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Dog Silly!
Fun Idioms Using the Word 'Dog'

The word 'dog' is not always used for four-legged furry types. It commonly has other meanings in the English language. Idioms are phrases that mean something different than the words that make them up. For example, the phrase, "eats like a bird" means to eat a small amount. It doesn't actually have anything to do with a bird.

Below is a list of idioms that have the word 'dog' in them. Read the sentences and fill in the blank with an idiom in red. Click on the answer button to find out if you are right. Have fun!

Raining cats and dogs
Meaner than a junkyard dog
In the doghouse
Let sleeping dogs lie
Dog-eat-dog world
Dog days of summer
Putting on the dog

Going to the dogs

Sick as a dog
Dog paddle


1. Jennifer worked so hard all day at school, that she was _____.
2. Sergio wanted to remember what page he was on so he _____ the corner.
3. Megan has the measles and is _____.
4. If Kristin gets in trouble she could be _____.
5. His room is _____. It's such a mess!
6. That grumpy man was _____.
7. Last month we had very bad weather. It was _____.
8. Mom and Dad got all dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant. They were _____.
9. Don't ask your brother why he broke up with his girlfriend. Just _____.
10. If you can't swim, try the _____.
11. Large bookstores compete with small, family-owned bookstores in a _____.
12. The hottest part of the summer is referred to as the _____.


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