National Library Week!

April 2 - April 8, 2006

What do libraries have to do with dogs? Keep reading and you'll find out!

National Library Week began in 1958. The American Library Association and libraries all over the United States celebrate it every year to help people remember that libraries are great places to visit. National Library Week reminds us that you can learn almost anything you want from a book. And that you can find those books, for free, at your school library or the public library near your home. Have you been to your library lately?


Reading is great fun. It can take you places you've never been before. Reading can teach you just about anything you'd ever want to know. And you can even find friends between the cover of a good book.

At the library, you'll find lots of books about dogs. There are famous dogs like Shiloh, Lassie, Winn Dixie, Sounder, Old Dan and Little Ann, Lad, Ribsy, Buck, and Searchlight. All of these dogs were created on the pages of books in your library.

Lots of cool characters live in the library.

Smart dog hanging out with lots of books.

Reading to her Labrador

Have you ever thought about reading to your dog? Does that sound strange? Actually your dog might like that. Why? Because your dog likes being with you. And your dog likes hearing the sound of your voice. So do your dog a favor and read him a story. You can find one at your favorite library.



Students make 1.5 billion visits to school libraries during the school year - or 100 times as many visits to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Source: The American Library Association 2005

Fido's Fabulous Library Facts


There's something very exciting happening at libraries these days. In some libraries, dogs are allowed to come in and lay on the floor. These dogs are called therapy dogs and they are specially trained to go into public places.

Reading to a dog in the classroom.

At these libraries, kids choose a book to read, and then sit down next to the dog and read him the story. You can call your library and ask if they have a "Read to Your Dog" program. It's cool!


Dog Book!
How to Love Your Dog has recommendations for great dog books.
We have books that help you care for your dog,
and books that are great stories about dogs.
It's possible that your parents read some of these books when they were young!

Reading a book to the collie

Take a look at the books below. Then celebrate National Library Week by checking one out of your school or neighborhood library. You'll be glad you did!



There are more public libraries than McDonald's restaurants in th U.S.
- a total of 16,541!

Source: The American Library Association 2005

Fido's Fabulous Library Facts


Here is Cody's List of Great Dog Books

Index of books and stories:
Just click on the category you are interested in.
Great Dog Stories!
Dog Care
Dog Breeds and General Information
Pet Loss
Activities and Careers

Great Dog Stories!
A Dog Called Kitty, by Bill Wallace, New York: Holiday House 1980

Before Santa was Santa (Book and Coloring Book), by Lee & Ellenbee 1996
Boy and the Dog, by Wilderberg 1991
Call of the Wild, by Jack London
Courtney, by John Burningham
Dogs (and other funny furries), edited by Richard and Helen Exley, 1978
Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis, Dan Pilkey, Blue Sky Press 1994
Dog People: Native Dog Stories, Bruchac 1995 (ages 10 and up)

Dogsong, by Gary Paulsen
Floss, by Lewis 1996 (ages 4 and up, picture book)
Henry Huggins, by Beverly Cleary
Lassie Come Home, by Eric Knight
Lad, A Dog, by Albert PaysonTerhune

Old Yeller, by Fred Gipson
Ribsy, by Beverly Cleary
The Trouble With Tuck, by Theodore Taylor
Three Names, by MacLachlan and Pertzoff (ages 5-9)
Rosie, A Visiting Dog's Story, by Stephanie Calmenson , American Library Assn. 1994
Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Shiloh Season, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor 1996
Some Swell Up or Are You Sure You Want A Dog? by Sendak & Margolis 1976
Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner, Published1988
Strider, by Beverly Cleary
The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford

Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls
The Trouble with Tuck, Theodore Taylor, Camelot 1992
Tuck Triumphant,
by Theodore Taylor (sequel to The Trouble with Tuck)
Woodsong, by Gary Paulsen
Abandoned Puppy by Emily Costello, Published 1999
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Dog Care
ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids: Puppy, by Mark Evans, Dorling Kindersley 1992

Kid's Best Dog Book and Field Guide, by Michael Rosen, Workman Publishing Co. 1997
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Dog Tricks Step by Step,
by Zeigenfuse & Walker, Howell 1997

Dog Tricks, by Haggerty and Benjamin, Howell Book House Inc. 1978
How To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks, by Ted Baer, Barron's Educational Series 1991
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Dog Training For Kids, by Carol Lea Benjamin, Howell Book House Inc. 1988

Dog Training Projects For Young People, McMains 1995
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Dog Breeds and General Information
The Complete Dog Book For Kids, AKC 1996
Dogs, Eyewitness Books, by David Alderton &Tracy Morgan 1993
Dog, Eyewitness Books,by Juliet Clutton-Brock, Dorling Kindersley, Ltd 1991
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Pet Loss
Dog Heaven, by Rylant, 1995

A Special Place For Charlie, by Morehead 1996
The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, by Judith Viorst, Aladdin Books 1971
Pet Loss, A Thoughtful Guide For Adults and Children, by Nieburg & Fisher 1982
When A Pet Dies, by Fred Rogers, A Mister Roger's Neighborhood picture book 1988
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Activities and Careers
Best Junior Handler, by Olejiczak 1997

A Dog's Best Friend An Activity Book for Kids and Their Dogs,
by Lisa Rosenthal, Chicago Review Press 1999
I Want To Be...A Veterinarian, by Grace 1997
Kids + Dogs = Fun (Great Activities Your Kids and Dogs Can Do
Together), by Jacqueline O'Neil, Howell Book House 1996
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Dear Socks, Dear Buddy (Kids' Letters to the First Pets) by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Simon and Schuster 1998

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Ninety-eight percent (98%) of public libraries provide public access to the Internet.

Source: The American Library Association 2005

Fido's Fabulous Library Facts


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