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How to Keep Safe
Keeping Safe
Don't Bother Dogs
Any Dog Can Bite

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  Dog Bite Prevention Prevention Information for Parents

Keeping Safe:

for Parents

Dog bites can be reduced and in many cases, prevented. However, year after year children are bitten by dogs. There are things that you can do to keep your children safe. First, you can teach your children to be more aware of dog behavior and body language. Kids can learn to recognize dogs that might be dangerous. Visit the pages below for specific information for kids.

Dog owners have a responsibility to help their dogs become good citizens so they don't bite someone. Dogs that are not properly socialized can easily become overwhelmed by youngsters hovering over them or pulling their tail. Dogs can bite children who live in the same house if the pets have not been socialized and the kids have not learned proper behavior around dogs. Visit the pages below for specific information for kids.

Some of these responsibilities start with spaying or neutering your dog. A spayed or neutered dog will be calmer, less distracted, and in the long run, healthier.

Take your dog to training classes. Try to take at least two six-eight week classes so your dog has more opportunity to learn and spend time with other dogs and their people. It's good to read about dog training, but there's no substitute for the socialization that a dog gets out in the neighborhood.

Socialize your puppy by exposing him to other puppies and dogs, friends, and family outside and inside your home. Expose your dog to all kinds of people, sights, sounds, and surfaces. Do you know if your dog is afraid of helium balloons? Get a couple and let them hover near your ceiling for a few days. Your dog will get used to them and eventually pay no attention to them. The more experiences your dog has, the better adjusted he will be.

Teach your dog appropriate behavior. Have your dog sit when someone approaches, rather than jump up. Don't let your dog grab food from the kids. Don't let your dog chase remote control toys, bicycles, skateboards, running kids, or other pets. Don't let your dog bark at everyone that comes to the door.

Be a responsible dog owner. Know the laws of your community and teach them to your kids. Keep your dog on a leash when away from home, or even in the front yard. Don't let your dog charge across the street at other dogs or their owners. Bring your dog with you into the house as much as possible. Dogs become much better pets when they spend time with the family, being supervised, disciplined, encouraged, and taught manners.

Safety tips for kids.

Here are the pages we have written for children. It would be a good idea to go over each of them with your children.

Keeping Safe (Click for lots more!)


Don't bother dogs. (Click for lots more!)

Any dog can bite. (Click for lots more!)

Leave stray dogs alone. (Click for lots more!)


Here are some good resources for dog bite prevention information:

Doggone Safe
A non-profit organization dedicated to Dog Bite Prevention

The Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society of the United States works to reduce dog bite injuries.
Read how you can bite-proof your dog and stay safe around other canines.

National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Things to Consider Before You Get a Dog, Preventing Dog Bites,
National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Educational Resources for Dog Bite Prevention
Brochures and booklets, lesson plans, Coloring and activity books, Videotapes,
Multiple component educational kits and programs

Doggone Crazy!
A great game for kids and lots of dog bite prevention resources

Safe and Sound
This is a wonderful interactive activity for kids to see if they understand
safe behaviors around dogs. Each animated cartoon shows a situation
and the child must choose the correct solution. Check it out. It's great!


Wild animals can be dangerous.

Extra Note:
Leave wild animals alone!
They look cute and cuddly, but they may bite if you touch them.



Excellent Safety
for Kids!

dogs, cats, kids

Dogs, Cats, and Kids (grades 4 to 8), and
Dogs, Cats & BIG Kids” (grades 4 to 8)
available in VHS or DVD
“Should be required viewing for all families with young children – whether they own a pet or not.”
Steve Dale, Chicago Tribune

Dogs, Cats & Kids is recommended by Parents Choice, the Humane Society of the United States, leading pediatricians, educators, and pet care professionals. It was tested and proven in a study at Johns Hopkins University and a pilot program with more than 10,000 children (see “Results.”)

In just 27 entertaining minutes, this fun video shows children how animals think and behave, and how they should behave around animals.

“An excellent primer that may help a child
avert injury.”
The Seattle Times



A Dog Called Kitty, by Bill Wallace, New York: Holiday House 1992 reprint of 1980 book.
Ricky wants to help a starving stray dog that has been wandering around his yard, but after having been bitten by a dog when he was younger, he is frightened to befriend the lonely puppy.This great story is good for ages 9-12. Kids love this book!


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How to Keep Safe
Keeping Safe
Don't Bother Dogs
Any Dog Can Bite



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