How to Keep Safe
Keeping Safe
Don't Bother Dogs
Any Dog Can Bite

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Safety tips for kids located here!

Keeping Safe:

Get the lowdown on staying safe!


Safety tips for kids.

First, puppy safety:

 Ouch! The puppy is pulling his hair!
Pups like to pull hair.

 Puppies are cute,
but they have very sharp teeth and toenails. It's best not to lay on the ground where they can reach your face.

Stop pushing me down!
The pup is already strong.

Don't let them bite or scratch you, even if it's fun. Stand up so that you are taller than your puppy.

That hurts!
It looks fun, but it's not.

Biting can become a bad habit and when your dog gets bigger, it can be dangerous.


At 4-8 weeks of age, a puppy's mouth will get 28 baby teeth.
Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts


Ok, so now you know that a puppy has 28 teeth
when he is only 8 weeks old. That's a lot of teeth!
Those teeth are very sharp. And your puppy will be larger
and stronger some day. So try real hard to teach your new puppy
not to bite you, even if he is playing.


Here's how to teach your pup not to bite:

When your puppy puts his teeth on you, say "No" and walk away. Go get him a toy, give it to him, and when he takes it, say "Good boy". If your puppy continues to bite your leg, your pants, or your hands, put him outside, in a crate, or a pen, until you think he's calmed down. Try again later.


The correct way to give your puppy or dog a treat:
Feeding your dog a treat.

Teach your puppy how to take a treat from your hand when he is very young:

Hold out your open hand. Put the treat in the palm of your hand. Let your dog take the treat from your hand. Don't hold a treat between your fingers because some dogs will accidentally grab your fingers with the treat.


Here's another reason to teach your puppy how to
take a treat from your hand when he is very young:

At 4-7 months of age, the baby teeth fall out and are replaced with 42 permanent, adult (big!) teeth.
Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts



Many babies love dogs, but they should never be left alone together.

Golden and baby.


The Rest of the Story:

Even if you train your own dog to be good citizen, you will meet lots of other dogs during your lifetime. Keeping safe can be as easy as remembering the three things listed below. Don't skip this part! You'll find lots more information when you click on the next three links.

1. Don't bother dogs. (Click for lots more!)

2. Any dog can bite. (Click for lots more!)

3. Leave stray dogs alone. (Click for lots more!)


For Parents


Wild animals can be dangerous.

Extra Note:
Leave wild animals alone!
They look cute and cuddly, but they may bite if you touch them.



Excellent Safety
for Kids!

dogs, cats, kids

Dogs, Cats, and Kids (grades 4 to 8), and
Dogs, Cats & BIG Kids” (grades 4 to 8)
available in VHS or DVD
“Should be required viewing for all families with young children – whether they own a pet or not.”
Steve Dale, Chicago Tribune

Dogs, Cats & Kids is recommended by Parents Choice, the Humane Society of the United States, leading pediatricians, educators, and pet care professionals. It was tested and proven in a study at Johns Hopkins University and a pilot program with more than 10,000 children (see “Results.”)

In just 27 entertaining minutes, this fun video shows children how animals think and behave, and how they should behave around animals.

“An excellent primer that may help a child
avert injury.”
The Seattle Times



A Dog Called Kitty, by Bill Wallace, New York: Holiday House 1992 reprint of 1980 book.
Ricky wants to help a starving stray dog that has been wandering around his yard, but after having been bitten by a dog when he was younger, he is frightened to befriend the lonely puppy.This great story is good for ages 9-12. Kids love this book!


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How to Keep Safe
Keeping Safe
Don't Bother Dogs
Any Dog Can Bite


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