lay his head down on you and whimper cause he's a happy dog. The weirdest thing he does is he'll sleep on his back with all four legs in the air. He's the best dog a family could ask for.

Story dog!Lea, Age 17
Tennessee USA

I have 5 Bassett hounds: Bubba, TinkerBelle, Roscoe, Zoie, and Dodger. Roscoe, Zoie and Dodger are the puppies of Bubba and TinkerBelle. They were born on June 25, 2000, but are now bigger than Bubba and Bubba is at a good 40 pounds I love my doggies!! They are all so sweet and loving.

Story dog!Jessi, Age 12

Hi all DOGLOVERS! I have a dog, too. His name is Rubie(Ruben). He can do tricks(commands) like sit, lay down, stop, don't touch, leave, stay etc. He had obedience classes and is very good. He deserves to be pet of the week. So Ruben is very cool and has attitude because he surfs with us in our big swimming pool. He is the BEST!

Story dog!Emma, Age 13
Vermont USA

We named our puppy Sherman because when he was little he looked like a tank. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is really cute but can get over excited.

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Story dog!Cassie, Age 14
Texas, USA

Hi! I have 3 dogs. The oldest is Lady, a black lab stray we found on the side of the road. She had a litter of 8 beautiful solid black pups soon after that. When the pups were about a week old I went out to check on them and found a little bitty solid white kitten nursing in the middle of them. Lady had gone and stolen the kitten from somewhere! She cared for him (Kitty) like he was a pup. He now weighs 17 pounds and is the best hunter you could ever find. But back to Lady! She's very shy of guys and runs if you pick up a stick. We've had her for about 6 years now! Obviously she was seriously abused before we found her, but she is the best friend in the world!

August is my favorite. He's a Pointer/Lab mix (we think!). When he was little we found him and 7 other pups on the side of the road. We took them all in and found all but August a home. I just couldn't give him up, because when the rest of the pups were sleeping he was following me anywhere I went. He is about 2 now and the most protective dog over me, but not dangerous!!! He's about 26 inches and is white with big chocolate spots. I wish he could live forever!

Dutch is my Great Pyrenees. He is only 10 months old. All I can say about him is he's big, hairy, beautiful, and the sweetest big teddy bear in the world!!

Story dog!Daine, Age 13
Washington, USA

My dog is a Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Akita mix. Her name is Jillian and she is the sweetest! She can read me like a book! When I am happy she is happy and when I am sad, even if I try to hide it, Jillian will cheer me up. Also if I am afraid of someone or really hate them then Jillian will protect me from them. She looks like a wolf so people are afraid of her. If anyone ever tried to hurt me Jillian would charge them. I love my dog!!!!!! She is the smartest dog and the best dog for me!!

Story dog!Nicole, Age 9
Florida USA

Hi. My dog's name is Half. His eyes, mouth, and nose are black. And the rest of him is a tan color. Even though he is old he can run, jump on the bed, and he can snore. So that is why I love my dog. The End

Story dog!Katie, Age 13
California USA

Hello!!!!! I have 4 dogs. Sir Fuzz (Fuzzy) who is a lazy 4 year old Bichon Frise'. Curly a Fun lovin' 4 year old Agility Bichon Frise'. Gracie a 8 year old Mama's girl Maltese and Lady Roxanne of Lilliput AKA Roxy. Roxanne is a 1 and a half year old show Maltese. She has won 3 blue ribbons and one Winners Reserve. I love my dogs and I think they love me, too. Keep loving your 4 legged pals and they will love you right back. Bye bye

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Story dog!Haesel, Age 9
Georgia USA

Lucy is a boykin spaniel. Pepper is a mix breed. Lucy killed a bird before. Lucy's ears stink very bad and so does her breath. Lucy is 9 years old. Pepper found possums bones before. Pepper's tail wags a lot. Pepper is 3 years old. We adopted Lucy. My cousin gave me Pepper when she was 1 year old. They are the best dogs in the universe.

Story dog!Allie, Age 10
Oklahoma USA

Monroe is a Maltese from Arkansas. He is shorthaired and very fluffy. I have always wanted a puppy and for Christmas, when I would turn ten in January, I got him.(2001) He is only 13 weeks right now and is so fluffy we almost lost him in the snow! I love my puppy!

Story dog!Crystal, Age 10
Ontario, Canada

My puppy's name is an American Eskimo Dog, she was born on April 2000 and her name is Sharron. Sharron loves to bark and it sometimes just freaks me out. I think Sharron would be a good therapy dog because she always smiles to make people comfortable. I used to have a dog called Bobby and he was a Rottweiler X Black Lab. But he died because when my family moved, we had to give Bobby away to my parents' friend. This happened about 5 years ago. I LOVE DOGS!

Story dog!Chelsea, Age 9
Indiana USA

Hi I have a black Lab. His name is Max. He is 3 years old and loves to play fetch. He is a boy. He is a twin! He is the best dog in the world!

Story dog!Emily, Age 13
Mississippi USA

HI! I have 3 dogs -Snoopy, Coca Cola (C.C. for short), and JoDee. Snoopy is a Rat Terrier (commonly called Feists). He is black and white with tan markings on his face. He has a short stubby tail and a cute face! He was born July 10, 1996. He loves to tree squirrels. All you have to do is say "Go get 'em" or "sick 'em" and they run to the woods and start looking for them. He and C.C. love to do this. He is trained to do all the obedience commands. He also does dance, agility, roll over, play dead, etc.

C.C. is also a Rat Terrier. She was born July 19, 1995. She is a dark, dark brown with a fizzy color around her face and legs. Hence the name Coca Cola! She has a long slender tail with a white tip. She also has white feet and neck. She knows the same things as Snoopy except agility. When she finds a squirrel and trees it she tries to run up the tree and barks the whole time! She has gotten halfway up one of our pecan trees! It is impossible to keep her in a pen! She climbs out of the horse trailer, climbs out of the 5 foot tall dog pen and undoes the latch of the small dog pen from the inside! It has a lock on it that is hard for ME to undo! Maybe I should have named her Ms. Houdini!!

JoDee is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Red Heeler mix. A woman form Oklahoma who bought a horse from us gave her to me as a present. She was born in June, 1998. Her mother was an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix and her dad was a Red Heeler. She is a red merle with white toes and a splotch on her neck. She even had red eyes! My Grandma calls her a Heinz 57! The feists taught her to tree squirrels too. She has tried herding our 23 horses but unsuccessfully! She isn't trained yet but I want her to learn. She would be a great help on the farm! She is learning obedience but knows some tricks--give me five, give me ten, catch food that you throw her, look behind you, jump, and stand on hind legs. She also can stand up and put her feet on my shoulders! When she gets excited and happy she raises her upper lip and "smiles". She also spins in lace two or three times and runs around!

I love all my dogs but not as much as I did my dog, Tippy RIP, a Feist, who passed away last year. She was 19 years old. She was short and black and white. She had a long tail with a big white tip on the end of it. I got her when I was two. She was eight then. I am 13 this year. She was the best dog I have ever owned. Even though she didn't do tricks, she did tree squirrels but she would never bark at people we knew but would alert us if someone that we didn't know came here. She loved to sit in your lap and have her ears stroked. She would give you a kiss if you stopped. She was just a real good people dog! I miss her so much!

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Story dog!Theresa, Age 16
Ohio USA

have 4 dogs. Two of them are Pug/Chihuahua mixes. They are Baby and Java. I have a new puppy, she is 1 month old, she is a Pug. She is very beautiful and smart. Last of all I have a Fox Terrier. She is so very hyper but smart. She is 10 months old. I love them all!

Story dog!Autumn, Age 13
Washington USA

I have 3 dogs Jasmound, Aries, Sheena, a German Shepherd mix and two black Labs. Sheena is a girl and her birthday is September 16, 2000 and then Jasmound is also a girl and her birthday is August 24, 1996 and then Aries is a boy and his birthday is also September 16, 2000.

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Story dog!Hannah, Age 10
Victoria, Australia

I have one dog and his name is Matt. He is a Golden Retriever. He loves to play tug of war. He is a pretty big dog. He is very scared of my bike so I keep it away from him. He has a friend dog called Snowy, who is white and pretty small. His favorite leftover food is pasta. He needs a big garden to run around in and luckily we have a big garden.

Story dog!Hamad and Baz, Ages 14

Hiya! Our dog's name is Archie. He's some Russian breed we're not sure. Anyway Archie is a very cheerful dog, nothing gets him down except for if you step on his tail or you leave him all alone! Archie just turned 6, and we adopted him from the SPCA when he was 4. Archie loves to play with Frisbees and he has a lot of dog friends, two of them are Volto and Ash!

Story dog!Kim, Age 11
Hawaii USA

My dog's name is Lohi. She was a stray and wandered into my dad's workplace and they took her in. After a few moments, they found out that she was pregnant. Well, she had her puppies and was neutered after that. A couple years later, our family took her home for a weekend because I wanted to look after her. Then a weekend began changing to a week, then a month, then a year! We then got so attached, that we wanted to keep her, so we did. She is a mixed breed (a terrier mix). She is also black and white, and about 20 pounds. She is an excellent companion and watch dog. She sleeps with me at night to protect our family. We love her so much!

Story dog!Kasey, Age 11
Georgia USA

My dog's name is Mac. He is a St. Bernard puppy. He is only 7 months old and already weighs around 120 pounds! When he is fully grown he will weigh more than 200 pounds! Now tell me he is not the best dog ever!

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Story dog!Keri, Age 9
Texas USA

I have 2 dogs. Their names are: Bear and Cassie (Kasey). He knows how to: sit speak, high fives, shake, down, and he knows how to drag us across the floor. Cassie (Kasey) is very lazy. She is not that playful at all. Cassie (Kasey) is a Bichon Frise. She has an older sis from a different litter. Her name is Chelse. Cassie does not know about her. Chelse lives with my Aunt Pattie. Back to Bear now, Bear is a black Lab mixed with English Springer Spaniel. Bear sleeps in my room every night. Bear sleeps in Shannen's ( my older sis ) room.

Bear is 2 years old. His birthday is on Feb.14. When bear dreams he dreams about his old owners. I can tell. When he dreams he always moves his feet like he is tip toeing, he starts crying,and so I wake him up. Now Cassie is 10 years old. She is one year older than me. Her birthday is March 1. When I say do you want to go buh bye, Bear puts his ears up and starts to bark.

Cassie has a very bad breath. When I get done eating my dinner and I breathe out of my mouth in Bear's face. Bear is black and white. He looks like his dad and sheds like his mom. He also has hair like his mom. Also when bear dreams he breaths real hard. Bear scratches a lot, and Cassie licks a lot. Bear loves to play bite on your hand. I am so glad god made dogs, just thank the Lord. Thanks for reading this I hoped you liked it. Buh bye.

Story dog!Jessica, Age 15
Ohio USA

Hi, I own 4 dogs - "Inde" (AKA. Legacy Life In The Fast Lane.), a Belgian Sheepdog, she is my 4-H Obedience, and Grooming & Handling, and AKC & UKC Jr. Showmanship dog and AKC Conformation and Obedience dog. She is 6 years old.

"Cody" (AKA. Winjammers Wild Bill Cody, CD.) Cody is a Belgian Sheepdog, which has earned his AKC CD (Novice Obedience). He was used in 4-H and AKC Obedience and now is retired at the age of 10 years.

"Riley" (AKA. Patrick O'Riley Mackenzie.) is a Golden Retriever, that is my 4-H Obedience and Agility dog and USDAA Agility dog. Soon to be shown in AKC. He is 4 years old.

Last is "Bandit" she is a Pit Bull/German Shepherd Mix, which is my small, big built girl, who loves everyone. She is 10 years old. I got all my dogs at the age of 6 months, and trained them in obedience. They are my loves of my life, they keep me happy when I'm sad. They teach me new things. I love my dogs!!

Story dog!Danielle, Age 12
Massachusetts USA

Woof! Woof! Hello. My 4 year old Golden Retriever, Drew, is just one of the 2 dogs I have. He is a devoted family dog. Everyone likes Drew (lol)! Now Riley, my 6 month old Golden Retriever, is an AKC purebred. Riley is training for dog shows and agility and I'm a junior handler. Riley is way more active! He is a fast learner. He already knows...sit, stay, lie down, come, stand, retrieve, paw, paws up and I'm now trying to teach Riley speak. Riley is a perfect pet besides the fact he takes up my whole bed and chases the cat around the house.

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