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Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Your Dog

Sometimes naming a new dog can be difficult .
Remember these guidelines when you are naming your dog.

 1. Try to use a name with more than one syllable. It is easier for a dog to hear a longer name than a shorter one. Bandit is easier to hear than Spot.

 2. Check that your dog's name does not sound like another word that your dog might confuse. A name like Beau is sweet, but it is very close to the word, "No"


Boxer puppy.

After you have named your dog, be sure that you use it often so he learns it quickly. Use his name when you are playing with him, petting him, hugging him, or just trying to get his attention. Use his name a lot!


Never use your dog's name when you are angry or when you are disciplining him. You want your dog to like his name. If you raise your voice every time you use his name, he won't like it and he won't come when you call him.

How to name your dog!

A dog's appearance may help you to choose a name.
For instance Spot, Red, Shadow, and Brandy
all come from the way a dog looks.


A dog's behavior might
inspire a name:

Cricket (a dog who eats crickets),
Bandit (a dog who steals things),
Traveler (a dog who likes
to go in the car).

Collie pup with cat

 Dog with Personality

Your dog's personality could help a name pop into your head. Names like:

Rebel (a stubborn dog),
Princess (a sweet, beautiful dog),
Bullet( a really fast runner)

all come from characteristics of a dog's personality.

Try adjectives to name your dog:
Lucky, Happy, Dusty, Boomer

Famous people make great names: your favorite rock star, TV star, or movie star:
Bart, Ally, Felicity

Try a famous name from history or a character from a story you have read.

You can name your dog after another famous dog: Pluto, Pongo, Lassie, Bingo

golden retriever pup

 Now, go to this page where kids have sent
in stories about how they named their dogs.
It's interesting and funny, too!

Just click on the ball!


Then, use our Name Generator to find a great name for your dog:

Dog's Name:
Male or Female Name :
Note: You must have Java enabled on your computer for the generator to work.

Or...Go to the Name page
where you can find a whole list of names for your dog!

Just click on the ball!


 Fido facts

The top 5 female dog names are Maggie, Molly, Lady, Sadie, Lucy  

Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts



  Here is a name book that your parents might want to buy:
Finally! Names for Dogs: Find a Name that Matches Your Dog's Personality, by Mimi Fontaine
A delightful book of creative, spicey and fun names for dog lovers containing over 600 names to select from.
This book containes many definitions that might describe your favorite canine friend and includes many whimsical illustrations that are organized by personality types.
"Names for Dogs" is a wonderful reference tool and a perfect gift to delight all dog lovers.

The Best Pet Name Book Ever!, by Wayne Bryant Eldridge, Tom Kerr
From an Amazon.com reader: I'm a "dog" person & I put a lot of time & energy into naming my dogs! This book was extremely diverse & comprehensive in their name sources..to the common everyone-knows-a-Max-or-Sheba names to the really unique ones! Anyone looking at getting a dog should read this..it truly has a name for every dog personality one could possibly think of! A terrific read & one I'd recommend to anyone!!!


  Rusty's Ridiculous Riddles

What is a dancer's favorite breed of dog?

An Australian TAP DOG!




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