Following The Rules


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Every city or community has a set of rules or laws that you must follow when you own a dog.

 These laws exist for 2 reasons.

1. To protect your dog.
2. To protect you.

Here are some laws that might exist in your community:
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1. The Leash Law
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2. The License
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3. No Dogs Allowed
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4. Don't Bother Your Neighbor
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5. Be Humane to Your Dog
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6. Transport Your Dog Safely
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7. Females in Season Stay Home

It is important that you check out the laws
in your city so that you and your dog can be good citizens.
Your friends and neighbors will appreciate both of you more
if you are a responsible pet owner.


What did the dog say when he got his tail caught in the door?
"It won't be long now!"

Thank you to Gabriela, age 12, of Mexico for this cute riddle!

Digging dog

Following the Rules
The Leash Law
The License
No Dogs Allowed
Don't Bother Your Neighbor
Be Humane to Your Dog
Transport Your Dog
Females in Season



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