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1. Write 3 reasons why a dog may not make a good pet.
Look here: Reasons Not To Get A Dog

2. Why can chewing on wood be harmful to dogs?
Look here: Shelter For Your Dog

3. Why does a puppy need more than one collar?
Look here: What Dogs Cost

4. What is the name of the book read by Matthew, age 9, in California?
Look here: Book Reports by Kids

5. Why is obedience training important for a dog to learn?
Look here: Dogs Just Want To Have Fun

We hope you had fun finding the answers.

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These kids have gotten 100%.
 Kelly says,
", and Congratulations!"

Updated 7/13/09

smileNew Emma, age 10, Indiana USAWOW
smile Savannah, age 13, Missouri USA
smile Elena, age 16, Arizona USAWOW
smile Erica, age 17, Illinois, USAWOW
smile Barbara, age 13, Virginia USAWOW
smileSarah, age 14, Ohio USAWOW
smileDenise, age 16, New Mexico USAWOW
smileJoy, age 14, CanadaWOW
smileKatherine, age 11, Ohio USAWOW
smileShanna, age 10, South AustraliaWOW
smileCalvin, age 14, North Carolina USAWOW
Alex, age 9, New Jersey USA
Mary, age 14, Minnesota USA
Lindsey, Age 13, Maryland USA
Dana, Age 13, Illinois USA
Samantha, age 13, Illinois USA
Jake and Jenna, age 11 and 8, Texas USA
Sammi, age 13, Arizona USA
Juliet, age 11, Florida USA

Lauren, age 10, California USA
Jenna, age 11, Colorado USA
Megan, age 14, Kentucky USA
Heather, age 13, Pennsylvania USA
Tracie, age 9, Oregon USA
Angela, age 15,California USA
Annabelle, age 13, England

Laura, age 14, Ontario, Canada
Lindsay, age 10, Tennessee USA

Katie, Age 14 Ohio USA

Tanner, age 13, Utah USA
Kitty, age 10, California USA
Elycia, age 8, Nebraska USA
Allen, age 17, Port Lavaca
Gina, age 13, Georgia USA
Olga, age 13, Ontario, Canada
Kaitlin, age 13, Arizona USA
Kirstie, age 13, Lancashire England
Amanda, age 14, Ohio USA
Meena, age 7, Virginia USA

Chery, age 14, New York USA
LuCkY mOnKeY, age 14, New York USA
Michelle, age 14, Wellington New Zealand
Ashley, age 16, Illinois USA
Emma, age 11, USA
Bethanie, age 13, Cheshire England
Jessica, age 16, Tennessee USA
Ashley, age 16, Arizona USA
Lisa, age 10, Colorado USA
Amanda, age 10, California USA

Ashley, age 13, Alberta/Canada
Alexis, Age 13, Michigan USA
Makyra, age 8, Georgia USA
Jasmine, age 8, Georgia USA
Kyle, age 8, Georgia USA
Devonte, age 8, Georgia USA
Kaelyn, age 7, Georgia USA
Kendall, age 8, Georgia USA
Christie, age 8, Georgia USA
Jacob, age 7, Georgia USA

Kaylee, age 8, Georgia USA
Bryton, age 8, Georgia USA
De'Mariah, age 8, Georgia USA
Samantha, age 8, Georgia USA
Sherilyn, age 8, Georgia USA
Emily, age 11, California USA
Banana, age 13, Nevada USA
Anonymous, age 13, California USA
Josh, age 14, Alberta, Canada
Laura, age 13, Maryland USA

Amelia, age 9, Illinois USA
Beth, age 13, Virginia USA
Danika, age 13, Iowa USA
Aly, age 13, Indiana USA
Grace, age 13, Texas USA
Kathryn, age 13, Iowa USA
Talisa, age 13, New York USA
Abdiel, age 15, California USA

Victor, age 14, California USA
Jessica, age 11, Kentucky USA

Kandace, age 17, Texas USA
Natasha, age 13, Victoria, Australia
Amanda, age 14, Alabama USA
Kayleigh, age 15, Maine USA
Jessica, age 15, Manitoba Canada
Belinda, age 14, NSW, Australia
Lauren, age 13, Oklahoma USA
Kadeidre and James, ages 8, Georgia USA
Sarai, age 13, South Carolina USA
Amanda, age 10, Louisiana USA

Rekkha, age 14, Singapore
Kayla, age 15, South Dakota USA
Rosalie, age 14, Ohio USA
Jennifer, age 18, Texas USA
Samantha, age 13, Florida USA
Melissa, age 13, Montana USA
Kristen, age 9, Texas USA
Devan, age 14, Oregon USA
Katie, age 14, Michigan USA

Jessica, age 11, Kentucky USA

Kali, age 13
Trina, age 18, Michigan USA
Danielle, age 14, Maryland USA
Stephanie, age 11, New Jersey USA
Sumer, age 13
Luis, age 14, Connecticut USA
Hannah, age 13, Alberta Canada
Emma, age 10, Minnesota USA
Anonymous, age 11, Ontario, Canada
Coty, age 13, Michigan USA

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