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1. What does the word 'humane' mean?
Look here: Your New Best Friend

2. Why is it important for your dog to know who the leader of the house is?
Look here: Where Dogs Come From

3. Name 3 reasons why stray dogs can be a problem.
Look here: Too Many Dogs

4. Choose 1 dog law and explain what it means.
Look here: Following the Rules

5. Why do older dogs still need some exercise?
Look here: Older Dogs

dopey dogWe hope you had fun finding the answers.

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doggies with magnifying glasses

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Kelly says,
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 tri color collie

Updated 9/3/06

smiley faceNew!Savannah, age 13, Missouri USA
smiley faceMary, age 14, Minnesota USAWow!
smiley faceBethany, Age 13, Illinois USAWow!
smiley faceCaylon, age 10, Virginia USAWow!
smiley faceMonica, age 12, California USAWow!
smiley faceErin, age 13, Illinois USAWow!
smiley faceEmily, age 13, California USAWow!
smiley faceSusan, age 14, USAWow!
smiley faceAshley, age 13, Alberta CanadaWow!
smiley faceAshley, age 14, Ohio USAWow!

smiley faceSara, age 13, Texas USAWow!
smiley faceJanna, age 13Wow!
smiley faceLauren, age 13, Oklahoma/USAWow!
smiley faceCassie, age 16, California USAWow!
smiley faceMatthew, age 11, Colorado USAWow!
smiley faceAnonymous, age 11, Ontario CanadaWow!
smiley faceChelsea, age 13, Kansas USAWow!
smiley faceCoty, age 13, Michigan USA Wow!
smiley faceAnnie, age 15, Illinois USAWow!
smiley faceLaura, age 15, Ohio USAWow!

Jessica, age 15, Kentucky USA
Danielle, age 13, Pennsylvania USA

Lindsey, age 15, Ohio USA

Alyssa, age 9, North Carolina USA

Erin, age 13, Ohio USA
Jennifer, age 14, North Carolina USA
Evelyn, age 14, New York USA
Marianna, age 9, Illinois USA
Jessica, age 13, Texas USA

Kristal, age 13, California USA

Julia, age 13
Kristin, age 13, Colorado USA
Colleen, age 11, Maryland USA
Catherine, age 9, Washington USA
Laura, age 12, Sheffield
Leanna, age 13, Nevada USA
Sheena, age 13, Eleele, Hawaii USA
Lindsay, age 11, Fairfield County, Connecticut USA
Claire, age 11, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
Tiffany, age 9, Fenton, Michigan USA

Whinter, age 11, Racine Wisconsin USA
Kaitlin, age 11, Ft.Worth, Texas
Angie, age 18, Texas USA
Melissa, age 10, Manitoba Canada
Tiffany, age 11, Pennsylvania USA
Chas, age 13, Idaho USA
Laura, age 13, North Carolina USA
Jonathon, age 13, Australia
Kathy, age 9, Minnesota, USA
Tanya, age 12, Canada
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