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Happy Halloween 2007
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Full moon on Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is fun for kids, but scary and confusing for pets.

It's not a good idea  to take your dog out to  trick or treat with you. Kids dressed up in scary costumes can frighten your dog and cause her stress.

Dancing skeletons

two collies dogs with cowboy hats





Halloween Cowpokes

To protect your dog, make sure she is always wearing her collar
and ID tag with her name and your name and phone number.
This will help you find her in case she gets scared and runs away.


 flashing ghost
If your dog is protective and likes to bark at strangers, put her in your fenced yard or  in a room when trick or treaters arrive.


No Candy!

Please don't feed your dog candy! It is not healthy and could make her sick. Chocolate is very dangerous! Keep your candy up high on a table until it is all gone.

Beagle holding a pumpkin


 Singing cats

 A special note for
Cat Lovers:
Sometimes cats are not treated with kindness on Halloween. Please keep cats indoors and protected for a few days before and after Halloween. You'll be doing a good thing!


Having a Spooky Dog Halloween Party?

Your dogs may have something to say about it!
Lots of people have Halloween parties on or near Halloween. If dogs are invited, be sure to follow these rules and your dogs will have a safe, fun time.

Rottweiler wearing a skeleton costume



1. Keep all food and candy up high on counters or tables.
2. Put any purses up high, not on the floor.
3. Keep all the usual housecleaning items out of reach.
4. If any presents are opened, throw away all wrapping paper, ribbons, or bows
right away where the dog can't reach them and eat them.

Beagle with trick or treat bag in it's mouth
Dogs will be very interested in the candy, the funny masks, wax lips, and fake hair that might be within reach. Give your dogs some special toys or treats that are good for him so that he doesn't eat things that are dangerous.


1. If the party is in the yard, make sure the gate is closed and there are no holes in fence.
2. Also have shovels or bags ready to pick up messes when they happen.
3. Remove any delicate flower pots and check to make sure there are no toxic (poisonous) plants that could be eaten by a dog.


Labradors wearing Halloween scarves.
Click on the pumpkin for your own skeleton!
Flashing pumpkin


Is your dog very afraid?
It's important that you're aware of your dog's fears.
You can help calm your dog by knowing what scares him.
If you want to know some things dogs are afraid of,
click on the shifty eyes.

Click Here!


Collie dogs wearing hats and scarves for Halloween.



If you would like to dress up your dogs for Halloween, have your parents help you to make sure that the clothes are safe and comfortable for your dog.

Many dogs don't like to wear clothes or costumes. Be respectful of your dog's feelings. If he acts upset, or takes the clothes off, let him wear his natural fur coat for a costume.



Remember that your dog may be tired after a busy day.
Give him his space and a chance to rest.

Happy Halloween!

collie dog sleeping on a pumpkin


Click on Scooby to see a special video
that will help your dog learn to sit
when guests come to the door.


Need a trick for your treat?
Click on the photo for lots of tricks
to teach your dog!

Bichon Frise standing on hind legs.


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We have books for you and costumes for your dog.





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