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This movie has sound.

Chester is a 7 month old collie puppy learning 'Walk on a Leash'.
Note: Before training, Chester was wild when he was on the leash.
He would pull as hard as he could and get as far away as he could.
He would also would not watch his owner and was
more interested in other people and dogs at the park.
This video was taken during his third lesson.

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  • First, you need a 4 foot leash and a collar that won't slip off.
  • Start by having your dog sit on your left side facing front just like you.
  • As you say "Let's go", take a step starting with your left foot. Using your left foot all of the time will signal your dog that you are about to walk.
  • Walk at your normal walking pace and talk to your dog while you walk. Tell her what a good girl she is. You want her to be happy walking with you. Keep talking to her. Make it fun.
  • Go a few feet, then stop. You can praise her now. Or you can have her sit and then praise her...as long as she stays with you.
  • Practice for 5-10 minutes several times a day. Keep it fun!


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Here are some books with a lot of tricks!

trick is in the training

The Trick is in the Training: 25 Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog, by Stephanie J Taunton, Cheryl S. Smith
From an Amazon.com reader: This is a terrific book, escpecially for beginners. The book is very well illustrated with bright, clear, color photographs. The instruction is easy to follow and fun to read. There is a good variety of tricks in which to teach your dog. It is a very FUN book that makes you want to start training your dog right away! Note: This book is very simply done and should be readable by 4-6 graders.

Dog Tricks for Dummies, by Sarah Hodgson
Written for adults, the all-in-one source for play training made easy! This friendly guide shows you how to teach your dog tricks, from the simple (wagging his tail) to the extraordinary (fetching a soda from the refrigerator). Dogs of all ages can learn new tricks, and this book's step-by-step instructions show you how to train your special friend to perform. Includes special sections on camping, winter fun -- even getting dogs into show business!



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