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Old collie
This is Maggie at 15 years old.

Older Dogs

Old dogs are the grandparents of the dog world. They are sweet, experienced, and not too demanding. They are happy just to curl up next to you and snooze away the day.

 Older dogs need everything a young dog needs:
food, water, shelter, health care, grooming, exercise, and time with you.

With old age comes the need for a few extra things:
maybe more health care, and more time with you.


Old dogs need love and attention just like younger dogs!

You can get 'wild and crazy' with your younger dog, but take walks and play gently with your older dog. Your senior dog will also enjoy just sitting with you while you pet her.

A Puli dog.


Your dog may be only 9 or 10 in human years,
but do you know how old she is in dog years?

Enter your dog's age in human years:

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Your dog's age in Dog Years is:
This is an approximate age, based on 7 human years to 1 dog year.
Note: You must have Java enabled on your computer for the calculator to work.

Although there is really no such thing as dog years, it is still important to realize that a twelve year old dog is not like a twelve year old kid. Twelve is an old age for many dogs and they need special care, just as an 84 year old person might.


 Just as people shouldn't lay around all day, older dogs shouldn't sit around all day with nothing to do. They need to continue exercising to keep their hearts and muscles strong. You can still take your dog for walks, play fetch, and hide and seek. Your dog will appreciate the time she spends with you when she is older.

 As people get older, sometimes it is hard to change routines. It is also harder to handle stressful situations. The same is true for old dogs. Keep an eye out for times of stress: holidays, family parties with lots of company, vacations and moving to a new home. All of these situations require that your family pay a little extra attention to your dog.

This is Sylvie at 11 years of age.

Old Golden


Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? They have an upper and lower eyelid and a third one inside of the other two. It helps protect the eye from dirt and dust. It is also called a "haw".

Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts


Continue to include your dog in your activities just as you always have. Your dog wants to be with you even more now that they are older.

Older dogs sometimes become more affectionate and attached to you than they were before. Let your dog be close to you when you are just hanging out, doing homework, or practicing your piano!

Keep an eye on your older dog's behavior. When dogs don't feel well, they can have changes in their behavior. If you see any of these changes, tell your parents about it. When your dog is old and doesn't feel well, it is important to call the vet. There are lots of things the doctor can do to help your dog to feel better, even if she is a senior.

Give your dog a check-up!

Dogs get bored when they lay around.
This is Kelly at 12 years old.



  If your older dog becomes ill, or loses her hearing or eyesight, always try to imagine how you would feel if that happened to you or to your parents. Try to treat your older, not-so-healthy dog with respect, compassion, and gentleness. The years you spend with your older dog can be just as fun and special as ever.


Old Dogs Rock!
Kelly at 12 years old.
Twelve year old Kelly is ready for action!


The following indicate possible health problems and should be checked by a vet: vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, excessive sneezing, coughing, or abnormal discharge from eyes.

Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts



What Dogs Need
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Health Care
Time with You



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