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Mixed breed dogs make terrific pets.
Mixed breed dogs are also called:
Mutts, Mongrels, Crossbreeds, Half-breeds, or Heinz 57.

Mixed breed dogs are called mixed breed because they have parents and ancestors that are of different breeds of dogs. These dogs are usually less expensive than dogs of one breed (Purebred dogs) and most Mixed breed dogs look different from each other.

Purebred dogs have parents and ancestors that are all from the same breed of dog. The size, temperament, and appearance are the same between dogs.

Mixed breed dogs are friendly, faithful companions just like other dogs. They can do all of the things purebred dogs can do including assistance work, therapy work, herding, agility, and flyball. They cannot be shown at AKC licensed dog shows.

Mixed breeds can grow up to be any size and shape. Because you may not know what your pup's parents looked like, you may be surprised by the size of your dog when he grows up. He may look very different than he did as a cute little puppy.

Most dogs need to be bathed regularly
and brushed at least one time every week. If your dog has a lot of hair,
you may need to brush more often.

Mixed breed dogs come in many different colors. They can be white, brown, black, gray, and they can be more than one color.

Their hair can be long, short, or in-between. They may have short hair when they are young, and long hair when they grow up.

Mixed breed dogs do not have the same personality or temperament. One dog might be a bully, and another might be shy, and still another might be very sweet. No two mixed breeds are alike. If you know the parents of your mixed breed dog, you might be able to predict a little bit about his personality.

Cute Mixed Breed dog.


Mixed breed dogs need exercise just like all dogs.

It would be a good thing to walk your dog everyday even if he has a large yard. Mixed breed dogs like to play games like hide and seek, tug-of-war, and fetch just like other dogs.


 All About Mixed Breed Dogs

(from their kids!)


Bichon Frise/Papillon mix pups


"Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails." - Max Eastman

Blue pawI actually have a Bulldog/Terrier mixed breed. Her name is Mia. When you look at her you can see the Bulldog in her face, but she also looks very much like a Terrier. She acts like a Bulldog because she is constantly excited and active and she hates cold weather. Jordyn, age 14, New York USA
My dog, Molly (Basset Hound/Dalmatian) is a very nice dog and also very good looking. She is not like a family dog. She follows me everywhere! Molly is very special in another way, too. We have the same birthday! Emily, Age 8, Rhode Island USA
Brownie is one out of a litter of six and his mother was a mix of retriever and wiener-dog and his father was a mix of German Shepherd and a Lab. He likes to lick your face and loves attention. If you play with our cats, or he hears my bus, he will start whining and won't stop until you go visit him. He is very nice, and he wouldn't hurt a soul or a person, which is good. Becca, Age 16, Ohio USA
My dog, Hannah (Collie mix), is a really special dog. We just got her a week ago and she is special because she was 11 months when we got her and even though she is a great dog, nobody wanted her because she was full grown. I think that makes her special because she is already housebroken and she is still puppyish enough to teach her new tricks. My dad didn't want her at first, but after he saw her he fell in love with her. Please remember if a dog is full grown and is and is not the size of a puppy it is still a really great dog. Kerry, Age 11, North Carolina USA
My dog, Cassie (Beagle/German Shepherd), is so sweet and cute!! She loves people and is very friendly! I fell in love with her when I first saw her! She is always crazy and sweet and friendly! I love her with all my heart! Laura, Age 13, Minnesota, USA

My dog, Pebbles (Cocker Spaniel/Lhasa Apso), is black and small. She is very cute! She likes people, but doesn't play because she is old and she hurt her leg and now limps on it. She keeps you company even though she doesn't play. Thanks for reading my message! Casey, Age 13, Texas USA

Dad brought a puppy home after work one night four years ago. We loved our new puppy the minute we saw him. He is called Jack and is black and tan like a Doberman. He looks nothing like his Beagle mother except for his tail and that he trots like a Beagle. His favourite things are chasing the tennis ball and swimming. He also loves car rides especially if he can sit in the front seat. He loves ice cream and when we go through a drive-through he always expects to get one. Amanda, Elizabeth, and Claire, Ages 13, 11, 10 Perth, Western Australia

Gus is a puppy (German Shepherd/Golden Retriever). We got him May 7th when he was 10 weeks old. He is a sweet puppy, and very smart. We have taught him how to sit, stay, and lay down. We also have another dog named Abbie and she is 9 years old and she is sweet. She loves our puppy. She is mixed breed part Chow/part Collie. Kourtney, Age 13, Oklahoma USA

Our dog, Rocky (Collie mix), looks just like the picture of the dog on your website wallpaper...except he only has 1/2 of a white collar! We got him at the SPCA in March, and he is a great dog! We are crate training him...our Mom suggested this method. We will take him to obedience training soon. John and Matt, Ages 11 and 8, New York USA

Woof! Woof! Woof! That's my dog Patches! Woof! My best friend. She has been my best friend since May 16, 2000, when my family and I got her from the Alachua County Animal Shelter. Then she was three months old. She weighs a whopping 45 pounds. That's massive for a 11 month old hound and shepherd mix! Her coat is a stunning coal black color-splotched, but mainly snow white. A bit of cinnamon brown mingling through her fur. That's how she earns her name, Patches.

Her perky ears stand up but then the top folds forward like wilting rose petals. Her jet black nose is chilly and damp like the dew of an early Saturday morning in May. Her lengthy tail is half snow white while the other portion decides to contrast it, making itself black as soot. Her lanky tree branch legs are snow white in hue. When she runs, she looks like a swirling cloud of gray hornets. Her fur is as soft as velvet. So soft I often use her as a pillow. I am proud to have such a beautiful dog. It makes me think, how could such wonderful animals have such a tedious name, dog. Patches deserves to be called extraordinary. Scott, Age 14, Florida USA

My dog, Leonard (mixed breed), is the best dog in the world because he is my very best friend in the entire world. When I was seven, two really big dogs were in the woods by our house, and I was scared of them. Leonard knew that and chased them away. And the day before Halloween, I got stuck on my slide by the cape, and he led my parents to me, possibly saving my life! So I love him with all my heart. Jessica, Age 11, Tennessee USA

Peaches (Collie/Golden Retriever) is my baby girl, my sweetheart, and the best thing that has ever happened to me. She was previously owned by a family who neglected and abused her. They moved away and were looking to get rid of her. At the last minute I begged my dad to let me adopt her. (I wouldn't take "no" for an answer.) She has been in my care for a few years and she is no longer the sick sad puppy I fell in love with the moment I saw her. She is happy and healthy and spoiled rotten. I am a happier person now because of her. She has helped me through some rough times. I honestly can't imagine not having her around. I love her more than I ever thought I could love anything. She's my Peach. Lauren, Maryland USA

I like to run with my dog, Brittany (mixed breed). She is really special because she is fluffy and I like fluffy dogs. I love her because she protects me. Anonymous

We got Suzy (mixed breed) when she was about one year old. We got her from the SPCA. The minute I saw her I knew she would be the perfect dog. She is the perfect dog. She has a great sense of humor. She is one wild dog, who always has her halo on crooked. She also has the cutest ears that are so soft. Christine, Age 12, Virginia USA

Some Famous Mixed Breed Dogs
Velvet, Lab/Cattle dog saved 3 climbers on Mt Hood in Oregon, 2007
Belka, Russian dog who went into space aboard the Sputnik spacecraft
Strelka, Russian dog who went into space aboard the Sputnik spacecraft
Lava, star of the book, From Baghdad, With Love, by Kopelman & Roth
Maui, played Murray on the old TV show, Mad About You
Benji, the Terrier mix star of the Benji series of movies
Junior, Lucille Ball's dog adopted for son, Desi Arnaz, Jr.
Molly, singer Rick Springfield's dog



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Dog Breeds
Mixed Breed
Cocker Spaniel
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