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Sad boy on skateboard.

But I Don't
Have a Dog...

Black terrier

Those of us who have dogs are very lucky. We know how wonderful dogs can be. We know how good they make us feel.

 But many kids don't have dogs.
There are a lot of reasons why kids
don't have a dog when they really would like one:

pawAllergies to dogs.
pawDogs aren't allowed where they live.
pawDogs can cost too much money.
pawNo time to care for a dog.


Cute pup
 What would you do if you couldn't have a dog? How could you still enjoy dogs even if one didn't live at your house?


Some kids decide to get another
kind of pet that they can love.



 There are many different kinds of pets that you can get if you can't have a dog. Some take more care than others. Which one would be good for you? Remember, they all take a commitment to love and care for them.






There are other things you can do
when you can't have a dog. Here are a few:

Check markYou can walk your neighbor's dog.
check markYou can volunteer at a shelter or humane society.
check markSome kids read books about dogs. Know any good ones?
check markSome kids watch movies about dogs. Seen any good ones lately?
check markYou can find websites on the Internet about dogs and read them.
check markYou can get a stuffed animal.

Running pup

Check out what kids are doing while they wait for a dog.

PawI wrote a poem to you about my Invisi-dog (Snoball) already, but this is
a suggestion if you can't have a real dog. Just pretend that you have a dog,
or as many dogs as you want! It doesn't drool on Mom's blouse, it doesn't
go to the bathroom on the carpet, they're free, they never die, and best of all
only YOU are allowed to play with him! That's what I do. Now I have Snoball,
Nanook, and Pikachu. I take them for walks all of the time. And they all sleep
on my bed at night. I gotta go, Nanook is howling! Bye!
Shawn, Age 12, Pennsylvania USA

PawFind a relative or a friend that has a dog and you could volunteer
to take care of it if they go on vacation. Shannon, Age 9, Massachusetts USA

PawYou could help a dog or just a hungry animal that needs love or food.
They could show as much responsibility as possible. (See below)
Paula, Age 10, Indiana USA

PawIf you are waiting to get a dog, do some research and find good ways to
take care of your dog. And you should find out what kind of dog you should get.
Amanda, Age 10, California USA

PawVisit friends who have dogs and pretend the dog was your own.
Give it all the attention and love you would give your own dog.
Mary, Age 16, Alabama USA

PawVolunteer to help someone else with their dog. That's what I did
before I got one. Jennifer, Age 17, North Carolina USA

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PawDraw a picture of the way you might think the dog will look like!!
Play with your friend's dog!! Jacqui, Age 10, Wisconsin USA

PawIf you are waiting to have a dog, then you can read books about them
or see movies. You can try to convince your parents to buy you a dog.
That is what I did and now I have a dog. Having a dog is not a very easy job.
You have to clean him, play with him, talk with him, take him for walks,
buy food, and give him dog food. If you don't, your dog would become fat.
I wish you good luck. I hope you get a dog if you want one. Maria, Age 10, Mexico

PawIf you know what dog you're getting, try and get some books
on that dog: how they are and how to treat it right. Jered, Age 10, Virginia USA

PawWell they can play with their made up friends.
Roxann, Age 11, Ridgeway, Ohio USA

PawThey could get a virtual one. For example a Giga Pet dog.
Megan, Age 9, Texas USA

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PawThey could read a book about a dog.
Mario, Age 8, Ontario, Canada

PawResearch the dog you want and keep on asking your parents.
Ana, Age 10, Ontario Canada

PawBefore I didn't have a dog I would get a job dogwalking, give dog baths,
collect stuffed animals, and play with Spot (my other cat),
Sunny and Goldie (my dead hamsters), and my eleven fish. Oh my,
I can't forget my quails!!! When Mom said she was getting Dad a puppy
for his birthday, I set everything up and went to the library to learn
how to train and care. Rachael, Age 10, New Jersey USA

PawThey can ask a neighbor if they can take care of their dog while
they are gone. Rita, Age 12, Alabama USA

PawRead books how to take care of them and make sure you really want
a dog before you buy one because having a dog is a lot of work.
Mary, Age 10, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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PawI think a dog is a kid's best buddy, and dogs care about people just as
people care about dogs. If you're waiting for a dog, you should find
more information about the dog you're interested in, and then show
your parents you're a very responsible kid, so they can rely on you to
take good care of you own dog. If you're waiting to get a dog of your own,
you can use your computer that has homepages like this about dogs.
Christine, Age 12, Mission Viejo, California USA

PawThey could dress up as a dog. Megan, Age 5, Alberta Canada

PawRead and learn how to take care of your dog.
Lee, Age 13, Texas USA

PawSend a letter to some company and tell them to make dog
on the computer. Bye. Jack, Age 13, Tel-Aviv, Israel

PawDo research on the dog that they really want and try to convince
their parents to get one. You can get info on the computer or in books
at the library. You can also try to help dogs that are in need
by going to animal shelters and to volunteer your time playing with the dogs
and walking them. Caitlin, Age 14, New York USA

PawThey can show their parents they can take care of their own dog.
Melissa, Age 11, Georgia USA

How do I convince my parents
I am responsible enough for a new dog?

Showing your parents that you are responsible is a very good way to help convince them that you will help with a new dog when it arrives. Just keep in mind that there may be other reasons why your parents do not want a dog.

A good place to start is to read this page: A New Dog. Do all the assignments on this page.

Also, read this page and do what it says: I'll Love You Forever

Here are 2 more assignments: Read What Dogs Cost and do the project on How Much Does a Dog Cost in a lifetime?

Keep a nice notebook that you can show to your parents when you are all finished. Do a good job; think about your answers. Do some good research into the kind of dog you want and add what you have learned to your notebook.

Ask your parents if they have some jobs for you. Tell them you want to show them that you are responsible. Tell them you want daily or weekly jobs, not just something on one day. You may need to show them over 6 months or year that you will keep your promises.

Make sure you do all of your homework and work very hard in school. Be a good citizen everyday.

Make good decisions about everything you do.

Follow directions and do favors for people around you. Look for opportunities to help people out and offer your assistance.

Those are some things you can do to prove you are responsible. But remember, your parents may have some very good reasons why they don't want a dog. You'll have to respect their decision in the end.


  Rusty's Ridiculous Riddles

Why did the dog wear a watch?

He wanted to be a watch dog.

Thank you Amber, Age 12, of Kansas USA or this cute riddle!



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